The 11 Best Barbells For Home Gyms

The 11 Best Barbells For Home Gyms

The 11 Best Barbells For Home Gyms

The 11 Best Barbells For Home Gyms

You can do a lot with a pair of dumbbells, but barbells provide you with a whole new challenge of workouts.

In my opinion, both sets of weights are a must for every serious trainer.

In this guide, I’ll recommend the best barbells to choose for your home gym.

I’ll also give you my personal advice for choosing the right barbell.

CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar For Weightlifting

CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar For Weightlifting

  • Olympic bar with a sleeve length of 15” and a shaft length of 51”
  • Made of solid steel with a matte finish
  • Very durable and trustworthy
  • The weight of the barbell without plates is 44 lbs
  • Appropriate for home or commercial use

Olympic bars are typically made with heavy plates in mind and this barbell does not disappoint. It is incredibly durable, solid, and made to last.

What makes this one unique is that there are different varieties of the same model, depending on what you want to use it for.

The Beast has 110,000 PSI tensile strength and 30mm diameter hand grips. The Boss is specially made for cleans, jerks, and powerlifting.

The Rebel is most appropriate for Olympic weightlifting. The Master is appropriate for powerlifting, cross-training, and Olympic use.

And the Warrior has the highest tensile strength, made to handle extreme weights.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this barbell left excellent reviews. They all say it’s a great choice because it’s a very durable and reliable product.

Everyone also agrees that it has an excellent build for the price and they highly recommend it for people who have a low budget and still want something that lasts.

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If you don’t have a lot of space at home but want both dumbbells and barbells, this space-saving set is perfect for you. Each dumbbell holds up to 110 lbs.

It is made of steel, with a bar length of 14×2” and a hole diameter of 1”.

It’s also very durable and comes in an arranged portable case that has everything you need to get started. If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable, and versatile set, this is it.

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell & Barbell

  • Barbell and dumbbell function in the same set
  • Uses high-quality connecting bars to transform dumbbells into a barbell
  • Adjustable plates with 12 weights
  • The dumbbell handle weighs 0.6 lbs and the barbell rod weighs 0.5 lbs
  • You can add weights in 2.8, 3.3, or 4.4-pound increments up to 44 lbs

This 2-in-1 set is another great model to consider if you need dumbbells that can transform into a barbell. There are two ways you can transform dumbbells into a barbell.

If you want a light barbell, attach the connecting rod to the dumbbells without weight plates. If you want a heavy barbell attach the connecting rod to the dumbbells with plates.

Each plate is covered with rubber to protect your floor and features an ergonomic grip with secure bolts for superior comfort and safety.

What customers are saying

Customers love this set and many say that it is easy to assemble. They highly recommend it for those who want a home gym on a budget.

They also say it is very versatile and saves a lot of space, just make sure it has the appropriate amount of weight for your individual needs.

Champion Barbell Olympic Power

Champion Barbell Olympic Power

  • Made of molybdenum-chrome steel with high tensile strength
  • Maximum capacity of 1500 lbs
  • Sleeve rotation with a bar diameter of 28 mm and a weight of 45 lbs without plates
  • 2” hole plates with knurling in the center for improved grip

The Champion barbell is a perfect choice if you’re planning to do CrossFit. It has a center knurling made to strengthen your grip and prevent any slipping.

This one is suitable for snatches, hang cleans, squats, powerlifting, and more. It is a durable barbell made with high-quality materials.

It can be used in the Olympic setting and fits perfectly on any Olympic bench.

What customers are saying

Customers say that even though this barbell is pricier than others, it’s very durable and made with high-quality materials.

It is also the most appropriate model on the market for CrossFit exercises and the sleeves spin very smoothly.

Sunny Health & Fitness Olympic Hex Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness Olympic Hex Bar

  • Maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs
  • Features two handles with a space of 22.5’’ and a shaft diameter of 26mm
  • Sleeve length is 9.5”
  • Knurling in the center of the handles for a more secure grip

Hex bars are essential pieces of equipment for back and shoulder exercises. They are also useful for working out your biceps and can be used for bench press exercises.

This hex bar has widened space in the center that can fit an average individual with ease. You can load up to 750 lbs but keep in mind, there are no weight plates included.

There are many reviews on this product, and most of them come from extremely satisfied customers who highly recommend this hex bar.

Sturdiness is its top-rated feature, followed by durability. Customers love that it allows for a wide range of motion and alternative exercises you cannot do with a typical barbell.

