The 11 Best Cold Cut Metal Saws

The 11 Best Cold Cut Metal Saws

The 11 Best Cold Cut Metal Saws

The 11 Best Cold Cut Metal Saws

Cold saws are essentially circular saws that are specially designed for cutting metal.

These saws feature a toothed blade that transfers heat created through cutting to the chips, which are in turn generated by the saw blade. This allows both the stock and blade to stay cool.

In this article, I will recommend and review my favorite cold cut saws on the market.

I’ll also compare these saws to chop saws, and point out some important features to consider before buying.

DeWalt Metal Cutting Saw

DeWalt Metal Cutting Saw

  • Weighs 47 lbs
  • Speed: 1300 RPM (with no load)
  • 15A, 4 horsepower motor
  • Uses carbide tipped blade
  • Cuts quicker than bandsaws and chop saws
  • Durable lockdown pin
  • Spindle lock for easy and fast wheel changes
  • Durable compression spring for effortless movement
  • Fast retracting guard for advanced visibility when cutting

The Dewalt Metal Cutting Saw is incredibly versatile and can cut through various materials, which also includes non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

This saw can cut 4 times quicker than a chop saw, and 8 times quicker than a portable band saw.

The carbide tipped blade keeps the depth of the cut even throughout the life of the blade, and the specially manufactured carbide teeth produce accurate and fast burr free cuts.

The unit also features an ergonomic handle that improves productivity and reduces user fatigue. Your materials also remain secure while cutting with the quick lock vise clamping system.

What customers are saying

Most customers gave this saw excellent reviews, commenting on its solid and stable construction, clean and accurate cuts, safety features, and overall value for money.

However, some customers were not happy with the fence system and clamp. They also mentioned that the saw is not suitable for certain types of materials.

Grizzly Industrial Slow Speed Cold Cut Saw

Grizzly Industrial Slow Speed Cold Cut Saw

  • 10” slow speed cold cutting saw
  • Does not need 240V or 3 phase power to operate
  • Transfers power with durable oil bath gear drive
  • Integrated coolant system
  • Quick action double clamp device
  • Quick angle changing controls
  • Blade is sold separately

The Grizzly superior-quality cold saw does not need 3 phase power or 240 volts to run, but it still delivers impressive cutting capacity.

The unit is equipped with a durable oil bath gear drive for power transfer, a quick action double clamp device, an integrated coolant system, and fast angle adjustment controls.

The blade needs to be bought separately though, as it does not come included.

Baileigh 14-Inch Manual Abrasive Chop Saw

Baileigh 14-Inch Manual Abrasive Chop Saw

  • 14” long blade
  • Maximum of 4300RPM
  • 5 horsepower motor
  • Effortlessly cuts through thin wall tubing
  • 5” vise with taper lock for quick material swaps

The Baileigh Chop Saw is equipped with a miter head which can adjust 45º to the left or right.

The unit also features a cast head and base which are attached to a durable steel cabinet for vibration reduction and prolonged blade life when cutting.

The durable vise with taper lock is ideal for quick material swaps, and the 7.5 horsepower motor needs 220V of 3 phase power.

With such powerful operation, the blade turns at a maximum of 4300 RPM. This saw is perfectly suited for cutting pipes, tubing, angle iron, bar, stock, and more.

You have access to a warranty of 1-year on parts and lifetime telephonic technical support upon purchasing.

What customers are saying

This item received one hundred percent 5-star ratings.

Evolution Heavy Duty 14 Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saw

Evolution Heavy Duty 14 Inch Metal Cutting Chop Saw

  • 15A motor
  • Base of pressed steel for durability and portability
  • Chip deflector
  • Cuts metals effortlessly and squarely each time
  • Miter angle adjustability of 0-45º
  • Fast release device and vise of cast steel for clamping materials
  • Evolution saw blades suitable for materials of any type
  • 3 year warranty

The Evolution Metal Chop Saw is portable and powerful with a 15A motor and a chip deflector to direct the chips away from yourself, resulting in less clean up.

The carbide tipped blade delivers cool and burr free cuts with the latest dry cut technology.

The unit features miter adjustments up to 45º, a cast steel fence and vise, and a fast release device for keeping materials securely in place while cutting.

This is our top choice for heavy duty applications, and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this saw plenty of 5-star reviews. They were most impressed with its powerful motor, incredible performance, clean cuts, and that it cuts through metal effortlessly.

Worx WX801L Mini-Cutter

Worx WX801L Mini-Cutter

  • 3” cutting disc
  • 3 cutting discs and 1 grinding disc included
  • Delivers 19000 RPM
  • Can cut through various materials, including tile, plastic, thin concrete, and more
  • Lightweight and compact design for one hand use

The Worx mini cold saw comes in a compact size but can power through tile, concrete, metal, and plastic with its 20V battery and 19 000 RPM power output.

Its convenient lightweight design allows for one hand operation, and it comes with advanced safety features that include plastic and metal grinding guards.

The metal guard can withstand temperatures of up to 1000º and the plastic guard up to 250º. This tool is incredibly versatile and gets our vote for the best portable cold saw.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this saw excellent reviews. Many of them had nothing but praise for its user-friendliness, lightweight design, versatility, and powerful performance.

Still, some customers had issues with finding replacement grinding wheels for the unit.

