The Best Ergonomic Drafting & Drawing Tables

The Best Ergonomic Drafting & Drawing Tables

The Best Ergonomic Drafting & Drawing Tables

The Best Ergonomic Drafting & Drawing Tables

Some people wonder if drafting tables still serve a purpose.

And my answer to architects, designers, and artists-absolutely they do.

I won’t get into the importance of having an ergonomic drafting chair and table. More on that later…

In this guide I’ll recommend a number of ergonomic drafting tables, suitable for all types of people.

I will also answer some very common questions about these tables, and also list the most important things to consider before purchasing.

SD Studio Designs Drafting Table

SD Studio Designs Drafting Table

  • Adjustable tabletop (up to a 40° angle)
  • 24” ledge for your pencil
  • Side shelf & three drawers
  • Easy assembly
  • 5” Padded stool – wider and taller than most comparable sets
  • Bottom shelf for storage
  • Tilting top with 24” pencil ledge

The SD Studio Designs Drafting Table is perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. It comes in various different colors which enables you to choose one that best suits your style.

The set features three adjacent drawers and a wide shelf under the tabletop, perfect for storing all your craft and art supplies. It also includes a wide and comfortable padded stool.

Furthermore, the table has a tilting top with a pencil ledge that can slide up and it securely locks into place.

What customers are saying

Reviews on this drafting table are overall fantastic as most people found it extremely durable and easy to use. Many customers agree that it is a beautiful and versatile piece of furniture.

However, what really stood out to the vast amount of buyers is the table’s drawers and extra shelf which is perfect for storing all your craft and art supplies.

Nova Adjustable Art Craft Workstation

Nova Adjustable Art Craft Workstation

  • Robust steel frame
  • MDF tabletop with a powder-coated finish
  • Adjustable side trays
  • Padded stool.
  • The pencil ledge slides up and locks securely in place
  • Two non-woven fabric drawers for extra storage
  • The side table can be used to store your iPad

The Nova workstation is a firm favorite and is specially designed for art and craft related activities. It’s also at the ideal height to promote productivity while working on projects.

If you suffer from lower back pain, this multi-functional drafting table is perfect for you because you can adjust it to the required height and angle.

This will enable you to maintain the right posture and keep you physically healthy even when you’re working on a project for hours on end.

Not only does this workstation offer an advanced stable platform to work at, but the rubber footpads also prevent damages to the floor when you move the table.

What customers are saying

This drafting table received excellent reviews and most people who bought it agree that it is well worth the investment.

Most customers love the robustness of the product and the ability to adjust the angle plus height of the tabletop.

However, some customers complained that they struggled with assembly because there were no written instructions, only pictures.

SD Sit To Stand Glass Drafting Table

SD Sit To Stand Glass Drafting Table

  • Drafting table with 23.5” slide up pencil ledge.
  • Available in charcoal black or clear glass.
  • The height of the table and the angle is adjustable.
  • A light table and support bars can be purchased separately.
  • The station is supported with rear crossbars and 4 floor-levelers for stability
  • Four side trays for additional storage.

This stylish and innovative sit-to-stand adjustable drafting table is the ideal choice if you’re someone that works while sitting and standing.

You can either use it as a standard desk and tilt it at 31 inches, or you can adjust it to 39.5 inches to serve as a standing desk.

The tabletop can be adjusted to a 22-degree angle when standing and while sitting it can be adjusted to a 68-degree angle.


Due to its innovative design, the SD Sit to Stand is essentially a three in one desk. You can use it for drafting, writing, and drawing while standing up or sitting down.

You can also invest in light pad metal support bars to transform it into a table with a lightbox.

Plus, excess residue and dust can easily be wiped off the surface, which is a feature every artist would love.

What customers are saying

The thing customers liked most about this table is the ability to adjust it. They also loved the tabletop which allowed them to choose between sitting or standing while doing art projects.

Many people found the desk to be incredibly versatile and said it can be used for homework, art projects, writing, or drafting. They also mentioned that it is very easy to assemble.

The only complaint reported by some customers was that no screws arrived with the package, however, they were replaced a few days later.

