The 11 Best Paper Shredders For Your Office

The 11 Best Paper Shredders For Your Office

The 11 Best Paper Shredders For Your Office

The 11 Best Paper Shredders For Your Office

Most businesses invest in a quality paper shredder mainly to keep their company information private and prevent it from landing in the wrong hands.

The smaller the pieces you shred, the more difficult it is to reassemble and decipher what it was.

There are three different types of shredders: cross-cut shredders, strip-cut shredders, and micro-cut shredders.

Here’s my recommended list of the best paper shredders for your office.

Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Fellowes Powershred Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

  • Shreds up to eighteen paper sheets per pass
  • Cross-cut shredder
  • Equipped with a 100% jam-proof mechanism
  • Safesense safety feature
  • Pull-out bin with a 9-gallon capacity
  • Runtime of 30 minutes before cooling down for 40 minutes

This paper shredder is a must-have device for companies that need to shred sensitive documents like tax papers, credit cards, DVDs, CDs, and other private materials.

We love that it has a Safesense safety feature that immediately stops shredding as soon as hands come in contact with the paper feed opening.

The shredder is also perfect for home use and is pet and child friendly. A convenient feature is the 9-gallon capacity pull-out bin that does not require emptying every few minutes.

What customers are saying

This shredder received raving reviews with the top benefits being its powerful operation and ability to shred non-paper items. Customers say that it hardly ever overheats and it does not jam easily.

A common issue that unhappy customers had was that the paper bin is made from plastic and cardboard. They also complained that it does not take as many papers as advertised.

Aurora High-Security JamFree Micro-Cut Shredder

Aurora High-Security JamFree Micro-Cut Shredder

  • Micro-cut shredder
  • 5-gallon capacity pull-out basket
  • Progressive jam-free technology
  • Shreds up to ten sheets per pass
  • Can shred non-paper items
  • Overheat protection mechanism
  • Auto power-off safety feature
  • Energy-saving – switches off after five minutes if not used
  • 60-minute runtime

If you’re looking for a micro-cut shredder that can shred paper and non-paper items, this is a great option to look at.

It comes with multiple safety features such as an auto stop/start and an LED light that indicates overheating, misalignment, or overloading.

Another great feature of this Aurora model is the Shredsafe safety mechanism that automatically switches the unit off to avoid any unfortunate accidents from happening.

You can also look forward to no paper jams because the unit stops operating as soon as overcapacity is sensed. All in all, a winner!

What customers are saying

Customers were extremely happy with their purchase. Most of them loved that it could shred at least 10-12 papers at once and did not overheat despite prolonged use.

They also find the wheels user-friendly and say it runs smoothly and quietly when in use.

Some customers had issues with the shredder overheating and ‘basket full’ indicators coming on when that was not the case.

Fellowes Jam Proof 20-Sheet Commercial Grade Paper Shredder

Fellowes Jam Proof 20-Sheet Commercial Grade Paper Shredder

  • Commercial grade cross-cut shredder
  • Can shred paper and non-paper objects
  • Shreds up to 20 paper sheets per feed
  • Indicator light – full bin notification
  • Safesense safety mechanism
  • 100% Jam prevention system
  • 45-minute runtime
  • 14-gallon capacity waste bin
  • 3-minute runtime

If you need a heavy-duty shredder, you cannot go wrong with this commercial-grade, cross-cut shredder.

You can shred away for forty-five minutes feeding up to twenty paper sheets per pass before the unit needs cooling down. Expect no more paper jams thanks to its 100% jam-free system feature.

This shredder’s Safesense security feature brings it to a stop as soon as hands or paws touch it.

It is ideal for large corporations or offices that need to get rid of piles of confidential documents or objects regularly.

What customers are saying

Customers were incredibly satisfied with their purchase and everyone agrees it’s worth every penny they paid for it.

The stand-out features most customers praised were its quiet operation and the fact that it could seamlessly shred whatever they put into it without any issues.

However, some people had issues with the shredder not lasting as long as it is supposed to and some complained about the mess after emptying the bin.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

  • Cross-cut shredder
  • Shreds up to eight paper sheets at a time
  • Starts automatically
  • Thermal protection with automatic switch-off
  • Reverse feature to help clear paper jams
  • Can shred non-paper items
  • LED indication overheats
  • 1-gallon capacity bin

This nifty cross-cut shredder is ideal for your home office. It would also work for a small company where only small amounts of paper or objects need to be shredded.

It works incredibly well for obliterating receipts, pay stubs, medical records, bank statements, or any other documents you are wanting to get rid of.

You can shred multiple-page documents without a hassle as you won’t even have to remove small paper clips or staples beforehand.

Moreover, this model’s handy thermal protection mechanism shuts the unit off as soon as overheat is detected.

What customers are saying

This shredder received great reviews with many people saying it provides great value for money.

Many customers say that it does exactly what it says and they were able to shred without issues.

However, a few customers had issues with the sensor falsely indicating the bin is full and there were a few instances where the unit stopped working after a short period in time.

Boxis 90-Sheet AutoFeed Microcut Paper Shredder

Boxis 90-Sheet AutoFeed Microcut Paper Shredder

  • Micro-cut shredder
  • Shreds up to eight paper sheets per pass
  • 10-minute runtime
  • Reverse mode to clear paper jams
  • 12-pack lubricant and sample waste liner (ShredCare) included
  • The auto-feed tray can take a maximum of 90 sheets at a time
  • The pull-out waste bin has a capacity of 3.6 gallons
  • Can shred non-paper items

The Boxis auto-feed paper shredder is a perfect option if you are looking for the best automatic shredder on the market.

We love that the feed tray can take up to 90 sheets of paper at any given time and the unit can shred up to eight papers per pass.

