The 10 Best Stationary Massage Tables

The 10 Best Stationary Massage Tables

The 10 Best Stationary Massage Tables

The 10 Best Stationary Massage Tables

Whether you’re a massage therapist or some other health practitioner, a safe and comfortable massage table is a priority.

I outlined my recommendations and guidelines previously in my portable massage tables article.

However I also got a lot of questions also about stationary massage tables.

So to answer some of your pre-purchase questions and give my opinion, here are my thoughts to take into account before you make a big investment.

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table Everest

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table Everest

  • Steel frame
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Foot-operated
  • Working weight capacity 650 lbs

If you need a high-quality and reliable massage table for your business, the Everest model is the best one on our list.

All of the elements on this model have been made from high-quality materials and its strongest element is the heavy-duty steel frame that can hold up to 600 lbs of weight.

The frame is positioned on a single pedestal which makes it easier for the masseuse or technician to access various points of the bed.

Design and adjustability

The tabletop is divided into 2 pieces and it seems that most people prefer the tilted version because it allows the user to sit up if needed.

The 3-layer cushion on this table is made to be very comfortable and supportive. You get a bottom layer for firm support, a middle layer made of medium density foam, and a top luxury wrap.

All of which are upholstered with their signature ‘Natursoft’ upholstery.

Adjusting the height of the table to your preference will be a breeze with its strong motor and practical foot pedal.

Delivery and warranty

The table is delivered on a pallet, fully assembled and ready to go. If you happen to need any customer support, the manufacturer Earthlite is well-known for its effectiveness.

They are located in the US and are able to offer replacement parts. Just be sure to position it where you need it upon arrival since this model does not have wheels.

The warranty you get is lifetime limited on the steel frame, meaning you’ll need to be the first owner. You also get 2 years on the motor, cushion, and controls.

All in all, this is a premium massage table that might come with a high price tag, but according to people who bought it, it is well worth the investment.

What We Like

  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortable and reliable

What We Don’t Like

  • No wheels

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA

  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Triple density cushioning
  • Steel frame
  • Embedded wheels
  • Working weight capacity 600 lbs

The Ellora massage table comes from the same company as the Everest table and both models have similar components in terms of quality and comfort.

The Ellora, like the Everest, comes with a heavy-duty motor, a foot pedal, and 3 layers of cushion.

However, in terms of design, you get the same rounded corners but the lift base is different, this one resembles scissors.

Also, the weight capacity on the Ellora is 600 lbs, which is 50lbs less than the Everest model.


On the other hand, the Ellora model has a larger height range(17’’ to 36’’ of the ground), and a lower price range, if you’re on a budget.

Just like the previous model, 2/3 of the Ellora table top can be lifted to set it at an incline. The tilt on the table is a bit loud when it clicks into place but most people don’t mind this.

The table can be moved around with the help of 2 wheels situated on one side and you’ll need around 30 lbs of force to move it.

What We Like

  • Superior quality
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Practical wheels

What We Don’t Like

  • Lower weight capacity

Master Massage Del Ray Therma Top Table

Master Massage Del Ray Therma Top Table

  • Heated tabletop
  • Aircraft-grade steel
  • Multi-layer small cell foam
  • Working weight capacity 750 lbs

If you’re looking for a great quality massage table that has everything you need, the Del Ray model from Master Massage is worth looking into.

I really like the heating option that stimulates circulation and relieves stress and fatigue. Simply lying on top of this table gives you a very relaxing sensation.

This feature is topped off with a 3’’ thick cushion that is made of layered small-cell foam which is a bit denser than regular foam and should last longer.


The PU upholstery is soft yet durable and you won’t need to worry about accidental spills since it is oil-proof and water-resistant.

The manufacturer made sure it will last a long time by adding denim-like elements to increase its strength. The upper part of the table can be tilted so the person using it can sit up.

The frame was made from aircraft-grade steel, and the walnut wood legs have numbered holes for easy height adjustment.

Additional accessories

This massage table comes with plenty of additional accessories which include an ergonomic face cradle and pillow, contoured armrests, and a high-quality carrying case featuring 2 extra pockets.

The only addition to this table that the customers would love to see is wheels so it could be rolled around easily.

