The 11 Best Framing Nailers For Contractors

The 11 Best Framing Nailers For Contractors

The 11 Best Framing Nailers For Contractors

The 11 Best Framing Nailers For Contractors

There are various types of framing nailers available on the market today.

These tools are invaluable when you’re working on large construction jobs or taking on framing jobs where hundreds of nails need to be driven into wood.

In this article, we’re sharing our top choices for the best framing nailer.

Metabo HPT Framing Nailer

Metabo HPT Framing Nailer

  • 21° plastic framing nailer
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs for user comfort
  • Uses 2 to 3 ½” collated plastic framing nails
  • 5 year tool warranty on framing nailer
  • ¼” polyurethane air hose
  • Lightweight and durable spiral supported hose
  • Compressed ring with ball brass fixture

The Metabo 21º framing nailer is lightweight enough to prevent fatigue, and can easily transition between sequential and contact nailing with a simple flip of a switch.

Countersinking and flush driving into various materials can also be easily accomplished, thanks to the tool free depth adjustment feature on the nailer.

You can use plastic collated framing nails from 2 to 3 ½”, and the unit is backed with a 5 year tool warranty.

The unit also includes a robust lightweight air hose that’s equipped with bend restrictors to make it flexible and stronger even when used in cold weather.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this nailer gave it 5 stars, commending its lightweight design, easy depth adjustment, and efficiency.

However, some customers complained that the gun kept jamming.

Dewalt Max Cordless Paper Collated Framing Nailer

Dewalt Max Cordless Paper Collated Framing Nailer

  • Cordless framing nailer
  • Brushless motor and engine for longevity
  • Supports 3 ½” nails
  • The magazine can take a maximum of 55 collated paper nails
  • Initial battery voltage – maximum of 20V when there is no workload
  • Nominal battery voltage - 18V

The Dewalt cordless framing nailer features a drive capability for fasteners of up to 3 ½”, plus has a holding capacity of 55 collated paper nails.

The unit has a dual speed feature that enhances the motor for various nail lengths, and you can choose between a sequential or bumper trigger mode.

The nailer is cordless and powered with a li-ion battery (not included). Another standout feature is the load depth regulation and loading lock for ongoing adjustments while you work.

What customers are saying

This nailer received excellent reviews with most customers praising its efficiency, battery life, and overall value for money.

Still, some customers had issues with the tool not lasting as long as they expected.

Bostitch Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Bostitch Pneumatic Framing Nailer

  • Pneumatic nailer with fastener depth variety of 1 ½” to 3”
  • Sequential or bump trigger mode
  • Includes two nose pieces for fast changing of nails
  • Holds up to 60 plastic collated 21º framing nails
  • Holds up to 60 metal connector nails
  • Operating pressure of 80-120 psi
  • Push button for depth regulation

This Bostitch tool is engineered to easily drive nails into lumber. Its lightweight design makes it effortless to handle and the depth regulation is straightforward with a mere push of a button.

With this nailer, you can quickly transition between metal connector and framing jobs, thanks to the two nose pieces included.

The unit comes with a light magnesium casing with a rubber handle, as well as integrated rubber skid pads to prevent user fatigue.

The fastener depth ranges from 1 ½” to 3”, and you can hang the tool on the joists with the handy adjustable rafter hook.

What customers are saying

This tool received mostly positive reviews with customers commenting on its efficiency, easy nail changes, and depth adjustment.

Some customers, however, had issues with the tool jamming.

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

  • Supports 2 - 3 ½” plastic strip nails
  • Drives two nails a second and 400 nails per charge
  • No ramp up time with faster driving speed
  • Offers recoil equal to pneumatic nailers
  • No air tank needed
  • Switches between bump and sequential trigger mode
  • 3A lithium-ion battery included with safety glasses, quick charger, and contractor bag

This cordless Metabo framing nailer offers the same performance and power as corded tools, making it the perfect choice for construction framing jobs and punch-out applications while on site.

With exceptional unchanging driving power, this beast of a tool can effortlessly drive 3 ½ nails into the most robust lumber.

Its unique air spring drive mechanism delivers equal performance to pneumatic nailers, with no cords getting in the way.

The unit is powered with a lithium-ion battery for longevity, and its ergonomic soft curved handle that was designed for firm grip will keep you comfortable.

The side lock trigger on the handle also prevents any unplanned firing when the tool is being used.

What customers are saying

Customers had a lot of good things to say about this nailer. Many of them raved about its powerful operation, consistency, and cordless design.

Still, some customers had issues with the battery and charger, while others reported problems with nails only driving halfway in.

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The Tacklife pneumatic nailer kit includes a drive pin that ensures perfect nailing every time. The magazine is manufactured from anodizing aluminum for toughness and reliability.

This nailer is perfect for various applications like fencing, pallet building, roof decking, crown molding, baseboards, and more.

You can choose between contact and sequential trigger modes, and the safety nail lockout feature eliminates dry firing.

This nailer kit received excellent reviews with customers commenting on its efficiency, user friendly operation, and value for money.

Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer

The Paslode framing nailer provides enhanced productivity when driving nails into LVL or other hardwood materials.

The tool can operate in temperatures as low as 14ºF, and its lightweight design makes it more comfortable as well as easier to maneuver in constricted areas.

