The Best Futuristic Zero Gravity Desk Workstations

The Best Futuristic Zero Gravity Desk Workstations

The Best Futuristic Zero Gravity Desk Workstations

The Best Futuristic Zero Gravity Desk Workstations

Yes, these workstations do actually exist, they’re not from the future!

So why on earth would you actually get one?

Well if you got the money to spend on one, there’s quite a few reasons to invest in a zero gravity workstation.

Apart from being incredibly comfortable and ergonomic, they also claim to boost focus.

But how realistic are these claims?

In this guide I’ll go through everything you need to know about these workstations, and also review some of the best models & brands on the market.

I’m sure you’ve already heard of zero gravity massage chairs. Well the concept is very similar, just add a desk and a computer screen.

They are also known as lay down desks. The design of these desks enable you to work from your computer while remaining in a horizontal position.

It’s an innovative concept, just like the stand-up desk, but in the opposite direction.

Instead of being seated in front of a desk, you will be able to adjust the desk to different working positions ranging from lying down to sitting upright.

These lay down desks are not cheap, but they have everything you need to work comfortably in any degree of inclination, remaining comfortable and productive as you do.

Working in this position obviously takes time to get used to, but many people seem to enjoy it and despite the price, these zero-gravity desks continue to grow in popularity.

Why would you work in a zero-gravity position? Here’s a list of benefits to consider:


Firstly, it is extremely comfortable, especially if you choose a favorable reclining angle and a zero-gravity desk with appropriate padding.

Zero-gravity furniture ensures you have everything you need at hand and ergonomically located.


Zero-gravity desks are not just for laying down. They do give you the option to fully lay down and work seamlessly, but they are actually fully adjustable.

You can adjust the angle of inclination, the position of the screen, mouse pad, keyboard, and other components of your zero-gravity desk with ease.


This is one of the best features of a zero-gravity desk. Reclining while sitting has the proven benefit of taking pressure off your spine. You can choose different reclining angles, and most of them also work for an upright position in case you feel like sitting.


Working on a comfortable desk allows you to get immersed in your work, especially if you can see nothing other than the computer screen and the ceiling.

You won’t be bothered by any other visual distraction in the room and that will result in an increase of focus on your work.

IWR1 Imperatorworks Laying Chair

IWR1 Imperatorworks Laying Chair

  • Comfortable and stylish executive chair with a massage function
  • Computer and monitors are easy to install (they are not included)
  • Opens and closes automatically by pressing a switch
  • Electrical recline option from an upright position down to 128 degrees
  • The keyboard is automatically adjusted along with the reclining option
  • Holds a single 49’’ monitor or three 32’’ monitors

The IWR1 Imperatorworks Laying Chair is by far the best zero gravity workstation on the market.

It comes from a reputed brand and has wide acceptance due to its versatility and ease of mounting. You can mount a single big monitor or a triple monitor on its solid bracket.

It has a motor for opening or closing the workstation and multiple switches for reclining or changing the position of the footrest plate, keyboard and monitor arms.

It also has a comfortable genuine leather seat and can hold up to 276 pounds of weight.

What customers are saying

People who bought this workstation say that it is really nice, it works as promised, and it is worth the money and time spent on the setup.

It is a comfortable chair, with a futuristic look, a functioning massage option, and smooth motors.

However, it is very heavy, it weighs 400 pounds, and since it comes half-assembled, it may be difficult to move, especially if you’re taking it upstairs.

IW-320 Imperatorworks Gaming Chair

IW-320 Imperatorworks Gaming Chair

  • Comfortable chair made of black leather and suede
  • Mount a single 43’’ monitor or a triple monitor (3x32’’)
  • Hang up to 5 monitors with an optional bracket
  • The reclining option goes down to 145 degrees
  • Lightweight compared to other models making it easier to install and move
  • Monitors are not included

This zero-gravity desk model comes from the same brand as the one above.  Imperatorworks are incredibly well-known and reputed in the niche.

