Best Standing Desks For Kids

Best Standing Desks For Kids

Best Standing Desks For Kids

Best Standing Desks For Kids

I’ve written extensively about children’s ergonomics, so I cover the topic of standing desks for children.

Just like adults, kids spend a considerable amount of time at their desks, and this sedentary behaviour needs to be considered.

So in order to encourage a more active and ergonomic work environment, it’s definitely worth considering a standing desk for your child.

In this guide, you’ll find my list of recommended list of adjustable desks, along with some important things to consider.

Flexispot Kids Adjustable Standing Desk

Flexispot Kids Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Adjustable height from 21.7” to 35”
  • Motorized lift mechanism with low noise levels
  • 3x23.6” of working area
  • Moisture proof table

The Flexispot kids adjustable standing desk has a wide range of height adjustments. It can be used as a sitting or standing desk and comes with a handy 2 button controller.

The lifting mechanism is powered by a robust motor, and the materials are very durable. The desk is designed for kids with a beautiful light blue or pink tone to choose from.

Most customers have had a great experience so far, saying that the table is very easy to assemble and easy to handle as well.

It’s the perfect size for kids and sturdiness is one of its top features.


  • Constructed in sturdy powder coated steel
  • Wide range of height adjustments
  • Large working area


  • Does not have a keyboard tray

Vivo Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

Vivo Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

  • Two dimensions to choose from: 22x36” or 22x42”
  • Desk riser to be placed on a standard desk
  • Includes a larger area for dual monitors and a keyboard tray
  • Height adjustment from 6.5” to 17”
  • Minimal assembly required

This desktop riser is a great option for kids that already have a standard desk. You can order the item in black, white, dark wood, or light wood, and there are 2 sizes available.

It has enough desktop space for 2 monitors and has a weight capacity of 33 lbs. The assembly is easy, and the keyboard tray is removable if you don’t need it.

Customer reviews are excellent, and most people have had a positive experience.

They say it’s an ergonomic desk converter that’s made with sturdy materials and is very easy to set up. The keyboard tray is useful but not as solid as the rest of the desk riser.


  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Includes a keyboard tray
  • Affordable price


  • The keyboard tray doesn’t feel solid

Guidecraft Standing Modular Desk For Kids

Guidecraft Standing Modular Desk For Kids

  • Simple and minimalistic appearance
  • Includes a single laminate top supported by 4 metal legs
  • Adjustable height from 30” to 43”
  • Minimal assembly required

If you prefer a basic standing desk, this is an excellent option to consider. It’s easy to assemble, easy to clean and offers a wide working space for your kids.

The desk is made by a company that specializes in furniture for kids and it has the appropriate height for children.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough reviews to get a feel for real customer experiences but the table doesn’t have a complex structure, and it has a strong build.


  • You can join several tables to create a large workspace
  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Manual adjustable height


  • Does not have reviews

Learniture Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool

Learniture Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool

  • Uses a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the height (18.5” to 28”)
  • Features a curved base with a non slip platform
  • Strengthens core muscles through its backless design
  • Easy to store and lightweight

If you already have a standing desk, all you need is a fitting chair to complete the workspace. This is a suitable choice that’s designed for standing desks.

The stool has an adjustable height and is designed to increase your activity levels while sitting. So far, customer reviews are positive, and stability is one of its top features.

This is a comfortable stool with an easy 3 step assembly. It’s appropriate for standing desks in children only, and might not be very comfortable for adults taller than 5 feet.


  • Height adjustments are smooth and easy
  • It looks and feels very solid
  • Appropriate height for children


  • No written assembly instructions

ApexDesk Children's Height Adjustable Study Desk

ApexDesk Children's Height Adjustable Study Desk

  • Adjustable height from 21” to 31’
  • Tabletop measures 43x27” with a smaller table that you can tilt up to 60º
  • Includes a small drawer for tools and personal items
  • Easy assembly in 45 minutes

The ApexDesk Children’s desk offers much more than the average desk. One of its most striking features is the second tabletop with tilting features, made for sketching.

This is an excellent workstation for kids who like to draw and it comes in 6 beautiful colors to choose from.

Most customers left excellent reviews, saying the disk is sturdy and easy to assemble.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Beautiful colors and nice design
  • Excellent model for drawing and sketching


  • Some people reported receiving a damaged package

Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk

If your children are not going to use the complex features and just want a flexible, mobile desk, this model is all about portability.

It adjusts from 16” to 29” and has dual wheel casters with locks as well as a handbrake system to move your desk whenever you want.

The assembly is easy on this one, and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Most customers had an excellent experience with this standing desk. Maneuverability is one of its top features, and no one had problems with the wheeled system.

Safco AlphaBetter Adjustable-Height Desk

This desk is made for students and has a sturdy metal frame. One of its best features is the pendulum fidgeting bar that allows your child to redirect their energy.

It also has space for your child’s books and school materials. According to customers, this is a very sturdy standing desk and durability is one of its top features.

It is versatile, easy to assemble, and not very expensive. However, the pendulum fidgeting bar can be a bit noisy and distracting for everyone around.

Stand Steady Modern Joy Desk

This standing desk has a modern style. It’s made from maple wood and features stylish storage cubbies to keep your kid’s accessories organized at all times.

The height is 41.5”, and it’s not adjustable. Still, it is durable and supports up to 60 lbs.

According to customers, this desk looks very stylish and is an excellent option for the money. It is also sturdy and very easy to assemble.

No products found.

No products found.

If your child already has a standard desk and you need to turn that into a standing desk, consider this desk converter. This desk converter is comfortable and very ergonomic.

It comes in 35” or 41”, both with enough space for 2 monitors and 1 keyboard tray. It’s also not as expensive as an adjustable height desk, plus it comes partially assembled.

Techni Mobili Compact Computer Cart

This model looks like a standard desk, except that it is much taller and designed to be a standing desk. Its tabletop is made of PVC laminate veneer and its steel frame is sturdy.

The desk also comes with a 5 year limited warranty. However, some customers have reported that it is made for small spaces because the tabletop is very small.

Thus, you should ensure that it will work for you, especially if your child is using dual monitors or a very large screen.


Children grow rapidly, so you will need to take measurements before buying them a standing desk.

The wrong height can be uncomfortable to use so it’s important to either get a desk where the tabletop reaches above the waistline, or buy an adjustable desk.


If you’re buying a standing desk for a growing kid, consider one with adjustable height. If you buy a fixed standing desk, it might become too short for them after a while.


There are both large and compact desks available on the market.

Besides measuring your child, it is appropriate to measure the desktop area adding a few feet for comfortable circulation.


Some standing desks offer storage space in drawers, cubbyholes, or a lower platform. Consider these features if your child needs to keep the chaos contained.


Depending on the materials, you could find very sturdy models or flimsy desks.

Take a look at the reviews to evaluate how sturdy it is. Also, look for more expensive options if you come across too many fragile models.