The Best Ergonomic Children’s Desk & Chair Set

The Best Ergonomic Children’s Desk & Chair Set

The Best Ergonomic Children’s Desk & Chair Set

As a parent, it’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s spinal health and safety.

That’s why my colleague recently researched and prepared this up to date guide on children’s ergonomics.

As you’ll see, leading furniture manufacturers have also caught with the ergonomic demands for children, even young as two years.

You will find on the market now ergonomic kid’s art tables, bean bags, and even toddler activity tables.

In this article, you’ll find my favorite desk and chair sets on the market for children.

My decision was based ergonomics, quality, safety, price, and customer reviews.

VIVO Height Adjustable Children's Desk & Chair Set

VIVO Height Adjustable Children's Desk & Chair Set

  • Ergonomics: Smart design that includes height adjustments- no more slouching!
  • Age suggestion: This product is suitable for children ages 3-10. As your child grows, so does the desk & chair
  • Components: Both pieces have a strong steel frame that is stable and built to last
  • Storage: Comes with a spacious pull out drawer that will keep your kids treasure safe
  • You will get a limited 3-year manufacturer warranty, but if you’re prepared to pay a bit extra, you will get a 5 year full coverage.

The VIVO interactive desk features a smooth writing surface, and even that can be adjusted by tilting it from 0 to 40 degrees in any direction.

The reason we loved this desk so much is because of its smart design. The manufacturer included a 1″ stopper to guard little hands from pinching as they tilt the desk.

Underneath the desk there’s a spacious drawer where your little one can store all their items.

We say it’s never too early to teach a kid how to be organized!

Vivo Tilting System

What customers are saying

People that bought the desk love how little space it takes up in their house.

There’s no hassle in setting it up, you’ll work with 16 screws in total.

The manufacturer even included the tools needed for set-up, and easy to follow instructions. It should take you less than hour to assemble the station.

What we like:

  • Sturdy & Safe – it was built to last with your child’s needs in mind
  • Adjustable – It can be used from 3-12 years old
  • Smart design that will keep your child’s back straight

Einstein Kids Desk Set

Einstein Kids Desk Set

  • Ergonomics: Adjustable desk and chair that follow your child’s growth
  • Age suggestion: Made for children ages 3-10
  • Features: This product offers a book/tablet rest, pencil box, cooling seat, cup holder, extending drawer with a stopper, and a fidget ring
  • Storage: Extra large drawer to hold all your kids stuff

The overall look of the Einstein Desk Set will definitely make your child happy.

More importantly it will provide a safe ergonomic environment for drawing and doing homework.

It is very similar to the VIVO station with one major difference. It features an attachable book or tablet rest .

Features of the desk

The drafting surface can be tilted to 45 degrees, and both elements can be adjusted to support your child’s growth. They might even want to draw standing up.

Whatever the case, take note that it isn’t super easy to adjust the table, it does require muscle.

You’ll be able to attach or add extra accessories to your kid’s station such as a clamp-on lamp.

How to adjust the desk height

You will need to pull UP to free the locking mechanism, and then push down with ease.

The drawer is as spacious as our previous choice, and it comes out 6 inches from the desktop, which is about half-way.

What customers are saying

The parents that have purchased this product are very pleased with it. The children love the blue color and how sturdy the desk feels. Also the extra tablet space is very convenient.

Can be difficult to assemble

On the negative side, some parents had issues with the assembly, and feel that the instructions provided were a little confusing.

Also a few people had a problem with the pull-out drawer. The stopper got placed backwards, and it prevented the drawer from opening.

But overall, the majority of parents agree it is a good quality product.

What we like:

  • Tilting feature provides a better ergonomic posture for your child
  • Sturdy desk that will support your children as they grow
  • Pretty design that comes in blue and pink

What we dislike:

  • With a small amount of desks- the drawer won’t open unless it’s additionally adjusted
  • Difficult to assemble as the instructions are not clear

Green Forest Office Task Chair

Green Forest Office Task Chair

  • Ergonomics: Made to support the mid-back with a simple but effective design
  • Age suggestion: Suitable for children ages 3 years and up, as well as students;
  • Components: Metal 5 castor-wheel base, 360 degree adjustable swivel chair
  • Specs: Minimum seat height: 16.6 inch; maximum seat height: 21.3 inch, max carry weight 200 pounds; seat pad 16” wide and 15” deep.

We really like this kids ergonomic chair because it is easily adjustable to your child’s needs.

They will be able to raise or lower the seat as desired to keep their back straight. This is especially important if your child spends many hours at their desk.

Another great feature is the mesh fabric that is skin friendly. The wheels are really smooth and easy to roll around due to the nylon casters.

The chair comes in a variety of bright colors which means it will be a delight to match it with any desk. You can choose between blue, pink, purple or green.

What customers are saying:

An important thing to mention is the company’s amazing customer service. Whatever issue or problem you might have, they will solve it.

They really go out of their way to provide a great experience.

Some people had an issue with the wheels constantly falling off, and this can be fixed by pushing really hard until they click into place.

What we like:

  • Good looking design in a variety of bright colors that people like
  • Adjustable and ergonomic to support your kids back
  • Great customer service

What we dislike:

  • Several technical issues keep repeating: coasters might not rotate
  • You might have to drill some holes that were forgotten in the manufacturing process

Children spend countless hours on their work desks, slouching most of the time. They might not experience any back-pain while they are young, but as soon as they turn 12 the problems could emerge.

How children should sit in a chair?

For a long time of our history we believed that a child should sit upright in front of their desk, in one position, without fidgeting. Turns out, this is ALL wrong.

Ergonomics teaches us that we need to adapt the working environment towards the child, and not the other way around.

