10 Best Small Gaming Chairs Review

10 Best Small Gaming Chairs Review

10 Best Small Gaming Chairs Review

10 Best Small Gaming Chairs Review

If you’re a smaller a person, you’ll know the struggle of finding a comfortable chair that fits.

What you might not know that is that an uncomfortable gaming chair might be causing you spinal damage.

I mentioned this in my recent review about office chairs for short people.

So if you’re looking for a small gaming chair, here are my favorite options on the market.

These gaming chairs are made for shorter people, are comfortable, and are made of high quality materials.

Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair

Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Metal frame
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Some adjustable features
  • Reclines to 155º

The Hbada Gaming Chair is upholstered in PU leather and comes with an adjustable seat that’s designed for people from 5’2’’ to 5’8” tall.

The seat is padded with high-density foam and feels comfortable even after long hours of play.

You also get the standard support pillows, one for your lower back and one for your head. They are strapped to the chair and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Adjustability and assembly

The arms are also adjustable and move up & down, with 2.7’’ of wiggle room. The backrest reclines to 155º, and you can also rock in it.

What I really liked is the extendable footrest that together with the recline feature, turns your chair into a comfortable relaxation device.

The assembly of this chair is very simple. The manual comes with 4 pictures, and it should take you around 15 minutes to complete.

Some people have had issues with the chair tilting towards the front, so if this happens to you, flip the tilt assembly.

What We Like

  • PU leather looks and feels good
  • Comfortable for longer hours
  • The chair can turn into a bed

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues with tilt assembly

X Rocker Pro Series Vibrating Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series Vibrating Gaming Chair

  • Wood & metal frame
  • Four speakers & subwoofer
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs

The X Rocker Pro Series Gaming Chair was designed for gamers that like to sit on the ground. It doesn’t have a base and places the gamer very low compared to other models.

Another big difference between the rocker pro series and other chairs is the immersive gaming experience. It comes from the subwoofer and four forward facing speakers on the chair.

The speakers surprise gamers with their clear sound, but the biggest treat happens when you’ve got bass sounds on your console because the chair vibrates along with it.


The comfort of this chair is also pretty amazing. It’s padded well and comes with some lumbar support, as well as a headrest pillow.

The arms on this one have been designed to remind you of guns, but they’re not adjustable in any way. I also wouldn’t recommend placing your entire weight on them because they’re kind of fragile.

What I really like about this chair is the space saving option. You can literally fold this chair in half and place it inside the closet if you need to.

What We Like

  • Provides an immersive gaming experience
  • Speakers provide clear sound
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Folds in half

What We Don’t Like

  • Arms are just a gimmick

AKRacing California Gaming Chair

AKRacing California Gaming Chair

  • For users up to 5’6’’
  • Powdered steel frame
  • Cold cured foam padding
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs

To be quite honest, I haven’t seen many pink or purple gaming chair options on the market, so I just had to include the AKRacing California Gaming Chair.

This chair was also designed to be small and will be comfortable for people up to 5’6’’. I’m also sure it will brighten up someone’s gaming experience with its mix of bright purple and white colors.


The seat is height adjustable, from 13.75’’ to 17.25’’ off the ground. The arms are hard plastic and can be adjusted for height. They move up & down from 11.3’’ to 14’’ off the seat.

This model comes with cold cured foam padding which is a bit on the firm side but lasts longer than regular foam. People that use it actually say that it offers more support than a regular office chair.

What’s important to mention is the usable part of the seat which is 15’’ wide before it wings out.

The upholstery on this chair is of the same quality as those used for racing cars, and it comes with a 5-year warranty against cracking or peeling.

What We Like

  • Bright upholstery colors
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Arms adjust up & down

What We Don’t Like

  • Seat is only 15’’ wide

Homall Small Gaming Chair

Homall Small Gaming Chair

  • Carbon fiber style upholstery
  • Padded with high-density foam
  • Reclines to 150º
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs

This chair is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon in the gaming chairs department. The frame is made from steel and reinforced with cross rows of wires that ensure its integrity and durability.

Its upholstery is made from PU leather that is threaded with carbon fiber. This gives the chair a distinct look that separates it from the rest.

The backrest reclines to 150º, but it only locks at 90º. You can rock in it slightly depending on how much you release the tension knob found underneath the seat.


The seat is also adjustable for height and you can lift it from 17.3’’ to 21.5’’ off the floor.

The arms on the other hand are not adjustable in any way. They’re also not padded but made from a smooth rubber that feels a bit softer than hard plastic on your hands.

Overall, this chair comes at a budget friendly price that’s difficult to beat. It needs a bit of a break-in period but after that, it’s fairly comfortable.

The seat might not be the most comfortable on the market but for the price, it is pretty awesome.

What We Like

  • Carbon fiber threads in the upholstery
  • Reclines and rocks
  • Budget friendly price

What We Don’t Like

  • Arms not adjustable in any way

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

  • Removable side pouch & cup holder
  • Pedestal base for active gamers
  • Reclines to 135º
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs

The Respawn 900 Gaming Recliner was designed for ultimate comfort. The seat and backrest are one continuous unit, and the footrest moves separately from the backrest.

This means you can either choose to stretch your legs while remaining seated upwards, or recline to 135º and put your feet up without issues.

Most extendable footrests on gaming chairs are designed poorly and won’t hold up the weight of your legs. But in this case, you can relax knowing you’ve got pretty good support.

The arms on this model are heavily padded and feel truly comfortable. The entire chair actually comes with substantial padding in segmented areas to ensure better distribution and durability.

Pedestal base

This model features a pedestal base that is not height adjustable. Gamers that move a lot usually choose it because chairs that have wheels tend to move too much.

