Ergonomics is an important and exciting field of study into how workspaces can be better adjusted to the people that use it. There is increasing evidence that unbalanced working positions slow down employee productivity in the long run and can lead to health risks, as well.

Both sitting in front of a computer all day and standing for long hours performing repetitive work is straining on the human body. Common employee complaints include back pain, wrist injuries, headaches, fatigue and poor posture.

Ergonomics can help deal with such complaints and find solutions that make the workplace safer and healthier. Not only will your staff be happier, their productivity will also improve.

Investing in ergonomics is investing in your team and the future of your business.


Let our ergonomics experts guide you through an implementation plan that renews the way your employees work. Our consultation services include both teaching and guided action plans towards a healthier workspace.

Office Workshop Consulting

We offer company-exclusive workshops that offer coaching on all the basics of ergonomics at work. Learn how to analyze the workspace from an ergonomics point of view, identify the key issues and implement positive solutions.

Virtual Consultations

Are we not in your area or has your company implemented a work-from-home system? Our virtual consultations are still interactive and bring all the important points to the table.

On-Site Consultations

Our on-site ergonomics consultations are highly successful in assessing the health risks of your workspace and developing appropriate solutions. We will analyze the day-to-day movements and posture of your staff to provide effective (preventative) measures. This includes the training of key team members so the company can continue on the right path.


The Ergonomics Health Organisation offers detailed assessments of workplace ergonomics. These actionable reports can be presented in different forms.

Risk Assessment

Ergonomics risk assessments identify the potential health risks associated with employee posture and movement. The report includes key elements to focus on and the potential scenarios if these are ignored.

Basic Assessment

A basic ergonomics assessments offers employees a standardized report on potential health risks of their working positions and how to best use the available work tools. This type of assessment is a good generalized foundation for ergonomics, something all employees can benefit from.

Standard Assessment

A standard assessment provides a personalized analysis of employee posture and discomforts. It also coaches employees, in person or virtually, on how to adjust their workspace to their personal needs. These ergonomics insights sets up your team for a healthier and more productive career.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our comprehensive workspace ergonomics assessment is the most complete option. Instead of a short-term involvement, our experts provide analyses, reports and advice over a longer period of time. This is the recommended service for companies whose employees are experiencing medium to severe issues with ergonomics.


Our workshops are the ideal opportunity for professionals to learn how to implement an ergonomics strategy into their business. It provides participants with all the tools they need including how to:

  • analyze the current condition of their staff
  • identify the key elements affecting employee comfort, health and productivity
  • evaluate suitable action
  • develop an implementation plan and who to involve


Become a certified ergonomics evaluator with the (insert certification) course. Learn how ergonomics professionals assess workspaces and develop improvement strategies.

Over the span of (insert course length) you will study the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the (insert certification) exam and become board-certified.

This certification is of value for HR professionals, health professionals, risk managers,facilities managers and anyone interested in the field of ergonomics.