The 50 Best Home Office Essentials Product List

The 50 Best Home Office Essentials Product List

The 50 Best Home Office Essentials Product List

The 50 Best Home Office Essentials Product List

Remote working has taken a lot of us by surprise this year, whether we were prepared or not.

So if you’re looking for ideas on how to upgrade your home office, this article will list and review every important home office essential.

This article will give ideas about ergonomic workstations, productivity tools, organization, fitness equipment, and much more.

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Samsung Business Professional Computer Monitor

You may want to start your office makeover by changing your computer monitor.

This particular model has an interesting eye-saver mode equipped with flicker-free technology, very useful if you want to reduce eyestrain and work more comfortably.

It also offers many ways to connect, including USB ports, an HDMI port, an RGB port, and audio or headphone ports. Its IPS panel provides accurate colors, tones, and shades.

What customers are saying

The customer reviews on this monitor are favorable, and everyone agrees that it is very bright, yet easy on your eyes.

Other top features include its thickness and sheerness. All in all, the Samsung Business Monitor will make a great addition to your home office and comes at a reasonable price.

Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting at the dinner table for 20 minutes is very different from being seated in an office for 8 hours or more.

In fact the dangers of sitting have been illustrusted in this prolonged sitting infographic.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your spine in the most critical areas, reducing pressure, strain, and fatigue. They also prevent back pain and boost productivity levels.

Sidiz T50 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

With appropriate lumbar support and an ergonomic design that follows the S curve of your spine, the Sidiz Chair is perfect for you, especially if you stay seated for hours.

It is highly adjustable, with 5 tilting angles and an adjustable headrest and armrests.

The chair’s breathable mesh back is flexible and provides ventilation, while its seat pad reduces fatigue and supports your entire weight.

What customers are saying

The majority of customer reviews on this chair are excellent.

The top feature is comfort, and most people say it is made with high-quality materials and features excellent lumbar support for those who suffer from back pain.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, the Duramont chair is  very comfortable and durable mesh chair for larger individuals. It is also highly adjustable and easy to install, with only 8 simple steps.

The back support is made from breathable mesh, and the chair has a sweat-free design for those who sit for long periods.

You can adjust the angle and height of the headrest, as well as the height and depth of the lumbar support to perfectly fit your body and individual proportions.

What customers are saying

This chair has an impressive number of reviews, and most of them are very favorable.

The top feature is sturdiness, and satisfied customers say it is very ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to assemble.

It’s also highly recommended for larger people with back problems.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller is one of the top high end office chairs available. This model is made from recycled materials, and you can adjust almost every aspect of the chair.

Adjustable features include its recline angle, tension control, lumbar support, seat height and depth, armrests, and more.

What customers are saying

The customer reviews on this model are excellent, and most people mark ergonomics and comfort as their top features.

The chair supports your lower back well, and even though it is more expensive than average, customers say it is worth every penny.

Standing Desk

Studies show that prolonged sitting can be harmful to our health. It increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

Standing desks are higher than usual, enabling you to work while you’re standing, or using a high stool instead of a regular chair.

This makes you more active throughout the day and counters the sedentary behavior associated with being in the office.

Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Fezibo is an electric standing desk that allows you to adjust the height from 28 to 46”.

This means you can use it as a regular desk with a regular chair, or as an adjustable standing desk according to your height.

The chair is fully motorized and has a weight capacity of 176 lbs.

It also has an attractive tabletop with different colors, a memory height function, an under-desk drawer, and several other accessories and features.

What customers saying

Customer reviews on this electric standing desk are very positive. People who bought it say it’s quite easy to install,  it is sturdy and extremely ergonomic as well.

The motor is surprisingly quiet, and it has a truly solid build.

No products found.

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If you already have a desk and would like to try a standing desk, purchase a desk converter instead.

The FlexiSpot M2B Converter is one of the best you will find because it has plenty of room for your stuff. This model is able to hold one monitor, one laptop, and your paperwork.

It also has a keyboard tray with space for a mousepad.

The converter has 12 height levels to choose from and a weight capacity of 35 pounds, this should be enough for your monitor, laptop, and other devices.

What customers are saying

There are numerous reviews, and most of them are positive.

Customers say this model is easy to set up and extremely sturdy. It is also cheaper than other brands, yet provides more space and height levels.

FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Cycle

Take your active sitting experience to the next level by utilizing this adjustable desk cycle instead of your traditional desk.

