Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Review

Naturally, comfort is one of the most common features people look for in a gaming chair.

The problem is, you don’t always get that with cheaper gaming chairs.

With Anda Seat, you won’t have this issue- they make high quality gaming chairs.

Anda Seat is a gaming chair company that promises a better way of enjoying the gaming world.

In this article, you’ll find out more about Anda Seat, their best-sellers, and how well they perform when compared to other brands.

Anda Seat was founded back in 2007 by people who previously worked in the automotive industry and wanted to transform their passion for racing cars into chairs for the gaming world.

This dream came true in 2013 when Anda Seat expanded to Esports. One year later they were recognized as a true gaming chairs brand.

Today Anda Seat collaborates with 30+ countries providing high-quality gaming chairs. They are the second biggest Esports chair supplier worldwide.

All their chairs come with between 18 months to a lifetime warranty on the frame, and 6 years for the parts, not counting the upholstery. They also have decent and responsive customer service.

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Anda Seat’s Dark Knight model is extremely strong and sturdy, it has an aluminum frame that was made to withstand 440 lbs. Aside from being durable, this model is also surprisingly comfortable.

With a backrest that is 34.21’’ long, this chair will be comfortable for people over 6’ tall.

The padding consists of two types of foam; the seat and the backrest are stuffed with a high-density mold and the pillows are padded with memory foam.

Both perform very well, especially the adjustable pillows that are nicer & bigger than usual. People that use this chair spend long hours in it without issues.


The arms are padded and move in 4 directions. You can push them back/forth, up/down, side to side, and pivot. They can also be removed at any point without sacrificing the integrity of the frame.

Aside from the arms, you can also adjust the height of the seat and the angle of the backrest. The seat can be raised from 18.5’’ to 21.5’’ off the floor.

Overall, this is a great gaming chair that most people seem to love. It’s incredibly comfortable and reclines when you wish to relax. Some people even use it as an office chair with no issues at all.

The only downside to this chair is the strong chemical odor that comes out of the box. Fortunately, this goes away after a couple of hours.

What We Like

  • Sturdy & comfortable
  • Some adjustable features
  • Subtle color scheme

What We Don’t Like

  • Chemical odor out of the box

Spirit King Series High Back Gaming Chair

Spirit King Series High Back Gaming Chair

  • Scratch-resistant PVC upholstery
  • 3D adjustable arms
  • High-density foam padding
  • Maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs

The first thing people notice when sitting in the Spirit King is how comfortable it is. The padding used on this chair is high-density foam with just enough thickness to turn long hours into a treat.

The overall design of this chair was tailored for big & tall people. You get a high backrest that’s 34.1’’ long and reclines to 160º.  You can lock it in a few reclined positions as well as at 90º.

The arms move in 3 directions; up/down, back/forth, and pivot to the sides. I really liked the black & white color scheme, as it is subtle and gamer-oriented for sure.

The pillows do a good job of keeping you comfortable and your lower back pain free. The only grief some people have is the adjustment levers that don’t seem to work when you try to use them.

What We Like

  • Built to last
  • Comfortable for a long session
  • Reclines to 160º
  • Nice looking design

What We Don’t Like

  • Non-responsive levers

Anda Seat Jungle Game Chair

Anda Seat Jungle Game Chair

  • Medium-sized PC gaming chair
  • PVC leather upholstery
  • Maximum recommended height 6’7’’
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs

The Jungle model was created for gamers who want a workhorse of a chair. It comes with a mid-sized steel frame and a strong aluminum base.

The frame on this chair is designed with ergonomics in mind, and the back is curved to follow the shape of your spine. Its upholstery is made from easy to maintain, scratch-resistant PVC leather.

The racing car style seat is framed with bright colors, which are also found on both support pillows.

The lumbar pillow on the Jungle chair is a bit on the small side, compared to the medium-sized pillow on the Spirit King, and the large-sized pillow on the Dark Knight.

On the other hand, the wheels on the jungle chair are 60mm which is larger than standard. They perform well on all surfaces.


With regards to comfort, the Jungle chair does its job right. The padding is a bit thicker than most other models and it feels good, even after long hours.

The seat is 20.27’’ wide and can be adjusted for height from 17.32’’ to 21.25’’ off the floor. You can recline in this chair to 160º or use the angle lock in 5 different positions.

