Alignmed Shirt Review: The Best Posture Shirt?

Alignmed Shirt Review: The Best Posture Shirt?

Alignmed Shirt Review: The Best Posture Shirt?

Alignmed Shirt Review: The Best Posture Shirt?

Whether sitting at your desk or walking in the street, maintaining a healthy posture is key to a healthy pain-free lifestyle.

So apart from posture correctors, what other options are there?

A more subtle and comfortable option is a posture shirt.

Alignmed is probably the most popular brand when it comes to posture shirts.

So are their shirts effective for improving posture? Here’s my review of the company and their shirts.

I also mention some other posture shirt alternatives you might be interested in.

Alignmed was founded in April 2001 and is based in California. They are a popular American brand that offers t-shirts that fix your posture instead of posture braces.

They are presented as an actual piece of clothing, something you can wear on the outside rather than under your clothes.

The technology behind their shirts are different from their competitors. Instead of forcing your muscles, they create biofeedback and stimulate them to correct your form.

That’s one of the reasons this brand has become reputed and highly credible. They are currently approved by the FDA as a Class-1 medical device.

Alignmed posture shirts are created with Spandex and Polyester using a patented spinal correction system and measuring 4” longer than the average compression shirt.

The technology

Alignmed’s technology consists of tension bands built into the fabric with polyester fibers that have a particular stretch.

This stretch stimulates the muscles biomechanically and provides biofeedback to promote posture awareness.

The posture shirt also has a dual directional pull to facilitate a correct position, this is aided by a series of neurobands that provide stability and support in key areas of your back.

How it works

The neurobands in Alignmed posture shirts stimulate and support correct muscle movement and activation.

When adopting a poor posture, this posture shirt feels awkward and sends a reminder to your muscles, which naturally responds by returning to the correct position.

The pros & cons


  • Backed up by scientific evidence
  • Recommended by physicians
  • Can be used as a standard shirt and has a stylish look
  • It supports your back and stimulates a good posture
  • It feels comfortable once you get used to it
  • It does not feel restrictive when you’re performing natural movements
  • Made with breathable materials
  • Reduces back and neck pain
  • Appropriate for the gym and can be used under your clothing for the office


  • You need to get used to the feeling which may take up to 2 days
  • You can’t use the same posture shirt for more than 3 days without washing it
  • It is a good investment, but not the cheapest brand to consider

Alignmed Posture Shirt Pullover for Men

Alignmed Posture Shirt Pullover for Men

  • 17% Spandex and 83% Polyester
  • Helps maintain a good posture without limiting your mobility
  • Anatomically constructed to activate muscle groups and stay upright
  • Breathable materials with moisture wicking fabric
  • Not appropriate for ironing

This is the male model of the Alignmed Posture Shirt.

As noted in the sections above, this shirt features smart neurobands created to stimulate certain muscle groups and provide support to others.

It does feel tight but it does not reduce your range of motion or compromise your mobility.

The shirt is highly recommended to prevent injury and reduce back pain, it can be used as your main shirt or as an undershirt, depending on your preference.

If you use this shirt in hot weather or while exercising, it does tend to feel a bit warm but it has a breathable fabric and several sizes to choose from.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are overall positive with most people saying the shirt is comfortable and very effective for aligning the back and helping maintain a good posture.

It works as a powerful reminder to stay upright, and even though it feels tight, you will get used to it after a few days.

Some customers experienced difficulties while taking it off, but this is a part of getting used to wearing this type of garment

Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0

Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0

  • 17% Spandex and 83% Polyester
  • Helps maintain a good posture without limiting your mobility
  • Anatomically constructed to activate muscle groups and stay upright
  • Breathable materials with moisture wicking fabric
  • Not appropriate for ironing

This model of the Alignmed Posture Shirt is suitable for women.

Just like the men’s shirt, it features patented technology and anatomically distributed neurobands made to stimulate the right muscles and provide support to your back.

The shirt does not force your posture and hence won’t make the pain worse or weaken your muscles.

It is constructed with breathable fabric and can be worn as your main shirt or undershirt.

There are many sizes to choose from, but remember that this type of shirt will always feel tight, as it is a part of its functions.

What customers are saying

Most customers agree that this shirt feels very tight at first, but after some time you get used to it and it becomes easier to wear.

It does the job it’s intended to do and is definitely worth the money spent.

IntelliSkin Men's Posturecue V-Neck

This is a 56% nylon, 44% lycra alternative to the Alignmed Posture Shirt. It is a lightweight shirt you can use under your current shirt or as a replacement.

It aligns your spine and has a compressive force that facilitates an upright posture and provides a reminder when you get back to a poor posture.

It also has a compressive function that is not uncomfortable but may take some time to get used to.

What customers are saying

Satisfied customers say this shirt does what it’s meant to without forcing your muscles. Instead, it works as a reminder to stay upright.

Keep in mind, this type of garment is meant to be tight, and could feel too warm to wear during hot weather.

IntelliSkin Eve X-Small Posture Shirt

Similar to the men’s model, this IntelliSkin model for women has a similar structure. It has a lightweight design with a stylish look you can use under your shirt or as a replacement.

It is beneficial if you want to correct your posture and remind your muscles to stay upright.

This one does not have as many reviews as the men’s version but it is a promising item considering it’s from the same brand with the same specs in a different style.

Male Men's Posture Correction V Neck

This posture correction shirt has a special design that was created with the help of physiotherapists and other medical professionals.

It reduces back tension and pain while improving posture and providing the core support you need to keep your body upright and your torso straight.

While doing so, it also flattens your abdominal area and gives you a sleek appearance with its compression design. The shirt is very comfortable, made with breathable fabric and mesh vents.

Customer reviews are favorable. Most people say that although it’s a little tight, it is still comfortable and useful to relieve back pain. It also works very well as an undershirt.

Tailong Men’s Back Brace Body Shaper Tank Top

This is a more traditional brace shirt for men, it contains 20% nylon and 80% polyester.

It is a lightweight piece of clothing that tightens loose skin, reshapes your body, and works as a posture corrector, relieving back pain and keeping your body upright.

You’ll be able to adjust the compression on this one with its 3 adjustable hooks to prevent any limitation in mobility or range of motion.

What customers are saying

This model has several customer reviews, and most of them are very favorable. It works well not only as a posture corrector but also as a body shaper.

It is not overly tight and it’s easy to put on and take off compared to other models.

Alignmed Posture Shirts are made with a unique technology that does not force your back into any given position.

Instead, you’re continuously prompted to get back to an upright posture thus engaging your muscles and placing your spine into proper alignment.

This is what this type of clothing is intended to do, and if you have the budget, I would definitely recommend buying an Alignment Posture Shirt.

Just be ready to feel tight for a day or 2 until you get used to it.

Also, don’t get frustrated if you initially struggle to take it off. It will become easier and you will get accustomed to it after a while.