The 10 Best Portable Drafting Board Tables

The 10 Best Portable Drafting Board Tables

The 10 Best Portable Drafting Board Tables

The 10 Best Portable Drafting Board Tables

In previous articles I’ve talked about the importance of drafting chairs and fixed drafting table.

But if you need something portable and just don’t have too much space, a portable drafting board is a great solution.

In this review, I will list my preferred drafting boards for whatever you need this apparatus for.

Martin Universal Adjustable Drawing Board

Martin Universal Adjustable Drawing Board

  • Includes an adjustable stand with 6 positions and varied angle adjustments
  • After choosing your angle, you can use the locking device for more stability
  • The straight edge can be used with pencil or ink
  • Large knobs on each side to adjust the height of the straight edge
  • Particleboard with high resin for increased durability

The Martin Universal Drawing Board is extremely versatile, easy to carry around, and simple to use. It has every basic function you would look for in a drawing board.

Its features include various positions, angle adjustments, a straight edge to keep your work parallel, and a resistant board to draw your sketches with pencil, ink, or any other material.

What customers are saying

Most of the customers who reviewed this drafting board agree that it is an excellent option.

Packaging and thickness are its top-rated features because it is sturdy yet easy to carry around. The adjustment of the board is very smooth, and the material is resistant.

However, it is not small, and some people recommend this drawing board only for tall people. Otherwise, you might have some problems transporting it downstairs.

Stand Up Adjustable Drawing & Drafting Table

Stand Up Adjustable Drawing & Drafting Table

  • Offers an independent standing platform with a versatile design
  • The height and inclination of the board can be adjusted
  • Features oversized screws to facilitate the adjustments
  • Can be used as a drawing table, a standing desk, or a sit-down desk
  • Steel frame with a powder coat finish

If you need a complete drafting board with a standing frame, this one is perfect for you. It has an adjustable surface with 11 grades of inclination up to 45 degrees.

You can also leave the working surface flat and adjust the height with 2’’ increments up to 12 inches.

The weight capacity is 50 pounds, so it is not made for heavy things. But it does have a built-in pencil tray where you can keep small items at hand.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very positive, and legroom is the top-rated feature, followed by sturdiness and durability.

Customers also say that it’s easy to assemble, but you need to pay attention to the drawings and the instructions, especially when you’re assembling the legs.

SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board

SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board

  • Made of all-wood with a smooth and stylish drawing space of 19.75” x 29.5”
  • Appropriate for sheet papers, large pads, designs, artistic projects, and more
  • Features a bottom lip to hold your drawing tools and other essentials
  • Can be placed on a tabletop with an integrated base and a sturdy ledge
  • Can adjust the inclination up to 80 degrees
  • Solid and lightweight (8.3 pounds)

If you want to add a wooden touch to your working table, the SoHo drawing board provides a very functional way to do that.

This is an adjustable drawing board with a very smooth maple surface and enough space to accommodate your paper sheets, pads, drawing tools, and more.

It is appropriate for thin canvas, panes, sketchbooks, works of art, and many other drawing materials, plus it is fully made of wood.

What customers are saying

The number of customer ratings of this drafting board is larger than the others on this list, and most of them report an excellent experience.

According to their written reviews, it is very easy to use and extremely versatile. Sturdiness and durability are its top-rated features.

It is affordable considering that it is all wood, and it’s perfect for sketching. But you will need to be careful with the cylindrical stick while adjusting the angle.

Staedtler Drawing Board Drafting Table

Staedtler Drawing Board Drafting Table

  • Made of sturdy plastic materials
  • Includes rubber feet to stick to your tabletop and prevent slipping
  • Hand locking mechanism to improve accuracy in your drawing
  • Features a twin rail with smooth movements of the ruler

This particular drafting board is made for technical drawing, so if you need more accuracy in your sketches this one’s for you.

It comes with a twin rail and 2 convenient rulers you can adjust to the level you prefer.

It also sticks to your tabletop without slipping, which is an important feature if you want absolute precision.

The drafting table is made from resistant materials, and it is a fully functional board without all the bells and whistles that you don’t really need for your work.

What customers are saying

According to satisfied customers, the construction of the table is great, it is lightweight and it’s very portable, perfect for draftsmen on the go.

Alvin VYCO Board Cover

Alvin VYCO Board Cover

  • Made from VBC plastic and break-resistant materials
  • The drawing board is 31” x 42”, appropriate for most drawing projects
  • It only weighs 3.3 pounds, which makes it very lightweight

You may already have a drafting board table and need a drafting board cover instead. In that case, The Alvin VYCO Board Cover is a great option to consider.

It has a drawing board size of 31” x 42” and is absolutely lightweight. It is also very versatile, extremely durable, and super easy to install.

It has a vinyl cover with break-resistant VBC plastic, and you can use it on different surfaces to get a stain-resistant and smooth working space.

It’s also suitable for avoiding compass points, hard pencil impressions, and other marks on your tabletop. It will protect your furniture at all times.

What customers are saying

Most people are satisfied with their purchase and say that this board is excellent. Thickness and sheerness are its top-rated features.

To install the cover, you will need to reverse-curl it for 30 minutes or so to make it stay flat. Still, it is very easy to set up and made of high-quality materials.

It is also easy to clean and does a great job of protecting your drafting board table, so you can draw and sketch more comfortably.

Martin Pro Angle Parallel Drawing Board

This is another recommended drawing board, with a working space of 20” x 15”, and 20” of adjustable height. It is made from durable aluminum and plastic.

The angle can be adjusted to 5 different angles with a smooth mechanism at the back.

It is an efficiently portable drawing board that is very lightweight and features a white melamine surface with an anti-warp straight edge and secure locking knobs.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are usually excellent, and the top-rated features include packaging, thickness, and sheerness.

It is definitely a great option with a solid mechanism that prevents wobbling, according to satisfied customers.

It is also suitable for students, school use, and anyone else who needs to carry it around.

Aristo AR7012 Drafting Machine

The Artisto AR7012 is a functional drafting board with 27” x 24” of working space and is 0.5” deep.

It has a very sturdy mechanism to adjust the height of the drawing board and comes with a smooth straight edge and an angle ruler.

Satisfied customers say that it is well worth the money spent because it is made of high-quality materials and is very stable.

Large 5-Position Wood Drafting Table

If you prefer a wooden drafting table, this is another great option to consider.

It is made from beechwood, and the working area measures 23” x 16”, enough for canvas, paper, panels, and other drawing options.

It has 5 adjustable levels up to 80 degrees, and a bottom ledge to hold your pencils, books, or canvas in place.

It also comes with 4 rubber feet to provide a non-slip surface against your tabletop, and after use, you can either fold it flat for storage or carry it around.

What customers are saying

Sturdiness and lightweight are the top-rated features on this model, and customers say it is well worth the money spent.

Most people recommend it as a very solid and high-quality piece that is small and strong, yet not heavy at all.

Frylr Metric A3 Drawing Board

This is a complete drawing set, perfect for those who need all the materials required to start drafting, as opposed to only the board.

It is appropriate for A3-sized projects and is made from high-quality, lightweight plastic.

You also get a triangle and T-square straight edge that slides smoothly and can be easily locked into position.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are mostly positive, accuracy and durability are its top-rated features, and satisfied people say it is worth the money spent.

The model does the intended job without a problem, especially if you’re only starting to practice your drawing.