What We Like

  • Durable upholstery
  • Comfy padding
  • 2 support pillows
  • Reclines and locks in 5 positions

What We Don’t Like

  • Small lumbar pillow

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The Anda Seat Axe Series reminds me a lot of the Jungle chair, only this one is taller and holds a lot more weight. The frame on this one is made of steel, and it will hold people up to 300 lbs.

Anda Seat has also upgraded this model with wider arms and improved cushion. It’s still the same high-density foam, only thicker. It does need to be broken in, but after a week it’s very comfortable.

Just like all the other Anda Seat models, the backrest on this one also reclines to 160º. It can be locked at any angle and you can also rock in it.

The upholstery is made from the same PVC leather this brand has been recognized for, and the arms are partly adjustable, you can move them up, down, back, and forth.

Assembling this chair is easy, you get all the tools needed, and clear instructions in the package. The only thing to improve on this one is the elastic straps that hold the support pillows in place.

What We Like

  • Decent PVC leather upholstery
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reclines to 160º

What We Don’t Like

  • Non-adjustable elastic straps for pillows

AKRacing Onyx Deluxe Gaming Chair

AKRacing gaming chairs are worthy competitors to Anda Seat. This model is not specifically marketed as a gaming chair because it holds a more subtle look, suited for the office.

Still, the design is definitely inspired by a racing-style seat with a winged backrest and adjustable support pillows. The back of the chair is upholstered with PU leather, which isn’t bad.

What I really liked though, is the top grain leather on the front of the chair that’s soft, feels good and comes with a 5-year warranty.


In terms of durability, this chair is just as strong as the Anda Seat. The metal frame comes with an anti-corrosive coating and will hold people up to 330 lbs.

The arms are adjustable in 4 directions and perform well. The backrest reclines to 170º,  but most people don’t have use for such an angle, except for sleeping, perhaps.

In terms of comfort, the padding needs to be broken in and feels a bit firmer than standard. Overall, people that get this chair are happy with their purchase and recommend it to their friends.

Maingear GT Nero Forma Gaming Chair

The Maingear GT Nero Forma gaming chair features a sophisticated look and beautifully stitched diamond-style embroidery.

The upholstery material is leatherette, and the support pillows are padded with memory foam, covered in soft microfleece.

The arms on this chair are adjustable and move in 4 directions. You can control their depth, width, height, and angle.

The exterior on the Nero Forma chair might be plush, but inside it, you’ll find a steel frame and an aluminum alloy base that will hold up to 350 lbs of weight.


The backrest was designed with ergonomics in mind and feels comfortable to lean into. You can recline it to 165º, and also tilt the seat.

For people who are wondering what the difference is between the standard Nero Forma chair and the GT version, the second one is stronger, plus features a taller backrest and a wider seat.

People that use this chair are happy with its performance, proving it has more than just good looks.

Klim Esports Gaming Chair

The Klim Esports chair is like the Executive model of the gaming world. At first glance you can see that the PU leather is thicker than standard, it looks durable and should last a long time.

The padding on this chair is definitely substantial and you can feel the comfort of the high-density foam when you sit down.

The cushions are not the best part for sure, as some people like them, and others think they’re uncomfortable.

Adjustability and design

There’s some adjustability to this chair, the backrest reclines and the arms move in 4 directions.

One slight design flaw is the winged parts of the backrest that tend to push your shoulders forward, which can become painful.

Overall, this chair was designed to fit people that are between 5’ and 6’6’’ tall. The frame is made of metal and will withstand gamers that weigh less than 330 lbs.

Most people seem happy with their purchase. Their biggest grievance is that the seat tends to flatten out after a while.

Musso Executive High-Back Racing Gaming Chair

This gaming chair was created for people who appreciate strong & sturdy chairs. Its backrest is 36.5’’ tall and the seat is 21.6’’ wide, making it a comfortable option for big & tall gamers.

Most chair manufacturers seem to forget to include longer arms with higher backrests, but Musso seems to have it figured out. The arms are nice and tall, plus they can be adjusted if needed.

With regards to comfort, the seat is on the firm side but most people don’t seem to mind it. It is also worth mentioning that Musso has very good customer service and they respond quickly.

Assembling this chair is easy, you’ll get all the tools needed in the package, and you should need around 15 minutes to set it up.

Anda Seat is a popular brand in the Esports world and there’s a reason why. Although they started slow, the quality of their chairs has won over the hearts of gamers all over the world.

They might be priced a bit higher than an average gaming chair, but they’re so much better in every way.

While they still have some design issues to work through, they are leaving people impressed overall, and that’s always a good sign.