The 8 Best Kids Art Tables For Painting & Drawing

The 8 Best Kids Art Tables For Painting & Drawing

The 8 Best Kids Art Tables For Painting & Drawing

The 8 Best Kids Art Tables For Painting & Drawing

If you’re looking to bring out the little Picasso in your child, the first step is to invest in an excellent art table.

Whether they’re drawing or painting, an ergonomic art workstation is something you should consider even at a young age.

So we took this into account when choosing our list of favorite art desks.

Apart from ergonomics, we made our choice based on quality, adjustability, storage, and customer feedback

We hope this makes your decision easier!

Alex Toys Super Art Table with Paper Roll

Alex Toys Super Art Table with Paper Roll

  • For children 6 years and up
  • Chalkboard table top surface
  • Legs made of solid wood
  • Easy to assemble

We simply feel in love with this artsy looking table and we’re sure your children will love it as well. It comes with a table top surface that doubles down as a chalkboard table.

Also you won’t need to be constantly re-filling your kids with paper for drawing, since a 100 ft paper roll is already attached to the Alex table.

You also get two matching benches, some cups and a storage unit to keep all their arts and crafts safe. The storage space is limited so if you need something extra we’d recommend placing a drawer bin on wheels next to your child’s drawing table.

Most of the parents that bought this product say it is of high-quality and fits kids that are bigger in size. They especially love the chalkboard surface and the large size of the table.

The kids love it too, making Alex their own personal space that they take care of.

Step2 Great Creations Easel Art Desk

Step2 Great Creations Easel Art Desk

  • Made for children 3 years+
  • Double-sided art easel
  • Budget friendly price

This is another ‘magical’ art desk that will bring out the little artist in your child. It is definitely not as big as the Alex table, and will suit kids from 3 to 6 years old.

It is a smart investment if you have younger siblings, since a single kid might outgrow it fast.

It comes with many built-in trays and a double sided art easel. Kids can draw with white-board markers on one side and chalk on the other side.

If your kids choose to use paper you will need to get the paper size 8 ½ x 11.

The Step2 table comes with a built-in bench that is suitable for a small child to fit in and has a weight limit of 50 pounds. The table itself weighs 28 pounds and can easily be transported to different rooms.

Guidecraft Arts & Crafts Center

Guidecraft Arts & Crafts Center

  • Ample storage space
  • Good quality build
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with 2 stools

If your kids need plenty of storage room for their art supplies, then the Guidecraft art center could be the ideal choice.

It comes with 6 bins that you can place on 2 shelves to the side, and get a super organized work and play area. The table top provides lots of compartment storage and slots for pencils, sharpeners, glitter tubes and lots more.

We also really liked the quality of the build. The legs are made of solid wood and the surfaces are made of rugged birch plywood. The drawing space is UV coated creating a smooth surface for your child.

The table top provides a paper roll that supports paper up to 18’’ that can be easily torn off. You will get a 50 foot roll included in your purchase.

This art center has a 3+ age recommendation, but we notice that most parents get it for children from 2 years and older. Once they get to age 6, it becomes a bit small for them.

VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set

VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk and Chair Set

  • Adjustability & Ergonomics
  • Grows with your child
  • The table top can be tilted
  • 3 year limited warranty

A child outgrowing their desk is one of the biggest issues most parents face, especially if they don’t have siblings to pass the table down to.

VIVO seems to have solved that problem – they created a unique adjustable desk and chair that grow with your child.

The VIVO adjustable desk is sturdy and well built. Both the desk and the chair can be raised and adjusted. The desk goes from 21.3’’ to 30’’ and the chair rises from 12.6’’ to 17.3’’ in increments of 0.8’’.

If you have more children sharing the set you can reset it by raising them all the way up and pushing down. The chair was made to follow your child’s growth for 3 to 10 years old.

The desk was made with ergonomics in mind and can be tilted up to 40 degrees to follow your child’s various activities.

The storage space is limited – you get a drawer where you can place some paper and crayons or such.

You also get a hook for bags or backpacks.


When choosing a desk for your children make sure it is of good quality since they’re supposed to use it from 3-7 years. We really like the combination of solid wood for legs and birchwood for surfaces.

All of the items on our list were made of good quality and should last you a long time, judging by user experience.


This is another important feature when choosing a children’s desk. Most of the products on the market are rigid and can’t be adjusted. VIVO absolutely excels in this field, creating a ‘growing’ desk and chair set.


One of the most important features of your child’s art center is the ergonomics, or how well it supports healthy sitting.

Your kids back needs the proper support that will correct their posture and build healthy habits.

Also, if you see your child has outgrown the desk and starts hunching down, replace it immediately.


The ideal choice of a desk will depend largely on your child’s needs. Some children might get some great use of the art easel that will boost their creativity.

Our second best item on the list had a great double sided easel for children to draw on. Also the VIVO table top tilts up to 40 degrees for your convenience.


Most parents appreciate ample storage space on the desk, since the supply of arts & crafts seems to be endless.

Once your kid accepts the desk as their own, they will start learning about organizing their work-space.

The storage area doubles in benefit by teaching children to care about their personal space, and pick up after themselves.

KidKraft Art Table with Drying Rack and Storage

The KidKraft art table might be everything your little artists need to express their creativity to the fullest. It looks superb and comes with roll paper mount that’s positioned under the table and can be pulled through a slit in the table top and secured to the other end.

This table was definitely made with water colors in mind since it has 2 plastic cups with lids and a rack where your artist can leave the drawings to dry.

The storage space is pretty decent, you get 4 storage compartments and a pencil holder.

The height of the table is 20’’ and it was made for children 2+. Children usually outgrow it at the age of 6.

Step2 Creative Projects Table

This is a great desk for toddlers and preschoolers with plenty of space for them to store their pencils, brushes and crayons.

It features a large drawing surface with removable cups for storing supplies. There’s also storage areas on the sides, and one on the table top that can be re-positioned to accommodate 2 children at the table. You get 2 stools with your purchase.

The table is light to move and easy to assemble. We really liked it’s practical design and how ti can be placed in a corner if necessary. It works best for children from 2-6 years of age.

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We simply had to include this adorable desk featuring carved stars.

The desk is made of solid and composite wood, and offers everything a young artist would need. The table top surface is adjustable and can be tilted. It comes with 4 cups to store chalk, crayons, brushes and similar supplies. It has a chalkboard surface so you won’t be paper dependent.

Talking of paper, this dreamy art desk comes with a 75 foot roll that is situated under the desk, so your childe can begin using the desk as soon as they get it. This product is recommended for ages 3+ and can be used until 7 years of age.

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

The last item on our list is a real space saver. It has a small footprint of 19’’ x 24’’ at the base, and doubles down as an art easel, and a desk.

The art easel is magnetic white board that comes with an art clip if your child decides to draw on paper. The size of the board is 13’’ X 20 inches which is pretty decent.

It is very sturdy and will entertain kids from 3 up to 7 years old. It comes with molded storage trays and 6 bins to store all their supplies, plus the bonus space on the back.

We hope we helped you find the best art desk for your kids, and saved you time for yourself.