This chair is adapted for gaming and has an option to use up to 5 monitors instead of 3. You’ll need an additional custom bracket for that, which is not included in your purchase.

The maximum weight capacity of the bracket is 53 lbs, and the maximum user weight on the chair is 276 lbs. This desk is not as heavy as the one above, and it is easier to move.


This model has multiple motors that enable you to activate the reclining option and monitor arms. You can also control the position of the keyboard and the leg rest manually.

The left-arm swings smoothly for easy access in and out of the chair. This model has PU leather, it is comfortable for daily use and suitable for both short and tall individuals.

The majority of customer reviews are favorable and the only problem is that such a heavy and complex chair needs a longer time to stock, process, and deliver.

IW-J20 Imperatorworks Computer Station

IW-J20 Imperatorworks Computer Station

  • Supports an ultra-wide monitor of up to 49’’ or three 27’’ monitors
  • Racing car-style chair with a comfortable reclining function
  • You can recline the chair to 180 degrees
  • Strong armrests and a rotary keyboard tray for access in and out of the station
  • Monitors are not included

This model has the best reclining function and can go down to a flat lying position. It’s also very modern and elegant, with LED lights on the frame you can change to any RGB color.

It is powered by a series of hydraulic motors that enable you to change the incline of the chair, the position of the monitors, and the leg rest.

The recommended size of the monitor is 49’’ if you’re using a single ultra-wide monitor and 27’’ if you’re using a triple monitor.

Vibration and heating

According to the seller, this model also includes a vibration and heating option. The user weight capacity is up to 276 pounds, with a net weight of 400 pounds.

Even though there are only a few customer reviews, they are very favorable. This is an expensive chair and desk model, but one that is definitely worth the investment.

You may have noticed that all of the zero-gravity desks reviewed so far come from the same manufacturer.

They are the most well-known and fast-growing brands selling zero-gravity desks but there are many others to consider.


Altwork is a manufacturer of high-tech office furniture. The company was founded in 2014 and they now offer two main zero-gravity desk models.

They also offer other accessories, such as side tables and monitor mount systems.

Flex Altwork Station

The Flex Series from Altwork is the simple version of their workstation. It includes one monitor mount, a comfortable desk, a reclining seat with a headrest, and a frame with feet.

It is designed to support people up to 250 pounds, it has a full recline function, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Signature Altwork Station

This is Altwork’s more complex model.

It has more adjustment options for the monitor, an automatic retraction of the headrest, an electric adjustment of the leg rest, and many other additional features.


ErgoQuest is a USA-based company that offers much more than zero-gravity desks.

Along with zero-gravity desks, they offer treadmill desks, radiology workstations, zero-gravity wheelchairs, and many other interesting options.

They have several zero-gravity workstations, and we’re reviewing two of them:

Zero Gravity Workstation 0 Ultimate

This model is highly customizable to your needs. Not only do you get to choose your recline level but also the chair’s cushion cover, type, and density.

The workstation has 10 memory positions and combinations you can play with, including a fully flat position.

It also has the capacity for up to 3 monitors and can be customized according to the dimensions of your body.

Zero Gravity Workstation 0b

This workstation includes additional motors that allow you to change the angle of the backrest, the inclination of the seat, and the position of the leg rest.

It also has a motorized function to adjust the height of the monitor.


This brand has been around since 2008.

Its main zero-gravity desk model, known as The Emperor, has evolved throughout the years to adjust to user requirements and improve satisfaction every time.

The Emperor

This is MWE Lab’s signature product, the Emperor is a customizable and extremely comfortable workstation.

It comes with integrated audio, holds up to three monitors, plus allows you to build your own Emperor chair according to your preferences.

You can adjust the height of the monitors, the inclination angle of the chair, the leg rest, and many other features.


Since 2014, Imperatorworks has been manufacturing different models of their futuristic zero-gravity desks.

They have different features, most of which can fit an ultra-wide monitor or a triple monitor. They also have variable degrees of inclination, as shown in the reviews above.