Become a member of the Ergonomics Health Association. Join an international multidisciplinary group of practicing professionals and academia with a passion for safe and healthy workplace environments.

Ergonomics affects every industry that employs people. It is directly linked to how we perform our jobs and therefore a valuable field for every business. Actively engaging with fellow professionals brings you further in your personal career and supports the long-term success of your business.


Becoming a member of the Ergonomics Health Association gives you access to a range of insider benefits that are valuable to your career.

  • Expand your knowledge and skill set with access to the latest scientific research
  • Practice and learn in professional ergonomics-related workshops.
  • Elevate your career by adding ergonomics expertise to your CV
  • Connect with fellow professionals and build valuable working relationships
  • Join specialized committees to further advance the field of ergonomics
  • Attend ergonomics conferences for both professional and personal growth

Types of Memberships

The Ergonomics Health Association recognizes the different needs of professionals and offers personalized memberships for each type.

Student membership

Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies and showing promise in the field of ergonomics are encouraged to join. It offers students valuable insights into the practice of ergonomics before entering the workforce themselves.

Graduate Membership

Student members of the Ergonomics Health Association that have recently graduated can convert their student membership into a graduate membership. This membership is valid for a limited amount of time and serves as transitional period into other forms of memberships.

Technical Member

For those interested in the field of ergonomics but with very limited or no background in a related field can apply to become a technical member. Technical members are given access to all the Ergonomics Health Organisation resources and events but do not qualify to become a fellow. This is a great starting point for professionals that are ergonomics beginners.

Registered Membership

Registered members are professionals and/or academia with only a few years of professional experience related to ergonomics. Registered members have full access to all the resources and events organized by the Ergonomics Health Association. This membership is a potential stepping stone to becoming a fellow.

Fellow Membership

Ergonomics Health Association fellows have an adequate academic background or a limited academic background in combination with relevant professional experience. Fellows have full access to all the member benefits in addition to being eligible to become a featured expert.