The Best Pedestal Gaming Chairs For Consoles

The Best Pedestal Gaming Chairs For Consoles

The Best Pedestal Gaming Chairs For Consoles

The Best Pedestal Gaming Chairs For Consoles

If you’re gaming with a console, it doesn’t make sense to choose a typical pc gaming chair.

For the best gaming experience, my suggestion would be to go with a pedestal gaming chair.

They’re comfortable sitting for long hours and are suitable chairs for kids and adults.

Here’s my list of featured pedestal gaming chairs that have

X Rocker Pro Series Vibrating Leather Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series Vibrating Leather Gaming Chair

  • Manufactured in vinyl and comfortable leather with high-density padding
  • Excellent for lounging, watching movies, or console gaming
  • Features two speakers and subwoofers to enrich your audio experience
  • Chair vibration syncs with the bass tones
  • Wireless audio receiver and RCA stereo outputs
  • Compatible with most consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox
  • Compatible with multi game mode

The X Rocker Pro Series is an upgrade. The manufacturer took customer experience recommendations into account before making much-needed changes to the original chair.

It now comes with 2.1 wireless speakers and is equipped with audio force modulation technology. You won’t see the speakers upfront because they are hidden in the headrest.

The audio control is located on your left, right next to RCA inputs and outputs.

The seat tilts and swivels comfortably, and the support base lifts your knees so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on the floor. It’s also ergonomic, with extra support for the neck and back.

What customers are saying

According to happy customers, one of this chair’s top features is its vibration strength. The subwoofer does a great job in this regard.

It’s also comfortable and provides excellent quality for the price. Minimal assembly will be required, and even iPhones can sync to the system without a problem.

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

  • Features segmented padding and a removable headrest pillow
  • Cup holder on the left arm and side pouch to keep your controllers close
  • Recliner design with a continuous footrest to prevent getting wires caught
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs
  • Maximum recline of 135º and 360º swiveling

The Respawn 900 features an extremely stylish and modern design. Instead of the usual retractable footrest, you get a continuous surface that won’t get your wires caught.

This model does not have an audio system like other pedestal gaming chairs. But to make up for that, you get a higher pedestal and a very comfortable reclining function.

You can adjust the footrest and back recline independently from one another, and even take out or move the headrest pillow if you want.

What customers are saying

According to customers, this is a great chair with a stylish and modern design that looks exactly as depicted in the pictures.

The assembly is easy and the chair is very comfortable, even if you’re not reclining. The surface is easy to clean, but it can get quite hot during the summer.

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

  • Features a complete massage function with 8 modes and adjustable strength
  • 2 massage spots on the lower back and 2 on the upper back
  • Covered with skin-friendly easy to clean PU leather
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest with independent adjustments
  • Comfortably padded with high-density sponge
  • Iron base with 360º swiveling
  • Maximum user weight of 264.5 lbs

This is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy if you’re looking for a built-in massager.

Unlike other gaming chairs with lumbar massagers, this one has massage spots on your upper and lower back.

You can even adjust the degree of intensity and choose between different programs. It has a recline function of up to 140º and is designed to follow the natural curves of the back.

The upholstery is PU leather, which is more breathable than actual leather but may become a bit hot during summer.

It also has a side pouch with a cup holder on the left armrest.

What customers are saying

According to customers, the top feature of this massager chair is the thickness and comfort of its padding.

The massage function is also highly commented on, and most people say it’s a great deal for the price. The assembly is easy, and the quality of the materials are suitable for most.

Ace Casual Pedestal Extreme III Gaming Chair

Ace Casual Pedestal Extreme III Gaming Chair

  • Manufactured with faux leather and stylish fabric
  • Free swiveling function and high back tilt
  • Includes a wireless 2.1 audio with speakers located close to the headrest
  • Amplifies the bass into vibrational audio for an immersive experience
  • Syncs with both consoles and smart devices
  • Compatible with multi game mode
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 275 lbs

Some gamers can’t enjoy their game without good audio.

