The 10 Best Floating Desks For Workspaces

The 10 Best Floating Desks For Workspaces

The 10 Best Floating Desks For Workspaces

The 10 Best Floating Desks For Workspaces

If you’re short of space but still need a suitable workspace, a floating desk might be a great solution.

In this article, I researched some of the best floating desks on the market based on a number of factors.

These factors included design, quality, adjustability, and ergonomics.

Find out below which desks made the cut.

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk

  • Made from laminated composite wood
  • Built-in cable management
  • Decent storage surface
  • Maximum weight capacity 100 lbs

The Prepac Kurv floating desk is made from laminated composite wood and features a modern design with a smooth surface. The desk is 19’’ deep, so you’ll have plenty of legroom.

To the sides and on the top, you also get plenty of storage space. The shelves have adjustable pegs, plus they can be completely removed if you have taller objects.

To mount this desk at a perfect height, you’ll need to sit down in your chair and mark the point where you won’t have to lower or raise your head to look at the monitor screen.

For example, a 5’7’’ person would hang the desk at 5’8’’ off the floor.


The assembly of the desk is quite easy and should go smoothly. You’ll need to anchor it securely into a couple of studs. The only thing to consider beforehand is not to cover the wall outlets.

Most people that got this floating desk say they couldn’t be happier with their purchase. Some received the package with minor scratches and that is the only downside to this product.

It is a sturdy and stable product that will not disappoint.


  • Removable shelves
  • Attractive design
  • Assembly and mounting is a breeze


  • Might arrive with scratches

Basicwise Office Desk With Shelves

Basicwise Office Desk With Shelves

  • Made of particleboard
  • Lots of storage area
  • Maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs

Most people that got this Basicwise desk agree that it’s a lot larger than it looks. The shelves are placed on the sides as well as the top and bottom, but make sure you don’t overload them.

The desk will hold 80 lbs of weight, so it’s best to stay within that limit. The main compartment can fit a 27’’ monitor, which is standard for floating desks.

This model is 18.75’’ deep, providing a decent amount of leg space but it’s not optimal.

Its design is simple, yet elegant. One major downside is the lack of wire grommets, which is not ideal when using multiple devices.


The assembly of the Basicwise desk is pretty straightforward, but make sure you have another person to help you mount it on the wall.

The mounting hardware is included in the package but it will not work on drywall.


  • Elegant design
  • Plenty of shelves


  • No cable management

Walnut Home Office Desk Workstation

Walnut Home Office Desk Workstation

  • Made of a wood substrate (Plywood)
  • Foldable desktop
  • Maximum weight capacity 88 lbs

If you’re looking for a floating desk that’s strong, budget-friendly, and looks the most like solid wood, check out this model. This walnut desk is made from a wood substrate called Plywood.

Plywood is better than MDF or particleboard for desks because it’s stronger and holds screws better. This floating desk is also a real space saver because the desktop area is foldable.

It is 16.8’’ deep, so it won’t be suitable for people with longer legs. The work surface can hold a 30’’ monitor, which is better than standard floating desks.

Above the desktop, you’ll get 2 shelves for storing various objects and you can also use the space above the shelves. This floating desk is only 32 lbs, which makes mounting it a breeze.


  • Gives a solid wood appearance
  • Great space saving option
  • Tall desktop surface


  • Needs some more depth

Lipo Fold Out Desk With Bookshelf

Lipo Fold Out Desk With Bookshelf

  • Made with MDF
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Maximum weight capacity 44 lbs

If you’re like us and appreciate multifunctional design, we strongly recommend the Lipo floating desk. It’s made from MDF and can be used as a cabinet, work desk, or writing board.

It also features a fantastic foldable design and comes with plenty of adjustable shelves. You get unlimited height and legroom.

On the downside, the weight capacity of this desk is 44 lbs, which is half of the standard. If we take into account that a 30’’ monitor weighs around 10 lbs, the weight capacity is not that bad.

