Slendertone Review: Does It Really Work?

Slendertone Review: Does It Really Work?

Slendertone Review: Does It Really Work?

Slendertone Review: Does It Really Work?

It’s very likely that you’ve come across Slendertone while looking at alternative ways to get a ripped abdomen.

We’ve all tried crunches, other core workout machines, still many of us find it difficult to do.

But the question is, do ab belts really work?

I covered this question in my recent ab belt guide, but the bottom line is yes, depending on how you use it. I’ll discuss this more below.

So should you buy a Slendertone Belt?

In this review, I’ll go into detail about the product, results you can expect, Slendertone alternatives, how to get the most out of it, and more.

Slendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone Connect Abs

  • It is a smart way to tone your abs by connecting to your mobile through an app-controlled belt.
  • In the mobile app, you will find a history of your toning sessions, a personalized coaching program, and reminders.
  • You can wear this under your clothes, and it won’t show.
  • Crafted with nylon in a lightweight and comfortable design.

An alternative way to tone your abs

You don’t need to exert yourself to the extreme in order to get a six-pack. Using this ab belt 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 5 days a week is an alternative way to get the job done.

The belt is made to help you complete your daily training wherever you are and you’ll get further motivation and reminders through the mobile app ensuring you never miss a day.

After turning on the device, you will feel a tingling sensation and then muscle contractions, but it is not uncomfortable, and it is long enough for larger users.

Compatibility and Warranty

The app I was referring to above is said to work on both Android and iOS operating systems.

But before you purchase this ab belt, we recommend finding and downloading the app to check if there are any compatibility issues, as this has been a common complaint among users.

Remember, as well, that this belt is not a magical solution. The belt is made to tone your abs, not to help you lose weight.

Further Recommendations

So, consider keeping a good diet and following an exercise regime for better results. Also, keep in mind that you will need to replace the gel pads after a few weeks.

If you don’t like the product, you can always use the 30-day return policy, and if you have technical problems, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

What we like

  • The mobile app which adds a modern wireless option to the exercise, making it more engaging.
  • The lightweight design you can carry everywhere.

What we dislike

  • The Android app sometimes has compatibility issues, and customer support is not always very responsive to this specific complaint.

Slendertone CoreFit

Slendertone CoreFit

  • Unisex with a lightweight design that you carry around with no problems.
  • Includes ten 30-minute ab toning programs and 100 intensity levels.
  • Activates all 4 muscle groups in your abdominal area with evident results after 6 weeks.

Portable & Lightweight

The Slendertone CoreFit is just as portable and lightweight as the Slendertone Connect Abs. You can use it anywhere, even while exercising, or walking for faster results.

Plus, if you consider the wireless compatibility useless or not worth the investment, this is one of the best standard options in the Slendertone family.

Similarities & Differences

This model boasts a couple of clinical trials that evaluate its effects in the real world.

Its sensation is similar to the Connect version, and you’ll need to change the gel pads in this one as well, but only when they don’t stick anymore, which is somewhere after 65 uses.

This particular belt hits more muscles but delivers a weaker muscle contraction compared to other versions.

Still, it’s pretty powerful as it is and turns off automatically after half an hour, leaving the well-known sensation of muscle tension you feel after a workout.

It works better on leaner people but has an extension belt for larger men and women.

Also, consider that you need to place the gel pads precisely where it shows in the instructions. If they are too high, it feels bad on your ribs, and when it’s too low, the contraction is felt in your hips.

What we like

  • Delivers an effective activation and toning exercises without the extra hassle and compatibility issues a mobile app may have.
  • It is portable and comes with its own extension belt for larger users.

What we dislike

  • Some users noticed the intensity levels are lower compared to previous Slendertone versions.

Slendertone Abs7 Abdominal Muscle Toner

Similar to the above, this Slendertone model uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to activate all the muscles in your abdominal area, it is unisex, and the recommended use is 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week.

This one does not depend on a mobile app to operate and it comes with 7 toning programs and 99 intensity levels.

As it is with any EMS technology device, you will also need to replace the gel pads every now and then.

Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner

This Slendertone Abs toning belt works with EMS technology and mimics traditional core exercises like crunches and planks without the strain on your back and articulations.

It is made to tone the abdominal area, and not for weight loss, which is why the manufacturers recommend combining 30 minutes a day of electrical muscle stimulation with a healthy diet and an exercise routine according to your goals.

This belt comes with a charger, a controller, a nice travel pouch, and a set of 3 gel pads that you’ll need to replace either every 30 sessions or when they do not stick anymore.

It also has a 2-year limited warranty, and the usual return policy Amazon offers to its clients will cover you if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Slendertone Arms Muscle Trainer

You can train literally any part of your body with this EMS technology, and that includes your arms.

All you’ll need is a device that allows the correct placing and size of the electrodes according to the muscle group.

That’s why Slendertone has also created a muscle trainer for the arms, specially designed to target biceps and triceps muscles.

Note that this is not a muscle-building device. It is meant for toning and to get firmer and more defined arms.

It has 3 different programs with 99 intensity levels, a set of 4 gel pads, an AC charger, and a 2-year limited warranty.

How it works?