If that sounds like you, consider this model. It features a 2.1 audio system with 2 speakers, and a 4’’ subwoofer that vibrates along with the bass.

This model also has a special audio force modulation technology that magnifies the sound and improves the quality of the media experience.

The chair itself is ergonomic, with comfortable padding, plus neck and lumbar support. The chair is also foldable and easy to store when not in use.

What customers are saying

According to happy customers, the chair looks amazing and the stereo audio sounds fantastic. The vibration is also great, and the rocking function is comfortable.

The only problems reported by customers is that the armrests are not very sturdy, and the batteries for the wireless audio run out very fast.

Best Choice Products Folding Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products Folding Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable backrest in 4 positions
  • Comfortable for lounging, watching TV, or gaming
  • Lightweight design that you can take from one room to the other without a problem
  • Sturdy base with a maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs
  • Padded with soft cushioning and covered with white linen fabric
  • Foldable design to be easily stored after each use

If you take a good look at this model, you’d wonder why it’s so cheap. Despite its price, it is manufactured with high quality standards.

It not only feels comfortable for gamers, but it will also look great in your living room and any other part of the house.

The materials are high-quality, with breathable and easy to clean fabric. It is also very comfortable and sturdy at the same time.

What customers are saying

According to customers, the top feature is value for money. Most of them agree that it comes at a great price for something so comfortable and stylish.

It fits in perfectly with almost any decor, and most people say it’s truly made with sturdy and high-quality materials.

However, keep in mind that this is not your typical gaming chair design, and it doesn’t have any fancy features.

RESPAWN RSP-800 Racing Style Rocker

This RESPAWN 800 is a stylish rocker chair for console gamers. It is taller than average and covered in bonded leather.

The chair rocks to 118º and the base can support up to 275 lbs. The armrests are also padded, and you can flip them up if they get in your way.

Customers say this chair is extremely easy to assemble. It offers great value for money, looks great, and is actually very comfortable.

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Gaming Chair

This is another pedestal gaming chair with an immersive audio system featuring 2.1 wireless speakers, a volume control located on your right, and an RCA connection.

Similar to other models by X Rocker, this one is also foldable and includes a very comfortable lumbar support.

Happy customers say that this chair is easy to assemble and a great gift for gamers.

Support is among the top features because it is comfortably padded and appropriate for taller individuals.

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This is an excellent rocking chair for gamers. It features a beautiful design and a wireless media experience featuring a 2.1 audio system.

It also swivels freely, and the rocking function is safe and comfortable. There’s additional support on your lumbar area and head, and it comes with a headrest pillow.

You can fold the chair when you’re done using it, and the arms can be flipped up.

What customers are saying

According to customers, the chair is quite easy to assemble. One of the top features is thickness, and you can see why.

It’s comfortably padded and recommended if you have a back problem. However, the design might be too short for taller users.

Furniwell Rocking Gaming Chair

This comfortable gaming chair has a rocking function of 30º with a strong base that can hold up to 300 lbs. The height is adjustable and the armrests can be flipped up.

The chair does not feature an immersive audio system, but it is very comfortable. It also has ergonomic adjustments that other chairs of this category do not have.

Customer reviews are great. They say that the assembly is very easy, and you only need to adjust 8 screws.

Support is one of the top features, and happy customers say that the price is excellent considering the quality.

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

This chair is an excellent option for short people who weigh less than 330 lbs. It has 4 backrest positions with a 360º swiveling base.

It’s padded with a high-density sponge and covered in a soft linen that’s easy to clean. It can also be folded when not in use and will look good in almost any room in your house.

Comfort is one of the top features as well as sturdiness. It is made with excellent materials and will last for a long time as long as you’re not over 330 lbs.

The Giantex gaming chair is an excellent chair for gamers, especially if they are younger and of short stature.