The 11 Best Jobsite Radios

The 11 Best Jobsite Radios

The 11 Best Jobsite Radios

The 11 Best Jobsite Radios

I don’t think I’ve been on a worksite that didn’t have a radio.

They add some much needed entertainment to the monotonous daily routines workers endure on site.

Jobsite radios are designed to withstand falls, downpours, and accidental bumps.

Apart from durability, they also have some nifty features like chargers and bluetooth.

Here’s my personal recommendations on which jobsite radios you should consider buying.

Dewalt 20V MAX Portable Radio

Dewalt 20V MAX Portable Radio

  • Powered with a 20V/60V Dewalt FLEXVOLT battery pack and AC power cable
  • Charges at 3amps while plugged into an AC outlet or via Dewalt FLEXVOLT battery pack
  • Bluetooth supported up to a maximum of 100 feet away
  • Comes with 2 extra AC power ports
  • 1A USB port and aux for charging
  • Illuminated blue display

The Dewalt Portable Radio is one of the most useful job site radios available today. It includes both tweeters and woofers, enabling you to enjoy clear sound no matter the volume level.

Its oversized storage box acts as protection against workplace conditions and comes with a 2.1A USB port and aux for charging.

The two AC outlets located on the side are useful for plugging in extra chargers and tools without having to use power outlets on the wall.

You can control the radio from the interface, using the audiovisual remote control protocol (AVRCP). This way you can replay or skip to the next song, even if you’re not next to the radio.

What customers are saying

This radio received plenty of 5-star reviews, with most customers commenting on its long battery life, sound quality, durable design, and quality construction.

Others had issues with the radio not having a bottle opener, as advertised.

Milwaukee Electric Jobsite Radio

Milwaukee Electric Jobsite Radio

  • Powered with M18 lithium-ion batteries
  • Built-in charger
  • Small compartment to store your smartphone and smaller items (weather-protected)
  • Superior speakers
  • 40W amplifier
  • Adjustable equalizer with 10 pre-tuned radio stations
  • Unique electronic bluetooth receiver for streaming wirelessly up to 10 feet
  • Aux and USB ports for charging your phone

The Milwaukee Jobsite Radio has a built-in charger, that enables you to either charge your power tools or supply power to the device.

It features a weather-protected compartment for storing and protecting small items against outside elements. It also has an aux and USB port for charging purposes.

You can enjoy rich and full-bodied sounds with its 40W amplifier, superior speakers, and an adjustable equalizer.

This nifty device also has 10 pre-tuned radio stations and bluetooth connectivity, for streaming your favorite music wirelessly.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this radio were extremely satisfied with their purchase.

Many of them had nothing but praise for its superior volume and clarity of sound, as well as its sturdy design, bluetooth, and charging features.

Still, some complained that the charging station didn’t work after a few months, and the volume was not loud enough to drown out sounds from large machines.

Dewalt ToughSystem Radio & Battery Charger

Dewalt ToughSystem Radio & Battery Charger

  • Bluetooth supported up to 100 feet
  • 4 full-range tweeters, plus an assisted bass resonator, and subwoofer for excellent sound
  • Charging range of up to 20V for Dewalt power tools
  • Rated IP54 for dust and water resilience
  • Can run from a 12 or 20 volt Dewalt MAX Li-ion battery or AC power outlet
  • Nominal battery voltage–18V
  • Aux and USB charging ports
  • LED display showing battery replacement status, charging status, and battery temperature

The Dewalt Radio and Battery Charger is an incredibly durable device.

This device is a stackable and convenient solution, specially designed to deliver clear sound via its wireless bluetooth connectivity (up to 100 feet) or radio functionality.

The radio can run off an AC power outlet or a 12V/20V Dewalt MAX battery simultaneously.

The batteries can be fully charged within 90 minutes and the LED display indicates the battery status, temperature, and charging status.

What customers are saying

This radio and battery charger received excellent reviews. Most customers said it features a crisp and clear sound with no distortion, and many also said they love its bluetooth connectivity feature.

On the other hand, some customers received units with shattered or broken handles and reported unsatisfactory customer support from Dewalt.

2891-20 Wireless Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth

2891-20 Wireless Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth

  • Powered with M18/M12 Milwaukee batteries or AC power outlet
  • USB port for charging in AC and DC modes
  • Features 2 high-definition mid-woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 passive electronic radiators
  • 40W stereo amplifier
  • Water and dust resilient
  • Impact-resilient roll cage
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 100 feet or
  • Auxiliary connection

The 2891-20 Jobsite Speaker with Bluetooth, enables you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone.

You can enjoy peace of mind that your radio is protected against outdoor elements with its robust construction, impact-resilient roll cage, and dust and water resilience.

The unit can connect from up to 100 feet away via bluetooth or you can use its aux connection. It features a very loud volume with zero distortion thanks to its superior-definition mid-woofers.

It also boasts 2 high-range tweeters and 2 passive radiators to enhance its bass volume and clarity of sound.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this radio rave reviews. The majority of them were most satisfied with its bluetooth connectivity range, robust design, excellent speaker, and clear sound.

