The 11 Best Filing Cabinets For Your Office

The 11 Best Filing Cabinets For Your Office

The 11 Best Filing Cabinets For Your Office

The 11 Best Filing Cabinets For Your Office

Keeping your files and essentials together is fundamental for your productivity and sanity.

Which is why you need a filing cabinet for your office.

Sizes, weight, and security options widely vary, and there’s a lot of cabinets to choose from.

To help you make you make a confident purchase decision, I’ve put together my recommended list of office cabinets.

I’ve also written about some important things to keep in mind before choosing a cabinet.

Devaise 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Devaise 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

  • Lockable file cabinet with two keys
  • Modern finish in various colors with rounded corners
  • Wide space to store your files and a stationery tray for smaller things
  • Available space for A4, letter, and legal folders
  • Includes an anti-tilt mechanism to ensure only one drawer opens at a time
  • Very sturdy with a steel frame, bearing up to 330 pounds

The Devaise 3-drawer model is in our opinion, the best filing cabinet on the market. It is extremely sturdy and secure but stylish at the same time. It has 2 keys and 3 drawers.

One of the trays has a small space to keep your essentials and the rest can store different types of folders. It also has an anti-tilt mechanism to prevent it from tipping forward.

No assembly is required and it comes in black, white, orange, and green. Transportation is also made easy with its 360º rolling wheels.

The majority of people who bought this cabinet say it looks great, it has a lot of space for files and it is extremely useful. It is also very sturdy and easy to lock.

FireKing Fire Resistant File Cabinet

FireKing Fire Resistant File Cabinet

  • Ideal for filing legal or letter-sized documents
  • Features one file drawer and one safe measuring 1.3 cubic foot
  • Fire protection in every individual drawer

The FireKing looks more like a safe than a file cabinet, but it’s a combination of both. The top drawer is actually a safe box and the bottom drawer is a traditional file cabinet.

Both drawers are strongly protected against any environmental damage, including fires. It is made of steel and has a cam lock with recessed handles.

This model is an ideal choice for those who want to keep their documents, jewelry, and other precious items as safe as possible.

What customers are saying

There aren’t many customer reviews as yet, but the cabinet looks extremely sturdy and highly resistant.

It’s also important to mention that the safe does not have a combination lock, it is keyed. Still, it is very spacious and even though it is heavy, it’s not difficult to transport.

Devaise 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

Devaise 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

  • Open storage spaces to complement the drawers
  • Sleek wooden finish with a grey oak color
  • Spacious desktop area to place your scanner, printer, and additional items
  • Ideal for A4 and letter files
  • Features rolling wheels with built-in brakes
  • Easy to assemble, with tools included in the package
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds

If you’re looking for a file cabinet that has extra space for storage, this is one of the best options you will find. It has ample storage space with 3 drawers and 2 open sections.

The printer stand has plenty of room for your devices or furnishings, and even though it requires assembly, it is not difficult and you get all the tools you need.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are mostly excellent and storage capacity is the top-rated feature of this model.

The cabinet is sturdy and most people say it provides great value for the money. It also has detailed assembly instructions and an attractive appearance for your office.

Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet (Commercial-Grade)

Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet (Commercial-Grade)

  • Modern-looking file cabinet made of steel
  • Powder-coated in different colors
  • Two unique keys to lock 3 EZ-glide drawers
  • Ideal for legal and letter-sized files
  • Includes a pencil tray and a drawer divider
  • Adjustable feet in case you have floor irregularities
  • Does not require assembly
  • 2 years warranty

File cabinets are allowed to look fancy and stylish too, and the Stockpile 3-drawer cabinet is a clear example of that.

This model comes in various bright colors and has the basic functionality people look for in a file cabinet.

It has three main drawers, which include two small drawers and one large file drawer for letter and legal-sized files.

It also has a smooth surface, rounded corners, and easy-glide drawers that open and close smoothly.

What customers are saying

Satisfied customers say this file cabinet provides exceptional quality with its smooth glide motion and strong build.

However, you can open only one drawer at a time to prevent it from tipping forward. Even though it looks really fancy, it is also highly resistant and very safe.

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet With Smart Lock

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet With Smart Lock

  • Meant to fit under the desk, with 3 large file drawers
  • Smart lock with a numerical touchscreen
  • Ideal for legal, letter, and A4-sized files
  • Easy to transport with 2 front casters and one auxiliary caster at the back
  • Does not require assembly, except for the casters
  • Maximum weight: 330 pounds

Being only 23.6 inches in height, this file cabinet is appropriate to keep under your desk.

However, the best thing about it is its smart lock design that works with a touchscreen instead of a key.