This model combines the function of a standing desk with an exercise bike. The tabletop is large enough for a laptop with some paperwork, and the weight limit is 300 lbs.

The exercise bike has 8 levels of smooth and silent magnetic resistance.

According to customer reviews, this model is a brilliant option to consider. Its top-rated feature is sturdiness, and most people say it is easy to assemble and very silent.

Ergonomic Stools

If you’re interested in active sitting and are currently considering a standing desk, you might also like the idea of ergonomic stools.

They let you rest a bit and provide support, but keep your core working, unlike a regular chair. Thus, it is a comfortable way to stay active in your home office.

Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

This standing desk stool has a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the height within a 10” range.

It also has a curved base that is very comfortable for active sitting, and a backless design to trigger core activation while you’re working.

The stool is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around or store when not in use.

Customer reviews are excellent, and the top-rated feature is stability. Satisfied people say it is a sturdy seat, easy to assemble, comfortable, and useful for active sitting.

Safco Products Twixt Active Seating

This is another active seating chair with a backless design to trigger core muscle activation, it also has an adjustable height with an extra swiveling function.

This model features a lightweight and sleek design, with many colors to choose from.

Customers say it is easy to assemble, well built, and very sturdy. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

If you’re sitting in front of a computer for a long time every day, you also need to think about the position of your hands on the mouse.

Wrongly placing your hands on a mouse for long periods is a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, but this is easily avoidable with an ergonomic mouse.

The Logitech MX Ergo has a customizable angle from 0 to 20 degrees to make your hand posture natural and comfortable.

It also has bluetooth or unifying receiver technology and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It has a rechargeable battery, and each charge usually lasts for 70 days.

What customers are saying

There are many reviews on this mouse, and most of them are excellent. Satisfied customers say the quality of the materials is great and the battery lasts for a long time.

It is very ergonomic and easy to use, with a functional trackball. However, it is more expensive and heavier than a regular mouse.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Goldtouch GTN-0099 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard

There are also ergonomic keyboards to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, and this particular model is broken down into two parts which can be separated and given an angle.

It uses a USB connectivity that is fully compatible with all PC models. Of course, this type of keyboard has a learning curve that you’ll also need to consider.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews on this keyboard are very favorable, and its top-rated features are thickness and comfort.

People who bought it say it is a very ergonomic solution, especially if you’re having a problem with your wrists.

It is not cheap, but it is fully adjustable for the angle and tilt, which is very useful if you want to maintain a natural and comfortable position at the office.

Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

If you’re into ergonomic keyboards but prefer a preset position instead of a model you need to adjust, the Logitech Ergo Keyboard is a great pick.

This is a sloping keyboard with a curve that feels like the natural position of your hand, it also has a pillowed wrist rest for increased support, and to reduce bending your wrists.

You can still adjust the keyboard tilt with -4º or -7º legs, or using no legs for a 0º posture.

What customers are saying

Many customers say that this is an excellent ergonomic keyboard, and thickness and battery life are its top features.

It also has a learning curve, but it feels good and natural. It has support for Mac models, and the function keys work perfectly.

Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand

Instead of working directly on your laptop, you may want to use a laptop stand with a keyboard to straighten your spine and neck.

This model is appropriate for almost any type of laptop. It is portable, lightweight, and collapsible when not in use, specially designed to take with you when traveling.

The height can be adjusted from 6” to 12”, and the tilt angle changes according to height.

Customer reviews are very positive. Satisfied people say that the quality of the material is exceptional, stable, and safe. It’s also ergonomic and easy to use.

Posture Shirt

ALIGNMED Posture Shirt Pullover For Men

Posture shirts like this are so stylish that you can actually wear them as your main clothes and they will still look fantastic. They are made in 83% polyester and 17% spandex.

They correct bad posture by wrapping on your body and reminding you to straighten yourself. They also support the key back muscles that maintain your spinal alignment.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews of this model are fairly good and satisfied users say it is comfortable as an undershirt and very effective as a posture correction tool.

However, keep in mind that these posture shirts are tight, and you may need to go through a learning curve before feeling completely comfortable with them.

Under Desk Tray

VIVO Large Keyboard Tray Under Desk

With this under desk tray, you’ll be able to save space on your desk and place your keyboard in a lower position, that’s more comfortable for your hands and wrists.

It has enough space to hold your mouse as well and glides smoothly plus attaches with C-clamps that do not damage or leave marks on your desk.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews on this product are mostly positive. Many agree that this tray is incredibly easy to install, sturdy, and ergonomic.

