Modway Chairs Review: Which Is Their Best Chair?

Modway Chairs Review: Which Is Their Best Chair?

Modway Chairs Review: Which Is Their Best Chair?

Modway Chairs Review: Which Is Their Best Chair?

Modway produces affordable chairs that would be considered to be in the low to medium range in terms of price.

Look I understand, not everyone has the cash to blow on a high end office chair.

But at the same, you really should be investing in an ergonomic chair.

So the question is, can you get a comfortable chair without paying too much?

And the answer is definitely- but obviously you can’t expect all the ergonomic features like with a high end chair such as Herman Miller.

So how does Modway chairs stack up in terms of ergonomics, comfort, quality, and more?

Find out below in my in-depth review of the company and its chairs.

Modway owns 2 warehouses, one on the East Coast and another on the West. This stretches across 1 million square feet, making it easy for them to ship their products fast and easy.

The warehouse on the East Coast is located in NJ and the one on the West Coast is in California.

In terms of product quality, Modway provides budget items that won’t break the bank yet will still offer something better than the competition.

They offer a wide range of products in every major furniture category as well as mattresses and rugs. They strive to sell modern products that will be perfect for your home.

Modway Articulate Chair Ergonomic Mesh Chair

The design

The Modway Articulate chair comes with a stylish mesh design that will look good in any office or home. The mesh chair itself wasn’t made for tall people but it will accommodate average-sized adults.


Judging by its maximum weight capacity of 331 lbs advertised, it seems that this chair was made to be strong and durable even for heavier people.

However, we did some research and it turns out that the weight limit might be blown out of proportion. According to most people that used it the weight limit is closer to 250 lbs.

In other words, if you’re a heavier set person the seat has a certain bounce to it when you sit down, which could damage the chair.


With regards to comfort, we have to say we really liked the idea of a 6’’ thick seat cushion that’s upholstered in vinyl combined with a mesh back that allows airflow.

However in reality, the seat is not really 6’’ thick, but comes closer to 4’’.

The seat is contoured and feels comfortable for 6-8 hours but starts to hurt after 8-12 hours of sitting. We recommend taking at least hourly breaks when using the chair.


In terms of ergonomics, this is a decent chair for its price point. Its adjustable options will surely help you create a personalized ergonomic workspace.

Compared to some high-end models the Modway Articulate chair is somewhat adjustable.


The seat can be lifted from 19.5’’ to 24’’ off the ground. The minimum height of the seat begins a bit higher than standard chairs so do your measurements before purchasing.

The arms are also adjustable, they go up and down. The height range of the arms is 27.5’’ to 32’’ off the ground.

One thing that is unique about this chair is the tilt system it comes with. The backrest and the seat can both be tilted separately. The seat tilts back, and the backrest can be reclined.

You can also control the tilt tension of the chair with the help of a knob located to the left. The lumbar support on this chair is not bad and you can move it up and down to suit your preference.


The package usually arrives pretty beaten up but most people receive the chair in one piece. Modway could really work on improving its packaging to meet ISTA standards for shipments.

The assembly of the chair should be fairly easy although the instructions that come in the box need some updating. For example, the orientation of the arms is not specified.

There are also 2 different sizes of screws not mentioned in the instructions. The short ones should be used for the base mechanism and the long ones are for the arms.

An upside in the assembly process is the option to adjust the width of the arms.

Another thing that might happen upon arrival is missing or damaged parts, but when you buy through Amazon they are quick to send replacements.

What customers say

People that buy this chair are usually aware that it is a budget option with a few extra adjustable features not usually found in its price range.

However, some people have had issues with the packaging arriving in bad shape, or some components missing.

In terms of everyday use, this chair will be comfortable for most average-sized adults. The heavier a person is the more issues the chair might show.

On the other hand people under 5’3’’ would have a hard time placing their feet flat while sitting because the height of the seat is taller than average.

In terms of durability, this chair stays in good shape. Some customers said that it didn’t show any additional issues even after 2 years of use.

Modway Edge Mesh Back Office Chair

Some of us love armless chairs. So the thing we liked the most about the Modway Edge chair is its flip-up arms that can be moved out of the way when necessary.

This feature will be especially helpful for musicians, gamers, or office workers that want to move closer to the desk. The seat is 19.5’’ wide but it has a lot more potential with the arms flipped up.

It can also be adjusted for height from 18’’ to 21’’ off the ground.


The back, the seat, and the arms are all upholstered with mesh that is breathable and keeps you cool. The seat comes with a waterfall design which eliminates some pressure on your legs.

The sponge cushion on the seat doesn’t do much in terms of comfort and if you’re sitting long hours you might need to consider an additional pillow.

The backrest reclines without moving the seat, this enables you to keep your feet on the ground which is a good thing as it’s important for ergonomics and your blood flow.

According to the manufacturer, this chair will hold 330 lbs.

Modway Attainment Vinyl Seat Office Chair

The Modway Attainment office chair is very similar to the Edge model. It comes with flip-up arms, a mesh backrest, a waterfall seat, and a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

The main difference between the two is the upholstery material on the seat. This one comes with vinyl upholstery which is definitely not as breathable as the mesh upholstery on the Edge model.

