NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Review

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Review

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Review

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair Review

If you’re searching for a mid-range ergonomic mesh chair, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D is definitely worth considering.

I’m not sure about the name, but this American-made chair is definitely popular among people that bought it.

People say it’s comfortable, highly adjustable, and is built with quality material.

I’ll let you be the judge in this in-depth review. I take a look at the chair’s design, its range of ergonomic features, and what customers say.

I also review some other very popular NOUHAUS chairs on the market, including their famous egg shaped massage chair.

The NOUHAUS Company appeared on Amazon and Facebook in 2018 and judging by the customer response, they are clearly doing something right.

NOUHAUS is definitely unique when it comes to the design of their chairs.Their primary idea is to create durable ergonomic office chair that will conserve space and blend into the background.

Their biggest pride at the moment is their award-winning massage chair that comes with a novelty egg-shaped design and Bluetooth speakers.

The NOUHAUS offices can be found in Monterey Park, California. For online shoppers, they provide excellent customer care. They also ship their own products so it’s easy to track all orders.

Customers can get daily tracking updates of their purchase on their phones which is something all companies should have been doing by now.

The Ergo3D office chair is an innovative product that comes with a unique design and lots of adjustable features.

We spent many hours researching this chair and here’s what we found:

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Fully adjustable headrest
  • Reclines to 135 degrees
  • Arms move in 3 directions
  • Lumbar support follows your movement
  • Accommodates people from 5’4’’ to 6’1’’ tall
  • Arrives well packaged & easy to assemble
  • Extra set of rollerblade wheels included
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs

The look

Ergo3D from NOUHAUS has a unique look that’s very different from most models on the market.

The company says it looks contemporary, we would say it looks like a product from the future, and most customers say it is a sharp-looking office chair.

It is usually available in 4 different colors: Black, Burgundy, Gray, or Brilliant Blue.


The ElastoMesh upholstery used on the Ergo3D is superior to regular mesh. The texture of the material is smooth and feels good even on bare skin.

Sitting in this chair will not make you hot or sweaty and you should stay comfortable for long hours. Durability shouldn’t be an issue as well since the ElastoMesh springs back into shape after use.

You’ll find the same mesh has been used for the seat, the backrest, and even the headrest. It definitely adds to the overall comfort of the chair and it is very form-fitting.

Heavy-duty base

One of the reasons the Ergo3D is so stable and supportive is due to its heavy-duty 5-point base that’s made of Iron Alloy.

It is extremely strong and will ensure the durability and integrity of the chair for years to come.

Lumbar support system

The lumbar support on this chair is quite unique. It is set at the optimal ergonomic position and reacts to your movements.

It is not adjustable like other chairs, but it was designed to be elastic and give you proper support depending on how much pressure you place on it.

This is an innovative type of lumbar support that actually works. So every time you lean back or change your sitting position, the lumbar support moves as well.

In our opinion, the lumbar support works so well because the length of the seat is shorter than usual so it places the curvature closer to your lower back.

Adjustable armrests

The arms on the Ergo3D are adjustable in three ways:

  1. You can lift them up or push them down
  2. Slide them back and forth
  3. Pivot them in and out to various angles

If you don’t need the armrests at all, it’s possible to remove them and it won’t affect the structure of the chair.

Adjustable headrest

The 2D adjustable headrest was upholstered with the same mesh used for the entire chair.

You can adjust the height of the headrest to provide support for your head or neck during assembly. After assembly, you’ll be able to tilt it at an angle to suit your specific needs.

In reality, it’s best to position it at the height of your neck for working, so when you tilt it you’ll be able to lean back perfectly.


When it comes to the reclining feature we have to say that NOUHAUS has made quite an impressive product.

The backrest tilts to an angle of 135 degrees which is perfect for lounging after a long day but that’s not all.

Unlike other models on the market where you can use the recline feature only for resting, with the Ergo3D you can lean back and keep working.

Tilt feature

Under the seat, you’ll find a tension knob that can be tightened or loosened to allow the chair to tilt more easily.

Once you’re ready to tilt the chair pull the tilt handle outwards to unlock the mechanism that allows the chair to tilt. You can also lock it in any position by pushing the tilt lever back towards the chair.

The same lever adjusts the height of the chair by pulling it upwards.

Most customers who bought this chair say that it is very comfortable and is by far the best chair they’ve ever used.

At first, some people were disappointed because the lumbar support can’t be adjusted for height or depth. This is how most chairs work and what we’ve been accustomed to.

However, after spending some time in the chair people actually love the live lumbar piece that follows their movement and gives them enough support without being too firm.

Pain Relief

Additionally, the majority of customers who deal with sciatica and other sitting-related issues say the chair seems to ease their pain.

Although the Ergo3D is made with mesh material many feel like they don’t need to add an extra cushion to it. Overall the chair provides great support and flexibility.

