X Chairs Review: Is The Latest X4 Chair Worth It?

X Chairs Review: Is The Latest X4 Chair Worth It?

X Chairs Review: Is The Latest X4 Chair Worth It?

X Chairs Review: Is The Latest X4 Chair Worth It?

You can most certainly put the X4 Chair on the long list of high end ergonomic chairs.

But with so many worthy alternatives to choose from, is this chair worth considering?

Well, maybe so….

The X Chair company have been very successful in creating an ergonomic chair that people love.

Their X4 model emerged 4 years ago and had people racing to get one for themselves.

In this article, we’ll take a peek into the company, review its current bestselling chair and look at some other great options as well.

X Chair is a New York based company devoted to creating 21st-century products. The founder and CEO, Tony Mazlish, started the company in 2016 after working in office chair retail for years.

He set out to design a chair that appeals to a broad range of end-users, and he has. The unique element he added in his chairs is the Dynamic Variable Lumbar that we will discuss further in the article.

Tony and the team have taken everything that’s new technology-wise and implemented that into the design of their chairs.

They currently offer 8 different models of office chairs (one of them being the X-YoYo stool) and each model serves a different purpose.

All of their chairs are highly adjustable and offer a solid level of build quality and comfort. Their prices are in the higher range but so are their products.

The X Chair X4 model was designed to offer 10 different ergonomic adjustments. This enables you to create your own unique comfort.

It might take some time to figure out what works best for you, but the end result should fit you like a glove.

Is this chair really worth the hype? Let’s find out.

X Chair X4 Office Desk Chair

One of the most noticeable things about the X4 is its well-made design. The chair looks amazing but it is also extremely compact and easy to maneuver.

Every surface on the chair is firmly supported, and there are no bulky or protruding parts. What you get is a smooth design line that will look good in any space.


The X4 executive office chair is made with premium leather and is available in 8 stylish colors that will look impressive in any office environment.

You can opt to get the X4 in an upholstery called ‘Brisa’ which is a gel polymer that feels even softer than leather. However, most people still choose the leather option.

If the only thing holding you back from leather is breathability, you’ll love this chair because there is mesh behind the leather upholstery. This way you still get plenty of ventilation and breathability.

One thing to be mindful of though is that the leather upholstery has a break-in period of about a week after which it molds to your body.

SciFloat Infinite Recline

This is one of the most loved features on this chair. The backrest reclines freely and follows your movement. You can change the tilt tension according to your body weight or lock it in any position.

According to X Chair, this kind of free recline boosts your energy levels and improves concentration while you work.

High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat

The seat of the X4 was made from molded foam, it does not feel as soft as cushion but it still offers great support. The high resiliency foam is durable and should last you a long time.

It is not as comfortable as some would like but it does give you proper support enabling you to sit for long hours without feeling sore. Expect a firm but supportive seat on this chair.

The seat width is a generous 20.5’’ which should be perfect for most adults.

Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support

The dynamic variable lumbar support is an innovative feature that seems to be exclusive to only a handful of chair manufacturers.

Instead of having to adjust the height and depth of the lumbar, it adjusts on its own by following your movement.

It works with a spring system that reacts to the pressure of your back and your weight. This way you get full lumbar support no matter how you sit.

Adjustable backrest

The X chair comes with an adjustable backrest which is an option we rarely see in other chairs.

This feature is also a game-changer in terms of comfort. The only thing some tall people would love to see (over 6’3’’) is another notch that would make the backrest a bit higher.

Adjustable seat height

Seat height adjustability is a pretty standard feature found on most office chairs, nothing too exclusive in this area.

We would say the main difference is the maximum height of the seat which is a bit taller than most models. You’ll be able to adjust the seat from 18.5’’ to 23’’ tall.

Adjustable seat depth

Adjustable seat depth is not something often found on office chairs, but since this is a high-end chair it is to be expected.

The seat depth is adjustable from 22.5’’ to 25’’ so you’ve got 2.5’’ of wiggle room. This is especially good for people that wish to set the lumbar support closer.

Adjustable headrest

Just like one would expect in a high-end model, the headrest is adjustable both for height and angle.

You get 4’’ of wiggle room in regards to height, so the total height of the chair including the headrest is 45’’ to 49’’ tall.

Some customers would love to see the back and forth adjustment, so we’re hoping this feature will be available in some future models.

Adjustable armrests

We really liked the idea of having arms that move in 4 different ways. These armrests can be adjusted up, down, away from the body or pivot to give your arms proper support.

You get 3’’ of wiggle room for the back and forth movement, 3.5’’ to push them up or pull them down and 1’’ of swivel in both directions.

