Lumo Lift Review: The Best Posture Device Available?

Lumo Lift Review: The Best Posture Device Available?

Lumo Lift Review: The Best Posture Device Available?

Lumo Lift Review: The Best Posture Device Available?

When I first heard about posture corrector devices, I was honestly skeptical.

Are they accurate? Can they actually create better posture habits for people?

So after researching another posture corrector device, the Upright Go, I thought it was only fair that I reviewed the Lumo Lift.

In this guide you will hear my honest thoughts about the device. I’ll discuss how it works, the pros & cons, what customers are saying, and much more.

Lumo Lift

  • A fitness tracker and posture corrector made to naturally impact the way you sit and stand.
  • Features a wearable tracker that buzzes to alert you when you’re slouching.
  • Syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 4 to your Android or iOS device to track your posture progress for up to 4 weeks.
  • By improving posture, it may also reduce back pain and make you feel and look more confident.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to improve your posture than wrapping tight braces on you, Lumo Lift is one option you might want to consider.

This device was created to increase self-awareness about your posture and give you instant feedback when you start slouching.

Since you can actually download its mobile app on your phone, it will be possible to track your progress at home, in your office, in your daily commute, and literally everywhere you go.

It gives you vibration feedback when it detects slouching, and it will be useful to break the bad posture habits that often lead to back pain, affected mood, and breathing problems.

How to wear it

The tracking device is very small and comes with a magnetic clasp. You wear it by simply attaching the device to your clothes, and the only part of it that shows is a square magnetic piece.

You’re encouraged to adopt a straight posture and then turn the tracker on. It works based on body motions and takes angle displacements as the main way to measure a good posture.

That’s why calibrating the device properly is fundamental. It is also recommended to wear snug-fitting clothes to make sure the sensor is actually touching or very close to the body.

Lumo Lift is developed by Lumo Bodytech. The company was founded by Monisha Perkash back in 2011 after she realized how posture problems were causing problems for so many Americans.

With back pain as the second most common reason for visits to the doctor, eliminating bad posture habits would be a lifestyle change that solves a major part of that problem.

In an effort to help these patients, Lumo Bodytech has built a tech-tailored experience with a highly sensitive device that gives you instant feedback and reminds you to keep straight.

Is it worth it having a small device buzzing every time you slouch? Why would you need to remind yourself about your hunched back?

Here’s a list with the most important benefits you get by improving your posture:

Less Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, but posture issues are surely predominant. Patients with severe spinal misalignments suffer from recurrent back pain.

However, even if your problem is limited to hunching, the majority of back pain symptoms may be closely associated.

Improving your posture may reduce the severity and frequency of these symptoms, as many users have experienced.

Better Circulation

We have primary and secondary branches of arteries and veins, and some of them may be collapsed by postural changes.

The human body is made to adopt an upright posture, and it’s the optimal way to maintain good circulation.

Better Breathing

Similar to blood vessels, the airways may also collapse due to a bad posture.

Actually, they are more susceptible to collapsing because they are hollow. That’s why people snore at night and stop making noise after changing positions.

Similarly, you might not notice how compromised your breathing is when you’re hunching.

Improved Balance

Balance is all about proper weight distribution, an aspect that is truly compromised if you maintain a poor posture.

Hunched people need to rely on a counterweight, and activate extra muscles in the back that shouldn’t stay tense all day long.

Less Risk Of Injury

When you have proper balance, the chance of falling and suffering from injuries are significantly reduced.

Older people will be protected from falls and younger people will avoid injuries when they are working out with an upright posture.

Therefore, it is recommended to all fight against the habit of slouching and reduce the risk of injury.

Sitting and standing upright is very important. But how does the Lumo Lift solve the issue of poor posture?

The Design

One of the most interesting parts of this Lumo Lift technology is that it attaches to your clothes with a magnet. Therefore, you will get two different pieces.

One of them is the tracker itself, and the other is a magnetic square plate. The length of the tracker is around two quarters in size, and it is very thin.

The tracker

The tracker has a black and silver metal plate, but you can buy other colors such as black, white, or silver if you like.

It has all of the internal components and the magnetic plate is slim and much smaller.

After clipping your tracker and standing or sitting upright, you can press through the magnet to reach the power button of the tracker.

Wearing It

The Lumo Lift tracker is created to be worn under your clothes so the only part of the device that shows the entire time will be the magnetic square.

You’re recommended to wear it around one inch below the collarbone in a shirt or undershirt to keep the device hidden under the clothes.

Best on tight clothing

Make sure you’re not wearing very loose clothes, because they would fold and give the device false data about your posture.

It should be touching your skin directly at all times or at least very close to your body. You could also use the rounded clip that comes with the device to wear it around a strap.

Setting Up

Setting up the Lumo Lift is very easy. You will need the app in order to input your name, weight, height, and e-mail address.

After setting up the app, clip your Lumo Lift to your clothes or bra, making sure it’s close to your collarbone.

Once the tracker is attached, sit or stand upright and double-tap the Lumo lift when you’re done. You will notice how it buzzes to let you know it’s now activated.