You don’t need to do any drilling, it has a large surface, and comes with a cord manager.

Kneeling Chair

If you see one of these for the first time, you’d probably think they are workout devices and not chairs.

But kneeling chairs are used for sitting, and there are a number of benefits including keeping your core muscles engaged while sitting.

They also improve your focus and offer a more pleasant position for your arms and legs.

DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The DRAGONN is a comfortable kneeling chair with 4 caster wheels and a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

It distributes the weight of your body evenly and keeps your spine aligned with a modern and sleek design and adjustable height range of 21” to 31”.

For your security, there’s an option to lock the caster wheels, and you can choose between white and black colors, depending on your taste and office aesthetic.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are fairly positive, and most people say it is simple to put together, very sturdy, and true to its weight limit claims.

It may contribute to lowering your back pain, but keep in mind that there’s a learning curve when it comes to adapting to this new way of sitting and working.

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

The Varier Variable Balans is another interesting kneeling chair to consider. It features a Norwegian design and is made with flexible wood in various colors.

It also has a curved surface that allows for dynamic tilting, it is very lightweight, and it requires minor assembly.

Customer reviews are mostly excellent, and thickness is among its top-rated features, which speaks highly of its sturdiness and durability.

It is certainly pricier than other models, but the materials are incredibly high-quality and comfortable.

Topsky 55

The ideal computer desk should have plenty of space, not only for your laptop or monitor but also for your paperwork, and a second monitor, in case you need it.

This model gives you a space of 55×23.6” and supports up to 500 pounds, with waterproof and anti-scratch technology.

It has a lower shelf to store your office essentials, and a cable cover to keep your workspace neat and organized.

What customers are saying

The top-rated feature on this one desk is sturdiness. Customers say it is very easy to assemble and provides great value for the money.

It is made with high-quality materials, and the tabletop is extremely thick and resistant.

Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk

If you want to make use of the available space in the corner of the room or want an L-shaped desk to separate spaces in your home office, consider this model.

It is made of engineered wood with a powder-coated finish, plus comes with a spacious workspace and a versatile 2-tier shelf.

The color will stand out in your room, and you can enjoy tangle-free cable management through its cable hole. The maximum bearing is 450 lbs and 110 lbs at the corner.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this product excellent reviews, and everyone agrees that it

provides great value for money.

It is appropriate for both gaming and office work, plus it is very sturdy and reliable.

Canon Color Image Duplex Laser Printer

You can’t complete your office work without a printer, especially if you prefer to read and make notes on paper.

This particular model can be connected to your mobile without a router and is compatible with Apple AirPrint.

It is a cost-effective printer that does not consume cartridges very often and comes with security features to prevent any loss of confidential information.

What customers are saying

Most customers had an excellent experience with this printer.

Its top-rated feature is print quality and satisfied customers say that it is very easy to set up with great color replication as well as cost-effective performance.

The wireless printing also works as it should, and the quality of the image is excellent.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee & Espresso Maker

If you’ve gotten used to your morning coffee at work, you may also need a coffee maker in your home office.

This automatic coffee and espresso maker uses espresso capsules and offers different cup sizes.

Heating time is only 20 to 25 seconds, and it shuts off automatically after 9 minutes. The welcome kit includes espresso capsules with a special aroma.

What customers are saying

There are numerous reviews on this coffee maker, and most of them are excellent. Customers say it is highly recommended and easy to handle.

The flavor is one of its top-rated features. The machine comes with a milk frother and makes great-tasting coffees and espressos.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Working at home often has the disadvantage of people running around, talking, or playing music or videos in the next room.

This can be a source of stress, especially if you need complete silence. However, family is important and you may not want to offend anyone or limit their freedom while you work.

That’s where noise-canceling headphones come in. They can give you the silence you need without limiting anyone else in your home.

This model has Dual Noise Sensor technology and detects when you’re not using them to pause the playback.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews on these headphones are excellent, and one of its top-rated features is battery life.

You can charge the headphones in 10 minutes and get up to 5 hours of playback. The sound quality is also great, and we highly recommend it for any office setting.

OYO Full Body Portable Gym Equipment Set

Staying active requires more than active sitting, you also need to work out every day.

Doing so will increase your productivity levels, boost your mood, and help you think and work around problems more quickly.

And the truth is, you don’t need a complete home gym to get a decent workout.

The OYO Full Body Gym Equipment Set is very comprehensive, and despite looking simple, it has several accessories you can use to complete over 60 workout programs.

