The 11 Best Kid’s Ergonomic Desk Chairs

The 11 Best Kid’s Ergonomic Desk Chairs

The 11 Best Kid’s Ergonomic Desk Chairs

The 11 Best Kid’s Ergonomic Desk Chairs

As a parent, it’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s spinal health and safety.

You will find on the market now ergonomic kid’s art tablesbean bags, and even toddler activity tables.

It’s definitely something to keep in mind, according to my colleague Meredith Chandler (OT) who wrote a detailed guide on ergonomics for children.

After I recently published an article about kid’s desk and chair sets, I received lots of questions specifically about ergonomic chairs for children.

So below I will answer these questions in this guide, and also recommend some of the best ergonomic chairs available.

SIDIZ Ringo Kids Adjustable Desk Chair

SIDIZ Ringo Kids Adjustable Desk Chair

  • Specially designed for growing children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old
  • Recommended height between 3.5 to 5.3 feet tall
  • Maximum user weight of 180 pounds
  • Four backrest levels depending on user height

SIDIZ  is a furniture company from South Korea that have made a name for themselves worldwide in ergonomics.

And this chair is easily the most ergonomic and comfortable option you can buy for your child.

The Design

The SIDIZ Ringo is a high-quality desk chair specially designed for growing kids. It is highly ergonomic and features an adjustable backrest, height, and depth.

Owing to its adjustability in every area that matters, this chair can accommodate anyone from little kids to young adults.

It also features sit-brake casters that restrict movement when appropriate weight is applied upon the chair.

This feature is included to ensure your children won’t get distracted by moving the chair while they work at their desks.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair say that one of its best features is its sturdiness.

They love that it is designed with high-quality materials, comes in several different colors, and is extremely easy to assemble.

Some people have even reported that although it is designed for children, the chair is also appropriate for adults with short stature.

SitRite Ergonomic Office Kids Desk Chair

SitRite Ergonomic Office Kids Desk Chair

  • Seat depth and height fully adjustable, with a locking mechanism
  • Gas lift cylinder with a 360º swivel
  • Urethane wheels with a movement lock to improve focus while sitting
  • Optional footrest and very comfortable armrests
  • 1-year replacement warranty for the mechanism and parts.

The SitRite ergonomic office kids desk chair is another great pick that works for both growing children and smaller adults.

It comes in various colors, has a cushioned back support, and provides all of the adjustability features you would expect from an ergonomic office chair.


The chair has a height adjustment feature, a sliding seat you can change according to your child’s size and a detachable footrest, which is particularly useful for younger children.

It is suitable for children aged 4+, can support up to 300 lbs, and includes a movement lock to prevent children from losing focus while they sit at their desks.

Assembling the SitRite is also quite easy and can be done in under five minutes with only two steps.

What customers are saying

Customers love that the chair is easy to assemble, has fantastic back support, and is an excellent ergonomic chair overall.

Many of them say that it’s incredibly comfortable, and even though it is designed for children, it can also be used by petite adults.

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series

  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Seat height can be adjusted from 12” to 21”
  • Includes a durable steel frame and a five-point base
  • Easy assembly of no more than 10 minutes
  • Maximum user weight is 120 pounds

The ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Series is actually the second generation of chairs by this brand and incorporates features requested by previous customers.

It has a very comfortable seat and backrest, plus many adjustable features, including the seat height, the backrest, the seat depth, and more.

This chair doesn’t have an automatic movement lock, but you can lock it by pressing the tabs on the sides of the wheels until you hear a loud click.

There is a model with a solid pink color, and another with patterns that usually come in the package with the desk.

What customers are saying

According to customer reviews, the best-rated features on this chair is its ergonomic adjustments, level of comfort, and sturdiness.

It is heavily constructed, extremely durable, and an overall excellent pick for petite women and children.

The only complaint reported was that the ApexDesk chair does not allow you to swivel around completely.

ECR4Kids Height-Adjustable Wobble Stool

ECR4Kids Height-Adjustable Wobble Stool

  • Moves up to 360° to help children stay active and train core muscles
  • The height is adjustable from 15.7’’ to 21.7” by only pressing a button
  • Maximum recommended weight is 250 pounds
  • Wobbling increases attention and dynamic learning
  • Recommended for children aged 12 years and older
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Although wobbling is fun and entertaining for children, it also has other benefits. It actually encourages a more active lifestyle and enhances a child’s capacity to focus on tasks.

If you’re interested in getting a wobble stool for your kid, the ECR4Kids height-adjustable wobble stool is the best one on the market.

It has an ergonomic design that strengthens core muscles and improves posture, plus a rounded base that allows for 360º movements.

The adjustable height accommodates growing children, and the rubberized base has a non-slip technology to prevent any slipping or floor scratching.

What customers are saying

People who bought this stool love that it is incredibly sturdy and built with excellent materials. They say it provides great value for money and is easy to adjust and use.

Moreover, this chair arrives fully assembled and comes in several different colors to choose from.

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The Gaiam kids balance ball chair is another option that promotes active sitting in young boys and girls.

It comes in various colors and has comfortable back support. It also features easy-glide caster wheels, two of which are lockable.

The chair has to be inflated and then re-inflated after a while, but you will get an air pump included in your purchase with precise instructions on how to inflate and maintain it.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair say that all you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the manual, and the chair will work perfectly.

What takes most of the assembly time is inflating the ball, which should be done exactly as instructed. Otherwise, you might not get the full size and it may feel too small.

After assembling and inflating, it is a very comfortable chair for kids and offers excellent value for money.

