Homall Gaming Chairs Review: The Best Choice?

Homall Gaming Chairs Review: The Best Choice?

Homall Gaming Chairs Review: The Best Choice?

Homall Gaming Chairs Review: The Best Choice?

If you’ve been searching online for the best gaming chair, no doubt you have come across the Homall brand.

It’s a solid Chinese brand that produces simple, well designed, affordable gaming chairs.

So how do they stack up to other competitor chair brands?

In this article, I’ll review Homall’s best gaming chairs and rate them in terms of comfort, quality, and overall value for money.

In case you’re not sold on the brand, I’ve also mentioned some very close Homall alternative brands.

Homall Direct is an online business that has been selling products through Amazon since 2015.

They work directly with manufacturers in China to bring you ergonomic office products at competitive prices.

Their customer service is not the best according to buyers, and to contact them you’ll need to locate their name under the ‘add to cart button’. There you can ask them anything directly.

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

  • Reclines to 150º
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs

The most popular Homall Gaming Chair comes with a steel frame, a recline feature, and some comfort enhancing options.

You get 2 pillows in the package, one for your lower back and another for your head. The backrest is nice and wide, featuring cut-outs and wings often seen in cars.

You’ll use those cut-outs to attach and adjust the pillows.


When it comes to the comfort this chair provides, the padding on the seat and the backrest are on the firm side but stays comfortable for 2-3 hours.

The padding is made from a high density foam that is known to be durable. The seat is wide and feels comfortable when paired with the lumbar support pillow.


It can be adjusted for height from 17.3’’ to 21.5’’ tall, which is an inch taller than the standard. The 150º recline feature performs well, even though it can’t be locked in any position other than 90º.

This model also comes with rubber casters that roll smoothly in all directions and perform well over carpets.

On the downside, this chair doesn’t come with any real adjustments (besides seat height and recline) but for the low price point, it is to be expected.

Assembly is not as easy as some other models, so expect to spend between 30 minutes to an hour assembling your new chair.

What We Like

  • Gamers will love the contrasting colors
  • Padding is decent
  • 2 support pillows for lumbar and neck

What We Don’t Like

  • Not many adjustable options
  • Assembly isn’t easy

Homall Recliner Gaming Chair

Homall Recliner Gaming Chair

  • Reclines to 160º
  • Retractable footrest
  • Maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs

The Homall Recliner Gaming Chair is similar in many ways to the first model on our list. It’s upholstered with soft PU leather and looks just like a race car seat with its wings and cut-outs.

Sitting in it also feels similar to sitting in a sports car, as the seat is just as firm.


This shouldn’t be an issue for gamers since the chair also provides additional comfort in the form of 2 pillows, one for the lower back and another for the neck.

Also after you decimate your foes online you can stretch out the footrest and recline in your chair for true relaxation after your hard earned victory.

To be quite honest, this chair’s cushion is on the thin side and you’ll probably need to add a pillow under your bottom if you plan on gaming for 12+ hours.


The seat is 19.7’’ wide, which will be fine for a regular sized adult.

On the other hand, the seat goes pretty low with a minimum height of 14.3’’ off the floor and a maximum height of 17.5’’ off the floor. This means it might be small for people over 5’10’’.

Unlike the previous model on our list, this one is really easy to assemble and should take you 15 minutes to set it up.

What We Like

  • Comfortable footrest & pillows
  • Soft PU leather
  • Easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like

  • Height restrictions for people over 5’10’’

Homall Rocking Gaming Chair

Homall Rocking Gaming Chair

  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Adjustable seat height

The Homall Rocking Chair is not your typical office chair because it comes with a flat base instead of the five star base we’re used to seeing.

However, gamers that need a stationary chair for racing games will appreciate this feature a lot.

The chair does tend to shift a bit when you get up or sit down, so you’ll have to reposition it occasionally.


This model’s unique design is also complemented by the cool looking PU leather upholstery. The main color is light blue so that might be a bit restrictive for some setups.

The maximum height a person needs to be to enjoy this chair is 5’9’’ tall. Anything above that and your head will go above the headrest.

Adjustability and assembly

Also, the seat minimum height is set pretty low at 13.4’’ and raises up to 17.6’’. To recline in this chair you push the tilt lock forward and down you go.

The arms on this chair can be flipped up, which is always helpful but they can’t be removed during assembly because they connect the seat base to the backrest.

Assembly is pretty easy and takes around 15 minutes using the Allan key that comes in the package.

Overall, this is a sturdy chair that feels comfortable to sit in, and most people that got it are very happy with its performance.

What We Like

  • Unique design
  • Pedestal base that swivels
  • Comfortable to sit in

What We Don’t Like

  • Color scheme might be restrictive

Homall Gaming Living Room Sofa Recliner

Homall Gaming Living Room Sofa Recliner

  • Lower back massage function
  • Reclines to 160º
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs

If you’re the type of gamer that truly appreciates comfort, check out this sofa recliner. It’s upholstered in soft PU leather and cushioned with high density sponge.

