The Best Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chairs

The Best Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chairs

The Best Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chairs

If you’re looking for ergonomic chair, you might be surprised to know there are a number of proven benefits with reclining while sitting.

It takes some of the load off your back and is great for sitting posture and back pain.

Apart from that, they’re great for taking a small break while at your desk.

In this guide, you’ll find my personal favorite reclining office chairs.

Each of these recommendations are ergonomic, comfortable, heavy duty, and are highly rated among customers.

Quick Comparison: Our Top 5 Picks for Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chairs
  • Made out of high quality PU leather
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty nylon base and casters
  • Made with leather
  • Padded with high-density foam
  • Has a sturdy chair base
  • Offers high-end materials
  • Highly adjustable for height
  • Choose any angle you prefer between 90 and 175 degrees
  • Manufactured with segmented padding
  • Has a headrest pillow
  • Maximum user weight of 275 pounds
  • Complete 360-degree swivel rotation
  • Fully reclined function
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs

Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

  • The elegant and soft PU leather is comfortable in most conditions
  • This reclining office chair’s base is made out of a heavy duty nylon base with durable nylon casters
  • The chair also has a flexible reclining angle of 90 to 155-degrees and a secure locking system

My personal favorite is the reclining office chair by Duramont. It’s actually the chair that I personally use.

So I can vouch for being highly adjustable (which is critical for an ergonomic chair) having great lumbar support, and being very comfortable at all reclining angles.

The rest of the chair is of top quality as well. The heavy duty nylon base and casters are incredibly sturdy while the high-quality PU leather is very stylish and comfortable.

The headrest is comfortable for most average heights as are the armrests. The chair reclines between 90 and 155-degrees and has a secure locking mechanism.

Even if you’re not happy, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • This Duramont reclining chair is quite durable thanks to its construction and materials.
  • The chair is made out of high quality PU leather that offers a great deal of comfort.
  • The compact design fits well in any office space while still offering a great experience both as an office chair and a recliner.


  • The maximum weight capacity is 250lbs which is noticeably less than that of other larger reclining office chairs.

Ticova Executive Office Chair

Ticova Executive Office Chair

  • Three segment chair that includes support for your lumbar spine, back, and neck
  • Durable iron armrest
  • Thick padding and high-density foam on the seat
  • 10% larger than average executive chairs
  • Can be reclined up to 140 degrees
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds

Being comfortable in your office is key to staying productive for long periods of time without experiencing back pain as a side effect.

The Ticova chair can provide that comfort. It’s made with leather, padded with high-density foam, has a sturdy chair base, and 5 smooth wheels for seamless maneuvering.

Plus, as an optional feature, you can extend a footrest in front of you for maximum comfort. This feature is also ideal for the reclined position.

What customers are saying

Most of the people who bought this chair love it. They say that it’s very comfortable, easy to install, and suitable for people of various heights.

Others complained that the armrest is not adjustable and sometimes feels uneven.

REFICCER Big & Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair

REFICCER Big & Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair

  • Features comfortable lumbar support and a waterfall seat edge
  • You can use the lumbar support knob to adjust the pressure of the lumbar support
  • Adjustable locking system that helps maintain the right angle
  • Manufactured in bonded leather with a very elegant style, made to last
  • Maximum user weight is 400 pounds, and it is easy to assemble

If you’re looking for maximum reclining capability, this model is an excellent option. It offers high-end materials with comfortable surfaces that are not stiff or uncomfortable.

It’s also highly adjustable for height and has a knob that enables you to choose a level of pressure on the lumbar support to reduce back pain.

Another interesting feature is that instead of three or four fixed angles, you can choose any angle you prefer between 90 and 175 degrees.

What customers are saying

Customers who bought this chair say that the components are organized upon arrival, it’s easy to assemble and it offers great value for the price.

They also say that although it’s a leather chair, it’s breathable even after long hours.

However, for some customers, it was not comfortable at all and they say that the seat cushions are very hard.

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

  • Specially designed for gamers
  • Gaming recliner technology that allows you to lay back while playing
  • Side pouch to hold your drinks and game controllers
  • Different levels of recline - up to 135 degrees
  • Maximum user weight of 275 pounds

The RESPAWN-900 gaming recliner is designed to make you feel comfortable regardless of how long you sit in the same position.

It has everything you need for a comfortable gaming experience including a place for your drinks or controllers and a comfortable footrest built into the seat.

The chair is manufactured with segmented padding and has a headrest pillow that contributes to your spinal alignment.