What We Like

  • High-grade materials
  • Warming feature
  • Lots of accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • No wheels

Facial Beauty & Medical Aesthetic Bed

Facial Beauty & Medical Aesthetic Bed

  • Steel frame
  • High-density memory foam
  • Removable arms, leg & headrest
  • Hand & foot remote
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing massage bed with high-end features, check out this model.

The color we focused on in this article is the ink-white since it would be perfect for medical centers, but you can purchase the same bed in black if that’s what you’d prefer.

The frame was made of steel and the cushioning is a high-density memory foam that feels very comfortable. The base of the bed is firm and doesn’t wobble when users get up.

The bed is extremely practical, and you’ll be able to adjust the height and the backrest with the touch of a button.


The height is adjustable between 25’’ and 34.5’’ from the ground and the backrest is extremely comfortable. You will also have enough room in the front for your legs, while doing procedures.

The table is run by powerful dual motors that operate on both electric and hydraulic power. The armrests can be flipped back and the leg rest can be manually extended to suit various users.

We really like the comfy headrest that comes with two options, the standard headrest with a hole in the middle, and a height pillow. The vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.

Assembly and warranty

The Facial Beauty & Medical Aesthetic Bed comes fully assembled and ready to be used within minutes.

The manufacturer behind it is a company called DIR. They offer a one year warranty on all their products and provide superb customer service.

What We Like

  • Hand remote & Foot pedal
  • Fully adjustable
  • Dual headrest

What We Don’t Like

  • Short warranty period

Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Massage Bed

Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Massage Bed

  • Steel alloy frame
  • Foam cushion
  • Removable headrest & armrest
  • Hydraulic stool included

The company ‘Best Choice Products’ has made quite an impressive budget massage bed that would look lovely in a professional salon or a spa center.

The bed is divided into 3 sections and can be adjusted independently to cover a variety of needs. The frame is made of Steel alloy and can handle up to 300 lbs pretty well.


The upper part of the bed can be tilted but it doesn’t go all the way to 90 degrees. The lower part can be tilted down to lower the legs of your customer if needed.

The headrest can be used for massages with the standard circle cut-out, or you could add the head cushion for procedures done while the customer is lying on their back.

The cushion is made with standard foam, nothing too fancy, but it does provide a certain level of comfort. We really like the armrests that provide extra support, however, they can be removed.

Delivery and assembly

Inside the package, you will also get a hydraulic stool and a towel hanger located underneath the footrest. With regards to assembly, customers would really like to see updated instructions.

All in all, it is a sturdy bed that comes at a budget price. The materials are far from high-grade, but it will get the job done.

What We Like

  • Sturdy bed
  • Budget price
  • Hydraulic stool included

What We Don’t Like

  • Bad assembly instructions

MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table

MT Harvey Treatment Stationary Massage Table

  • 2’’ high-density foam
  • Beechwood legs
  • Working weight capacity of 1000 lbs

The Harvey Treatment stationary massage table is one of the sturdiest on our list and was built to hold up to 1000 lbs of weight.

It comes with a 2’’ thick foam and PU upholstery that has the same denim reinforcement as the Del Ray heated table. The upholstery is firm, durable, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

It will be ideal for acupuncture due to the firmness of its cushioning. It enables you to be confident in the fact that your client is safe and secure.


The legs on this massage table were made from imported Beechwood and they have height adjustment holes. You’ll be able to adjust from 24’’ at the lowest setting, up to 35’’ at the highest.

No need to worry about damaging your hardwood floors, as this massage table comes with protective foot pads that will protect any kind of surface.

Assembly should be easy since you get good instructions and the tools required to assemble it, the only issue some customers had was the actual quality of the tools provided.

They recommend using a power screwdriver instead of the one that is supplied.

What We Like

  • Great quality
  • Adjustable and durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Tools supplied need updating

BestMassage Stationary Table

We simply had to include this massage table on our list. It is sturdy and will hold heavier people without any issues.

The frame was made from metal and hardwood with a working weight capacity of 450 lbs. The sponge cushion is 4’’ thick and is very comfortable according to customer experience.

The upholstery is made of PU leather and is easy to maintain, simply wipe it off with Lysol tissues.

The only issue this table has is the round legs that can only be inserted into the pipe holes and would drop if you tried to lift it and move it.

EARTHLITE Stationary Massage Table Sedona

The Sedona stationary massage table was built to hold a whopping 4000 lbs of weight and it’s working weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

The frame is constructed with hardwood and the legs are made of solid maple wood.