You can look forward to 50% extended run time, thanks to the 7V Li-ion battery that can drive up to 9000 nails with each charge. All in all, this is an excellent buy.

Milwaukee 30-Degree Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

The Milwaukee cordless framing nailer comes with impressive features that offer pneumatic performance and the freedom of a cordless tool.

This model features a powerful performance that can effortlessly sink a full round head or clipped nails into solid engineered lumber during tough framing jobs.

The nailer can fire 3 nails a second with nil ramp up time, and up to 750 nails per battery charge. Now, that’s unbelievable!

Makita Full Round Head Framing Nailer

The Makita framing nailer is a combination of tough performance and robust construction. It can drive 21º full round head collated plastic framing nails into lumber to complete wood framing jobs.

The unit is ideal for various applications, including framing roofs, walls, floors, and more.

You can choose between bump or sequential mode and the lightweight design makes it extremely easy to maneuver.

Hitachi Plastic Collated Framing Nailer With Rafter Hook

The Hitachi framing nailer can be used for contact or sequential nailing and its tool-free drive adjustment offers enhanced flexibility as well as control while fastening into different types of wood.

The open nose design makes it effortless to extract any jammed nails and the nonslip ergonomic rubber handle ensures a firm grip with less user fatigue.

The hardened claw tip acts as protection for the nose and eliminates slippage when you are toenailing or driving at a slant.

NuMax Pneumatic Full Round Head Framing Nailer

The NuMax pneumatic nailer comes with a lightweight yet robust magnesium casing, ergonomic solid handle, and adjustable trigger for fast fire or single shot action.

This tool is perfect for construction workers or DIY tasks. Standout features include depth changing and a no mar tip that makes it flexible enough to work on various surfaces.

The unit can be used for several applications and is made to last. It also includes plastic collated framing nails that are compatible with various nail guns and can be bought in 500 counts.

Paslode Pneumatic Framing Nailer

The Paslode pneumatic framing nailer weighs a mere 5.9 lbs for advanced control and less fatigue while working in constricted or overhead spaces.

This tool easily fits into small spaces and the by-pass follower feature offers fast two step reloading for boosted productivity.

This nailer is ideal for blocking, moving inside walls, and sheathing applications. You can look forward to precision when using this tool as well as fewer misfires or jams.


A pneumatic framing nailer uses compressed air that generates a force to drive nails into lumber.

These units offer a constant power source and are more powerful than cordless or fuel operated options. They are typically lightweight as well because they do not have a battery.

Pneumatic nailers permit rapid firing, which speeds up the framing process significantly.

The only downside to them is the inconvenience of having to drag an air compressor and tote to the worksite.

Cordless Nailers

Cordless framing nailers are battery powered, which makes them heavier, they’re still very popular though, which is due to the convenience they offer.

They do not have to be attached to an air compressor or outlet and can be taken to any work site.

Fuel operated

Even though fuel operated models are less familiar, they’re still a great option. These nailers are powered with a combination of rechargeable batteries and fuel cell power.

They weigh less than cordless models and have a longer run time However,  they give off an unpleasant smell while in use because of the combustion generated by fuel cells.

Power source

Framing nailers are powered by either battery, air compressors, or fuel.

Fuel operated units that also use rechargeable batteries can shoot between 1000 to 1300 nails before the fuel cell needs replacement.

Battery operated units can generally fire about 900 shots per charge.

A pneumatic nailer that is powered through an air compressor can shoot as many nails as required because it has a continuous power source.

Brushed vs. brushless

Battery operated nailers make use of either a brushless or brushed motor. Brushless motors cause less friction making them more efficient because less energy is lost.

Brushless motors are about 85-90% competent, while their brushed counterparts are 75-80% effective.  A brushless nailer, therefore, has greater firing power along with a longer run time.

Framing angle

Framing angle refers to the placement of the nailer magazine which is the long metal section affixed to the head where the nails are stored.

Most nailers feature a magazine that is angled away from its head for better maneuverability.

The most well known framing nailer angles are either 15º, 21º, 28º, 30º, or 34º. You must always purchase nails that match the nailer’s angle.

Keep in mind, nailers with higher angles offer more maneuverability, which is useful for working in restricted spaces.

Nail type

Framing nailers generally use two kinds of nails: clipped and roundhead. The roundhead nails are exactly what the name suggests. They have round heads.

Clipped nails have a head that looks like a chunk was removed from it. With this head, the nails sit flush against one another in the magazine.

Clipped nails are more likely to pull through pieces of framing than roundheads. A magazine holds fewer roundheads than clipped nails because roundheads do not sit flush next to one another.

Stick vs coil nail storage

Stick magazine

These magazines have a lower capacity than coil ones, but they generate a more advanced weight distribution, which makes handling the nailer easier.

Framing nailers that use nails that are packed in long strips, usually need a stick magazine. If you only need to shoot a few nails, then a stick magazine is a suitable choice.

Coil magazine

A coil magazine is needed when a framing nailer uses nails connected with long strings wrapped around. They have more significant nail capacity and their shape permits use in constricted areas.

If you need to shoot hundreds of nails, this magazine is the most suitable option.