The seat is pretty low compared to standard office chairs, which is great if you’re short. You also get a cup holder and storage pouch with this chair.

Overall, this chair will be a great choice for a teenager or short person since it was designed on the small side. We know of larger individuals that tried to use it, but they weren’t happy with the results.

What We Like

  • Great for relaxing
  • Footrest is stable and strong
  • Storage options come in handy

What We Don’t Like

  • Not meant for larger individuals

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn 110 Gaming Chair features faux leather upholstery that is soft and performs well.

The entire chair is padded, including the arms that can’t be adjusted in any way. They also can’t be removed since they hold the seat and backrest together.


The design of the chair is very similar to a sports car seat, with an extra footrest that folds under the seat. The footrest will be perfect for you, as long as you’re under 5’6’’ tall.

The weight capacity on this model is set to 275 lbs, and it seems sturdy enough to hold that weight.

What I really liked about this chair is its ability to recline to 155º, and that you can lock it in any position between 90º and 155º.

The wheels perform well on flat surfaces and the entire chair swivels to 360º. The makers behind this product offer a limited lifetime warranty, and you get year-round support from their team.

Overall, most people that got this chair are happy with the pricing and the comfort it provides. Still, some were disappointed that it started showing signs of wear and tear after only 1.5 years.

KaiMeng Office Gaming Chair

The KaiMeng Gaming Chair comes with a wide seat and backrest.

The seat is padded with a 3.3’’ cushion and the entire chair is upholstered in PU leather, except for the inside of the backrest and the seat which are covered in mesh.

We know that PU leather tends to keep you warm in the summer, so this way your skin can actually breathe in the places where it meets the mesh.


Aside from this cool option, the KaiMeng chair comes with the standard backrest recline of 135º and an adjustable seat height. The seat goes as low as 13.5’’ to 16.5’’ off the ground.

The arms are padded but can’t be adjusted further. They feel comfortable under your arms, and you can’t remove them because it would disrupt the integrity of the chair.

The wheels on this model perform well on hardwood floors. People that bought this chair say it provides incredible value for the price.

The assembly process is also easy for this model. You’ll get an Allen wrench in the package and it should take you 15 minutes to set it up.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a decent entry level model that comes at a budget friendly price. It was designed on the small side and will be a great fit for shorter people.

This is a comfy chair that provides enough cushion for longer hours of gaming and will successfully hold people up to 300 lbs.

The manufacturer behind the product really cares about their reputation and keeps contacting unhappy customers to make any issue right by them.


The recline feature on this chair works properly and allows you to lay back to almost 180º. You can also rock in it after you release the lever.

The arms can’t be adjusted in any way, but you can remove them during assembly without issues.

With regards to ergonomics, this chair offers a curved back that aligns with your spine, and two extra pillows that support your neck and your lumbar area.

Most people that got this chair were pleased with the pillows and use them daily. The lumbar pillow might seem bulky in the photos, but according to customers, it’s just right.

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

If you’re spending your days looking for the cutest gaming chair available, I think we have a winner. This pink gaming chair from AutoFull comes with fluffy bunny ears and a tail.

The chair was upholstered in high-end PU leather that should last a long time without flaking. You get a combination of pink and white colors that will look adorable in any girly room.

The frame and safety tilt mechanism on this chair were made from steel, giving it a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.


The chair is padded with memory foam, and you can feel the comfort when you sit down. It is absolutely plush and supportive at the same time.

The caster wheels on this model roll smoothly over flat surfaces, but they might have a minor performance issue over carpets.

Together with this chair, you’ll get two support pillows. One pillow is for the head, and the other for the lumbar region.

A lumbar pillow is a great idea for kid gamers because it will support their lower back while playing.

The sooner they get used to one, the better for their spinal health.

The arms also come with a plush cover that can be removed during summer. They pivot to the sides and can also be adjusted for height.

No products found.

No products found.

The OFM Essentials Gaming Chair comes with a sleek looking design that only has a green contrasting color in the middle.

So if you were hoping to use this chair for both gaming and work, you’ll be able to pull it off.


In terms of comfort, this chair is fully padded with a segmented style padding that ensures better distribution and durability of the foam.

Just like the rest of the chairs on our list, this one comes with a small frame that will be comfortable for people up to 5’6’’ tall.

The seat is 18.5’’ wide and features an extra padded area in the front. It will hold people up to 250 lbs of weight. The backrest doesn’t recline but the entire chair rocks after you release the tilt lock.

The arms are not adjustable but they feature a looped design. They are also padded and feel extremely comfortable as is.


The upholstery on this model was made from SofThread leather, a type of faux leather that’s unique to this manufacturer and seems to be a bit softer than others.

The green part of the chair is actually a mesh material that will keep your body cool during long gaming sessions.

Overall, this is a decent budget quality chair that gives just as much as it costs. Don’t expect anything more.

Most gaming chairs on the market were made for average sized people and therefore feel too uncomfortable for kids and shorter people.

To be sure you’re getting the right size, we’ve included a reference list. This applies to the minimal seat height necessary for you to have a comfortable experience:

  • If you’re under 5’3’’ tall, you’ll need a minimum seat height of 16’’ off the ground
  • If you’re over 5’3’’ tall, the minimum seat height should be at least 17’’ off the ground

Unlike average sized adults that usually seek a larger seat depth, short gamers should look for a smaller seat depth so they won’t have any pressure points where the chair meets their knees.

To be sure that the seat depth meets your needs, you’ll need to sit down with your back against the backrest and your knees placed at least 2’’ beyond the seat edge.

If your knees are touching the seat edge you’ll have pressure point issues. I recommend getting at least 18’’ of seat depth when buying a chair. If you’re using a lumbar pillow you’d need at least 20’’.