What customers are saying

The majority of people say this chair is excellent. They say that it is sturdy enough and made with high-quality fabric.

Others say that it’s easy to assemble and clean, but it’s not very breathable and can feel hot during summer days.

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Sometimes a good massage is exactly what you need to relieve tension at the office and the Kealive massage office chair is perfect for that purpose.

With a complete 360-degree swivel rotation and a fully reclined function, this massage chair offers long-term enjoyment and is fantastic for anyone with a very stressful job.

It is also manufactured with very sturdy materials and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

What customers are saying

Most customers love this chair, and they say that it is easy to assemble and has an amazing heating function that adds to the massage.

However, others complain that it’s not the most comfortable massage chair on the market.

WaterJoy Swivel Recliner Chair

WaterJoy Swivel Recliner Chair

  • Dual-set which includes a reclining chair and an ottoman for leg support
  • 360-degree swivel and up to 135-degree recline features
  • Comfortably padded for the back, neck, and loin areas
  • Covered by durable leather, easy to clean
  • Maximum user weight of 330 pounds

This modern-style swivel chair has extra reclining features and a comfortable ottoman for leg support. It is water-resistant, sturdy, and very easy to clean.

The WaterJoy swivel chair is an elegant recliner chair that is suitable for many places, including your leisure area, bedroom, living room, and office.

The backrest can be adjusted to 95, 110, or 135 degrees with an easily accessible side knob plus it has a large base and armrests filled with sponge.

What customers are saying

Many people like this model and report that it is comfortable, easy to install, and more practical than many expensive models.

However, other customers have stated that there are no wheels for easy maneuverability, the height is not adjustable, and they don’t like the feel of the ottoman.

Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

If you prefer a breathable mesh seat cushion, here’s a model you might want to look at.

Instead of leather, you have a fully breathable material that allows you to sit comfortably for a very long time without feeling sweaty.

The reclining mechanisms allow for up to 150 degrees of recline, with lumbar support, an adjustable hand rest, and a seat cushion.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are mixed. Some people love the chair and say it’s comfortable and easy to put together. The size is great and the adjustable armrests are a definite plus.

On the other hand, some people aren’t satisfied with the materials and the overall feel of the chair.

HomCom Reclining Home Office Chair

This reclining chair offers a wide range of inclination with an adjustable armrest and seat with a 360-degree swivel. It is padded with foam and covered in resistant leather.

Among other features, the HomCom chair offers a retractable footrest and a maximum user weight of 264 pounds.

What customers are saying

Many people say that this is a great pick for people with back pain.

However, there’s a common complaint about the armrests which are apparently not great quality and tend to become loose.

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This is another reclining office chair made with breathable mesh materials for those who do not want fabric or leather.

One of its most interesting features is the fully adjustable headrest which is perfect for those suffering from cervical pain.

The armrest and height are also adjustable, and the chair has a retractable footrest you can use when you’re in a fully reclined position.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair

  • The KILLABEE is built on a powerful metal frame and base, as well as on smooth casters for great stability
  • The seat cushions also have a memory foam padding for extra comfort
  • The Big and Tall KILLABEE chair also comes with an implant USB electric massager on the lumbar cushion

For your gaming needs, KILLABEE offers a great massage gaming chair with a 350lbs capacity. It also comes with a lot of extra features, however – it has a memory foam padding on top of its seat cushion, for example.

It’s also covered with a nice and soft leather. The high back seat has a very good lumbar support and a comfortable headrest.

What’s possibly the most curious addition to the KILLABEE chair is the massage electric implant to the back seat.

What are customers saying?

Customers who aren’t used to chairs with an emphasized lumbar support may find this chair uncomfortable.

Those that value lumbar support, however, especially when gaming for long sessions at a time, tend to appreciate this chair.


  • The USB massager implant is a great addition to a gaming chair.
  • The great ergonomic design is great for its lumbar support, comfortable headrest, and practical armrests.
  • This gaming chair is supported by a strong metal frame and base, and is


  • The seat is a bit hard even with the memory foam, which can be uncomfortable on a gaming chair.

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For an alternative of the Duramont office recliner, check out this Vanbow memory foam office chair.

It has a great angle of reclining of up to 175-degrees as well as a nice and secure locking mechanism.

All that is supported by a very sturdy construction and heavy duty nylon base and casters.

Additionally, the chair’s seat is made out of memory foam which can be great if that’s what you’re looking for. The PU leather above the foam is soft and comfortable too.

