The 12 Best Knee Pads For Trade Professionals

The 12 Best Knee Pads For Trade Professionals

The 12 Best Knee Pads For Trade Professionals

The 12 Best Knee Pads For Trade Professionals

Irrespective of your age or physique, protecting yourself against knee injuries in the workplace is important.

Knee pain is nobody’s friend, but it’s worse if your job involves a lot of kneeling.

Investing in a quality pair of knee pads will enable you to work better for longer, without putting your knees at risk.

Here are my top choices for the best knee pads available on the market.

ToughBuilt Gelfit Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

ToughBuilt Gelfit Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

  • Adheres to the most advanced standards
  • Gel cushion
  • EVA/Elastic buckled calf and thigh straps
  • Ergonomic design to support upper shins, knees, and thighs
  • Made with durable 1650D abrasion-resilient fabric
  • Dual-injected shell with shatterproof plastic and non-slip rubber
  • Lower platforms protect ankles by removing some of the pressure

ToughBuilt Stabilization Knee Pads have set the highest standard of ergonomic knee support on the market. They offer amazing functionality and incredible comfort while working on site.

They also have built-in support pads to keep your knees centered. The support stops your knees from twisting outside of them, thus preventing knee injuries.

The pair’s ergonomic design and gel cushion conform to the natural structure of your upper shin and knee to ensure equal pressure distribution and the perfect fit.

You will have no trouble maintaining movement from side to side and can enjoy maximum stability every time you have them on.

What customers are saying

Customers gave these knee pads great reviews. Most people had nothing but praise for how comfortable and stable they are. Many were also happy that they do not slide off like other pads.

However, larger customers had issues with the size.

ProKnee AP16 Kneepads 1

ProKnee AP16 Kneepads 1

  • Fits all sizes
  • Durable 3-ply, non-skid design
  • Fits perfectly with the fitted live hinge
  • Multipurpose knee pads with 1” foam
  • Helps stabilize knee joints, reducing knee pain

The ProKnee Knee Pads have unique design features and characteristics that ensure the perfect functionality, form, and fit for all workers.

The shape of the knee pad and its level-bottom design is perfect for stabilizing your knee joints and prevents them from wearing out, hence reducing knee pain.

You can enjoy ultimate flexibility thanks to the range on the frame boundary ribbing, even during radical kneeling positions.

These knee pads are one-size-fits-all, so size will never be a problem, and it’s our top choice for workers who do flooring.

What customers are saying

These knee pads received plenty of 5-star reviews, and customers were most happy with their durability, protection, stability, and comfort.

Still, some customers found them to be too bulky which hinders mobility, and some said they do not stay in place.

Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades Rolling Knee Pads

Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades Rolling Knee Pads

  • Narrowed gel cushion for reducing the strain on your knees
  • Unique design that promotes a perfect fit
  • One-strap hook & loop feature to stabilize knee blade
  • 3 non-vitiating strong casters with a load capacity of 80 lbs per caster
  • Ideal for multifunctional applications
  • Manufactured with a strong and lightweight nylon

Milescraft’s Rolling Knee Pads are manufactured to suit various applications, such as auto maintenance, tiling, carpeting, concrete, masonry work, painting low spaces, and more.

These pads are perfect for people who have jobs that demand working on their knees a lot. You can look forward to superior-quality knee pads that promote flexibility, balance, and mobility.

The knee roller design allows you to work extremely close to the floor without placing too much strain on your back.

You can go from knee pad function to knee blades in seconds by merely pushing a button.

What customers are saying

Customers love these knee pads. The majority of them commend its durability, solid base, and extremely comfortable gel pad feature.

Some customers, however, complained about the strap digging into the back of their knees, and causing discomfort right where their knees bend.

Troxell USA - Supersoft XL Leatherhead Knee Pads

Troxell USA - Supersoft XL Leatherhead Knee Pads

  • Soft and flexible leatherhead knee pads
  • Superior comfort and incredible strength
  • Wide high-grade neoprene strap
  • Hook and loop closing feature for quick and easy adjustments
  • Durable cell foam pad
  • No clasps or buckles

Troxell USA’s Supersoft Knee Pads are designed with a unique shape that offers superior comfort, adjustability, and strength.

Its wide single strap is manufactured with superior-grade neoprene and located below your knee to eliminate any pinching or huddling.

You can be a lot more productive with the hook & loop closing feature at the front. This feature enables fast and straightforward adjustments plus eliminates struggling with clasps or buckles.

You can wear these knee pads comfortably with shorts, and the robust sealed cell foam pad will not leak or puncture like their gel counterparts. These pads are our top choice for electricians.

What customers are saying

These Supersoft Leatherhead knee pads received mostly 5-star reviews, with customers commenting on its long-lasting design, superior quality, and comfort level.

Others had issues with the craftsmanship and materials used, and say it did not last as long as expected. Some also didn’t like that only one knee pad was included in the price, and not a pair.