NEO Ergonomic Office Chair

NEO Ergonomic Office Chair

  • A wider base, meant for older children and teenagers
  • Smooth-rolling mobility with PU chair casters
  • Features a class-3 gas lift and heavy-duty nylon base
  • Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • Backrest made of breathable mesh
  • Comfortable armrests and extra lumbar support

The NEO ergonomic office chair is not only an excellent chair for teenagers but also a low budget, cost-effective option to consider.

The chair is incredibly versatile and can be used in a home environment, a study, or an office. The seat is made of molded sponge and covered in soft fabric.

It is also very wide and spacious, with a thicker padded cushion than most other brands. This allows heavier people to use the chair without a problem.

The NEO chair has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and according to the manufacturers, the assembly should take no more than 20 minutes.

What customers are saying

According to reviews, one of the top-rated features on this chair is, in fact, the ease of assembly. It doesn’t take a lot of time to put together and can be done by only one person.

Customers love that the chair is comfortable, the material is breathable, and the design is modern.

However, some people have complained that the armrests are a bit lower than expected, and they aren’t adjustable, which is an essential feature in a truly ergonomic chair.

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The GreenForest office chair is a beautiful and stylish desk chair with a stunning turquoise color that can bring life into any study room.

The chair is extremely easy to assemble, can be installed in around 10 minutes and swivels at 360 degrees.

There aren’t many adjustability features on this one, but the seat height can be adjusted by pulling the knob, and the chair is comfortable for children and petite adults.

What customers are saying

Customers say that the GreenForest is a high-quality chair that is comfortable for children and made with sturdy, durable materials.

Plus, with a maximum user weight capacity of 200 pounds, the chair is not too big, not too small, and comes at a great price.

Cute Adjustable Swivel Faux Fur Desk Chair

This model is a beautiful ergonomic desk chair specially designed for girls. The chair has an ergonomic backrest and a comfortable, soft surface.

It has a complete swivel function, and it is suitable for children of all ages. It also features a 5-point base and a seat height adjustment.

What customers are saying

Customers say that this chair is very easy to assemble, it’s sturdy, adorable, and will look cute in any girl’s room.

However, it doesn’t have any armrests, which is an important feature to consider in an ergonomic chair.

Children's Factory Cube Chair For Kids

This is a 3-in-1 item you can use as a table, as a chair for small toddlers, or as a bigger chair for older children. The table form also works as a seat for adults.

The Children’s Factory Cube Chair comes in the form of a cube with rounded corners for user safety.

It can also be transformed into a homeschooling desk with an item you can buy separately and comes in many bright colors with a warranty of 5 years, and no assembly required.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair say that it is an excellent option for little children and toddlers. Some even use it for homeschooling and say it works perfectly.

However, others have complained that the materials don’t feel high-quality and that they may scratch your floors.

Kore Kids Wobble Chair

If you’re into wobble chairs for your children, this is another excellent option to consider.

It is not an adjustable chair but comes in different sizes meant for toddlers, preschool children, kids, juniors, and pre-teens.

They also have a variety of colors to choose from and work very well to improve kids’ posture and focus.

This model is also very safe and has an anti-slip base to provide more stability.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair say that it is extremely easy to assemble and very lightweight. It is also durable and made with excellent materials.

Many parents have further stated that it’s sold at the best price one can expect, and is definitely worth the money spent.

MILAN Bailee Fabric Youth Desk Chair

The MILAN bailee fabric desk chair is manufactured with an extremely comfortable fabric on both the seat and the backrest.

It has a pneumatic gas lift that allows you to adjust the height from 15.35” to a 20.08” and a 5-point caster base to roll with ease in your study.

You will also be able to swivel freely on this adjustable desk chair, just keep in mind, this one does not have armrests.

How should children sit?

If you want a truly ergonomic chair for your children, you would first need to recognize how they sit and then learn about how they should sit.

What makes a chair ergonomic?

A truly ergonomic chair includes more than a comfortable thick cushion and an adjustable height. Good lumbar support is more than extra padding on the back area.

The real features of ergonomic chairs have to do with increased mobility and adjustability.

Level of comfort

Comfort is crucial in ergonomic chairs. If we aren’t comfortable, we’ll feel fatigued after a while and constantly change our posture.

This will lead to awkward and unhealthy curvatures on the spine. Therefore, you need a chair that truly feels comfortable and soft.


One of the most important features in an ergonomic chair is the ability to adjust it for different body sizes.

For children, you may see many options of different sizes on a particular model or simply one single option that allows for multiple adjustments.

Seat height & arms

Not all ergonomic chairs have adjustable arms, even though they should.

However, all of them have adjustable seat heights which enable you to adjust your seat in such a way that you can rest your feet on the floor without putting stress on your knees.

Seat width & depth

The width and depth should be enough to support your child and make them feel comfortable.

Identify your child’s weight and consider the maximum capacity of the chair.

Lumbar support

This is another feature that most ergonomic chairs should have. Lumbar support is a curvature in the chair where your child can rest the inward curve of the spine.

Lumbar support features can also prevent slouching if your child sits properly.

Seat tilt

With a seat tilt feature, your child will be able to reposition periodically and make small adjustments every now and then.

The best ergonomic chairs have a seat tilt option with a locking mechanism that allows you to choose your level of inclination.


The backrest on a truly ergonomic chair should not be straight because the spine is not straight. It should be curved, following the natural curvature of the vertebral column.

Ideally, the backrest should be adjustable, allowing you to bring it forward or backward, depending on your child’s body measures.