The cushion is made with Earthlite’s signature triple layer memory foam and features firm support on the bottom layer, medium density in the middle, and luxury foam on top.

The upholstery was done by hand and you’ll be able to notice the craftsmanship once you have it in front of you.

The Sedona massage table can be adjusted for height from 24’’ up to 33’’ at the highest setting.

Custom Craftworks Classic McKenzie Series

The Classic McKenzie massage table has the biggest height range on our list. It is also an electric table, so you’ll be able to go from 19’’ to 38’’ in height easily..

The lifting/lowering motion is very quiet, and it is operated with a foot pedal. The frame is made of steel and should be extremely strong and durable. You get 3’’ of wrap foam and PU upholstery.

The thing we really liked about this chair is the retractable wheels that make it easy to move around.

The table doesn’t come with additional accessories, but if you get some you’ll be able to attach them on either side of the table.

MaxKing Salon Electric Lift Table

The MaxKing electric massage table looks very professional and will be a great choice for beauty salons. It comes with a 3.5’’ thick small-cell foam that is very durable and comfortable.

The PU upholstery is environmentally friendly and feels smooth. It is oil-proof, water-resistant, and very easy to clean. The electric lift comes with both a foot pedal and hand control.

The MaxKing will hold up to 600 lbs of weight and it features castor wheels that can be locked in place, so you’ll be able to roll it around when necessary.

This table was designed for people that are less than 6’ tall.

Table Type

There are quite a few different types of massage tables on the market. To choose the best one for you, you’ll need to know the basic table types. Let’s dive in.


Just as the name suggests, the stationary table was made to be placed in a designated massage room. This type of massage table is often quite heavy and lifting it would be risky.

Some models come with wheels so you’ll be able to roll them around the room, but many do not.

The priority with this type is durability and reliability which is why most of them are made with strong, heavy-duty materials.


The portable massage table is usually a lightweight version of the stationary massage table. It can be folded and placed in a carry bag to visit clients in their homes.

This type is usually made with lighter materials and will not last as long as the stationary tables do.


Hydraulic tables were made to be used by professionals that need to manually adjust a certain part of the table without disrupting the client.

It is a practical way to adjust the settings on the table while your client is on it.


Electric massage tables are the peak of professionalism in massage salons, spa centers, and medical centers.

They will literally save your back since the heavy lifting is done with the touch of a button.

This type of massage bed is often quite expensive, but the features you get, and your client’s satisfaction, mean it will be an investment that pays out in the end.


The adjustable features on a massage table are super important for professional use.

Salons always get a variety of people that have different body types so it is crucial to be able to adapt your massage table to each individual need.

Also, some salons offer a variety of services that might need a flat or tilted bed. Why not get both in one product if you can?

How much weight can a massage table hold?

A massage table can hold up to 1000 lbs of weight, as you might have noticed on our list. The main question here is what would be the ‘working weight capacity’ for a massage table.

This is a very important distinction since you will be applying pressure on top of the person’s weight.

For example, if a massage table has a weight capacity of 300 lbs it won’t be a problem to place someone of that size on it, the table will hold.

But if you tried to give that person a massage then you would also have to calculate the force of your pressure on top of their weight.

How much should you pay for a massage table?

This depends on how you plan to use it. If you’re getting one for personal use you would be fine getting something between $200 and $500.

If you need one for professional use then it might get a bit more expensive. The high-end massage tables usually start from the $1000 price point, and they could go up to $2500.

The electric ones are more costly because they leave an impression with clients.

Also, keep in mind that budget massage tables could present a risk for your business since they break easily, and having that happen to you while giving a massage is stressful beyond words.

Even if they don’t break, having a wobbly massage table is not professional.

How wide is a massage table?

With regards to the width of the table, users suggest that 32’’ is the best and will accommodate 99% of the population.

Even if the customer is smaller in size the extra width is helpful for placing your hands on the side while you’re getting a massage.

The only reason to get a 28’’ or 30’’ of would be a smaller working area but if your massage room is wider than 7 feet go for the 32’’.

What material is most comfortable?

If you’re getting the massage table for professional use only make sure that the upholstery is good quality and durable.

While there are many different materials like vinyl or PU leather it will not make a difference since you won’t be placing your clients on a bare table.

Most massage therapists use cotton towels on top of their massage tables and change them with every new client. This gives more comfort to the skin and also soaks up any sweat from the client.