It is not important for the child to sit up straight.

They can go ahead and move their position naturally while they work, as long as they are not slouching.

Fidgeting is harmless as well and doesn’t mean that your child is hyperactive. This unconscious form of behavior actually promotes child’s health.


Getting one desk for your kid’s entire childhood is also a thing of the past. If you’re out there trying to do the best for your kids, get them an adjustable desk and chair. You will want to adjust the chair first, and then the desk to your child’s needs. A desk is set up properly if your child can rest their arms at a an angle that’s slightly higher than 90 degrees.

Tasks – Depending on the task your child is performing, you will want to tilt the drawing desk at a certain angle:

  • 0-5°  for artistic drawings and sketches;
  • Around 10° if they’re writing home-work;
  • Set them up with a 20-30° angle for reading books or watching videos.

ApexDesk Little Soleil Children’s Study Desk

This study set comes with a crossbar that helps with stability. The work surface is scratch-resistant, which is amazing especially if you have really young kids.

There are no sharp corners or edges; everything has been rounded and rubber-banded. The chair can swivel 15 degrees left and right when casters are locked.

The study desk comes with a split top which tilts to 75° degrees offering incredible support for writing, reading or drawing. The chair is adjustable and you will be able to lock the knobs, a feature that the Forest Green chair was missing.

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk & Chair

This particular Ergonomics set was made to be used in classrooms for children from elementary to high-school age, and now you can get it for your home.

The legs of the chair, and the desk are adjustable to your child’s height. The lowest setting for the chair is 16″ and the lowest desktop setting is 28.5″.

The top of the desk doesn’t lift up like our previous models, it actually has an opening underneath where your child can stuff their books, homework, etc. Some parents like this feature because it reminds them of the 50s.

The chair was made of heavy industrial plastic that is durable, and it will hold a lot of abuse. It supports weight of 200 pounds for sure, and it is very difficult to tip it or knock it over.

The assembly is a bit difficult, but your package should arrive with the tools included. Make sure you have someone with strong biceps to set it up. Once you do assemble it, it is rock-solid and won’t budge.

IKAYAA Height Adjustable Children Desk and Chair

If you’re looking for a durable children’s study station that also offers incredible design, and is adjustable – this could be the perfect set for you.

The desk is adjustable and it will support the growth of your child form 3-10 years old. You can tilt the drawing surface up to 40 degrees and a safety stopper is included. You can choose between 2 options: with or without a drawer.

The chair was made with Ergonomics in mind, giving your child a comfortable and stable work area. We really liked the chair leg pad that prevents it from slipping.

Both the chair and the desk were made of plastic that was reinforced with metal. What you get is a stable and durable product that will support your child’s health.

Ergonomic Children’s Chairs

SitRite Ergonomic Kid’s Desk Chair

If you’re a parent that appreciates comfort above all for your children, we have a very special chair for you.

The SitRite chair comes with a thick padded seat for extra comfort while providing good ventilation even after a few hours of sitting down. It also features a rounded arm rest, and a detachable foot rest that prevents little feet from dangling around. Super comfy indeed.

This chair can be adjusted for height and size, to give your child full comfort while keeping their posture straight. It will hold up to 300lbs of weight.

Parents looking to protect their wood floors will appreciate this chair as it comes with wheel caps. They will serve both for protecting the floors, and to prevent motion. If you wish to keep the little one in a fixed position, this is the way to do it.

The assembly of this chair is a simple two step process: first you insert the cylinder in the base, and then you place the seat part on top of it. You should be able to set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Eurosports Kid’s Chair:

Are you in need of an ergonomic chair that also looks super cute? This one comes with a flower design that your kids will love.

The Eurosports armless chair features an iron frame combined with mesh and a foam padded seat that is very comfortable.

It doesn’t have a foot rest like the SitRite chair, it is adjustable for height only, but it looks adorable.

This chair comes with 5 castors that were made of nylon that provides a smooth sliding on your floor. Some people spend a few extra bucks and insert rubber wheels in it.

The lowest height it adjusts to is 15.4 inches and the highest setting goes up to 20.1 inches. The only issue some parents have is an unstable backrest that loosens up after a while. Do not expect customer service if you have any additional issues.

The weight limit is set on 200 lbs, but some parents report that the instruction manual that came with the chair places the weight limit at 130 lbs. The chair is definitely on the small side and would fit smaller desks. Not intended for adults.

SIDIZ Ringo Kids’ and Children’s Home Study Desk:

This award winning chair features a superior design that is fully adjustable for height, shape AND weight. It is a bit pricier than the other models on our list, but if you need a chair that will be a champion at every level, this is the one.

The Ringo chair was made for children aged 6 to 13 and can be moved with ease if there’s no weight on it. Once your child sits down, the castors lock in place, giving your child the much needed stability. In order for this to work smoothly though, your child needs to be over 55lbs.

What we really like is the 4 level backrest and seat adjusting function (on both sides!) that will keep your kids back healthy even after a longer use.

Also this model comes with an option to choose a detachable foot rest, much needed for children under 5 ft. Make sure you select that option when you order, the foot rest is not included in the price.

Another neat feature is the replaceable back and seat covers, something the other chairs do not have. Realistically, if your kid ends up using an adjustable chair for many years it is only natural to have a way to keep the hygiene on a high level.

A Danish study performed on 29,424 individuals found that children from the age of 12 to 18 have a 50% increased chance of suffering from back pain. Here’s a quote of their conclusion: ‘The study of the causes and prevention of low back pain needs to be focused on childhood and adolescence.’

This is exactly the reason why ergonomics is more than important for children. Having the right chair and desk can mean the difference between carefree adult VS a life-time of chronic pain.