Pure Wave Review: The Best Deep Tissue Massager?

Pure Wave Review: The Best Deep Tissue Massager?

Pure Wave Review: The Best Deep Tissue Massager?

Pure Wave Review: The Best Deep Tissue Massager?

Most of us are craving a massage at any given time of the day. Some need it more than others, and let’s not forget the people that live with chronic pain.

Regardless if you just feel stiff after 8 hours of work, or you’re a recovering patient, finding the best massage tool is essential.

This is exactly why we researched the popular Purewave massager models- a cordless percussion therapeutic tool that is used at home.

Is it really the best deep tissue massager? Let’s find out:

PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Massager

PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Massager

  • Slightly curved ergonomic design
  • Cordless and easy to handle
  • Self use therapeutic tool
  • 6 massage attachments

The Purewave massager was made to service recovery patients between therapy sessions, and anyone that needs a relaxing or tension relieving massage.

The unit is longer than most of the massagers on the market so you’ll be able to reach your back and other tricky places such as the calves with ease.

The massager comes with a power dial that serves to adjust the amount of percussion. After you choose your perfect setting slide the Purewave gently over your muscles and meaty areas. You won’t need to use a lot of pressure.

Customize your massage

If you choose the CM7 model you will get 6 different attachments that completely customize your massage experience, and they can be used for almost any issue you might have:

6 Different attachments

The 6-Head stick was made for relaxing and loosening large muscle groups. Use it for your glutes, hips, lower back, calves, thighs and hamstrings.

The point stick was made for specific trigger points on the body. If we strain certain muscles for too long they start developing scar tissue or knots that have to be ‘broken up’ or they can cause us a huge deal of pain.

The point stick digs into those trigger points and breaks up all the knots that have formed on our muscles. It will be perfect for your neck, shoulders, lower back, and the soles of your feet.

The air-cushioned stick is good for sensitive areas such as the shoulders, and knees. Using standard massage tools can be tricky when trying to reach those areas.

The air-cushion solves that problem and will fit perfectly for people that want a softer massage. It will work perfectly on lower back, soles of feet and your neck.

With the CM7 model you also get scalp massage stick, facial massage stick and body massage oil stick. They were made for body SPA treatments.

The facial massage stick will allow you to relax your jaw muscles, and renew your face. The micro-vibrations will work great if you need to massage some toners or creams into your skin.

The scalp massage stick works by targeting points that trigger a headache; it is used on the scalp, temples and upper neck and it relieves the build-up tension.

The body massage oil stick can be used with your favorite essential oil, or by couples when they wish to give each other an aromatherapy massage. Some people will use it to apply salves or pain relief ointments.

The vibration causes the skin to absorb all the nutriens from the oil, and it also improves your circulation.

What customers are saying

Most customers appreciate the budget price this massager comes with. Most similar products are in the higher price range.

The two motor design is peoples favorite part, especially since it works with one switch. The handle is truly longer than most models on the market so it’s super easy to reach difficult spots.

The customizable heads are also great, people love the versatile attention they can give to different body parts. They say the massager is a life saver for aches and pains and slow blood circulation.

On the down-side, the battery does not last as long as expected; most customers that got the Purewave complain that the battery only lasts a year. The bad part is that you can’t replace it for a new battery since it’s soldered in.

There might be a safety switch on the massager, some people report it shuts down if you lean on it. While this is good to avoid damaging it, people still find this feature annoying.

In general people are extremely satisfied with Purewave and most of them get a second one after a while.

Is the Purewave massager painful?

The massager can only hurt you if you use it straight on the bone, so don’t do that. Otherwise there’s a volume dial that you can turn up if you desire a more intensive massage.

The highest available setting is 3700 beats per minute.

The highest setting is made for professional deep tissue massage, and most people will find it a bit strong.

How long does the battery last?

You can expect your Purewave massager to last for 2 hours, if used non-stop, or you could choose to use it 20 minutes a day and have it going for almost a week.

The manufacturer tested the life-span of the battery and you should expect it to last from 2 to 5 years.

In reality most people report it lasts for 1 year, and after that it gets really weak and it doesn’t provide the same benefit anymore.

How long does it take to charge?

This product has an integrated Lithium-ion battery that charges in 1 hour. The battery is not sold separaely and can not be replaced.

Does it come with a warranty?

You can give the Purewave massager a try for 90 days and return it free of charge if you’re not feeling it. The warranty will be void if you’ve damaged the massager.

This might be the reason why the manufacturer recommends not applying heavy pressure on it (some people tend to lean too strong or fall asleep on it.)

The manufacturer will recognize the warranty if you return the product within one year of purchase.

  • Budget friendly variable speed massager
  • Ergonomic design with a longer handle
  • Custom attachments
  • Cordless design
  • The battery lasts one year
  • Some people find it noisy

We use our feet daily without thinking of all the pressure they suffer. If the stack of tissue located in the middle of our foot gets overworked it will become inflamed and tighten up causing us a great deal of pain.

This is basically what Plantar Fasciitis means, and it is the number one cause for foot pain on a global scale.

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis you’ve probably spent thousands on various shoes, injections, medicine, stretching devices and so on.

No need for that if you can go to regular massages to break up the tissues and adhesions that form from overuse.

This is where the Purewave massager comes in handy by allowing you to treat your feet daily. Doctors recommend using the air-cushion attachment first, since it’s softer for your feet.

After 2 minutes you should switch to the point stick attachment. This will allow you to reach deeper tissue and focus on certain areas that require more attention.

It still won’t completely cure the problem, but it will give you the much needed relief without the side-effects you’ll suffer with medicine.

People that use Purewave regularly say they appreciate it the most in the mornings when they get on their feet without feeling the stabbing pain.

PUREWAVE™ CM-03 Percussion Therapy Massager

PUREWAVE™ CM-03 Percussion Therapy Massager

  • Cordless Design
  • Single percussion motor
  • Comes with 2 attachments
  • Lightweight

Obviously the CM3 is the lightest offer (it also weighs the least) and it includes single motor that’s percussion only.

You will also get 2 attachments: the 6 head stick and the point stick. You get a single speed option.

PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager

PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager

  • Cordless single motor design
  • Adjustable speed option
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • Charges in 1 hour

The CM5 features a single motor (percussion) as well, which is not an upgrade, but it does come with an extra attachment besides the point stick and  the 6 head stick – the air cushion stick. You also get a variable speed option.

The CM7 model is the most superior of the three.

It comes with a dual motor engine so you get both percussion and vibration. Percussion is good for breaking up knots while vibration helps relax your muscles if they feel tight.

The added attachments are great news, and if you use all 6 of them (point, 6 head, air-cushion, facial, scalp, massage oil) you’ll be able to treat any area of your body, including your face.

CM7 is also the longest of the three.

If we compare the price-range, the CM3 is definitely a budget friendly option, and most people consider it as a pretty powerful entry massager.

The ones ready to shell out a bit more prefer the variable speed of the CM5 and CM7.