The 10 Best Business Safes For Your Office

The 10 Best Business Safes For Your Office

The 10 Best Business Safes For Your Office

The 10 Best Business Safes For Your Office

If your office is anything like the place I work at, there are plenty of documents, devices, and money that need a safe place.

So it is extremely important to invest in an office safe that is reliable and highly secure.

Below you’ll find my recommended list of business safes and brands that are suitable for all types of offices.

SentrySafe Fireproof Safe With Digital Keypad

SentrySafe Fireproof Safe With Digital Keypad

  • Steel safe
  • Fire-resistant
  • Rated UL-classified fireproof
  • ETL verified to endure a 15-foot fall
  • Equipped with a door pocket, rack for keys, and door tray

Keep your office or personal valuables secure with this incredibly durable and fireproof safe from SentrySafe.

This safe boasts many incredible features, including 4 locking bolts, bolt-down fixtures, and a hinged bar that cannot be forced open.

It is constructed with steel to ensure no one gets their hands on any of your confidential paperwork, cash, or valuables.

The safe is fire-resistant in up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and can survive a 15-foot fall. We highly recommend this SentrySafe model for home or office use.

For superior performance, make sure you use 4 AA batteries with an 8-10-year life design.

What customers are saying

This safe received numerous five-star ratings with customers praising its exceptional quality, functionality, and durability.

Many were also pleased with the safe’s digital lock mechanism but some customers complained about receiving damaged or dented safes.

TigerKing Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

TigerKing Burglary Digital Security Safe Box

  • Large safe with digital lock
  • Strong and reliable steel plate material
  • 5 locking bolts
  • Removable interior shelf
  • Lockable box inside
  • Superior-level anti-theft technology
  • Easy installation

This safe is everything you need if you’re shopping for a large safe to store all of your valuables.

It features a detachable interior shelf and box, making it perfect for locking away confidential documentation, your laptop, cash, your pistol, and other personal items.

Thieves will have a hard time prying open this safe thanks to its robust steel plate design and tiny 1mm gap between the safe frame and door.

We love the stylish look of this model which is designed to perfectly blend in with your existing décor at home or the office.

The TigerKing safe is incredibly durable and has a dual warning feature that sets off an alarm after three wrong pin entries or any fierce vibration detection.

What customers are saying

The standout features mentioned by people who bought this safe was the superior locking system, easy installation, straightforward operation, quality construction, and durability.

However, several customers had issues with the digital keypad and external battery box, which they say was difficult to open and they had to use the master key.

They also questioned whether the master key is generic or unique.

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe Lock Box

  • ½ cubic steel compact safe
  • Digital lock with a set of override keys
  • 2 door bolts
  • Detachable shelf inside
  • Comes with four bolts for mounting
  • Not water or fire-resistant

If you’re on the hunt for a basic and compact safe to store cash, documentation, identity documents, and jewelry, this one is right up your alley.

Despite its small size, it comes with a range of useful features. It’s made from solid steel that cannot be pried open, has a smart digital lock, and a set of override keys for emergencies.

We love that this safe has a removable shelf on the inside and carpet flooring. The set-up and installation are quick and easy with four bolts included for wall or floor mounting.

All in all, it’s a great choice if you want a small safe that is reliable and durable.

What customers are saying

The AmazonBasics steel safe lock box received excellent reviews. Most people say the safe offers great quality and is durable with plenty of space to store valuables and cash.

Many customers also said that it is the perfect safe for locking away guns and there’s enough space for ammo boxes as well.

Viking Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Viking Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

  • Pin code or via fingerprint identification unlock
  • Updated 500 DPI optical sensor
  • Backup key for emergencies
  • Electronic LCD display
  • Carpeted inside
  • Equipped with a deadbolt locking device
  • Solid steel
  • Warning signal when the door is left ajar

The Viking Biometric Safe is superior in design and durability, so if you’re looking for something with great security features that will withstand the test of time, this one ticks all the boxes.

You can scan up to thirty-two fingerprints and choose one unique pin code for keeping your valuables safe and secure.

What makes it even better is, your information stays preserved even after the batteries are taken out with its non-volatile memory function.

We love that the entire interior is carpeted and that the unit has three detachable shelves for protecting everything that needs to be locked away.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair praise its sturdiness, durability, and reliability. They all seem to love the fingerprint scanner that works quickly and reliably every time.

The main issues customers had with this safe were the flimsy shelves and the lock mechanism taking up a lot of space on the inside.

Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe Box

Honeywell Fire Resistant Steel Security Safe Box

  • Steel constructed portable safe
  • Programmable electronic lock
  • Hidden hinge
  • Foam-padded mat on the floor
  • Powder-coated finish for scratch prevention
  • Wall is made with double steel for added security
  • Fire-resilient insulation
  • Two override keys included
  • Restricted one-year warranty
  • Convenient carry handle for movability

If you aren’t looking for a heavy wall or floor mounted safe but are more interested in a budget-friendly portable model, the Honeywell Steel Security Safe Box is perfect for you.

