The 11 Best Reception Desk Designs For Sale

The 11 Best Reception Desk Designs For Sale

The 11 Best Reception Desk Designs For Sale

The 11 Best Reception Desk Designs For Sale

If you’re looking to create a great first impression with your clients or patients, a suitable reception desk is a must.

A functional reception desk is also important, so you need to think about things like height, storage, and comfort.

Ultimately the right reception desk for you will depend on a number of factors like your type of business, the office space, and budget.

Whatever your needs, I’m confident you will find a suitable desk in my recommended list below.

I also suggest you read my advice on what to consider before buying a reception desk.

Esquire Glass High Reception Desk

Esquire Glass High Reception Desk

  • Silver or white laminate desktop and accents
  • Comes with a 25” thick tempered glass top
  • 2 wire management holes

Even if your reception area is small, you will make a positive first impression with this stylish glass top desk by Esquire.

The desk boasts an eye-catching glass top and silver accents. It looks extremely attractive, but it’s also functional with a scratch, stain, and spill-resistant surface.

The two grommet holes included are perfect for keeping your electrical cords organized and you can boost your storage space by investing in an additional units sold separately.

What customers are saying

The Esquire Glass High Reception Desk received 100% positive reviews.

People who got the desk say that the glass top gives it a highly professional look and the writing surface is incredibly durable. Everyone agrees the desk is definitely worth buying.

GW Furniture Modern Gloss White Reception Desk

GW Furniture Modern Gloss White Reception Desk

  • Quartz stone countertop
  • White laminated work area
  • Plastic legs which are height adjustable
  • Stainless steel fixtures

If you’re looking for a contemporary and classy design for your reception area, then you will certainly make a statement with this stunning desk.

The GW White Reception Desk features a solid quartz countertop that is also used in sophisticated kitchens. You have two color choices: Silver grey or Gloss white.

Both colors look amazing and the desk has a trimming of stainless-steel that helps safeguard the paint.

What customers are saying

The GW Furniture Modern Glos White Reception Desk received excellent reviews as well.

The majority of people who bought the desk say that it gave their reception area the wow factor they were looking for and it met their expectations in terms of design and functionality.

DFS Reception Desk Shell

DFS Reception Desk Shell

  • Can fit a 15” screen
  • Commercial-grade 1” laminate work surface
  • edge banding of 3mm PVC
  • Stain, water, and scratch-resistant panels on the sides
  • One grommet hole for storing wires

The DFS Reception Desk Shell is a cutting-edge reception desk that was designed with space-saving characteristics in mind.

It accommodates a standard-sized monitor of 15” and features a helpful grommet for keeping your wires organized.

The desk also has a thick laminate work surface with PVC edging and a handy side panel to ensure it will last for years to come.

In terms of design, it features a front accent which is perfect for adding your company logo. This is more than just a desk, it’s a signature piece of furniture your clients will admire.

What customers are saying

Similar to the reception desks above, this one has also received excellent reviews.

People who bought the DFS are happy and truly satisfied with the good quality and workmanship that went into manufacturing it.

Alera Valencia Series Reception Counter

Alera Valencia Series Reception Counter

  • Sold as a single piece
  • Laminated side panels and work area
  • Panels with high sides
  • Bow-shaped counter
  • 3mm protective banding
  • 2 wire management holes
  • L-shaped workstation

If you are looking for something a little more traditional for your office or reception, this mahogany reception desk is a great option to consider.

The work surface has a commercial-grade scratch, water, and stain-resistant lamination and the banding provides excellent protection against damage from bumps.

The two grommet holes are another great feature, perfect for hiding unsightly wires. All in all, this desk is a stunning piece of furniture and an excellent addition to any reception area.

What customers are saying

Most people who invested in this reception desk rave about its functionality, sturdiness, quality, and stylish appearance.

However, there were a few negative reviews. For example, one customer did not receive the side counter, while another found a cracked piece during assembly.

Esquire Glass Top Large Reception Desk

Esquire Glass Top Large Reception Desk

  • Mahogany laminate finish
  • Silver kick plates and accents
  • Glass Top - 25 inches thick
  • 2 grommet holes
  • ADA compliant

It also has an ADA compliant reversible height return and the grommet holes are convenient for storing cables.

The desk is incredibly robust and is scratch resistant. The silver laminate accents, and kick plates provide a contemporary clean look.

With this beautiful and high-quality furniture piece, you will most certainly leave a good first impression.

What customers are saying

Most customers love the stylish design, robustness, high-quality, and beautiful finish this Esquire Glass Top Large Reception Desk provides.

J & A Glass Top Reception Desk for Salons & Spas

The J & A Glass Top Reception Desk features a stunning design that is perfect for spas and beauty salons.