You will not have to use any plastic bags in this model, simply empty the waste bin once it is full. The unit also has casters enabling you to move it around easily if needed.

What customers are saying

Customers love the overall functionality and auto-feed function of the shredder. Many particularly liked that the shredder is capable of shredding tons of paper at a time and consider it a huge plus.

However, some customers received units with the auto feeder not working correctly, they say it does not feed correctly and ends up jamming.

Aurora Desktop-Style Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Aurora Desktop-Style Cross Cut Paper Shredder

  • Compact desktop cross-cut shredder
  • Shreds up to 4 double pieces of paper
  • 32-gallon capacity wastebasket with a handle
  • Automatic start function
  • Comes with a letter opener

The Aurora Desktop-Style cross-cut paper shredder is perfect for both home and office use. We love that it comes with a letter opener and a detachable power cord.

You can destroy up to four folded sheets at a time and the waste bin has a handle for single-handed lifting.

The unit also has thermal protection to prevent it from overheating and despite its compact size, the shredder packs a powerful punch and gets the job done.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this compact shredder great reviews. Everyone says it’s the perfect shredder for people who want something that is not heavy-duty but can still do an amazing job.

However, some customers received faulty units and had it replaced. Another major issue people had was that the shredder cannot handle eight pages as advertised and it often ends up jamming.

The most obvious difference between these two devices is the way it cuts. A cross-cut shredder shreds the paper first into strips before cutting those strips even smaller.

A micro-shredder rips the sheets apart and cuts them into tiny pieces that cannot be reassembled. Both shredders are ideal for destroying documents quickly.

It is up to you to decide which one best fits your privacy requirements. For highly sensitive papers like medical records or legal documentation, the micro-cut shredder is the better option.

However, if you are not that concerned about privacy, then the cross-cut shredder will suffice since the shreds are still not easy to restore.

Bonsaii EverShred Heavy Duty Cross-Cut Paper

The Bonsaii cross-cut paper is perfect for heavy-duty shredding since it can run continuously for up to an hour and only needs to cool down for ten minutes.

It is suitable for cutting both paper and non-paper items. If you are looking for a shredder with cutting-edge anti-jam technology with exceptional performance, this is the one.

Fellowes LX20M Micro Cut 12 Sheet Paper Shredder

The Fellowes LX20 shredder was specially designed to offer exceptional performance, jam-free functionality, and optimal security.

You can shred up to twelve sheets per pass within a 10-minute runtime. You can also easily shred non-paper items like credit cards, staples, junk mail, and paper clips.

Aurora Professional High-Security Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

We also recommend this micro-cut shredder because it comes with superior features.

You can shred as many as 10 pieces of paper each pass and the unit has a 60-minute runtime before it needs to cool down. It has a security level of P-5 and runs quietly.

You can shred both paper and non-paper items and the pull-out bin has a capacity level of 6-gallons before it needs to be emptied.

Bonsaii 240-Minute Heavy-Duty Shredder

The Bonsaii heavy-duty shredder is amazing. It runs continuously for 240 minutes and can cut through paper and non-paper items with ease, at a pace of 6 ½ feet a minute.

The shredder runs smoothly and has a security level of P-6. It also has a durable anti-jam mechanism for smooth operation and the pull-out basket has an 8-gallon capacity level.

You cannot go wrong with choosing this beast of a shredder.

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This shredder can run for up to forty minutes and can shred a maximum of 10 pieces at a time.

You will have no trouble with shredding non-paper items like credit cards or junk mail and you can expect minimal noise in the process.

The unit is ETL-certified and is an ideal option for companies that need a robust shredder. The wastebasket has a 6-gallon capacity level with an enormous transparent window.

You get a limited one-year warranty included with your purchase.

Sheet capacity

The more sheets you can shred at a time, the quicker the process is.

Most shredders allow you to shred multiple pieces of paper per pass, but it’s worth examining how much the shredder is capable of shredding before making a purchase.

The volume and quickness of the shredding usually dictates the price. For companies that are shredding high volumes of paperwork, investing in a high-quality shredder will promote productivity.

Shredder speed

The power and speed is another essential aspect you must consider when you purchase a shredder for your office.

Power capabilities differ from one shredder to the next and will typically influence the volume of pages you can shred at a time.

Light-duty shredders usually cut between four to twelve sheets per pass and are ideal for home use. If you overload the shredder it can result in the motor giving up.

Warehouses or large corporations that need to shred high volumes of documentation and objects at a greater speed will benefit from a heavy-duty shredder.

Materials to shred

Paper is the most common item that requires shredding but many types of shredders are designed for cutting non-paper items like credit cards, paperclips, staples, CDs, and DVDs.

Standard shredders can typically handle small paper clips and staples, however, if you need to shred other items as well, be sure to buy a shredder that has the capability to do so.

Run time

The runtime is determined by how long a shredder can work continuously before it needs to cool down. Manual feed shredders take longer because you have to manually feed each document.

Auto feed shredders can run on their own but the time duration is contingent on the bin and sheet capacity.

Safety features

Any quality shredder, especially industrial shredders should be equipped with safety features to prevent unfortunate injuries and mishaps.

Make sure the shredder you buy has a safety sensor that shuts down as soon as hands or any other inappropriate materials come in contact with it.

This can go a long way in preventing injuries at the office. Many shredders also have thermal protection which means they shut down as soon as the shredder detects overheating.

Manual Vs Automatic

Automatic-feed shredders are typically slower than hand-feed shredders because it takes longer to load and start them up.

It all boils down to personal preference though. Some people do not want to stand next to the machine and manually feed each sheet by hand while others prefer to do it that way.