The 7 Best Ergonomic Monitor Arms For Posture

The 7 Best Ergonomic Monitor Arms For Posture

The 7 Best Ergonomic Monitor Arms For Posture

The 7 Best Ergonomic Monitor Arms For Posture

Our ergonomic panel are obsessed with maintaining great posture while working at the office.

And one of the most important ways to have great posture while sitting is by investing in a monitor arm for your computer.

A monitor arm is going to ensure your back and neck are perfectly aligned with your screen.

So which one is right for you?

This will depend on how many monitors you have, features you need, budget, and personal tastes.

Below you will find our guidelines for choosing a monitor, and also our review for the best monitor arms on the market.

AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand


AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand

  • Single monitor arm moves around with ease
  • Can be tilted up to 70 degrees back and 5 degrees forward
  • Increases desktop space
  • Works with any LCD monitor of up to 32 inches

The AmazonBasics is our hands-down winner. Not only is it a winner among our ergonomic buffs, it’s very received with customers as well. It would be taxing on our necks to count the amount of 5 star reviews people have left! But most people say it works so well and is exactly as advertised.

Value for money, this monitor arm is also great- compared to other quality brands.

How it works

The stand is mounted onto the desk and provides a steady and sturdy base for your monitor. When you are finished working or simply need the space, just push it away. It comes with all of the tools you will need for assembly.

Look and feel

This monitor arm consists of an aluminum structure in a black color. It is unobtrusive and will blend into any office environment. It comes with all of the brackets and screws as well as Allen wrenches necessary to fit it.

What we like

  • It attaches smoothly to any desk or work surface
  • It fits almost any monitor up to 32 inches
  • It is a solid product with quality parts

Best part? This product has the same features and reliability of many more expensive products.

What we don’t like

  • Some people may struggle with the assembly. So allow for a bit more time and patience when it comes to putting it all together.

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

  • Can take bigger screens of up to 25 inches
  • Very stable base
  • Has anti-theft deterrent anchor locks
  • Has cable management for a tidy office

If you’re looking for the “BMW of monitor stands”, the Ergotron might be more your thing. This high quality and very stylish mount is packed with features. Probably the standout feature is that it’s ideal for big monitors.

The mount is not difficult to fit to the desk at all and it is very stable once fixed to the table. You will have a big range of mobility with this mount – from having the monitor upside down to tilted all the way to the back.

Look and feel

Very good-looking piece of equipment this – with steely, polished aluminum and black parts. Cables are guided out of the way with cable management, making this another very neat office option.

What we like

  • Very attractive, looks nice in the office
  • Extraordinary range of motion for monitors
  • Able to take bigger monitors

What we don’t like

  • Some customers have had difficulty setting this mount up, also complaining that there are no replaceable parts

One of the most compelling reasons for getting a monitor mount is for your health. Ergonomic experts recommend the use of a computer monitor as you can set the exact position of the screen. Your monitor should be slightly above eye level in the centre of your body. You should never look down at the screen – this may cause eye strain and lead to headaches.

In fact, the best position is where you sit back in your chair at a slight angle and are able to look at the computer without straining your neck. Some experts feel that on a laptop, the keyboard and screen are too close together for an ideal ergonomic solution – and a monitor can really help to correct this.

Monitor arms come in various shapes and sizes and it depends very much on your needs – and technical abilities. Price is also a factor and consideration. Your choice of monitor arm will depend on how often you will be using the computer screen or monitor too – and how important flexibility is.

Height adjustment

Most monitor arms or mounts let you decide how high you would want your monitor to be. This is accomplished either by gas or pneumatic cylinder, by simply pushing it with your hand or by mounting it on a pole or bracket. If you choose gas cylinder mounts these have to be ordered by the weight of the monitor.

Most monitors can be adjusted simply by pushing it up and down. Some monitors can slide up and down a bracket and is a good choice for those who have no great patience for installations. However, this option is not good for people who need to change or adjust their monitor height often.

Angle adjustments

A monitor arm or mount also lets you set the angle of your screen and you could also push it back or forward. The range of motion can be from eight to 24 inches, depending on your product. Some monitors can be positioned upside down too, allowing for great working and viewing possibilities.


This is one of the big benefits of a monitor arm. Being able to move your screen all the way round, to share or show your screen to others quickly as well as tilt it back and forward.

Multiple monitors

Most monitor arm products are for single monitor use. However, there are products for additional monitors or those which allow you to adapt mounting methods. Such products are more expensive.

Ergotech Freedom Arm HD

This is an impressive monitor arm offering plenty of adjustability. It can take monitors and screens of up to 30 pounds, which will appeal to those with bigger monitors. This product has dynamic one-touch height positioning and can tilt up to 90 degrees up as well as rotate a whole 360 degrees. Some customers have complained, however, that it does seem to be a lot more expensive for not that much extra benefit.

Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Single LCD Arm Stand

This is another cool looking design that will look especially attractive in a reception area or an office where clients and customers pass through. The arms allow for smooth adjustability of height and position and feature aircraft-grade aluminum with injected molded plastic for neatening away cables. On the downside, some customers have complained that they damaged their tables during installation, so bear this in mind.

Bestand Vesa Desk Mount Stand

This product looks a bit basic – that is to say, it does not look quite as elegant as some of its competitors. But has the same functionality in terms of adjustability and height positioning and also has a hidden line management system for cables. It can take monitors of up to 27 inches but some customers have said that they feel this arm is not great for heavier screens.

 AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

This product is highly rated by customers. It features dual side-by-side monitor arms for people who would like to have two screens next to each other, for instance. The arms let you move the screen forwards and back, rotate and tilt back to 70 degrees and 5 degrees forward. It clamps easily to the desk and each arm can take up to 20 pounds.

VARIDESK Full-Motion Spring Dual Monitor Arm

This product is more expensive but it also is much more streamlined and suited to high-end reception areas and offices where appearances matter. In addition, it offers great functionality with fully articulated arms, which each can hold over 19 pounds. They are easy to install too, which is a big plus.

All in all, there are plenty of choices once you have decided to purchase a monitor arm.