However, some customers complained that their devices did not pair with the bluetooth, and some weren’t happy with the sound quality of the speaker.

Ryobi AC Dual-Powered AM/FM Stereo System

Ryobi AC Dual-Powered AM/FM Stereo System

  • Can be powered via AC outlet (cable not included)
  • Can also be powered with 18V NiCad battery cells or lithium-ion batteries
  • Various listening options: aux port, wireless bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio
  • 1 USB port for charging MP3 players or smartphones
  • Integrated audio equalizer for adjusting treble/bass
  • Extra auxiliary out port for plugging in additional speakers

Play your favorite music on-site with the Ryobi AC double-powered stereo system. This unit is incredibly versatile with various listening platforms.

You can use the auxiliary port to plug in your MP3 player or smartphone, play any AM/FM radio station, or use the wireless bluetooth connection.

You can also charge your mobile devices via its 2 amp USB port, and enjoy a personalized experience with its integrated adjustable audio equalizer.

Additionally, the radio features an auxiliary out port for plugging in additional speakers. This one is by far the best cheap radio on the market.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this radio say it provides good sound for the price, and they love its sturdy, durable design.

Others had issues with not receiving certain radio channels, and some also had units that stopped working after a short while.

Dewalt Portable Bluetooth Radio With Charger

The Dewalt Portable Radio with Charger has some incredible features that make it ideal for any job site.

The unit is stackable and supports other Tstak products. You can stream music from your smartphone via the Tstak app or utilize its bluetooth technology feature.

You can also enjoy superior sound quality on this radio, and it comes with IP54 water and dust resilience certification for peace of mind. You will not go wrong buying this one.

Sangean U4 Rechargeable Digital Tuning Radio

This Sangean Radio offers versatile listening platforms. You have access to FM-RBDS/AM weather alerts, aux, bluetooth connectivity, and various pre-tuned radio stations.

The radio’s integrated bluetooth wireless music feature makes pairing easy with an NFC technology that also supports aptX decoding and delivers superior music with low latency.

What makes this radio even more attractive is that it is shock, dust, and rain resilient with an IP64 water and dust resilient certification.

You can also charge your MP3 players and smartphone via the USB port, making it another convenient option.

Ridgid Lithium-Ion Cordless & Corded Jobsite Radio

Any music lover needs a good radio while working. With the Ridgid Jobsite Radio, you have numerous ways to stay entertained on those rough days at work.

This radio can be plugged into an AC outlet, or it can be powered using a Ridgid 18V battery (sold separately). It has an outer shell to protect it against outdoor elements and a handle for portability.

You can also download the Ridgid phone app to control the radio remotely. If you are looking for a sturdy radio that is portable and perfect for job sites, this is the one.

Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Radio

This Bosch Jobsite Radio has a bluetooth range of 150 feet, giving you more flexibility. It also features a subwoofer and 4-way speakers to deliver crystal clear stereo sound.

It has a rubber and aluminum roll cage to offer protection against dust and weather elements and can run off 18V batteries or a 120V AC outlet.

The unit features an integrated battery charger and four 120V power outlets for running other devices and tools. This radio is an excellent choice for rugged job site conditions.

Makita Cordless Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

The Makita Cordless Jobsite Radio delivers crisp sound and boosted compatibility, rolled into one compact device.

This radio is the ideal addition to your job site or workshop, with its excellent sound delivery, compact size, auxiliary connection, and wireless bluetooth connectivity.

The unit is designed to withstand harsh conditions at the job site and comes with IPS65 water and dust resilient certification as well as protective bumpers for impact protection.

Milwaukee M18 Heavy Duty Packout Bluetooth Radio

The Milwaukee M18 Radio has everything you’d want in a Jobsite Radio. It’s fully compatible with any PACKOUT storage system, and its sound system with 10 speakers provides 360° sound.

The unit has bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary input as well as FM/AM radio, and its bluetooth speaker has an integrated M18 charger.

The radio also features a 2.1AH USB port, enabling you to keep M18 batteries as well as your mobile device charged throughout the day.


When choosing the best Jobsite Radio, it is vital to pick one that can withstand the tough conditions of outdoor or indoor sites.

You want to be confident in the fact that it will survive the onset of an unexpected downpour, or a hard bump when it gets accidentally kicked over.

A good Jobsite Radio is durable and built to endure onsite-related abuse on a daily basis.

Water and dust resiliency

The best Jobsite Radios are resilient to dust, impact, and water. They usually have an IP54 dust and water resilience certification.


It is useful to consider Jobsite Radios that can run off batteries as well as AC outlets. This allows you to plug the unit into AC power at the workshop and run it off the batteries while on site.

Powerful speakers

This is an important feature since job sites are usually noisy and you want to be able to hear the music over the noise of power tools and machinery.

Multi-functional design

Some Jobsite Radios are merely for playing music. But, the best ones have storage compartments for storing small items and additional USB ports for charging cordless tools and mobile phones.

Bluetooth connectivity

Most Jobsite Radios can stream audio from your smartphone or tablet via wireless bluetooth connectivity, if the one you’re looking at doesn’t have this feature, look for one that does.