NOHrD Eco Gym Review: Do I Recommend Their Equipment?

NOHrD Eco Gym Review: Do I Recommend Their Equipment?

NOHrD Eco Gym Review: Do I Recommend Their Equipment?

NOHrD Eco Gym Review: Do I Recommend Their Equipment?

Believe or not, I have a few clients that are greenies and wanted to know what options they had when it came to working out.

Which led me to look into the growing industry of eco gyms and equipment.

I’ll explain more about this later, but if you’re looking to buy this type of equipment, there’s really only one option- NOHrD Eco Gym Equipment.

But can you get a normal workout using their products? Here are my thoughts below.

NOHrD Natural Fitness equipment is an interesting concept in the industry of fitness.

It blends together aesthetics with natural materials to create functional equipment that is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Here’s a list of features the majority of products have in common:

Sustainable wood

NOHrD makes use of sustainable wood and all their equipment is designed for both commercial and home use.

The wood is taken from sustainably-managed forests in the US and Germany and is guaranteed to be smooth and young before it’s processed for protection against stains and dirt.

This raw material naturally varies in color and consistency so you will get a one-of-a-kind product with each purchase.

Sustainable leather

Many of NOHrD’s products also include sustainable leather.

One clear example is the dumbbells, but you can also find this high-quality leather on the cushions and seats of several machines.

This raw material is hand-worked leather that comes from Germany and adheres to the ISO 9001 quality standards. It has an authentic leather scent and very high skin tolerance.

Ergonomically designed equipment

Each piece of equipment is manufactured with attention to detail.

The pieces are handcrafted and made with precision technology to ensure the best quality.

They are also designed with comfort and function in mind, which you’ll notice in our review of their products below.

With this rise of responsible consumers and environmentalism in recent years, Eco Gyms are the product of this for the fitness industry.

Many industries have adopted eco-friendly environments and materials, and eco-gyms are now aimed at doing the same thing with gym equipment and machines.

Their ultimate goal is to reduce the consumption of energy and save the planet from unplanned environmental damage. They do this by:

  • Choosing local manufacturers that do not require fuel to transport.
  • Purchasing products with sustainable materials.
  • Using power-saving devices
  • Replacing fluorescent tubes for eco-friendly LED lights
  • Adopting an approach of reusing and recycling as much as possible

All eco gym equipment is made with sustainable materials.

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine

This Water Rower machine is unique in its kind and adopts a beautiful eco-friendly design that is combined with excellent rowing software.

The rower features water resistance with a water tank that doesn’t need any manual adjustments and has a durable frame with rubber feet.

You also get access to its We-Row software, where you can see your progress, race against other rowers, and share your progress with other users.

What customers are saying

People who have tried this rower say that they enjoy the sound it makes, how smooth it is, and how it looks in the room even when it’s not in use.

Others say that although the rower is functional and easy to use they were hoping for more of a challenge and wish it offered more resistance.

NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike

This is a very creative indoor exercise bike with an aesthetic design and extremely impressive functionality.

It has adjustable handlebars with different grip options and a resistant frame with rubber wheels for improved maneuvering.

It’s also remarkably durable and has a wear-free magnetic resistance technology.

The resistance can easily be adjusted by turning the resistance disc and you can track your progress on the NOHrD Bike App, available for iOS and Android.

NOHrD Tria-Trainer

This is a three-in-one trainer that you can fold or unfold in three modes. On a folded mode, it works as a core trainer, perfect for abs.

If you unfold only one side, it turns into a semi-bench you can use to exercise your glutes and back muscles.

When it’s fully extended, it works as a standard bench where you can perform dumbbell workouts and other exercises that don’t require weights.

People who bought this trainer say that it is very well engineered, comfortable, and it comes fully assembled.

NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill

This is a manual treadmill that has a truly aesthetic look and is made on flexible wood.

It has a curved surface that facilitates the activation of the running belt, and no speed limits, which is great if you’re considering HIIT training.

The frame is made with natural materials, has a modern look, and is extremely sturdy. You can use the Sprintbok app to log in and track your performance and workouts.

NOHrD WaterGrinder

This water grinder is an interesting alternative for upper body exercises. It comes with an adjustable seat you can use in three different positions on either side of the machine.

The resistance is powered by a polycarbonate water tank, and it has adjustable pedals with an adjustable rotation radius. Smaller rotations will provide higher levels of intensity.

You’ll also be able to track your exercises through a touch screen monitor that also rotates to whichever side of the machine you’re using.

NOHrD SwingTower

If you’re looking for eco-friendly weights that add an aesthetic look to your home gym, this is an excellent option.

The swing tower has a tablet holder on top plus comes with a training book and a weight set of 2,3,4, and 8 kilograms (not pounds).

The weights are beautifully crafted, sewn by hand and made with a solid wood handle and a leather sack.

We recommend purchasing this weight set if you’re not planning to lift heavy weights and want an alternative to those boring metal dumbbells you find everywhere.

NOHrD WallBar - Walnut 14 Bars

This is a very beautiful wall bar you can assemble and place against the wall. It provides strong support for a variety of exercises and is solid enough to hold up to 350 pounds.

You can use the foldout bar for exercises such as pull-ups or for hanging and swinging motions. It is also suitable for stretching, and to create inclined support for your bench.

Customers who bought this wall bar say that it’s very easy to assemble and includes detailed instructions.

The end result is an extremely sturdy wall bar that is appropriate for a variety of TRX exercises.

NOHrD SwingBoard

This SwingBoard is similar to the SwingTower, but instead of being a vertical tower, it includes wall fixtures you can use to hang your weights on the wall.

Included with your purchase, you get 8 weights of 2,4,6, and 8 kilograms (not pounds) that are all sewn by hand and made with a solid wood handle and leather sack.

We would recommend this weight set if you’re not planning to lift heavy weights and want an alternative to those boring metal dumbbells you find everywhere.

NOHrD SlimBeam Bench

If you have a NOHrD SlimBeam but need a bench to perform rowing exercises, this one will do and is designed to fit perfectly on your equipment.

The bench is manufactured with durable high-quality leather and has a pair of feet you can fold for easier storing.

There are no reviews so far but we can see by the images and the reputation of the brand that it’s a high-quality product with promising durability and a beautiful design.

Note: Make sure you already own the SlimBeam cable machine by NOHrD before you buy this bench.

NOHrD isn’t the cheapest option on the market but it offers one-of-a-kind machines that will not only add to your workout but also to the aesthetics of your home.

They have an artistic touch that will look amazing in any home gym, especially if you know how to combine wooden colors at home.

However, keep in mind that they do not provide intense levels of resistance, and may fall short for people who want a really challenging and strenuous exercise.