It has a plush wood finish with a beautiful glass top and a decorative nickel-metal front panel which gives it an utterly unique, clean, and sleek appearance.

Modern Reception Desk (98") with White Quartz Stone Counter-TOP

This beautiful white reception desk with its quartz stone countertop and brushed stainless steel trimming will surely make your visitors stop in their tracks.

The desk comes with a walnut grain laminated work area, plastic legs that are height adjustable, and stainless-steel fixtures.

This is a stunning piece that will instantly transform your reception area and give your front office a sophisticated and classy look that never fails to impress.

No products found.

No products found.

If you are looking for something unique, this reception station is a perfect option for you. The desk is durable and has a melamine finish with a self-edge and powder-coated steel frame.

It also has wire management grommets and you will be happy to know that you do not require any tools to assemble it.

The desk complies with durability and safety industry standards and has an OFM limited lifetime warranty.

Clinton Modern Reception Desk in Black Oak

If you’re after that contemporary look, the Clinton Modern Reception Desk in Black Oak is a great option to consider.

It has six lockable drawers, an additional two drawers for filing, ports for wire management, and two shelf cubes.

The desk can also seat two receptionists comfortably and has storage drawers installed on both sides.

Beauty Salon All Purpose Reception Desk

This beautiful all-purpose podium-style reception desk is perfect for compact reception areas. It comes in two different colors to choose from, glossy white or ash black.

The unit also comes fully assembled and has a convenient slide-out for your keyboard plus a sizable work area.

Furthermore, the desk has a small display compartment enabling you to display some of your products behind a frosted panel with LED lighting.

NBF Warm Ash Reception Desk

The NBF Warm Ash Reception Desk has a sleek design that will surely wow your clients.

The desk actually has more than just a striking look, it’s also an incredibly functional and convenient piece of furniture.

It features a transactional counter and two holes complete with clips for cable management.

Assembly is required but it isn’t difficult and the laminated top with a steel frame makes the desk durable enough to last for many years.


The style of your reception furniture must offer continuity according to the type of establishment you have.

For instance, conventional furniture will not blend in well with a technology start-up business. They should consider more contemporary and innovative designs for their front office.

The best thing about revamping your reception area is the opportunity to look at new designs and compare different styles until you find one that matches your brand perfectly.

There’s a broad range of colors and materials at your disposal. If your company has a specific color that represents your brand, you should try to add this color to the design.

Counter height

This height factor of your desk plays an essential role and you have various options. For example, do you want a raised platform desk or is a counter-height desk more favorable?

Keep in mind, a short client may fail to make face contact with your receptionist if she’s seated behind a reception desk that has a counter high enough to conceal her monitor.

The rule of thumb when it comes to counter height is that anything surpassing 1200mm may create a probable blind spot that will make it difficult for a receptionist to spot a visitor.


What shape should your reception desk be? Straight, conical, curved, or a combination of them all? Where you decide on placing the desk typically dictates the shape you should pick.

For example, if the reception desk is located in the center of the lobby, the round shape works best, while those nearer to a wall should get rectangular or curved.

Conical and curved desks are typically pricier than straight ones due to the amount of work that goes into construction. They also take longer to make.

Straight desks are more affordable, but they simply do not match the physical appeal that most business owners are trying to create.

Create balance

The general idea is to create balance and have your receptionist always facing the direction of visitors when they enter.

Also, consider other features you would like to add. Must it have counter caps, lighting, upstands, an area for graphics, inlay banding, or maybe a lightbox that features your logo?


What finish should the reception desk have? There are numerous options to choose from.

For instance, a desk that has a veneer of real wood generates a  luxurious and quality feel, but it is pricier than laminate.

This is because it necessitates specialist skills, takes longer to manufacture, and undergoes rigorous polishing.


If durability is a characteristic you want, then a wood laminated finish is incredibly convincing, and it is hard-wearing.

Some businesses want a desk that has certain architectural finishes, like steel, stone, or glass.

There is a broad selection of other materials to think about as well, such as foil, acrylic, or reconstituted stone.

Storage & computers

In these modern times where technology plays an essential role in the business sector, your reception desk must accommodate a computer monitor.

It is essential to think about the effects this may have on the design from the get-go. Hiding a large monitor is not a practical option.

Also, decide if you need a desk with storage, like shelving, pedestals, cupboards, and so on. Most offices require a desk with drawers for storing stationery, files, and other documents.


You have one opportunity to make an excellent first impression when customers and visitors enter your reception area for the first time.

You are not just showcasing you are your brand, but you are also telling visitors about your company and what it is that you do.

Style plays an essential role, therefore you must carefully examine the furniture you choose, it should not only be practical but also maximize the impact of your front office area.

When clients or suppliers walk in, they should immediately get a feel of your company’s personality and priorities.