Studio Designs Blue Glass Craft Station

Studio Designs Blue Glass Craft Station

  • The top angle can adjust from flat up to 70°.
  • Four brush and pencil trays.
  • Three plastic-molded storage drawers that slide from left to right
  • Constructed from steel that is heavy-duty and powder-coated
  • Comes with a pencil ledge.
  • Four casters and four removable side trays

This craft station from Studio designs showcases true elegance. The tabletop is made with tempered safety glass and has two color choices – silver or blue.

It has three slide-out drawers, four pencil trays, and a deep pencil ledge providing many options for storing your craft and art supplies.

The glass top can also be utilized as a lightbox which makes tracing a lot easier.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair applaud the style, packaging, ease of assembly, and beautiful, stable tabletop. They also love that the glass can be cleaned very easily.

A few of the issues that were raised were that the plastic drawers and pencil trays are made of poor-quality plastic and the table has no ledge for artwork to rest on.

Knightley Tilt Oakwood Top Drafting Table

Knightley Tilt Oakwood Top Drafting Table

  • This drafting table has a wide frame with a large workspace
  • Built-in ridge
  • The edge at the back can be lifted
  • The tabletop is adjustable to 30°.
  • Anti-slip hinges.

If you’re looking for a more traditional drafting table, this weathered oak drafting table with an antique brass frame and accents is perfect for you.

The table has a ridge that spans across the entire workspace, making it easy for you to keep your tools and papers in place while you’re crafting or drawing to your heart’s content.

The table’s anti-slip hinges also make it easy to convert the writing table into a drafting table.

If you have plenty of space in your office or home, this rustic piece of industrial style furniture is an amazing option to consider.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this table say that it is easy to assemble and worth the investment. Customers love the table’s marked yellow color and are amazed at the sturdiness as well.

A few people, however, complained that the table didn’t match the description and that it isn’t weathered oak, still, some of them agreed that after refurbishing the surface it looked great.

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

  • Ample workspace
  • Includes a pencil groove
  • Its surface top can be adjusted from 0 to 90°
  • Solid wooden frame offering incredible durability
  • Available in two sizes

This beautiful vintage-looking adjustable drafting table will remind you of a former century with its outmoded furnishings.

The unique antique design and finish make it a one-of-a-kind piece. The table has a large working space, perfect for drawing, building puzzles, crafting, and sketching.

What customers are saying

Most customers love that this table is easy to assemble and can tilt to various heights. It has an attractive look and is relatively inexpensive compared to similar types of tables.

However, a few people complained that the table is wobbly and unstable when lying flat. Unless you are short, this table is also not fit for working while standing up.

The consensus from negative reviews is that the construction is flawed and that the table is more suitable for artists or hobbyists, rather than drafters.

Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Desk

The Zeny drafting desk is a top choice because it is made from quality materials and comes with two non-woven drawers for storing your art and craft supplies.

Additionally, the height and angle of the desk can be adjusted and the tabletop adjusts to 45 degrees.

The desk is easy to assemble and will be a perfect addition to any office or home. It also comes with a matching stool to ensure you have a stylish and cohesive work area.

Monarch Specialties Drafting Table

The Monarch desk is made of steel and has a modern design. It features a tempered glass tabletop that has five adjustable angles, ranging from a 25 to 60-degree angle.

It also has various storage options for your stationery and craft supplies. The magnetic board and three black pegs are convenient for posting clippings or photos for display purposes.

Little Tree Multi-functional Drawing Table

This multi-functional desk is incredibly durable and sturdy.

The desk has an adjustable drawing board and a stand that can be angled at various settings which is an excellent choice for promoting good posture.

You have a large workspace at your disposal and two shelves that are under the desktop for extra storage.

This desk is perfect to use as a PC desk, kids study desk, or an office workstation. It is also extremely easy to assemble, according to people who bought it.

Stand-up Desk Store Height Adjustable Drafting Table

This stand-up desk is super versatile with various angle and height adjustments.

Using this desk in a standing position will lead to an increase in calorie burn, enhanced focus, and protection against any health-related issues linked to a sedentary lifestyle

The table also has a durable steel frame with a powder-coated finish, perfect for everyday use.

