The Best Office Chair Mats for All Surfaces

The Best Office Chair Mats for All Surfaces

The Best Office Chair Mats for All Surfaces

If you’re not too keen on damaging your floor or sliding while working, a good office chair mat will serve you well.

Or maybe you want a mat that will take some tension off your feet.

Whatever your purpose, I will recommend a suitable chair mat for your floor type.

I’ll also give some buying tips, things to consider, and also show you how to maintain a mat properly.

Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Chair Mat

  • Suitable for carpets up to half an inch thick
  • Different sizes available, from 36x48’’ to 48x60’’
  • Ergonomic gliding surface
  • Reduces leg strain and fatigue
  • Does not have a strong odor or toxins

The Marvelux chair mat is made of tough, durable, and transparent made with a smooth gliding surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

It works on standard, low, and medium-pile carpets that are up to half an inch thick.

The mat is perfect for protecting your carpet but also does an amazing job when it comes to reducing strain on your legs.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this chair mat say that it’s high-quality and offers great value for money.

Depending on the size it may arrive flat or rolled up. If it’s rolled up, people who got it that way recommend being careful when cutting the packing tape as it tends to recoil violently.

MuArts Thickest Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

MuArts Thickest Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

  • Dimensions of 47x35 inches
  • Probably the thickest mat available (up to 0.125” height)
  • Crystal clear and completely flat, even after rolling for shipping
  • Soft anti-slip material to protect your floor and give you a smooth gliding surface
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime support

If you want to protect your hardwood floors from rolling casters or chair legs, the MuArts chair mat is an excellent choice.

The mat is manufactured with heavy-duty materials that are made to last and are less prone to discoloration or cracking.

It has a very thick barrier and works perfectly on vinyl, tiles, laminate, and other types of hard floors.

What customers are saying

People who bought this mat say that it’s excellent and worth recommending to friends. It stays in place and has a crystal-clear surface that sits perfectly flat on the floor.

Moreover, the durability and sturdiness of the mat are its two highest-rated features, which speaks volumes about the quality of this product.

Sallous Upgraded Office Chair Mat

Sallous Upgraded Office Chair Mat

  • Dimensions of 55x35”
  • Made with polyester and acrylic resin
  • It does not curl, fade or create creases, and has no odor or toxic substances
  • Designed for hard floors (not carpets) as an anti-slip solution for your chair
  • Protects your floors and can be used on all types of hard floors
  • Can be rolled up for storage if needed

Hard surfaces tend to become slippery sometimes and placing a chair with rolling casters on top of it can prove to be a dangerous problem.

The manufacturers of the Sallous office chair mat have aimed to fix that problem by providing a safe surface that prevents skidding.

The mat is flat but it arrives curled so the manufacturers recommend placing books on each corner before using it for the first time to speed up the recovery of the flat surface.

What customers are saying

People who bought this rug for chairs are extremely satisfied with their purchase. They say it is comfortable, sturdy, and easy to pack.

It is also extremely lightweight and works best on hard surfaces.

Rose Home Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Rose Home Tempered Glass Chair Mat

  • Can support up to 1000 pounds of weight
  • Ideal for both hard floors and carpets
  • Features four anti-slip pads to increase the grip on a hardwood floor
  • Completely transparent and scratch-resistant

Tempered glass is an extremely resistant material that is used for buildings and other structures that require strong materials.

With that in mind, it’s natural to expect quite a long durability from this tempered glass chair mat and it does not disappoint.

It is extremely durable, completely transparent, and features transparent anti-slip pads for ideal use over hard surfaces such as hardwood floors or tiles.

The Rose Home Tempered Glass Chair Mat is one of the few chair mats on the market that can be used on carpets or hard floors without a problem.

What customers are saying

Most people agree that this glass mat offers great value for money and looks fantastic.

Despite being a glass mat, it stays in place and enables you to roll your chair freely without getting stuck on the carpet or scratching your floors.

The only major downside reported on this mat is that you may need to constantly clean the bottom of the tempered glass to prevent the grinding sounds of dirt on hard floors.

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No products found.

Sitting on an office chair for prolonged periods of time can cause tension sometimes, especially if you’re fidgety with your legs.

Fortunately, someone decided to create a chair mat that aims to protect you as much as it protects your floors.

This mat has an anti-fatigue footrest that helps reduce leg fatigue and can be used to sit or stand without making adjustments.

The mat is made from toxic-free materials and features an anti-slip backing with thin edges, suitable for laminate, tile, wood, and other types of hardwood.

What customers are saying

The majority of reviews on this chair mat are very favorable, especially from those with hardwood floors.

People who tried the mat say that it lays flat on the floor and is a great pick for the office because it works perfectly with both traditional desks and standing desks.

Some people have even reported a significant improvement in foot and ankle pain after using it.

Anji Mountain Chair Mat Rug'd Collection

Anji Mountain Chair Mat Rug'd Collection

  • Dimensions: 36x48”
  • Features a rug-like surface that’s easy to slide on and protects your floor
  • High-quality materials, free of toxic substances and uncomfortable odors
  • Durable chair mat at a reasonable price
  • Stays in place and provides an anti-skid gliding surface
  • Has various styles and prints

If you’ve had enough of boring chair mats that do not have a fancy design or style and you want to inject more personality into your office, the Anji Mountain mat is a fitting option.