While researching NOUHAUS we noticed they have quite a versatile palette of office chairs, here’s a brief review on some of them.

Plus as a special treat, we’ve included their massage chair with Bluetooth speakers and an ottoman.

NOUHAUS ErgoDraft Drafting Chair

The NOUHAUS ErgoDraft chair can be paired perfectly with a drafting table or with any other desk that requires higher seating such as a reception or standing desk.

Unlike the Ergo3D, the headrest on this one can be adjusted for height after you assemble it as well as the tilting angle.

There’s a coat hanger at the back of the chair which should be helpful for people that like to keep their stuff nearby. Just like Ergo3D, you can tilt the backrest to an angle of 135 degrees.

The seat is adjustable and can be lifted from 23.4’’ up to 30.9’’ off the ground. The foot ring is always a great feature for a tall chair because you wouldn’t want to end up with your feet hanging.

This drafting chair comes with a 5-year warranty and complete customer service.

NOUHAUS ErgoFlip Mesh Computer Chair

The ErgoFlip mesh chair falls into the category of executive chairs known for its impressive look, durability, and comfort.

The look of the chair is amazing and the upholstery is made of the same ElastoMesh as the Ergo3D. The armrests are cushioned too, which is definitely an executive feature.

We really liked the flip-up function of the arms so you’ll be able to completely move them out of the way if you need to.

Actions like getting closer to a work desk, approaching a table, or playing a musical instrument can be done better without armrests.

Rollerblade casters

We know a lot of people will appreciate the extra set of wheels which are rollerblade casters. The 5-point base is made from reinforced aluminum and will hold up to 275 lbs of weight.

The ErgoFlip doesn’t do as much in the lumbar support area compared to the Ergo3D and sits a bit firmer. It comes well packaged with pretty straightforward instructions.

NOUHAUS ErgoTASK - Ergonomic Task Chair

The ErgoTASK chair comes with all the popular features of NOUHAUS chairs, including the adjustable headrest, breathable mesh upholstery, 135-degree recline, and rollerblade wheels.

Since this is a task chair, it was designed to keep you in a proper posture. Something not unusual for every NOUHAUS chair is the coat hanger in the back.

Both the headrest and the coat hanger can be omitted during assembly, and you get to cover the empty slots with pieces designed for this purpose.

The arms can only be moved up and down but can’t be flipped out of the way. The seat has a curved design and can be adjusted from 18.3’’ to 22’’  which is a standard height range.

Assembly is easy, the package comes with all tools needed for the task and you get a 5-year warranty on the chair.

NOUHAUS Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

If you’re interested in a chair that offers the best lumbar support available, we would strongly recommend the NOUHAUS Posture executive model.

The lumbar support is adjustable and can be pulled upwards. You get 5 levels of lumbar support, and you can hear it clicking in place as you pull it up.

The depth of the seat when the lumbar is not extended is 19’’, and with a fully extended lumbar you get 10’’ of seat depth.

The upholstery is made of soft PU leather which is very comfortable but isn’t as ventilated as mesh. The upholstery on the lumbar support is stitched in a diamond shape to allow some air.

TiltRock feature and armrests

What we really liked is the TiltRock function that allows you to rock effortlessly in their chair. You can also lock the chair in an upright position.

Just like the ErgoFlip, the arms can be flipped out of the way if needed, and on top of them, you get the cushion padding that’s very common on executive chairs.

Unlike other models, the arms on this one are curved to provide better comfort when you place your arms down.

NOUHAUS Classic Massage Chair

For people that appreciate the finer things in life, we decided to include the NOUHAUS massage chair to our list.

This chair has won the Red Dot Award for ‘Incomparable functionality and aesthetic’ and we can see why. The egg-shaped design looks much smoother than most models on the market.

We really liked the idea of listening to music from the speakers inside your chair while you’re getting a massage and resting your feet on the ottoman included.

Most massage chairs offer footrests but very few are comfortable. The separate ottoman seems like such a better way to relax your feet.

Upholstery and features

This is one of the rare massage chairs that are actually upholstered with real leather and stitched in a diamond shape to promote air circulation. The speakers on the chair work with bluetooth.

The chair follows the SL track of the spine and offers various massages. You can choose between rollers for your neck & shoulders and an airbag massage for the hips and glutes.

You also get a removable neck pillow for comfort. This chair will hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

We were truly glad to research the products of NOUHAUS since the majority of the people that bought it feel really happy with it.

It is definitely different from most models on the market but in a good way. They might not be as famous as Herman Miller or Steelcase for example, but they offer quality while keeping their prices reasonable.

After everything we’ve uncovered in regards to the company, their great customer service, and the good build of their chairs we can wholeheartedly recommend the NOUHAUS ergonomic chairs.