The Homall Gaming Recliner will be a great companion to your gaming time, and a lot of gamers even got one for their spouses.


The recline feature on this chair performs smoothly and without levers. To start reclining you simply push back with your weight, and this movement also automatically extends the footrest.

The seat is 17.7’’ off the floor which will be fine for standard sized adults. The entire chair is 40.5’’ high, which should work for people up to 6’ tall.

This chair comes with pockets on the sides to place controllers, games, etc. It is very simple to put together and should take 10 minutes from opening the box to actually using it.

What We Like

  • Smooth recline feature
  • Comfortable seating
  • Storage pockets on the sides

What We Don’t Like

  • Height restrictions for people over 6’ tall

Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support

For people that wish to distance themselves from the standard flashy gaming chair and need something that leans toward the classic look, I highly recommend the Downix Gaming chair.

This model comes with pleasing aesthetics and a comfortable experience. The diamond stitching, cut-outs, and wings were created to simulate a real racing car seat. This one is comfier though.

The PU leather upholstery is of high quality, it feels soft to the touch, and it doesn’t have any unpleasant smells.


The chair comes with a lower back massage function that is helpful, although it is more of a vibrating sensation than a proper massage.

This model is an improved version that comes with straps to better position the lumbar pillow. The footrest is also helpful to relax your feet but if you’re taller you might end up resting your calves.

This chair is easy to assemble in comparison to the older model. People manage to get the job done in under 30 minutes.

I also have to mention this company’s excellent customer service. If you need an extra wheel they send you five, so props for that!

Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Respawn 200 Chair is a great option for people who wish to stay cool while gaming. The reinforced mesh backrest provides optimal airflow and breathability.

This chair also features a contoured seat, built-in lumbar support, and an adjustable head pillow, but to be truly comfortable in it, you’d need to be under 5’9’’ tall and under 200 lbs in weight.


The backrest on this model is truly comfortable, it reclines to 130º but doesn’t rock. Its arms can be adjusted for height and depth, but you can’t remove it since you’ll void your warranty.

The seat on the Respawn 200 goes a bit higher than standard chairs, and you’ll be able to raise it from 18.75’’ to 22.25’’ off the ground. It is 20’’ wide, which is perfect for a standard sized adult.

Assembling the chair is pretty easy. You’ll get an Allan wrench in the package, and you’ll have around 18 bolts to place in.

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

This is a very interesting chair that comes with several adjustable features. It’s also really nice to see a company that includes height restrictions in the description of their chair.

This one is set for people that are 5’2’’ to 6’ tall. With regards to the adjustable features, there is plenty and you’ll be playing with levers a lot. There are 4 to be exact, underneath the seat.

One controls the recline function, the second is a rocking start lever, the third controls the rocking angle, and the fourth is for seat height adjustments.


The recline function is smooth and you can lean down to 155º for a relaxing time.

Just like most other gaming chairs on the market, the lumbar support and headrest are optional. You can adjust them with the straps if you want or completely remove them.

The arms on this model are also adjustable for height with almost 8” of wiggle room. This might be helpful for PC gamers with low desks who wish to get closer to the screen.

The seat also adjusts from 15.74” to 18.89’’ off the floor. Hbada seems to have made quite a durable steel frame that will hold people who weigh up to 300 lbs without issues.

Assembling the chair is pretty straightforward, just be careful not to place the tilt assembly backward. If you do your chair will tilt forward.

No products found.

No products found.

If you’re a big & tall person that wants a bit more comfort out of your gaming chair, consider this Healgen Gaming Chair.

This model doesn’t come with the standard double cut-outs and wings design often found in gaming chairs, but it does have a lot to offer.

Comfort and adjustability

The seat and the backrest are padded with high density memory foam that definitely adds to the executive feel of the chair.

The seat is 22.4’’ wide and 21’’ deep, designed to be comfortable for larger individuals, up to 330 lbs. It is extremely comfortable even after long hours of sitting.

The arms are also padded but can’t be adjusted in any way. The backrest of the Healgen is 30.71’’ tall, it reclines to 155º, and you can rock in it. It also has a lumbar pillow for lower back support.

The pillow is USB powered and offers a really nice massage function. Finally, I have to mention the extendable footrest that turns this chair into a real treat.

Homall is a budget chair company that still has lots of room to grow. With a little more focus on customer service, this company can surely get ahead of its competitors.

So far they’re doing well on Amazon in terms of overall customer satisfaction, which was 82% in the past year.

With regards to their quality, Homall seems to be doing great, and most people who buy their products say that the price is just right.

So if you’re a gamer on a budget, Homall has some great options to consider. But if you have more to spend, definitely look at the alternatives.