Toolman 15-Amp Chop Saw

Toolman 15-Amp Chop Saw

  • Delivers straight cuts or angled ones up to 45º with an adjustable fence
  • Can cut materials with a height of up to 2”
  • Portable design
  • Can cut through various materials like a steel rod, tubing, and pipe
  • Compatible with abrasive masonry blades to cut masonry, brick, and concrete blocks
  • Adjustable vise with a fast release device
  • Cuts with 14” blades with 1” arbor

The Toolman 15A Chop Saw can effortlessly cut through various materials, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The carbide teeth are specially made for delivering quick, almost burr free, and precise cuts. This unit has the most substantial capacity in its class, which exceeds deep cuts.

You can remain safe with its advanced double ETL protection system, and promptly change the cut-off wheels with its fast release clamp.

The unit also features a miter adjustment of up to 45º and is the perfect tool for tough jobs with its resilient design and ventilation system.

What customers are saying

Customers were incredibly satisfied with their purchase. Most of them said that the saw is excellent and delivers precise and accurate cuts.

Makita Metal Cutting Saw

This Makita Metal Saw features incredible performance and can cut through a light pipe, conduit, angle iron, and channel up to 4 times quicker than abrasive cut-off saws

It has a 15A motor at 120V and a fast release fence that can be adjusted to 45º for miter cuts.

The ergonomic handle reduces user fatigue, and the carbide tipped blade is specially designed for producing effective, precise, and practically burr free cuts.

The unit also boasts a lock off switch for preventing accidental starts.

Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw

The Ironton saw comes with a 15A 110V motor and delivers 1450 RPM speed (with no load). This saw can cut 4 ¾” round material and 4 ⅛” square material effortlessly.

The D handle provides added comfort and decreases user fatigue. This saw is perfect for cutting angle iron, pipes, and conduit.

Other features include its tool free guide with 0 – 45º adjustment, fast release vise, lock off switch, durable cast aluminum base, and carbide tipped blade.

MK Morse 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

The MK Morse cutting saw cuts through metal without noise, smell, sparks, or heat accumulation. The unit is powered with a high torque low-speed motor that delivers 1300 RPM.

The carbide tipped blade with 72 teeth can cut through metal studs, pipe, conduit, tubing, and angle iron, plus it comes with safety features for safe operation.

The included blade wrench is conveniently stored on the unit.

Proxxon 37160 Micro Chop Saw

The Proxxon chop saw features a convenient table with a clamping vise to keep your stock secured while cutting. Its table can also rotate, which is perfect for cutting at an angle.

The quiet, yet powerful DC motor transfers power via a belt drive and delivers 5400 RPM. This saw is ideal for chopping or doing miter cuts on wood, non-ferrous metals, and plastics.

Craftsman Chop Saw

The Craftsman chop saw features a 15A motor with the capability and power of maintaining performance and robustness on worksites.

The saw has an RPM of 3800 and its fast release clamp device keeps your stock securely in place while cutting.

Included in the package is an extra large and sturdy steel base for advanced stability, this is useful when cutting through longer stock.

Its lightweight design is another convenient feature, perfect for storage as well as for portability when moving from one site to another.

Cold saws are used for cutting metal and feature either a tungsten carbide-tipped or high speed steel circular blade. They are called cold saws because of their cutting style.

Unlike abrasive saws where a substantial amount of heat is created on the cutting blade and metal, with a cold saw, both stay cold.

The units are fitted with a gear reduction mechanism, as well as a motor for reducing the rotational speed of the blade and providing continuous torque.

Cold saws generate less burr, with no discoloration, sparks, or dust.

They can cut through most non-ferrous and ferrous materials, and are supposed to be used with a flood coolant structure to ensure the blade teeth stay lubricated and cooled.


With cold saws, the coolant transferring process carries heat away and leaves the material cool. However, chop saws generate a large volume of heat.

Speed and functionality

Cold saws operate at a low RPM of about 22 – 88 RPMs and can cut through stock a lot faster than a chop saw which generally runs at approximately 4000 RPMs.

You also have a broad selection of blade tooth choices and RPMs with a cold saw.

This makes it possible to effortlessly cut through both ferrous and non-ferrous material, making it a multi-functional saw.


Chop saws are equipped with abrasive wheels, whereas cold saws use high speed, toothed steel blades that you can re-sharpen.

This is one reason cold saws are more cost effective, you can use the blade multiple times.


Cold saws allow you to make accurate, clean, and milled finish cuts, which means the material does not have to be deburred after a cut.

Chops saws, however, might wander and that would necessitate another operation for deburring and squaring up the materials after the first cut.

What metal you are cutting

The primary distinction you need to look at is ferrous materials with an iron content versus non-ferrous materials that do not contain iron.

The structure of ferrous materials is much harder than non-ferrous materials, so you will require a saw with a powerful motor and carbide or diamond blade to get the job done.

Using the right saw depends on the thickness and type of metal you will be cutting.  Harder material will require more teeth.

Motor power

The blade is driven by the motor and the more powerful the motor (higher RPM), the faster the cut will be with limited bouncing. You will need at least 15A of engine power.

Miter angle

For cutting at an angle, you must invest in the right saw that is capable of doing so.

Coolant system

The coolant system often fails in cold saws, therefore, when purchasing one, check that it has a hose, tank, and pump that will last under pressure.

Chip collection

The best cold saw will not leave any waste behind, but, there is no such thing as a perfect tool. Check that the saw comes with a collection tray for debris and burrs. This will minimize clean up.

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