Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of buzz on social media about Kahuna Massage products.

It seems that everyone from Martha Stewart to Whoopi Goldberg is enjoying their Kahuna Massage Chair.

As a massage professional and natural skeptic, I decided to do some digging.

The truth is that massage chairs have improved a lot over the years- both in terms of quality and durability.

So how does the popular Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair stack up?

Actually quite well, and you’ll see why below.

The makers behind the product, AJX.LLC have been on the market since 1997. They seem to be hanging with the popular crowd, as they were present on this year’s pre-Grammy celebrity gifting lounge where they presented their Kahuna LED mask that stimulates skin elasticity.

The company is located in Cypress, California, and on their website you will find celebrity testimonials (Whoopi Goldberg) that praise the massage chair. They say it’s good for muscle aches, stiffness and stress relief.

Kahuna Massage LM 6800 Chair

  • Pressure point scanner
  • 36 Air Bag massagers
  • 6 auto programs
  • 3 levels of massage intensity
  • Lower back & Calves heating pads

The Kahuna massage chair weighs 200 lbs and is made of faux leather. You can get it in black or brown color. It was made for people up to 220 lbs and under 6” tall.

The unique feature of the Kahuna chair is its space-saving management. The slim design takes only 3 inches from your wall. The chair also slides while it goes down, so it stays within its footprint.

Another practical element is the remote. The Kahuna chair comes packed with extra features (as you’ll soon find out) and once you’re in a relaxed position you’ll appreciate each one of the 18 buttons on the remote. I really liked its simplicity of use.

Now it’s time for the truly amazing features. The thing that blew me away – the chair automatically detects your weight AND it scans for your pressure points to customize its massage according to your specific needs.

Let’s take a look at the different options that will spoil you.

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means ‘finger pressure’ and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the automated mode. Choose one of the 6 available body areas and enjoy your massage.

Most people that get this chair are pleasantly surprised by the multitude of features that are simply not available on other models on the market that have a similar price range.

L Track & S Track Massage System

One of the amazing features of the Kahuna chair is the integrated L-shaped roller system that starts with the neck and trails all the way to the buttocks. People that have to sit a lot will especially appreciate the buttocks massage.

The S-track follows the natural S curve of the neck and the hips. Combined they cover pretty much your entire body.

Zero Gravity Design

The zero gravity experience is supposed to make you feel weightless. The chair spreads out to distribute your weigh equally allowing you to completely relax while you enjoy your massage.

Once the chair is fully reclined you will be able to raise your legs above your heart level improving your blood flow immediately.

Use this option for a deep tissue massage, and if you suffer from chronic pain. You can choose 3 different positions of comfort.

Computer Scan Technology

Another amazing feature is Kahuna’s ability to scan your pressure points allowing it to hit the right spots. What you get is a full body massage targeting all of your pressure points.

If you’re not happy with a certain pressure point choice you’ll be able to adjust the rollers manually.

Heat Therapy

Compared to similar models on the market, the Kahuna provides much larger heated area. It starts underneath the shoulder blades and covers the lower back.

Another area that gets heated is the calves region which is quite nice, especially for people that spend time on their feet.

Unlike the pressure point rollers that can be adjusted, the heat level cannot.

Air Massage

The air massage method is a new massage treatment that works with air under pressure. The Kahuna chair comes with 36 airbags that will give you the full body treatment.

For people that haven’t used a massage chair before, the air massage feels like squeezing. You can adjust the intensity level with the Kahuna remote.

Calf Massage

We weren’t joking when we said the Kahuna chair gives you a full body treatment. To finish your massage in style you will definitely need calves and feet pampering.

The foot rollers come with intensity levels, and you can change them with the abovementioned remote. If the lowest setting is still too much for you, slip on a pair of thick socks, and keep enjoying your massage.

Some people have sensitive feet and even socks won’t help. In that case get yourself some foam and a Velcro tape that you’ll use as padding around the rollers. Or you could simply place a blanket over them. Problem solved!

Before we dig into the installation steps, you need to know the assembly of this product is not easy, and you should watch the Kahuna video and keep it on your phone while installing.

Here are the installation steps for your quick reference:

1. Open the box and locate 1 chair body and 2 small boxes that are holding all the parts;

2. Locate the 2 shoulder panels and 2 shoulder pads along with the screws;

3. Place the back cushion on the chair and the neck and head cushion on top of it;

4. Place the right arm panel by connecting the elements that match on the body of the chair, align them, and connect them with screws; Do the same with the left one.

5. Connect the shoulder side panels with 3 metal nuts.

6. Remove the Velcro tapes from the body of the chair and place the seat cover with heating on;

7. Insert the remote and power jacks into the control board.

8. The power switch is located in the back but you can use the remote as well.

9. Enjoy the massage.

You could also opt for white glove delivery and you’ll get your Kahuna chair fully assembled upon delivery. This pleasure costs an additional $200.

The makers of the Kahuna chair offer a 3 year limited warranty. The first year covers on site repair services, all parts and labor cost.

The second year of warranty covers all parts but the repair expense falls on the customer.

In the third year your warranty will cover the structural framework. Make sure you register your warranty within 30 days at www.kahunachai.com/services or your warranty will not be valid.

  • Space saving design
  • Multitude of massage options & styles
  • User friendly remote control
  • Stress relief
  • Installation is difficult
  • It doesn’t offer memory options
  • Some people find it noisy
  • Painful foot rollers

Kahuna Massage LM 6800S Chair

Kahuna Massage LM 6800S Chair

  • 12 auto options
  • Memory options
  • End position button
  • 5 levels of massage intensity

The Kahuna 6800s model seems to be superior in every way. All the features that were off in the previous model are completely fixed here. The price is a bit steeper than the previous model, but we feel it’s worth it.

We really like the memory setting so you can have your preferred massage program for next time. This model also features a new headrest design, and Bluetooth speakers to enjoy some nature sounds during your massage.

The chair is FDA registered as a medical device.

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No products found.

The Kahuna rhythmic chair is a high-end product that offers a truly customizable experience. Or you can choose one of the pre-made options such as:

  • Dynamic sports
  • Golfer mode
  • Athletic mode
  • Fast recovery

It is extremely comfortable, and thanks to the sleep aid option, extremely easy to fall asleep in. You don’t have to use a remote with this model, as you can download the Hubot App to control the device.

Kahuna SM 9000 Premium Massage Chair

Kahuna SM 9000 Premium Massage Chair

  • Customizable on a new level
  • Silent Air Float mechanism
  • 5 year full waranty
  • 7 auto programs
  • Infrared heating
  • Wider seat and shoulders

The Kahuna SM 9000 offers the ultimate customizable experience and will adapt to the curve of your spine and buttocks. It will hold up to 320 lbs and can fit people up to 6’5’’ tall.

Customers that bought this product compare the massage to a human touch. This massage chair helps arthritis related pain and relieves sore muscles.

The Verdict

In my quest for the truth I went through hundreds of reviews and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The Kahuna chair excels above all similar massage chairs on the market. Even with a few minor quirks in the 6800 model, it still beats the ‘standard’ massage chairs in every aspect.

The price is so much better than what you’d expect to pay with all the options included, and the higher-end models bring customization on a whole new level.

In the end we enjoyed reading about all the positive experiences and pain relief this product brings to people, hopefully to you as well.

Now close your eyes and relax!