The 12 Best Portable Home Gyms

The 12 Best Portable Home Gyms

The 12 Best Portable Home Gyms

The 12 Best Portable Home Gyms

Many of us just don’t have the time or motivation to workout in a gym everyday.

So if you fall into this case, I’d highly recommend a portable home gym.

You’re not going to be lifting heavy weights like with a home gym, but you can still get a great workout from this type of gym equipment.

Below you’ll find my favorite portable home gyms on the market.

BodyBoss 2.0 Home Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss 2.0 Home Gym Workout Package

  • Save hundreds of dollars and simulate many exercises with versatile equipment
  • Appropriate for a variety of upper and lower body exercises
  • Compact and lightweight, with a portable design you can take anywhere
  • Sturdy platform, resistance bands covered with cloth, and other useful accessories
  • Instruction guide with up to 300 exercise varieties according to your fitness levels

The BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym is a great option to consider, and probably the best one you can own if you have the budget.

It includes a very sturdy base with a fold-up design and a retractable hook.

Depending on the package you choose, you can get either 2 or 4 resistance bands with up to 30 lbs of resistance on each of them.

You also get other accessories which include an easy-grip bar, a pair of handles, a pair of straps, and a door anchor.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are positive, and most people are highly satisfied with their purchase.

They say it’s a versatile home gym with many options to choose from, and it’s also easy to assemble and use. It works as intended and provides great value for the price.

On the downside, it may take a while to set up for each exercise, but this is not a problem if you’re creative and motivated.

Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment

Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment

  • Versatile design with accessories like ab rollers, push-up handlebars, and more
  • Each resistance band simulates 30 or 50 lbs for different workout intensities
  • Sturdy base with a max pressure of 300 lbs, and a max tension of 250 lbs
  • Videos and an instruction manual with several exercises for each muscle group
  • Excellent indoor workout system with a foldable design

If you’re impressed with the versatility and exceptional design of the BodyBoss model, this one will pique your interest as well.

It provides even more accessories which include not only the base, resistance bands, handles, and straps, but also an ab roller, push-up handlebars, and versatile 3 section bar.

What customers are saying

Most customers highlight how versatile the Gonex home gym is, not only for upper body exercises but also for lower body workouts.

It provides many variations, yet it is still affordable, easy to use, and portable.

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

  • Impressive level of resistance reaching up to 300 lbs after joining several bands
  • Lightweight and compact with different options and modes
  • You can join up to 4 bands at the same time in a single exercise
  • It can be used as an actual bow to exercise your back muscles and biceps
  • Includes 1 bow made of aircraft aluminum, 4 resistance cables, a band wrap, and a carry bag

The Gorilla Bow Home Gym combines different ways to use resistance cables with a band wrap for a full workout.

It is designed to be used every day, both indoors and outdoors, and is one of the most compact types you’ll find online.

You can even do squats, triceps pushdowns, bicep curls, and many other exercises with this home gym.

It is built to last, constructed with aircraft aluminum, and you can choose from a variety of packs with a different number of bands depending on your fitness levels.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are overall positive, and most people have had a great experience with the Gorilla Bow Home Gym.

Sturdiness and versatility are among its top features, and customers say it is very easy to use and well worth the money spent.

Innstar Resistance Bands Gym

Innstar Resistance Bands Gym

  • Made from natural latex with an odor free and non irritant formulation
  • Includes 4 resistance bands, 2 rubber handles, 2 door anchors, 2 ankle straps, and 2 feet bands
  • Lightweight and portable, with its own travel carry bag

If you’re serious about your workouts, this is the best option to consider. It is appropriate for beginners, advanced users, and even professional bodybuilders.

You can choose band resistance according to your fitness level with a color code, red = females, blue = male beginners, green = advanced males, and brown = pro weightlifters.

You also get plenty of accessories that you can use in different ways to build your own workouts, including an innovative bench press resistance band with its own training bar.

There are basically 3 modes of training, bench press device training, resistance training, and door anchor training, each one with several exercises for each muscle group.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews of this portable home gym are extremely positive. Its top features include durability, thickness, and sturdiness.

Meaning most people agree that it features high-quality materials with durable devices and accessories.

OYO Full Body Personal Gym

OYO Full Body Personal Gym

  • Features a SpiraFlex technology used by the NASA for over 10 years
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around without a mess
  • Includes FlexPacks with 5 or 10 lbs of resistance for up to 25 lbs total resistance
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Includes accessories like a door anchor and leg straps to maximize your workout
  • You will have access to 197 exercise videos with over 60 workout ideas

This Home Gym includes 3 FlexPacks; one with a 5 lbs resistance and 2 with 10 lbs resistance. It also includes door and leg anchors, workout videos, and a nutrition guide.