What are customers saying?

Quite a few customers seem to have been taken by surprise by the complicated assembly of this chair. Once it’s put together, however, it impresses everyone with its quality and durability.


  • This office recliner has a great maximum angle of up to 175-degrees where most others go only up to 155-degrees.
  • The high back seat design offers great lumbar support.
  • The soft and comfortable PU leather is of excellent quality as are the sturdy base and rollers.


  • The assembly is very challenging and requires to people and quite some time. Also, the assembly instructions are not detailed enough.

Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair Recliner Chair

Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair Recliner Chair

  • The net mesh cloth of the Sihoo chair is quite strong
  • Recommended by the Ergonomics Application Association, this Sihoo chair has a very ergonomic design
  • The backrest offers great lumbar support

For a breathable mesh chair, the Sihoo ergonomic office recliner is made by a net mesh that’s both comfortable and very durable.

The design of the chair is also excellent as everything from the headrest and armrests to the seat and backrest promote a very healthy posture.

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Another great mesh option, the MDL reclining office chair is excellent if you want to avoid heat or moisture during the summer months.

The mesh is also very well balanced to be both sturdy and comfortable. As for the rest of the chair, it has an ergonomic design and a very durable construction.

SONGMICS Office Chair Ergonomic Executive

SONGMICS Office Chair Ergonomic Executive

  • SNGMICS’ seat cushion and backrest are made out of comfortable high-density foam
  • The chair is both stable and durable thanks to its high-quality aluminum casters and sturdy base
  • This model also has a folding headrest and a soft lumbar support pillow

Instead of having an integrated lumbar support component, the SONGMICS office chair comes with a separate lumbar support pillow.

This gives you the freedom to customize your experience more easily. What’s more, the chair has very comfortable seat cushion and backrest, a foldable headrest, and a very sturdy base.

Healgen Heavy Duty Massage Gaming Chair

Healgen Heavy Duty Massage Gaming Chair

  • This gaming chair has an extra-thick seat cushion for extra long-term comfort
  • The comfortable seat is supported by a powerful metal frame and a heavy-duty metal base
  • The chair also comes with a lumbar support & massage cushion

For another gaming option, the Healgen Heavy Duty Gaming Chair has a portable lumbar support cushion that’s capable of delivering electric massages.

The chair is very sturdy and durable, ensuring an impressive longevity even with long daily sessions.

JulyFox Executive Office Chair Big & Tall

JulyFox Executive Office Chair Big & Tall

  • In addition to the lumbar support, the JulyFox Executive Office Chair also comes with an extra removable thick padded cushion
  • The wheels of this chair are lockable which offers extra stability
  • This JulyFox model has a maximum recline angle of 170-degrees

Great for both offices and gaming, this JulyFox reclining chair has a very powerful base and frame that ensures great durability.

The chair itself is also very comfortable thanks to its thick padding, ergonomic design, lumbar support, and an additional adjustable cushion.

Flash Furniture High Back Reclining Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Reclining Swivel Chair

  • This chair also comes with a removable and adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • The Flash Furniture chair comes with a dual paddle control system
  • The chair is finished with an embellished mesh trim

Last but not least, the Flash Furniture reclining swivel chair has a simple but ergonomic design. It’s easy to adjust its lumbar support pillow as well as the exact reclining angle you need with the dual paddle control system.


Reclining office chairs are a great thing to have in an office setting, especially if they have a good footrest. Hopefully, our quick list has given you the suggestion you were looking for.

The Benefits

  • It counters the effect of a hunched position
  • It is fantastic for back pain caused by long periods sitting
  • It reduces your spinal load
  • It optimizes your breathing function

The Research

According to a study conducted by Scottish and Canadian investigators, a 135-degree position is better for preventing disc sliding and compression than a 90-degree upright position.

Therefore, the investigators recommend a reclined position of at least 120 degrees.

The downsides

  • Reclining consistently can increase stress to your knees
  • Without back support, reclining can be another cause of back pain

Is reclining good for back pain?

Yes, recliners can be great for back pain, especially when you can adjust the back support and different hip angle placements.

Can you sleep in a recliner?

You can sleep in a recliner, but it is not a recommended practice.

New technologies allow us to sleep on a recliner for longer without a significant burden on the back, but doing it continuously is not the best idea.

Is your lower back supported?

If you get the right chair, you will have lower back support that accommodates the shape of your lumbar spine.

It is usually an accessory that bulges out a bit and fills the space left between the cushion and the lower back.