The smart lock allows you to input a 4-digit code to secure your files which is something you won’t find in most other cabinets.

It is also very solid and resistant, bearing up to 330 pounds. The upper drawer has a removable stationary tray for smaller items and the lower drawer is perfect for your files.

It comes in black or white, and the only thing you need to assemble is the casters because everything else comes ready to use.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent and most people really appreciate its sturdiness and maneuverability.

It looks great according to happy customers, and the quality is exceptional for the money. It’s also a useful companion for small spaces, and the digital lock works as promised.

JJS 3 Wood File Cabinet With Locking Wheels

JJS 3 Wood File Cabinet With Locking Wheels

  • Three drawers with enough space to accommodate A4 and letter-sized files
  • Made with high-quality wooden MDF boards covered in melamine
  • i5 rolling casters. Two can be locked for extra stability
  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions

This is one of the best wooden file cabinets on the market. It has three sturdy drawers that slide open very smoothly and are incredibly easy to clean.

It also has a multi-functional design you can use anywhere and it can be moved around easily thanks to the 5 wheels included.

People who bought the cabinet say it is extremely sturdy and a great buy. It does not wobble, and the assembly instructions are easy to follow.

All in all, the JJS 3 Wood File Cabinet looks great and is the perfect option to consider if you’re looking for a cabinet that matches your office’s wooden aesthetic.

Hirsh SOHO 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Hirsh SOHO 3 Drawer File Cabinet

  • Ideal for letter-sized documents and files
  • Lock with two keys
  • Manufactured in iron with a charcoal finish

If you’re not impressed with the other fancy models we mentioned or you have a limited budget, this is a fabulous option to consider.

It is cheap but also sturdy and very useful. It does have a lock, but only one of the large drawers lock with the key.

The top drawer is 17’’ deep, which is usually enough for office supplies, folders, and other essentials. The height is 27.5’’, and no file folders or separators are included.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this file cabinet say that it is very easy to assemble and remarkably lightweight.

Unlike the slightly more expensive models, it’s not resistant to fire or floods but many people say it’s not bad for the price.

Scranton & Co 4 Drawer 22

This model is amazing if you need more space and a more professional-looking file cabinet. It is meant for larger offices and includes 4 drawers made of steel and aluminum.

It also has label holders and you can choose between a black or white exterior.

The majority of customers are happy with this file cabinet and say it is lightweight, easy to assemble, and has great quality drawers.

Others reported delivery damages but if this happens, a return of the item is always possible by contacting the seller.

Tribesigns 3 Drawer Wood File Cabinets

This stylish wooden file cabinet is a great pick if you’re looking for some extra space to store your files and goods. It has three drawers and three open storage spaces.

The workspace on top is also very large and appropriate for your printer or files. It has rolling wheels for easy transportation and a weight capacity of 155 pounds.

This model will also look great if your office has a wooden aesthetic.

No products found.

No products found.

With a 2-drawer and a 3-drawer option available, the Aurora file cabinet is a great option to consider.

It accommodates letter-sized documents and files, with a smooth gliding drawer and it boasts a very solid metal construction with an anti-rust finish.

Its rolling casters make it easy to move with a brake function to make it stable.

Happy customers say this file cabinet serves its purpose and does so for a great price. The cabinets are well-built and feel very sturdy.

Giantex Lateral File Cabinet 2 Drawer

If you’re looking for something that does not look like a traditional file cabinet, here’s an alternative model that looks like a dresser until you slide it open.

The drawers are designed to keep your files and folders together, with enough room for letter and legal-size folders.

Customer reviews are somewhat mixed, with both good and bad opinions. Happy customers say it has a lot of space and love that you can lock the upper drawer.

However, others say it is not as sturdy and safe as the traditional metal file cabinet.

What should you consider before buying a filing cabinet for your office? Here’s a list of ideas and recommendations:

Type of filing cabinet

There are many different types of file cabinets you can use. For example, you can choose between a lateral or vertical file.

File cabinets can also be mobile and/or come with additional display file folders and tabs.


Most file cabinets are made of metal and are specially insulated to withstand fire damage.

However, there are now modern options like wood veneer, solid wood, and laminate file cabinets. All of these look great but they are not as secure and sturdy.


It’s also most important to consider which type of documents you can store in your file cabinet.

Most of them accommodate A4 and letter-size folders, so if you’re using legal-size documents, be sure to look for the appropriate storage capability.


Fireproof cabinets are one of the best ways to keep your valuables and documents safe.

It is also appropriate to evaluate the cabinet’s locking mechanisms, these usually include a lock with a key, but some have a digital locking system.