11 Best Large Dual Monitor Desks

11 Best Large Dual Monitor Desks

11 Best Large Dual Monitor Desks

11 Best Large Dual Monitor Desks

Searching for a suitable desk for your dual monitors?

In this guide, I’ll list my favorite dual monitor desks that are ergonomic and of great quality.

I also review a wide range of desks that are suitable for office workers, executives, gamers, and people that stand while working.

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

  • Very wide working space of up to 60”
  • 20” of depth on the right, 24” on the left
  • Includes 4 USB ports
  • File drawer for legal or A4-sized files, box drawers, and cubby shelves
  • Storage cabinet for your PC tower

This is my favorite dual corner desk on the market. It’s extremely sturdy, with a 200 lbs weight capacity and comes with USB ports as well as legal or letter file drawers.

It’s made for PCs but will work for your laptop as well. Customer reviews are very positive and sturdiness is one of its top features.

The desk does require assembly but it is not complicated like other models. However, you may need a second person to help you.

Once assembled, it offers excellent legroom and is made of high-quality materials.


  • Includes a file drawer with space for legal files
  • An excellent option for desktop PCs
  • Includes a USB port


  • The assembly may require a second hand

Eureka Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Eureka Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

  • Measures 60” on the left side
  • Maximum recommended weight is 200 lbs
  • Features adjustable height of 29.9” to 48.4”
  • Easy assembly with tools included

If you’re a gamer, this is probably the best model for you. It has space for up to three monitors and the surface is made of textured particleboard.

You can adjust the height through a digital controller, plus you can record the height configuration in its memory to retrieve it whenever you need it.

This is a relatively new model, and there aren’t many reviews. However, it has been well received by customers so far, with many saying it offers amazing value for money.


  • Extensive working area
  • Recommended for gamers
  • Made of sturdy textured particleboard


Does not include a dedicated space for the CPU tower

Vari Electric Dual Monitor Standing Desk

Vari Electric Dual Monitor Standing Desk

  • Working space measures 60x30”
  • Includes whisper quiet height adjustability
  • 4 programmable settings of desk height from 25 to 50.5”
  • Comes in different colors and two sizes

If you’re looking for a large standing desk or you just need one that’s compatible with a monitor holder, this is a suitable choice.

It has an electric height adjustment system with 4 programmable settings, plus you can buy it in two sizes and a variety of colors.

Customers left excellent reviews, saying this desk is easy to assemble and sturdiness is one of its top features.

However, keep in mind that it is a standalone desk that does not include a cable tray, monitor holder, or any other accessories.


  • Adjustable size and programmable settings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Appropriate for small spaces


  • Does not include the monitor holder shown in the pictures

Ford Executive Modern Desk

Ford Executive Modern Desk

  • Large desktop space of 63x31.5”
  • 5” in height, made of oak wood veneer
  • Includes 4 locking drawers
  • 2 file drawers with space for letter and legal documents

This executive desk looks very modern and impressive, so it’s an excellent option if you have a larger office or want to impress your clients.

It is also very sturdy and has enough working space for several monitors. The drawers come with a lock, and two of them have a legal-sized filing system.

Most reviews are fantastic with many customers saying that despite how massive it looks, it’s still easy to assemble.

The materials are high-quality and the customer support is responsive.


  • High-quality materials
  • Includes file drawers with a locking system
  • Suitable for a large and modern office


  • Very heavy

Bestar Executive Desk With Pedestal & Hutch

Bestar Executive Desk With Pedestal & Hutch

  • Stylish U-shaped structure with spacious working space
  • Excellent storage area in drawers and a hutch with open storage space
  • Includes a keyboard shelf
  • 10 year limited warranty

If you want to go one step further and get a desk that can hold several monitors, you should consider a large U-shaped desk.

This model comes with a hutch and a lot of storage space. It has grommet holes for cable management and a 1” thick durable surface.

Most customers had a great experience with this model, saying legroom is one of its top features. However, because of its size, you’d need a second hand for the assembly.

It is very wide and a promising option if you’re prepared to take extensive time to assemble and have enough space in your room.


  • Large working space
  • Large storage area
  • Durable surface with 1” thick particleboard


  • Takes time and effort to assemble

Tribesigns L-Shaped Executive Desk

This is a modern desk with beautiful wooden accents and enough space for 2 monitors.

It provides a modern, elegant look to your office, plus has a storage cabinet and cable management system.

It’s made of metal and compressed board with a dedicated space for a PC tower. Most customer reviews are very positive, and sturdiness is one of its top features.

Customers say it’s worth the money spent and the assembly is not particularly difficult. However, there are no written instructions as they are all laid out in a diagram style.

Teraves Modern L Shaped Desk

If you prefer a larger desk to be placed in the corner of the room, take a look at this model. It features 2 tier shelves on each side and a wide workspace of 64.84×21.65”.

The board is 0.6” thick, made of P2 class particleboard. It bears up to 450 lbs, so you can place two or more monitors without a problem.

Most people left excellent reviews, saying it’s a very sturdy desk that’s worth the price. It’s recommended for gaming, but also suitable for office work if you need extra space.

Safco Medina Modern Office Executive Desk

If you prefer a simple approach instead of the L-shaped or U-shaped design, take a look at this straight edge desk.

It has a 70” working space with a floating style laminate desktop. Assembly is required but it is much easier than other desks.

This desk does not have many reviews, but the ones it has so far are very positive. Legroom is one of its top features, and customers say it’s a sturdy, reliable desk.

Monarch Specialties Computer 70” Desk

If your office needs modern furniture, this is a great desk to consider. It has a 71” work surface with 2 drawers on one side, and a filing system on the opposite side.

This model also has a high number of customer reviews, most of which are excellent. Sturdiness is one of its top features and customers say it’s a must have.

You can assemble it with a right or left configuration, it looks modern and the price is low.

Bush Furniture Somerset Office Desk

This desk has a classic style and comes in different colors to choose from. You’ll have file drawers and box drawers on either side, plus a 60” or 72” wide desktop.

It also comes with wire management grommets and bears up to 200 lbs in weight. Most people had a positive experience with this model and recommend it to others.

However, keep in mind that it is 23 ½” deep and there is one model with no drawers.

Bush Furniture Commerce U Shaped Desk

This is a very large U-shaped desk with a main office desk width of 60”, a 60” wide credenza, and a 42” wide return.

It includes a wire management system and is made of engineered wood with a 200 lbs weight capacity. So far the number of reviews is low, but all of them are positive.

Customers say that it’s large, very sturdy, and easy to assemble despite the looks.

Mr Ironstone Large Gaming Desk

This is an excellent desk if you’re most interested in gaming. It has an attractive curved surface measuring 63×32”, with enough space for 2 monitors and your keyboard.

You’ll get an effective cable management system as well as extra gaming features including a cup holder and a hook for your headphones.

Most customers had an excellent experience, saying legroom is one of its top features. They also say that it feels spacious and is quite easy to put together.

It bears up to 110 lbs, and many also say that it’s very sturdy with high-quality materials.