Similar to other ab belts, Slendertone uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology.

They stimulate muscle contraction by sending electric impulses, and this technology has been approved by the FDA for rehabilitation medicine and physical therapy.

The belt delivers these pulses to the rectus abdominis muscle as well as the oblique muscles.

Does it really work?

Many ab belt companies have disappeared because of false promises and unscrupulous marketing claims.

But Slendertone’s technology and claims stood to the test and they are careful to say that their device is made for body toning, which is exactly what EMS technology is good at.

It works to improve your core strength and the firmness of the abdominal area, and yes, it will give you a six-pack if you combine with a healthy diet and physical activity.

How long does the Slendertone take to work?

Results vary widely from one user to another, and depending on your eating habits, baseline fitness levels, and body mass index.

After 4 weeks, most users report feeling a more firm abdomen, and some of them would also reduce an average 3.5 cm of waistline after 8 weeks.

Does it work for toning core muscles?

If your expectations are based on toning your core muscles, you will love your Slendertone belt.

Toning your muscles will make them firmer and stronger, but won’t necessarily increase the size of your abdominal muscles.

The claim that EMS strengthens abdominal muscles is evidence-based and comes from a 2018 study done by the International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science.

In this study, users of EMS experienced a 29% increase in abdominal strength when using a high intensity of EMS 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

Does it reduce belly fat?

Ab belts are not meant to reduce body fat. The manufacturers clearly state that if you want to reduce your size, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet and an exercise routine according to your goals.

Does it work if you’re fat?

Many of us have a six-pack hidden behind a layer of body fat, and the Slendertone won’t change that particular situation.

The results are more visible in slim users, but overweight users may also notice an increase in firmness in the abdominal area, and some weight loss when combined with diet and exercise.

How many calories can you burn?

Muscle contraction burns calories, as well as your heartbeats and breathing movements.

But even if the Slendertone belt stimulates muscle contractions, they are not enough to get a significant calorie output.

The manufacturers themselves state that aerobic exercise is the best way to burn calories, and Slendertone belts are not meant to deliver this type of exercise.

Can they be dangerous?

These devices are cleared by the FDA and tagged as a Class II Medical Device.

In their regulation, the FDA evaluates safety standards in the wiring and electricity use of the device, as well as manufacturing, design, and correct labeling.

Still, the FDA warns that some users may experience skin irritation or burns, pain, or electric shocks.

Slendertone is a great brand, but the Flex Belt is one of its biggest rivals.

This review would be incomplete without considering the similarities and differences of the Slendertone and the Flex Belt.

Both of them are cleared by the FDA and work with the same EMS technology.

They both work with adjustable intensity levels, come with a 2-year warranty and rechargeable batteries. But here’s a list with the most important differences:

  • Flex Belt offers 150 intensity levels against 99 levels in Slendertone.
  • Flex Belt fits in a 56’’ waist, and the maximum waist size in Slendertone is 47’’.
  • Flex Belt has an external rechargeable battery against a built-in battery in the Slendertone models.
  • Flex Belt models are more expensive and actually doubles the price of the cheapest Slendertone.

The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner

If you click the link, you’d notice that the Flex Belt has similar functions, but a rather simple design compared to Slendertone.

It is also unisex and uses gel pads that you should replace after 20 to 30 sessions or when they don’t stick anymore.

It stimulates all the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis, the internal and external obliques, and the transversus abdominis.

Slendertone Before & After

There are plenty of before and after stories from different users with different ages and fitness goals.

Some of them were struggling to stay active at home, others were just trying to tone the abdominal area for a special date.

What all of them have in common is that they are not only using the device passively but trying to live an active life and focusing on diet and lifestyle modifications.

Slendertone Complaints

Looking at bad reviews is important to get a full grasp of other people’s experiences.

As for Slendertone, most complaints have to do with users reporting no results.

In the case of Slendertone Connect, there are many complaints about the functionality and connectivity of the app.

However, if you buy your device with a realistic expectation and by considering what you’ve read above, you’re likely to agree with the majority of satisfied users who mention that it’s easy to use and effective enough to strengthen and tone the abdominal area.

If you want to build your core, there are plenty of alternatives to look out for. Here are some of them:

Ab Machines

These machines are made to facilitate the activation of your abdominal area. They add a bit of a challenge to the exercise and improve your core-strengthening results.

Balance Boards

These boards are pretty simple but somewhat difficult to master. They are your top choice if you need to improve your balance for sports such as skating, snowboarding, and surfing.

Sit-Up Benches

Also known as roman chairs, these benches provide an excellent surface for your crunches, sit-ups, hyperextensions, and other core-strengthening exercises.

They are considerably versatile, and support dumbbell exercises too.

Power Tower Machines

Power towers are made for knee raises, also known as knee-ups. But they are also very versatile, and you can use them to train pretty much all of your upper body.

Slendertone is a great brand. It’s a product that has stayed in the market when many others had to leave.

It delivers EMS technology that tones your abdominal muscles and can be a great buy if you have realistic expectations, follow a healthy diet, and combine with aerobic exercise.

The best thing about core strengthening is that you can do it in your own home.

If you want ideas, here’s a link with my top recommendations to build your own exercise space at home: