Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs Review: Best Mesh Chair?

Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs Review: Best Mesh Chair?

Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs Review: Best Mesh Chair?

Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs Review: Best Mesh Chair?

If you’re looking for a quality office chair, Ergohuman is without a doubt a brand to consider.

Ergohuman chairs have been on the market for almost 20 years, and have been producing a wide range of mesh chairs, leather executive chairs, gaming chairs, and many more.

But with so many great office chairs available, should you actually choose the Eurotech Ergohuman?

Well, I’ll let you decide in this in-depth independent review of their most popular chair- the high back swivel chair.

I’ll also mention some other very similar high end office chairs, in case you’re undecided.

Ergohuman was founded in Austin, Texas by a Master Mechanical Engineer named Jon Paulsen.

Jon is a certified professional ergonomist who formed a small team to manufacture the perfect ergonomic chair in 2002.

The company now has 35 employees and a $7 million yearly revenue which shows how much they have grown over the years.

Moreover, to this day, every new model is personally inspected and approved by Jon before it is released into the market.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair With Headrest

  • Product dimensions: 26’’ x 27.5’’ x 51’’
  • Seat height: 18.5’’ – 22.2’’
  • Seat width: 20.5’’
  • Backrest height: 28’’
  • Product Weight: 66 lbs

The Ergohuman chair has an unusual design that’s unique to the company.

Seen from the side it looks like spaceship furniture, and you can totally understand how the headrest and lumbar support work.

This design came to life thanks to the timely collaboration between the team at Ergohuman and a famous designer called Neil Wu.

The High Back model will definitely make a statement in the office but the real questions that need to be answered are: how good are the ergonomics on the chair and what exactly does it deliver?


If we strip this chair to its basics we’ll see an aluminum frame that comes with good craftsmanship.

The base itself feels very heavy and comes in standard chrome with nylon casters. The mesh fabric on the chair is quite unique as it has anti-slip properties built into the material.

There are also rubberized threads weaved into the pattern, these threads are designed to keep you secure in your chair.


Just like the name suggests, this chair was made having ergonomics (and humans) in mind. Ergohuman has integrated 8 different adjustments in the chair.

Some of these options are standard for most ergonomic office chairs, like the ability to change the height of the seat, recline in 3 different positions, and control how easy the backrest tilts.

But what makes this chair different is the elastic lumbar support that reacts to your movements while you work.

It doesn’t take much time to get used to this amazing feature as well, you’ll simply feel the lack of pressure on your lower back.


In most cases, a mesh seat is not nearly as comfortable as a cushioned seat, but Ergohuman has used a kind of mesh that has some elasticity to it.

When you sit down it stretches a bit creating a cushion-like experience.

While researching the benefits and comfort of the chair, we found out that people with sciatica feel good about it, as well as gamers and office workers who sit a lot.

They seem to like spending time in the Ergohuman High Back chair due to the comfort and all the adjustable options it provides.


The seat is height adjustable from 18.5’’ to 22.2” off the ground. The seat depth can be adjusted and it slides back and forth.

The entire backrest reclines independently from the seat and the upper part of it is nice and wide at 28 inches.

Lumbar support

Ergohuman chairs come with an active lumbar support that protrudes visibly from the lower part of the backrest and follows the movements of your lower back.

It can be adjusted for pressure and for how much support it gives.


The headrest on the Ergohuman Chair can be moved up and down. Most people use it to support their neck so that they can lean on the upper part of the pillow, this is a common mistake.

The headrest was actually made to lean back and rest on, if you try to use it any other way it will push your head forward.


The armrests on the Ergohuman High Back Chair are made from leather and feel soft to the touch.

They can be moved, but they only go up and down, unlike other models on the market that have the forward and backward motion as well as width adjustment.

These armrests also pivot but they can’t be locked in place. You can choose not to assemble them, to begin with, and it won’t affect the structure of the chair.

On the other hand, if you use the armrests a lot they will flatten out eventually, fortunately, you have the option to get the memory foam slip-on when that happens.

Most people that bought the Ergohuman are pleased with it, and say it’s worth every penny. Some of them have had it for 2+ years with no signs of malfunctioning or the need to service it.

The comfort of this chair has managed to exceed expectations with many people saying it provides relief from sitting related issues.

Price-wise, it is a bit more expensive than other models on the market but people that use it say there’s certainly a reason why. The chair is both supportive and durable.

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Most people that have heard of the Aeron Chair or already own it know two things about it. It was made with forward-thinking technology and it is pretty pricey. Both are true.

The first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking about the Aeron is its forward tilt on the seat that pushes the user into an “engaged” position.

Some people love this motion as it straightens their back and gives them another sitting angle, others hate it and can’t get used to it.


A lot of forward-thinking also went into the backrest, this part of the chair supports your lumbar region and your buttocks, independently.

The armrests move in 3 different ways, they go up and down in a range of 6.8’’ – 10.8’’ off the seat, they pivot in both directions, and they go back and forth.

SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable office chair or you need an exceptional gaming chair, the SIDIZ T80 will surely catch your attention.

The SIDIZ chair brand is fairly recent ergonomic chair manufacturer based out of South Korea.

This chair offers high-grade construction, great ergonomics, and modern design.

The seat is cushioned with 2 layers of high comfort foam and is designed to keep you comfortable even after long hours. It is adjustable for height and goes from 15.5’’ to 19’5’’ off the ground.


You can recline in it, slope the seat forward, change the height of the headrest, and change its angle. Its armrests are also adjustable in 3 ways.

Since this chair comes with so many amazing adjustments we recommend spending some time with your new chair and setting it to match your body perfectly.

Steelcase Leap Desk Chair With Headrest

The Steelcase Leap chair comes with an innovative elastic backrest called ‘LiveBack.’

The backrest follows your movements as you work and change positions throughout the day. This is exactly how the front of the seat works as well.

If you push forward with your knees it flexes and allows for better blood flow.


The lumbar support is quite good on this one and can be adjusted for height and firmness as well.

The seat depth and also completely armrests are completely adjustable. The arms pivot at a 30-degree angle and can be moved up and down or be widened.

This is a strong chair that can hold 500 lbs of weight and comes with standard casters that perform well on soft carpets.

CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair

Customers had a great experience with the quality of the materials and overall comfort of the Clatina chair.

Also, the arms are adjustable but they seem to be falling short of providing real support.

The seat is only 16.9’’ long which might not be suitable for most adults.

The overall size of the chair is small so if you’re anywhere above 5’10’’ it might be small for you.

The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest is a solidly built office and gaming chair that provides both comfort and breathability.

The chair has enough adjustment options that enable you to adjust it to your liking and you’ll also enjoy the support it provides, especially in the lumbar area.

Another feature you’ll enjoy is the chair reclining feature that works flawlessly and switches with ease between tilt and ‘engaged mode.’

All in all, this Ergohuman model provides great value for money. It’s an excellent option to consider if you want a chair that’s both comfortable and durable.