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Along with writing and drafting, the Kealive Adjustable X-cross Glass Drafting Table can also be used as a craft station, a computer desk, or a hobby table for home.

The table has a classy look with a tempered glass tabletop, X cross design feature, and powder-coated iron tubes.

It has two fabric drawers that slide out and embedded removable trays, perfecting for storing stationery.


A highly convenient feature of any drafting table is that it can adjust from an angle of 0 to 50° or more.

However, this will not be possible if your available space is not big enough to accommodate your drafting table.

A drafting table is generally large; therefore, you must check if you’ve sufficient space before buying one.

A portable table is your best bet and a practical choice if you’ve got limited space. If you do have plenty of space, then a stationary drafting table is an ideal choice.

Size and height

Drafting tables are typically designed to be at desk height, which is 30” from the floor to the tabletop.

If you desire a standing desk, select a table that is designed with an elevated table height. This is usually an elevation of 36” from the floor to the tabletop.

Type of material

The choice of material depends completely on your personal preference. Most people want their table to blend in with their home or office décor.

Apart from the color choice, you should take into account what material it is constructed from. Numerous tabletops are manufactured from wood.

Some tables have glass tabletops which will give you the added option of making your table a photography or art lightbox by installing a light under the tabletop.


The design of the draft table must not be restricted to aesthetics only. The frame material, and the table’s stability, dimensions, and portability play an important role too.

When selecting your drafting table, you must decide which feature is more essential to you, portability, or stability.


Selecting the appropriate type of drafting table is essential for productivity. Engineers and architects alike must choose a table that provides convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

To ensure that the drafting table you end up choosing is offering versatility, comfort, and artistic inspiration, things like height, size, and material make all the difference.

Who uses a drafting table?

While drafting tables were mostly used by architects and engineers initially, this is not the case anymore.

Nowadays, these tables are manufactured with advanced flexibility and in a broad range of selections.

When stored in a flat position, the workspace can be utilized for various projects, ranging from model making to crafting, sewing, prototyping, and quilting.

Why are drafting tables tilted?

The tilted design allows you to thoroughly inspect intricate details that would normally be too far away for your hands and eyes to find when working on a flat surface.

Tilting your drafting table’s work surface is necessary for accommodating your eye’s visual awareness for perspective. It’s also necessary for ergonomics.


If you often work on a flat, horizontal surface, you’ll spend a long time period with your neck bent and head downwards. This can result in sore and tight muscles in your neck.

The primary reason for using a tilted surface is to bring the paper closer to the face which means less neck fatigue.

However, you’ll also find it easier to draw or write, because you are using your shoulder and arm, instead of your wrist.


An inclined desk gives you the best view of your work. This means the chances of your drawing having a distorted view is minimal.

When you work with your head facing downwards on a flat surface, your focus is often limited to one area only.

Do architects still use draft tables?

Many architects still use drafting tables for communicating their ideas. Hand sketching is a much better means for clarifying elements of design to their clients or contractors.

A quick sketch often answers questions a lot quicker during the construction phase than a verbal explanation would.

How big are drafting tables?

Standard draft tabletop sizes are:

24 x 36 inches, 30 x 42 inches, 37.5 x 48 inches, 37.5 x 60 inches, and 37.5 x 72 inches, but there are more sizes available.

What angle should an easel be?

Easels that are in an upright support position are used for the displaying of art pieces. For painting, it is recommended to use a 20-degree angle from vertical.

Easels were conventionally used by artists for supporting their canvases while painting or for showcasing finished paintings.

What angle should a drawing board be?

Most individuals work at an angle of 45° or more. Others find a 30 – 40° angle to be perfect.

The angle that you work at will also be determined by whether you prefer to sit or stand at your drafting table while working.


The best thing about a drafting table and the reason why architects, engineers, and artists all find them so useful, is the ergonomic features it provides.

An ergonomic table allows them to sit comfortably with their backs straight while working for hours on end, this helps them avoid tight muscles, neck problems, and improper posture.

Investing in a fully adjustable drafting table can help you reduce back pain, particularly through those long workdays.