CAP Barbell 5-Foot Solid Olympic Bar

CAP Barbell 5-Foot Solid Olympic Bar

  • Made of steel with a chrome finish
  • 60” with 28mm handgrips and a sleeve length of 9.7”
  • Sleeve diameter is 2” to accommodate Olympic weight plates
  • Appropriate for squats, bench presses, and many other exercises
  • Diamond knurling in the center of the barbell for a more secure grip

You might not have a big budget to spend on your home gym, and if you need to buy more than a barbell, you’re probably looking for the most affordable option.

If that’s your case, this barbell is a great pick. It’s made with high-quality materials from a company that is known for the simplicity and affordability of their equipment.

It has smoothly rotating sleeves with a non-slip knurled handgrip and a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this barbell are impressed with its sturdiness and value for money. They say their money was well spent, and the barbell does what it’s meant to do.

However, keep in mind, you won’t get the smooth finish you’ll find in other models, and it feels a bit rough.

No products found.

No products found.

With 165,000 tensile strength, this barbell is recommended for Olympic lifting and is an affordable option if you’re using weights that are 750 lbs or less.

The total length of the barbell is 52” with 12.15” of loadable sleeve length. It has a 5-year warranty on manufacturers defects and weighs 15 kgs.

There is a limited number of customer reviews, but they are overall positive. It is inexpensive and does what it should do.

The knurling is located in the right position for a secure grip, and it is made with high-quality and secure materials.

XMark Voodoo Commercial 7' Olympic Powerlifting Bar

This Olympic bar is perfect for Powerlifting and has a superior weight capacity of 1500 lbs.

The knurling is appropriately located to secure your grip, it is very sturdy and resistant.

It comes from a trusted brand that manufactures high-quality equipment and is appropriate for cleans, snatches, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Satisfied customers say this is a trustworthy and extremely solid bar that provides great value for money.

The packaging is professional and it is the perfect barbell for CrossFit and Powerlifting.

Club Quality 4-Weight Deluxe Barbell Set

This is a great set for beginners, it has one bar and 8 pairs of weight plates for a total of 60 lbs. It also has multiple grips and 1” diameter sleeves.

The set is powder coated and meant to last for a lifetime. It also comes with a hinged collar and a very secure lock.

Customers say this barbell set is very easy to handle and assemble, it is also very durable and provides great value for money.

However, keep in mind, It’s best for beginners who want to exercise at home.

Yaheetech Barbell Weight Set

This barbell weight set is very similar to the one reviewed above, with two main differences. One is its color and the other is the design of the bar, which is in a W shape.

This type of bar is appropriate for bicep exercises, certain types of bench presses, back exercises, and much more.

The barbell weight set includes up to 55 lbs of weight and 2-star locks.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very favorable, especially because this is a fabulous set for beginners and provides great value for money.

It is made with high-quality materials and is more affordable than most other models on the market.

Everyday Essentials Olympic Super Curl Barbell

This is another option if you’re looking for a W-shaped design. Barbells with this design are perfect for preacher curls.

This model has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds with a 2” sleeve diameter and knurling in key positions to secure your grip.

Customers loved the product and say that it’s a reliable barbell that is very resistant as long as you don’t go beyond the maximum weight capacity.

You’ve probably already noticed that there are many different types of barbells. Consider the type you need for the exercise you want to perform before you make your final choice.

Deadlift bars

These bars have more noticeable knurling and the grip usually has a smaller diameter.

Squat bars

These bars are more reliable when you’re squatting because you get the center knurling meant to grip your back with no whip.

Hex bars

This bar is hexagon-shaped and appropriate for shoulder exercises, back exercises, and much more. It provides an interesting variation of exercises.

Women’s bars

The diameter on Women’s bars is 25mm and they weigh around 15 and 35 lbs.

Here are some other important things to consider while searching for your perfect barbell:


Read comments from previous customers to find out more about the barbell’s durability. Is it resistant to rust? Is it high-quality and reliable?


Knurling is that rough texture you get where you’re supposed to place your hands.

They are made to secure your grip and are useful for positioning your hands symmetrically on the bar.

Some types of knurling are more appropriate for certain exercises.

For example, a center knurling is more appropriate for squats but they should be placed on each side for deadlifts.

Grip diameter

The grip diameter helps you differentiate between male and female barbells.

Men’s barbells usually have a grip diameter of 28 or 29 mm and women usually feel more comfortable with a 25 mm grip.

Barbell strength

Barbell strength is also known as tensile strength and it is a good measure of durability.

The higher the tensile strength of your barbell, the more reliable it will be for larger weights.


This aspect of barbells covers its flexibility when it is loaded with very large weights.

A higher whip enables the barbell to flex slightly, which is an important function for professional weightlifters and powerlifters.