The 10 Best Electric Massage Tables

The 10 Best Electric Massage Tables

The 10 Best Electric Massage Tables

The 10 Best Electric Massage Tables

In my recent stationary massage table review, I mentioned a number of great electric massage tables.

But a lot of you had a number of questions, so I decided to write this guide solely to address these concerns.

If you’re going from a standard or portable table to an electric one, your life will most definitely become easier when making adjustments.

To help you make an an excellent purchase decision, below you’ll find my recommendations for the best electric massage tables.

I also discuss some very important things to consider before finally deciding on a table.

Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table

Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table

  • Very quiet electrical system with hands-free lift adjustments
  • A heavy-duty motor smoothly operated with a reliable foot pedal
  • Various colors to choose from, including black, vanilla, and mystic blue
  • Adjustable height range, from 17’’ to 36’’
  • Made comfortable with a triple-density cushion padding
  • Steel frame and lift system with a maximum recommended weight of 600 pounds

The Earthlite Ellora is a simple electric massage table that is extremely sturdy and incredibly comfortable.

You can adjust the height with a foot pedal, and it has a heavy-duty motor that holds up to 600 pounds without a problem.

The table has a straight leg frame and comes with a 3’’ thick ‘Pro Plush Deluxe’ cushioning system.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this massage table say that it is one of the most comfortable tables they’ve ever used.

The lifting system is whisper quiet and very smooth, and you don’t need to assemble anything, just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Sierra Comfort Adjustable Electric Lift Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Adjustable Electric Lift Massage Table

  • Resistant steel frame with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Highly adjustable with an electric pedal and a pneumatic gas lift system
  • 18’’ to 35’’ height, with backrest and leg rest adjustments
  • The table weighs 135 pounds and comes with wheel casters
  • Includes a face cradle and face pillow

If you’re looking for a massage table that allows you to make multiple adjustments, the Sierra Comfort is for you.

Besides adjusting the height, you can also change the angle of the backrest and create a leg rest with a slight inclination.

The adjustment of the backrest and leg rest is manual but they have their own pneumatic gas lift systems.

The wheel casters have a convenient locking mechanism and the chair is not very heavy so it can be transported with ease.

What customers are saying

Almost everyone who bought this massage table gave it a positive review. Comfort is the top feature according to satisfied customers, and the motor is very quiet and smooth.

The table is well built and looks durable, with no assembly required. It also provides excellent value for money but it has a few drawbacks, according to some people.

Some say the leg section is difficult to lower after raising and the headrest can be a bit hard to slide.

Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed

Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed

  • Sturdy and thick metal framing for extended durability
  • Available in a dark brown color
  • One electric motor dedicated to height adjustments
  • Another electric motor for the backrest and the knees
  • Adjustable height from 25.5 to 33 inches
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds

The Milo Electric Massage & Facial Bed is an extremely stylish massage table that is extremely sturdy and made to last.

It has a modern design and is incredibly comfortable with a 4’’ thick skin touch padding and removable headrest and armrests.

The electric system includes two motors. One adjusts the height, while the other adjusts the knee support and backrest (they rise together and cannot be adjusted independently).

What customers are saying

People who got this massage table say it is a great addition to any spa, it arrives fully assembled and looks remarkably stylish and modern.

It is also very quiet and moves slowly, which allows your client to have a relaxing experience even as you change the table’s height.

LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Massage Table

LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Massage Table

  • Features removable arms and a removable pillow
  • 4’’ thick high-density foam padding
  • 2 USB ports and a 3-port power strip
  • Comes in black and white
  • You also get a matching technician chair

The LCL Beauty is an affordable massage bed that is adjustable and versatile, especially for taller clients.

You can adjust the leg rest, backrest, and the height of the bed with its whisper-quiet mechanism.

It has a remote controller where you can make your changes, a power strip with three ports, and two USB ports near the base.

The high-density foam is made to be very comfortable, with 4’’ thick padding, and you can extend the headrest if you have a tall client.

The weight limit is 250 pounds, and it comes with an extra technician rolling chair.

What customers are saying

Most people agree that this chair has a great price, and they are satisfied with the remote, the rolling chair, and all of the extras it offers.

The lifting mechanism is very smooth and silent, and the chair is very comfortable.

However, some people say the armrests are not very comfortable, and the chair can be small for oversized clients.

