Tendlite Laser Review: Does It Really Work For Pain?

Tendlite Laser Review: Does It Really Work For Pain?

Tendlite Laser Review: Does It Really Work For Pain?

Tendlite Laser Review: Does It Really Work For Pain?

More positive research continues to come out about the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy in treating pain.

This is at a time when we are becoming aware of the addictive and destructive side effects of pain medication.

So I thought it would be helpful to review one of the most popular RLT devices on the market- the FDA approved TENDLITE® Device.

Some years ago this type of therapy was only accessible in the medical offices. Now you can use it in the comfort of your home at your own convenience.

TENDLITE® Advanced Pain Relief Device

TENDLITE® Advanced Pain Relief Device

  • 660 nm Red Light Therapy
  • Temporary relief of joint & muscle pain
  • Built with medical grade stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

Tendlite comes with a handy case that fits snuggly, sunglasses for protection and a charger with a Lithium ion battery included. This way you can start using it right away.

Its main purpose is to help you relieve different kinds of pain from the comfort of your home.

This medical device was FDA cleared in 2010 for therapeutic heating, under the code K-100213.

Since then, it has gained over 1500 comments on Amazon, rated 4.2 for overall customer happiness.

Promotes Fast Healing

Once you place it over the affected area you will star receiving the fast healing benefits.

Actually the red light enters your skin and speeds up your circulation helping the affected area heal faster in a natural way.

Once you achieve deep penetration of light into your deep tissue, the process will reduce inflammation and deal with the waste created by the injury.

In Carpal Tunnel recovery for example, Tendlite works by stimulating collagen production that helps repair the connective tissue of the tendon.

So this would be the perfect tool for any type of office worker or athlete looking to recover fast.

The promise of the company is to show you the secret to pain free living, together with the slogan, “Get back to your prime in no time.”

The elderly love its healing powers as well.

Provides Pain Relief

This is the second amazing thing regarding Tendlite, it helps alleviate pain. This is a benefit that will give the long wanted peace to many chronic illness sufferers.

The same kind of medical strength phototherapy has been used by NASA scientists for years.

Completely Safe To Use

First of all, make sure you’re using the protective goggles and have them on your face before handling Tendlite.

Then shine the light over the desired area and hold it up to 1 minute. You can repeat this process 3 times.

Another great thing regarding safety is Tendlite’s weight and girth. It is light-weight and easy to hold with one hand. You can apply it yourself, or if you feel better find someone to lend you a hand.

Medical Grade Device For Home

What we really like about Tendlite is the quality of the materials it was made with.

Everything was created using medical grade stainless steel and custom optics.

60 Day Free Trial & Warranty

If you’re unsure that your injury could be treated with Tendlite feel free to try it.

If you’re not inside the “pain-free” circle they will return the product, and you get a FULL refund.

The makers of the product Ken and Leticia had the scientific evidence that proved high powered LEDs can be just as effective to treat pain as expensive lasers.

So they created Tendlite, and after getting FDA approval their product was put to the test.

They shared it with doctors, athletes and sports trainers to see if the product really worked.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The second challenge was lowering the price of the product, so more pain sufferers can afford using red light therapy at home.

And after 10 years, the product is now affordable for any household.


Tendlite works for arthritis and other conditions that are accompanied by pain and inflammation such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles heel and Fibromyalgia.


The way Tendlite works is by widening and relaxing the blood cells and promotes circulation. This effect helps treat tendonitis as well as bursitis, common sprains, muscle tears and ligament damage.

Going through customers experiences we noticed that Tendlite is definitely not made for ALL kinds of pain.

Customers can actually feel how it helps get bloodflow to their tendons, ligaments and soft tissue. It is a great success for diabetic nerve pain.

People also report it helping for both carpal tunel and wrist tendonitis. They are often misdiagnosed, but if you’re certain for Carpal tunnel shine the light under your wrist, the palm side. For wrist tendonitis shine it on the outside of your wrist a.k.a the watch side.

Other customers rave about using it to relieve pain in their knees, shoulders and spine, others to heal their hands or feet after surgery.

The above mentioned NASA scientists have used phototherapy to treat pain and injuries. Tendlite has a 1500mW of optical output and it projects a specific red light wavelength that is able to penetrate the deep tissue and restore the ideal amount of blood circulation thus helping the area heal faster.

If you wish to further in your knowledge in how Tendlite works, you should know that light therapy increases he production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is also known as the “energy currency” and is essential for making usable energy in our body.

Red light therapy helps protein synthesis and encourages cell cycle progression, and collagen creation. This helps your muscles and tendons heal.

Quantum Rejuvenation

These two are similar in size and weight. They are both small and portable. With three major differences:

  • Tendlite lasts 16 clicks longer with one charge
  • Quantum Rejuvenation charges 3 hours faster
  • QR tends to heat up on usage so you’ve got to wait until it cools down

It was exciting researching this product and learning about all the success stories from people that have conquered pain.

This helpful tool has been on the market for 10 years and it is still helping people in 60 countries.

If we take that into consideration, and the research that went into the product, we have to say, Tendlite definitely works.