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The Dewalt All-Terrain Knee Pads are manufactured by a well-known brand and boast some of the most incredible features, making them an excellent option to consider.

This pair has thick foam padding as well as gel surrounding your knees,  flexible rubber straps to promote optimal mobility, and a neoprene liner to keep you comfortable during long workdays.

Its air cushion pockets stabilize your knees and offer protection despite rough, uneven surfaces. These knee pads can also be used on all terrains, making them a superior choice.

What customers are saying

Most customers were extremely satisfied with the accordion-style covers that increase stability and the rubber straps for ease of use.

Many also commented on its durability, comfort, and value for money.

Still, some people said the fixtures that keep the straps in place break easily, and others found them uncomfortable to wear with shorts.

LIFT Safety Apex Gel Knee Guard

The LIFT Safety Apex Knee Guard features advanced enclosed gel inserts that conform to your kneecap and patella, improving protection and stabilization.

The centered support strap at the top can be removed and prevents bending, and the TPR shell tracks offer firmness on all types of surfaces while working.

The knee guard also boasts an adjustable 2-strap feature, a ballistic nylon abrasion-resilient build, a roll-off design for hard surfaces, and textured TPR kneecaps for advanced traction.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

The NoCry Knee Pads enable you to enjoy knee protection on any hard surface with its gel cushion and strong EVA padded design.

They provide ergonomic support and feature superior-quality materials that allow you to kneel for extended periods without experiencing knee pain or feeling uncomfortable.

The durable poly shield keeps your knees protected against painful cuts and scrapes even on rough terrain.

These knee pads are designed with non-slip features as well as adjustable elastic straps that have slip-buckle clips for quick adjustment and straightforward wearing.

Knee Pads for Work By Recoil

These heavy-duty knee pads from Recoil enable you to work for hours on end while reducing your risk of injury on site. It also has several incredible features, making it a worthy option to consider.

This pair has a patented coil-spring design to reduce pressure on your knees, secure and soft straps to eliminate chafing or digging into your legs and a durable design with several accessories.

These knee pads are suitable for various types of workers, including roofers, tilers, joiners, floor layers, and other jobs that require kneeling for extended periods.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

The Klein Tools Tradesman Knee Pads are manufactured with durability and comfort in mind. They include 5 protective layers that promote stability, impact-resilience, and comfort.

These pads also feature a single strap that won’t bundle behind the knee. The fabric layer inside consists of neoprene, molded polyurethane foam, and impact-resilient gel.

The knee pads can be promptly fastened with its quick-fastening buckles, and the strong outer fabric layer prevents slipping incidents. All in all, an excellent choice in knee pads.

Troxell USA - Super Soft Camo Knee Pads

Troxell USA’s Camo Knee Pads provide incredible comfort to those working on their knees for extended periods. After a while, people even forget they’re wearing them.

This pair features patented Troxell USA technology to offer premium protection and comfort. The pads are packed and shipped in pairs which helps to avoid any shipping errors from occurring.

Customer reviews were excellent for this one, with several people saying that these are the best knee pads they have ever bought.

Sellstrom KneePro Knee Pad

The Sellstrom Knee Pad has been around for over 30 years and is often considered the most comfortable and safest knee pad available.

This one can be utilized for various heavy-duty applications, including but not limited to construction, industrial, DIY, tactical, welding, and roofing.

Standout features include a durable external shell, an incredibly soft gel+foam padding, and a metal rivet hinge for effortless adjustability and flexibility.

Gundlach Super-Soft Knee Pads

These Super-Soft Knee Pads have been manufactured with 100% washable neoprene fabric, and offer curved foam inner pads that provide superior comfort while kneeling.

They are easy to put on and take off, with a single 3” wide fastening Velcro strap in front. An added feature on this pair is the non-binding straps that fit right under the knee for prevention of chafing.

These knee pads are suitable for various applications, such as gardening and landscape, tiling, painting, plumbing, flooring, and more.

The interior and straps have a leather covering for added toughness, and it won’t scratch your surfaces.


The material of the knee pad you purchase is vital. Most knee pads feature either soft gel inside, EVA foam padding, strong ballistic nylon, or PVC.

The more robust the material, the more protective the knee pads will be against undesirable conditions. For instance, getting your knee struck by an object while working in construction.

Protective layering

Another important feature to look for in knee pads is the protective layering that protects you against different kinds of scrapes, knee injuries, and bruises.

Superior quality materials in this aspect will ensure durability and save you from having to replace your knee pads frequently.


Knee pads must be hard-wearing and durable enough to withstand the ongoing applied pressure and punitive impacts associated with the workers who wear them.

Knee pads get dirty after a while, and they will require washing. This can cause the stitching to tear which could damage the knee pad or reduce its effectiveness.


Make sure the knee pads you choose have adjustable straps. A common issue on-site is knee pads that are not fully adjustable, causing it to slip and become ineffective.

Also, if a strap is too loose or too tight, it can become irritating very quickly and hinder productivity.