It has no bulky equipment or complicated preparation, making it an excellent accessory to take with you everywhere you go.

The hand grips are comfortable, and the steel cables are coated with stainless steel to provide maximum durability.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very positive, and many agree it’s easy to use and very versatile.

Stretch is also one of its top features because it can be used for yoga and other stretching exercises.

Just keep in mind that there’s no way to increase the resistance, so it’s more appropriate for beginners and some intermediate users.

Bodygym Core System Portable Home Gym

Bodygym Core System Portable Home Gym

  • Portable gym with an easy installation, only weighing a bit more than 2 pounds
  • Provides different levels of resistance by rolling the bar towards your body
  • Appropriate for men and women with different fitness levels or rehab exercises
  • Includes a 94-minute video workout with additional exercises to try on your own

This BodyGym model offers a full home gym experience at an affordable price. It has a patented workout bar and high-quality resistance bands you can use in various ways.

You will need some creativity to use this device, but it comes with convenient exercise videos and guidebooks to make things easier.

It can be stored and taken with you with ease and comes with its own travel bag.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are quite positive, and users mention it is easy to assemble and very versatile.

Despite the price, durability is one of the top features, so it is made with high-quality materials.

Users recommend this model for toning exercises, core strengthening, rehabilitation exercises, and other fitness goals.

Stealth Core Trainer

You might not need a complete home gym to increase your physical activity levels as the Stealth Core Trainer can help you do just that, while you’re having fun.

Not only does it have a dynamic planking platform with a 360º micro movement sphere and comfortable arm pads, but it also syncs with an app on your smartphone.

The app includes 4 free games and even tracks your daily progress, comparing you with either your family and friends or a worldwide leaderboard.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are mostly excellent and many people are sharing positive experiences. Sturdiness and thickness are among its top features, and it has a wide range of motion.

Most bad reviews come from people who didn’t like the fact that extra games are offered for a monthly subscription.

Tension Toner Portable Workout Equipment

This Portable Workout Equipment is similar to the other home gyms on this review, but it has a small tweak with a foldable bar that offers versatile options for different types of grip.

The tension toner is designed to work out every part of your body with strength training exercises or isometric tension.

The resistance levels are easy to adjust thanks to the tension adjusters built into the foldable bar and resistance bands that reach up to 108 lbs of total resistance.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very good, and stretch is one of its top features, this is especially because the device is excellent for isometric exercises and yoga.

It’s also great for traveling purposes and can be an excellent approach to your workouts.

Revolution FIT Balance Board Training System

If you don’t like the traditional home gyms and want to focus on your core muscles, this is a great option to consider.

It’s a balance board with different options and degrees of difficulty.

It includes a comfortable and padded board, an air cushion, a rocker, and a roller that can be used interchangeably to make it more or less challenging.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent, and many of them say it’s a great device for people interested in skating and other balance exercises.

The top features one this one include versatility, sturdiness, and durability.

Fusion Motion Portable Gym With 8 Accessories

If you want more workout options and a very complete home gym, take a look at this model.

It includes the usual board and resistance bands, but also a series of straps, an ab roller, a workout fusion bar, a door anchor, and two static handles.

You can choose between strong tension or average tension resistance bands, and will also have a guide with more than 200 exercises.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent and people say that it’s easy to assemble and use, plus very versatile.

The accessories work as expected, and it is appropriate for muscle strengthening, muscle toning, or calorie burning.

Gymwell Portable Home Gym

With this portable home gym, you’ll be able to train all your major muscle groups, including your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abdominal muscles.

It doesn’t have a platform but includes a series of resistance bands, a foldable bar, 2 handles, and 2 ankle straps.

Tension levels range from 30 to 120 pounds, and you can choose between 70 exercise ideas available in video format.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent, and thickness is one of its top features. Most people that got it are saying that it is easy to use and appropriate for small spaces.

However, keep in mind, you will need to go through a learning curve before starting to feel fully comfortable with it.

Trx All-In-One Suspension Training

Another viable option is to use a suspension system or TRX, the best part is that you can use them anytime and anywhere as long as you have a place to adjust the anchors.

This pack includes 2 anchoring solutions that you can use your TRX system with, one hook, and a suspension system with a locking loop device.

You’ll also get a workout guide and a convenient travel pouch.

What customers are saying

There’s a very high number of customer reviews, and bad reviews are almost non-existent. Most people have had a great experience with it and versatility is one of its top features.

This is also a great option for stretching and increasing your range of motion, appropriate for strength training, toning, and rehab.