The only downside with the armrests on the X4 is that they do not lock in place and sometimes get in the way while you’re working.

Most customers think the seat is on the firm side but cannot deny it provides proper support. Many people have worked on it for more than 8 hours at a time without feeling sore.

The biggest point of frustration in regards to the X4 model is the arms that tend to swing freely and get in the way.

The assembly is an easy and straightforward process but make sure you’ve got another set of hands because certain aspects of the build require it.

Customer service

One thing that everyone agrees on is the impeccable customer service X Chair provides.

They’ve invested time and effort to find the right people for the job and it shows. Talking to their employees makes you feel like you’re talking to real people that are willing to help in any way.

X Chair X3 Office Desk Chair

The X Chair X3 model is the predecessor of the X4 but it doesn’t lack features. You still get all the adjustability included:

  • The headrest can be adjusted for height and angle
  • The lumbar support springs to follow your movement
  • Cool recline feature
  • The arms move in 4 directions
  • The seat is made of molded foam


The main difference between the X4 and X3 is the upholstery. The X3 model comes with mesh upholstery that is breathable and will keep you cooler.

So if you live in a warmer climate this would be a natural choice. Another important thing we felt we need to mention is the added cushion on the seat of the X3 model.

If the molded foam on the X4 was a bit too firm for some people, the X3 will be a lot more comfortable for sitting.

X Chair X2 Executive Task Chair

The main difference between the X3 and X2 is the type of mesh used for the final product.

The X2 is a lighter chair that doesn’t have a cushion on the seat like the X3, plus the mesh fabric is somewhat inferior to the X3 model.

Other than that you still get all the adjustable features found in all X Chair models. The mesh used for the X2 model is called K-sport and will satisfy those who tend to feel hot while sitting.

Since there’s no cushion on the chair you get the most air ventilation from this model.

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Most people have already heard of the famous Aeron from Herman Miller, and those that have tried it usually like it. It is known for its strong build, adjustability, and high price.

The Aeron was made in 3 different sizes and the specific model we’re looking at is a size B which will accommodate people from 5’5’’ to 6’2’’ tall.

The maximum weight capacity is set to 230 lbs and you need to be at least 150 lbs to benefit from the lumbar support and the rest of the adjustable features.


The arms on the Aeron move in all directions, the lumbar support can be adjusted, you get carpet casters and you’ll be able to adjust the seat angle.

The chair has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon which is pretty good. The biggest issue with this one is ordering in bulk since the height is not adjustable.

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Leap is Steelcase’s best selling chair and for good reason. The chair has a live upper backrest that’s elastic and follows your movements.

While it doesn’t have a standard recline feature, the seat glides forward which can be used to get you in a ‘work stance’ and allow you to lean back.

The lumbar support can be adjusted for height and firmness which is great for your lower back.


Compared to the Aeron, the Leap has much better padding, and although that would naturally make you wonder if it’s a warmer chair, it’s not, thanks to the gap in the back that keeps you cool.

Sitting in the Leap chair is a lot more comfortable than most other models on the market and it will hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair With Headrest

The Ergohuman chair was made to follow the line of your spine as closely as possible and that is its most recognizable feature.

It comes with a unique look that’s different from the standard office chair and you can recline in 3 different positions plus lock the backrest in each of them.

The entire chair is covered in mesh and there’s no extra padding, the mesh itself has elastic properties and gives you decent comfort.


The lumbar support has ‘live’ properties meaning it follows your movements, but it can also be adjusted for height to fit different people.

The armrests can be adjusted for height and they pivot in both directions but can not be moved forward.

This company cares a lot about the environment and manufactures their chairs with 97% recyclable materials.

SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

The SIDIZ T80 comes with a patented German design that took 6 years to create. The company is originally from South Korea but they have impressed the whole world with its quality and function.

The T80 features every component needed for a truly ergonomic chair and most people who buy it are super happy with it. The backrest is made with mesh and the seat has extra padding.

The headrest is adjustable for both length and angle, and the arms move in every direction. The seat slides forward but it also slopes to give you an ‘active working’ stance.

It is cushioned with 2 layers; memory foam and high elastic sponge making this chair extremely comfortable to sit in.

The backrest tilts independently without moving the seat and this is the main feature SIDIZ customers appreciate.

At first glance, you might think this is a lot to spend on a chair but people that got it say it is well worth the money.

The chair is constructed to be durable and offers the promised support. You might need to adjust to the firm seat and there’s a break-in period for the leather, but if you give it a week it will be worth it.

With regards to adjustability, the X Chair X4 offers satisfying performance and should last you a very long time.

Even if something happens with the chair all parts are under a 5-year warranty, and you’ll be dealing with impeccable customer service.