On the other hand, if you’re getting chairs for your employees you should know that vinyl is much easier to clean and maintain.

The seat is wider on this model at 20’’ wide and can go 1’’ taller with a height range of 18’’ to 22’’.

This is a durable model with one issue, the arm pads get torn apart after a few years of use and Modway doesn’t offer replacements.

Modway Escape Ribbed Faux Leather Desk Office Chair

The Modway Escape office chair comes with an attractive design and a metal frame with a chrome finish. The seat height is adjustable (19.5’’- 22.5’’) with the help of a lever located to the right.

The armrests are padded and feel comfortable but can’t be moved out of the way. They are fixed to 9’’ off the seat and the waterfall seat is padded with a 2’’ thick foam cushion.

Both the seat and the backrest are upholstered in ribbed faux leather. The Escape model features a passive lumbar area that is not adjustable and offers some level of support.

Overall this is a comfortable executive chair that looks sleek and offers good construction. It is easy to assemble and should take you less than 30 minutes.

One thing to note – the white color is closer to cream shade.

Modway Jive High Back Executive Swivel Office Chair

The Modway Jive chair comes with a higher backrest and an executive look. Both the backrest and the seat are padded and upholstered in ribbed vinyl.

The arms are also padded and cannot be moved. The seat of the chair swivels 360 degrees, and the 5-star chrome base comes with ‘easy-glide’ dual wheels.

The wheels roll smoothly on flat surfaces but don’t perform as well on carpet.


With regards to adjustability, this model can be adjusted for height and the seat can be raised from 17.5’’ to 20’’ off the ground. The tilt tension can also be adjusted with ease.

You’ll be able to recline a bit in this chair and lock it in that position.

Just like previous Modway models the Jive also features passive lumbar support which means the chair is slightly curved in the lumbar area.

This might be good for daily casual use, but it won’t give much support to people who work 8-12 hours with back pains.

The frame was made from metal and has a chrome finish that should withstand 275 lbs. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and should take you about 20 minutes.

Modway Edge Drafting Chair - Reception Desk Chair

If your job requires being in a higher position you’ll need a good drafting chair that can be lifted up to match taller desks. The seat on the Modway Edge can be lifted from 22.5’’ to 29’’ off the ground.

It’s a padded waterfall seat that is 19.5’’ wide, this will be comfy enough for most adults but if you require more room the arms can be flipped up.


Since you’ll be sitting at a higher stance than standard chairs, the included foot ring is more than welcome on this model. It helps you stand up, sit down, and prop your feet so they’re not dangling.

The foot ring is height adjustable and stable, it doesn’t wobble even on the tallest setting.

The backrest is made of mesh which promotes airflow and keeps your body cool. It comes with lumbar support that can’t be adjusted.

The maximum weight capacity on this model is 265 lbs and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty. Overall this chair works for home use but won’t last a long time.

Modway Attainment Vinyl Drafting Chair

The Modway Attainment drafting chair is very similar to the Edge model. They both come with a mesh back and a vinyl seat cushioned with foam.

The padded arms can also be flipped out of the way, you’ll have to push them up until they’re level with the backrest. Both models have a foot ring that can be adjusted for height.


The main differences between the two are the maximum size and adjustments. The Attainment model features:

  • A wider seat that is 20’’ compared to 19.5’’ for the Edge model;
  • A longer backrest that is 20.5’’ compared to 19.5 for the Edge;
  • A larger seat height range that goes from 22.5 ‘’ to 30’’ tall, compared to 29’’ on the Edge.

To be honest, the maximum seat height goes down half an inch when you sit down, so in reality, you get 29.5’’ off the ground.

To achieve the maximum height, lower the seat all the way down, and then raise it back up.

One last important difference between these two is the maximum weight capacity. The Attainment model is a clear winner holding up to 330 lbs of weight, compared to the 265 lbs on the Edge.

Modway Veer Drafting Chair

The Veer model is a decent budget chair that was constructed for lighter people.

The specs of the chair clearly state 331 lbs but we know of some people in the 200-250 lbs range whose chairs broke after only 4 months of use. So if you’re over 200 lbs it might not be safe.

The instructions that come with the chair are pretty clear and straightforward but some complain that they never received them in the package.


The armrests on the Veer can be flipped up and out of the way but can’t be adjusted for height.

The upholstery is nothing to go crazy about but the all mesh backrest allows air to flow and seems sturdy enough to last a long time.

The seat is comfortable for most people but it’s on the firm side. It can be lifted from 21.5’’ to 29.5’’ off the floor.

We have to say that the Articulate model is a decent chair that comes at a much better price than most chairs found at office supply stores.

With that being said it also comes with some drawbacks, especially for heavier set people. So if you’re an average-sized adult that needs a budget chair you might be happy with this one.

However, if you’re a larger and taller adult you might want to look for something else. Modway’s office chairs have a high satisfaction rating among people that understand what they’re buying.

They offer budget chairs that come with a sleek design and some adjustable functionality but in terms of durability, they probably won’t last more than 3-4 years.

Overall, our Modway review shows that they strive to offer a budget product with quality that outweighs its price range. In other words, you might not find better chairs in this price range.