The mat is made from polyester, it features phthalate-free PVC, and it has a rubberized surface to keep it in place at all times.

What customers are saying

People who bought the mat say that even though it is specifically designed for hard floors, it can also be used on carpets without a problem.

It’s a little pricey compared to other mats but customers love that it looks fantastic and comes in different designs enabling them to create a more personalized attractive space.

SHAREWIN Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

The SHAREWIN chair mat is ideal for hard floors, such as stone, tile, concrete, and hardwood.

This model is made from PVC, it contains no toxic materials and has a uniform thickness of 1.5mm. It is resistant to high temperatures and not recommended for carpets.

The mat is often delivered rolled up, and you’ll need to wait a few hours before it regains its full flat shape.

What customers are saying

This mat is made with heavy-duty, safe materials and most people love that it is not only durable but also extremely easy to clean.

Many say that it does not slide around and provides excellent value for the price. However, some people have reported that it does slide around, especially on new wooden floors.

Lorell Carpet Studded Vinyl Chair Mats

The Lorell Carpet Studded Vinyl Chair mat is designed for carpets up to medium-pile.

It is textured slightly to make it slip-resistant and has a scratch-resistant structure that’s meant to stay transparent despite heavy use.

The bottom is studded and designed for carpets, so it would not be suitable for hard floors.

Keep in mind, the mat will take longer to regain its flat form during winter because ideally it should be left flattened in the sun or on a heated surface to speed up the process.

What customers are saying

People who used this mat on their carpet are extremely happy with their purchase and have taken the time to leave a positive review.

However, there are also many bad reviews, most of which have come from those who used this mat on hard floors even though it wasn’t designed for that.

Deflecto EconoMat Chair Mat

The Deflecto EconoMat works perfectly on hard floors and prevents wear and tear while favoring gliding with its reliable anti-skid surface.

The mat can be used in any home, office, or commercial environment, and has straight edges that create a smooth transition with the surface floor.

The reviews on this mat are somewhat mixed, but most of them are favorable. Most people who bought it, love that it lays flat on the floor and is made of hard resistant plastic.

However, some people said that they had problems unfolding and flattening the chair mat when it arrived.

Dimex Low Pile Carpet Office Mat

This Dimex office mat is designed for low pile carpets and has a smooth surface that enables you to move your chair around without a problem.

Its dimensions range from 36×48” to 46×60”, and it’s ideal for an office, apartment, or any other area where a chair needs to be placed over a carpet without damaging its structure.

This mat is transparent and will blend in perfectly with your current decor plus it has a 1-year limited warranty against defects in the material.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this office mat are satisfied with their purchase and say that it provides great value for its price. Many of them agree that it is durable and heavy-duty.

However, there are also a few bad reviews, some people say that unrolling the mat is difficult and others say the soft material might not support heavy chairs for a long time.

Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat

The Crystal Clear chair mat is a great option for people who prefer a glass material for their chair mat. The mat’s dimensions are 47×35” and it is 0.2” thick.

This one is appropriate for both carpets and hard floors. It is completely transparent and features an anti-scratch technology that withstands up to 1200 lbs.

You also get a 1-year warranty and friendly customer service for a lifetime.

What customers are saying

Customers say that this mat is well worth the money spent, and seems like it will last for a very long time without scratching or showing signs of wear and tear.

It is crystal clear and protects your floors while completely blending in with your home or office decor.

There are multiple models for various surfaces, but if you want to make up your mind faster and make a good decision, these are the features you need to consider:


Consider the base of the chair, the space you need in order to use your chair efficiently, and the range of movement you want to have.

That way, you will know the ideal dimensions for you.


Most chair mats are rectangular, but you also have round mats and other shapes that may better adapt to your needs.

Floor surface type

This is one of the most important features because not all chair mats can adapt to all surfaces.

Make sure you’re buying a chair mat for the type of surface you’re placing it on, purchase a more versatile option if you will be using it in several different places.

Level of usage

Consider where and how often you’ll be using your chair mat.

Buy a thicker, more durable model if you’re planning to use it heavily or place it in high-traffic areas.

Besides the features above, you might want to consider these recommendations:

  • If you own a carpet, make sure your chair mat is suitable for the carpet thickness
  • Look for chair mats with a lip if you’re using a desk with drawers
  • If you might change your furniture, plan ahead before buying a chair mat
  • Do not buy a cheaper mat that will become an eyesore for your environment
  • Be careful not to reduce your range of motion, make your measurements with a wide space for movement.

Maintenance can also be an issue sometimes. However, you will be able to handle it by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Use a mop, cloth, or sponge to clean. In some cases, depending on the materials, you might need a vacuum, too.
  • After receiving the mat for the first time, unroll it immediately. Keep in mind it might take hours or days before it restores its flat shape.
  • Any temperature above 95 F or below 60 F might cause cracking or wear in the materials of your mat
  • Keep your mat away from moisture for more durability