The App

In the app, you can actually choose the level of intensity and how often you want to receive the buzzing feedback.

You can choose 3 seconds if you’re not annoyed by the constant buzzing or 10 minutes if you only want a few reminders every once in a while.


In the app, you will also receive statistics about your posture activity throughout the week and the month.

It shows the number of steps you’re walking with the device on, as well. At the end of the week, you will receive an email giving you some insights about your posture, too.

Tracking posture

After setting up the Lumo Lift, it will vibrate every time it senses you’re leaning forward or hunching.

In many cases, it would also sense if your shoulders are placed forward instead of backward.

When it does, it would wait for a bit to avoid false positives, and then starts buzzing to alert you to sit straight.

Customers of Lumo Lift have varied opinions and experiences about the device. The majority of them are excellent or very good.

You will see many reviews saying how the device has helped them improve their posture after a few weeks and reduce their back pain symptoms.


Complaints about the device are usually associated with the sensitivity of the tracker and the app itself.

Sometimes you would get inaccurate readings, especially if you’re wearing loose clothes.

Also, keep in mind this is not the most invisible device. You can have different colors of the magnetic clip, but it will be showing every time unless you have an undershirt.

Also, there’s a light flashing when the device is active, and it can be annoying for some.

Like everything else, there are good and bad things about the Lumo Lift, and in this independent review, we will be very honest about what we like and dislike.

What We Like

  • It reminds you to keep a good posture throughout the day.
  • The app gathers posture and physical activity data.
  • It is very small and mostly unobtrusive.

What We Dislike

  • It is not always very accurate, and it is easy to fool thus giving you false positives.
  • It is easy to ignore.
  • Some people would grow annoyed after a few days and stop using it altogether.
  • It is not completely invisible under your clothes.

Surely, the Lumo Lift is not the only company with the same idea.

Its main competitor are the makers of the Upright Go and Upright Go 2. They created a small device that does almost the same work, syncs with a mobile app, and only has a few key differences:

How You Wear It

We’ve mentioned how the Lumo Lift clips to your clothes through a magnetic plate.

That is quite different from the Upright Go, which attaches to the skin with gentle adhesives.

The Lumo Lift is meant to be kept near your collarbone, but the Upright Go device goes on your upper back.


If we compare the responsiveness of the Lumo Lift and the Upright Go, the latter would be the winner, and there’s a reason for it.

The Lumo Lift is attached to your clothes and not your skin.

Thus, there’s a chance it has the wrong reading, and it waits a bit longer to verify instead of giving you false feedback right away.

What customers say

Most complaints about the Lumo Lift are similar compared to the Upright Go device. The majority of them have to do with the accuracy of the device.

Both can be fooled pretty easily, and both can give false-positive readings. However, this is more common in the Lumo Lift compared to the Upright Go.

Adhesives and visibility

Also, keep in mind that many Upright Go users feel annoyed by the fact that they need to replace adhesives and buy them from the manufacturers again and again.

On the other hand, some Lumo Lift users say the magnetic clip on your clothes and the flashing light all the time are everything but invisible.


Costs of the Upright Go and the Lumo Lift are very similar. The Upright Go is a bit more expensive, around $99, and the Lumo Lift can be found for $80.

Keep in mind the prices can change due to special promotions and depending on where you buy them.

If you’re not quite sure about buying either a Lumo Lift or an Upright Go device, there are many other options to try.

Posture Correctors

The traditional posture correctors or braces are wrapped around your chest or lower back area.

They are in full contact with your spine and manufactured with special stretch technology that helps you maintain a good posture.

Posture correctors let you know when you’re slouching and support different parts of your body according to your needs.

Posture Exercises

Physical activity is essential for a healthy posture, especially core strengthening exercises.

By working on your abdominals, obliques, and back muscles you will not only feel more attractive but will also solve a few posture-related issues.

Ergonomic Workstation

If you work in an office or sit at a desk all day long, consider creating your own ergonomic workstation.

It is a specialized desk and chair that promotes proper posture when you’re working on your laptop or PC.

How to Sit at Your Desk

Sit upright without exaggerating the arch on your lower back.

You might need to adjust the height of your chair to set your eyes at the same levels of the screen.

In some cases, lumbar support or a small cushion may also help maintain a healthy posture.

Ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair does not only have a graduated height but also lumbar support and other interesting features.

It is designed to keep your back aligned properly when you rest your back on the back support.

Monitor riser

You may not notice the monitor of your laptop or PC is below your eye level, but they usually are.

We usually respond to this lower level by slouching or bringing forward the head and neck. All of this might be solved with a monitor riser.

Keyboard tray

Your desk is sometimes a bit higher than expected, and the keyboard might be too high if you place it there.

That’s why keyboard trays are useful to keep your arms rested and your forearms at a healthy angle.

Whether or not you should buy the Lumo Lift device depends on solely your goals and your expectations.

If you’re fine with the device being a bit inaccurate, buzzing unexpectedly, and showing on your clothes, it is definitely worth a try.

However, before buying it make sure your mobile phone is compatible with the app, and remember that this device will only serve as a reminder. The rest depends on you.