Don’t let the price fool you. Despite how cheap it is, it comes with a broad range of useful features.

Its programmable electronic lock feature allows you to create a unique pin code of a maximum of five digits and the hidden hinge prevents intruders from prying open the safe.

Your valuables will be left unharmed thanks to the safe’s foam-padded flooring and fire-resilient insulation.

It even has a carry handle which means you can take it with you wherever you go. In case you forget your pin code or the batteries die, you can use one of the two access keys included in your purchase.

What customers are saying

Most customers say that this safe is perfect for storing documents and small belongings. Many of them also love its easy programming and simple operation.

However, some customers had an issue with the locking mechanism, they say sometimes it’s hard to lock the box and other times it’s hard to open it.

SentrySafe Small Fireproof & Waterproof Safe

This SentrySafe Waterproof Safe is an excellent buy if you are looking to store your essential documents, digital media, and precious belongings in a secure box.

The safe is fire-resistant in up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of one hour.

For even better protection it is drop tested (up to fifteen feet) and equipped with three lock bolts and a hinge that is pry-resistant. An added bonus is the 24-hour waterproof feature.

The adjustable tray and key rack inside are perfect for organizing your keys and belongings for quick access.

AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

Permit yourself some peace of mind by investing in this electronic keypad safe, perfect for locking your most valuable items away.

This safe is ideal for storing cash, jewels, important documents, and any other valuables you want to safeguard against theft.

We love the attractive black exterior and the durable construction of this steel safe.

Included in the purchase is a backup key for emergencies and mounting hardware that fits into the pre-drilled holes.

SentrySafeFireproof & Waterproof Box

The SentrySafe Waterproof Box is perfect for people that want a portable safe box they can take with them wherever they go.

It is fireproof (UL classified at 1550 degrees) for a maximum of half an hour, waterproof (ETL verified) for as long as seventy-two hours, and it has a tubular key lock for extra security.

Inside you’ll find built-in straps that enable you to keep your essential documents in place.

TigerKing Security Home Safe Box

We love the sleek and elegant look of the Tigerking Security Home Safe Box with a touch screen control panel, steel construction, and dual lock system.

The safe is extremely sturdy, very robust, and perfect for hotels, offices, or homes.

It is equipped with superior anti-theft capabilities and sets off an alarm as soon as unusual vibration is detected or the pin code is entered wrong three times.

A master key and emergency key are included in case you forget your pin code. We highly recommend this unit if you are searching for a quality constructed safe.

TigerKing Fingerprint Recognition System Office Lock Box

As far as style, safety, and design are concerned, the TigerKing Fingerprint Office Lock Box is an amazing option to consider.

Thanks to the safe’s biometric fingerprint recognition feature, you no longer have to feel frustrated trying to remember your pin.

It can be accessed via three methods: a key, fingerprint recognition, or passcode, whichever option is most convenient for you.

Furthermore, you can store between 3-8 unique pins to give access to trusted members in your household or office. This safe offers great value for money.


SentrySafe has been in existence since 1930 and is a worldwide front-runner in providing fire-resilient storage products to safeguard your most precious belongings and documents.

They specialize in producing and distributing high-quality safes to over fifty-four countries around the globe.

They’re an affiliate of Master Lock Company LLC, a company that’s well respected for its authenticity and has a good reputation for providing quality security products and padlocks.

SentrySafe stocks a broad range of safes, from gun safes to security safes and accessories. They strive to create products that are easy to use, reliable, durable, and of superior value.


TigerKing was established in 2000 and has three production plants. They specialize in producing gun safes, home safes, and export safes.

They use cutting-edge equipment to manufacture only the best and most reliable safes.

Presently, TigerKing exports products to the Middle East, North America, South America, and a few other worldwide markets.

They manufacture safes with superior quality and anti-theft features but also make safes that are stylish enough to fit the modern aesthetic in your home or office.


Amazon is one of the most globally recognized brands worldwide and in August of 2005 they began selling some of their products under their own private label, AmazonBasics.

They sell everything from office supplies and homeware to tech accessories and safes.

They stock several different types of safes which include electronic lock safes, fire-resistant safes, box safes, and even a book safe with key locks.


Honeywell was founded in 1999 and is an American publicly traded, worldwide agency.

They operate in four areas of trade: building technologies, aerospace, safety, and productivity solutions, and performance materials.

Honeywell’s shredders, door locks, and safes are produced and sold exclusively by LH Licensed Products, Inc.

They are a respected brand that produces high-quality safes to protect your digital data, documents, and other valuables.

They also have an impressive range of products, including waterproof and fire-resilient safes, digital lock safes, and safe boxes.