Even sewing machines are okay for this desk since they weigh between 10 and 30 lbs. The surface of this desk is smooth with a melamine finish, making it super easy to maintain.

The manufacturer offers a 90 day warranty period, which we thought was kind of short. On the other hand, if you don’t find it suitable for your taste, you’ll have a 30 day window to return it.


  • Great for impressing guests
  • Lots of shelves
  • Multifunctional space saving solution


  • The latch holding the desktop is a bit flimsy

Haotian Small Workstation Computer Desk

Haotian Small Workstation Computer Desk

  • Made of MDF and chipboard
  • Small and compact design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs

If you’re not a fan of foldable floating desks and need something small but sturdy, this Haotian model is perfect for you.

Its compact design is great for limited spaces but it also has lots of shelves around the desktop. You can use it for various purposes and place it anywhere in your home.

This little desk was built to be strong and will carry up to 66 lbs of weight. People that got it usually load it with at least 50 lbs without issues.

On the right side of the desktop, you’ll find a cable grommet essential for this type of desk.

Assembly and mounting are easy, and you’ll receive a template that shows you how to mark the screw locations. Then you’ll need to drill, place some studs and insert the screws into them.


  • Looks great
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Cable grommet included


  • Limited legroom

Giantex Black Wall Mounted Desk Floating Desk

The Giantex floating desk offers a simple yet efficient design. It’s 21.3’’ deep, providing enough leg space. The work surface is 42.5’’ long, and there are no extra shelves above it.

This model comes with a 44 lbs of loading capacity, which should be enough for everyday use.

Underneath the desktop, you will get 3 open compartments to store office essentials.

The sides of the desk are tilted to prevent accidental bumps and the desk was made of an MDF board that’s very smooth. It also comes with all the wall mounting hardware.

However, we strongly recommend getting your own anchors because the ones that come with the package are not of the best quality.

Tilemall Fold Out Convertible Floating Desk

This folding desk is made for light use and will only hold 20 lbs of weight. It’s made of Birch veneer with MDF board and is a multifunctional desk that can serve as a cabinet or desktop.

Inside the cabinet, you’ll find lots of shelves and a corkboard. It can be mounted on solid walls only and will not be suitable for drywall.

Make sure you have another person to help you mount it since it weighs 48 lbs. Some people got some damaged parts in their package but their customer service is quick to solve any issues.

WudiTop Wall Mounted Floating Desk

The WudiTop floating desk comes with a traditional-looking design that might not appeal to modern-age people. The desktop area is large and can hold up to 50 lb of weight.

You also get lots of open-style compartments. The shelves are placed in the back so any type of monitor will work here.

The manufacturer has included a cable management system which comes in handy. The desk is a lot smaller than it looks so take your measurements beforehand.

There is a major negative note in regards to this particular model. At least half of the people received a completely defective model with misaligned holes and terrible instructions.

Haotian White Folding Wooden Drop-Leaf Desk

If you’re working with extremely limited space and need a small but sturdy floating desk with a foldable desktop, we highly recommend the Haotian folding model.

It’s 18.8’’ deep, which should be a decent depth for placing your legs. When folded the desk sticks out 4.7’’ from the wall and can be used as a cabinet.

The desktop is made of solid wood and the shelves are MDF board. This little desk will be able to handle 44 lbs of weight. You’ll also find two cable grommets on this model.

The only thing people had to change was the screws as the ones provided are kind of short.

Vivo White Wall Mounted Desk

The design of this Vivo desk is flawless, making it a great option to consider. However, it does have some issues. The main issue is mounting it to your wall.

The desk is heavy and the equipment provided for installation is kind of weak. Some people decided to get an extra board and mount the desk to it.

Also, if you’ve got 24’’ studs you should be fine, but anything smaller than that and you’re in trouble. Finally, make sure you’ve got strong walls to mount this one.

In the end, most people agree that the desk’s quality is premium, and definitely worth the effort.