It also has 25 lbs of total resistance, and you will have free access to workout videos, nutrition guides, and a few other extras.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews on this set are very favorable. Versatility and stretch are among its top-rated features.

Even though it doesn’t provide extreme weights for experienced weightlifters, it is perfect for those who need portable equipment to work out with, in a simple home office.

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout

If you’re building a gym in your home office, the BodyBoss Portable Gym is another great option to consider.

It combines a foldable platform with resistance bands, straps, workout bars, handles, and other accessories you can use in over 300 combinations.

This one is appropriate for exercising your upper and lower body and does not take up too much space in your office.

What customers are saying

There are several customer reviews on this portable gym, and most of them are great. Customers say it is easy to use, easy to assemble, and very versatile.

Also, since the product comes with exercise guides and ideas, you won’t have a problem figuring out how to use it and what muscles you can hit.

No products found.

No products found.

Reading in low lights or inadequately illuminated areas too often can cause myopia. That’s why we also recommend a desk lamp, even if your room has lights.

This model projects a flicker-free light that feels perfect to study or read under, it has 7 brightness levels and different color combinations.

It also comes with a USB charging port, and it is completely adjustable with a 90° swiveling and 135° tilting capacity on the head and similar adjustability features on the base.

What customers are saying

There’s an impressive number of reviews of this desk lamp, and the vast majority of them are excellent.

Energy efficiency, brightness, and versatility are its top-rated features, and it is not only very responsive but also appropriate for a variety of settings.

You can set it to dim when you don’t want to disturb other people in the room or make it very bright when you need to pay extra attention to every detail on the paper.

Filing Cabinet

Calico Designs Metal Locking File Cabinet

Filing cabinets are very useful, and you will need one in your home office, especially if you handle lots of papers, documents, books, and notes.

This filing cabinet has file drawers with enough space for A4, letter, and legal-sized files as well as supply drawers for storing your office essentials and smaller items.

The cabinet has file drawer casters for easier maneuverability, and all 3 drawers have a lock to keep your personal files safe.

The cabinet does require assembly, but it is not difficult to put together. You basically need to attach the casters, and that’s it.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent, and satisfied people say that it is very easy to use, lock, and unlock.

It’s a mini file cabinet that fits in small spaces with enough room for legal-sized files, and it is also very sturdy.

The lock is useful, but nothing compared to a safe, so we don’t recommend this filing cabinet for highly valuable items.

Desk Organizer

No products found.

No products found.

If you don’t need a complete filing cabinet and would prefer to get a desk organizer instead, the Bamboo Desktop Organizer is an amazing option to consider.

This organizer can be placed on your desk and is designed to keep everything together and clutter-free on your desk.

You won’t need to worry about assembly, and it includes a 4-tier shelf, 1 drawer, and several smaller spaces for your office essentials.

It is also made from sturdy and stylish bamboo wood.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent, and most people say it is a sturdy and thick organizer that is very attractive and provides ample storage.

It is also appropriate for letter-sized files and has space for your USB drives and other small items.

It is small and does not take a lot of space on your desk, and even though it is more expensive than other models, it is well built and worth the money spent.

Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

If you have confidential information lying around or handle very sensitive data, a paper shredder is definitely a home office essential for you.

This AmazonBasics Shredder is a great option to consider as it has a capacity of 12 paper sheets at a time and can also shred credit cards, staples, CDs, or DVDs.

The machine features a continuous run time of 8 minutes with a 45-minute cool-down before it resumes working.

It also has an auto-reverse function to prevent paper jams, and this can be selected through its 4-mode switch.

What customers are saying

Safety is considered the top feature of this model, and customers agree that the shredder is quiet, very efficient, and does not cause significant paper jams.

It features a compact design which makes it perfect for a home office and comes with a 1-year limited AmazonBasics warranty.

Business Safe

Paragon 7925 Lock & Safe

If you really need to keep your valuables safe or have extremely important files and confidential documents in your possession, a business safe is recommended.

This one has an electronic locking mechanism and is made from steel with a powder-coated finish both in the interior and exterior.

It has tamper-proof hinges as well, and other safety measures to keep intruders away. The electronic lock works with 3-8 numbers, and you can change the code whenever you want.

What customers are saying

Most customer reviews on this business safe are positive, and even people who initially had complaints quickly solved their problems with customer support.

The safe is not as expensive as other models on the market, but it will still keep your valuables extremely safe and secure in your home office.