Beauty Salon Electrical Facial Massage Table

Beauty Salon Electrical Facial Massage Table

  • Heavy-duty metal structure with a maximum user weight of 400 pounds
  • The height adjustments can be made with a foot pedal remote controller
  • More comfortable to transport with its retractable roller wheels
  • Padded with high-density memory foam

This is a more professional-looking electric massage table, most appropriate for beauty salons. It holds up to 400 pounds and has a very sturdy mechanism and frame.

Some assembly is required, but it is not difficult and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The height adjustments can be made with an electrical system but you will need to adjust the backrest manually.

It has a removable headrest pillow and it is available in both black and white.

According to satisfied customers, the table is pricey but worth it, they love that it looks professional and say that it has proven to be very resistant.

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This electric massage table looks and feels sturdy and comfortable for both the technician and the client. It has a heavy-duty frame made of steel and can hold up to 600 lbs.

Even though it is heavy, its wheel casters make it easy to move around, and they are lockable when the electric massage table is being used.

The MaxKing features multi-layered small cell foam up to 3.5 inches thick, making it extremely comfortable and the PU upholstery is water-resistant and very easy to clean.

People who got this table say it is remarkably comfortable and has a very smooth lift that can be activated with a convenient foot pedal.

Cloud Electric Massage Table

Being comfortable in a massage table can be compared to lying in a soft and fluffy cloud, especially when you’re relaxed and in good hands.

The Cloud electric massage table makes it easier to get this effect with a 4’’ thick skin touch padding and a smooth and silent lift system.

It holds up to 350 pounds and offers an adjustable height range of 25.5 to 33 inches.

Satisfied customers say it is steady, stable, and very reliable. It is also very comfortable, but it might not be the best option if your client has to lay down for hours.

HomelyD Electric Treatment Table

If you’re looking for a professional design, this medical treatment table is suitable for massages as well. It is sturdy and heavy-duty with a maximum load weight of 550 lbs.

The backrest, leg section, and height are fully adjustable with a quiet and smooth motor.

People who bought the table say it is affordable and highly adjustable with a soft and comfortable material.

Customer service is very responsive, and the gas lift is very easy to use. However, it might need some additional cushioning if you’re using it for an extended period.

Dir Store All-Purpose Electric Massage Table

This heavy-duty, professional-looking electric massage table is perfect if you work with overweight clients.

It has a maximum recommended weight of 400 pounds, and retractable roller wheels you can use to transport the chair from one room to the other.

As an additional item, you get a removable pillow, a convenient breathing opening, and the standard foot pedal to adjust seat height.

There are only a few reviews, but so far, they are outstanding. Customers say that even though it’s pricey, you will get a reliable and comfortable electric massage table in return.

Sage Electric Spa Treatment Table

This electric massage table would look perfect in a spa that has a wooden-based aesthetic.

It comes fully assembled and has three motors to adjust the height, the backrest, and the knee separately.

The maximum client weight recommended for this model is 330 pounds, and it has a remote controller on one side of the chair.

It is important to note that it does not come with a face cradle. It does, however, come with a removable breathing opening that you can use for the same purpose.

If you want to spend more money on an electric lifting system for your massage table, there are a few things you need to consider to make a smart purchase.

Take a look at these features and options before you make up your mind:

Height range

The height range is fundamental, especially if you or the technician is really short or tall.

Ensure there’s enough room for movement (around 12 inches), between the lowest and the highest setting.


Some models have foot controls, others have hand controls. Some models have both. Choose one that has the option most comfortable for you.

Flat vs sections

Flat massage tables are similar to the traditional massage table, with height adjustments as the only exception.

Other massage tables offer different moving sections, sometimes with two or three motors to lift the backrest, the knee section, and adjust the height.

They are suitable if you don’t want to limit yourself to the traditional laydown position.


You will sometimes find extra features such as detachable armrests, headrests, or additional length extensions.

If you want one of these features, look at the customer reviews to see if they are beneficial and compare different options and manufacturers.


The price tag is always important, and prices on massage tables usually go from $1000 to $6000. Consider shipping costs as well because these tables are usually very heavy.

Manufacturer & Warranty

The warranty is very important with massage tables, especially if they have an electric system that may sometimes break or malfunction.

It is also important to consider the credibility of the manufacturer and how responsive customer service will be if you happen to have an issue.