The 10 Best Gas Detectors For Workplaces

The 10 Best Gas Detectors For Workplaces

The 10 Best Gas Detectors For Workplaces

The 10 Best Gas Detectors For Workplaces

An effective gas detection device can spell the difference between life or death.

These devices work in various ways, contingent on the type of gas they are designed to detect.

They are must-have tools in the workplace that are designed to detect any signs of toxic or combustible gas and set off an audible alarm.

In this article, I will recommend my preferred gas detectors that are available

Corentium Home Radon Detector

Corentium Home Radon Detector

  • Battery-operated (batteries last up to 2 years)
  • Electronic radon tester
  • Assess your work environment without the need for an electrical outlet
  • Access to temporary on-screen results and reports based on the data
  • Superfast results for short term or long-term results

Radon levels keep changing, but with the Corentium Home Radon Detector, you can test for radon levels in your workplace and have access to the results in 24 hours or less.

There is absolutely no need to send samples to a lab or pay any additional fees.

This device was created by CERN particle physicists and features an innovative radon testing sensor that provides accurate and fast results.

You can continuously monitor your office space to obtain both long and short term averages, ensuring your workplace is a safe environment to work in.

Included with your purchase is the detector, a getting started guide, 3 AAA batteries as well as 12 months of Airthings support.

What customers are saying

This item received tons of excellent reviews with most customers commenting on how easy the setup is and how accurately it detects.

However, some people received units that were either not working or not calibrated, thus showing incorrect results.

UEi Combustible Gas Leak Detector

UEi Combustible Gas Leak Detector

  • Picks up detection levels starting from 50ppm methane
  • Features an 18” gooseneck for accessing difficult to reach spaces
  • Adjustable visual TiCo rate and audio feature
  • Built-in sensor for accurate readings of possibly toxic combustible substances
  • Tip light in the sensor provides a light source in the leaking areas
  • Straightforward single-hand operation
  • Headphone jack included

The UEi Gas Detector is the perfect choice if you need a device that can identify any possible toxic and combustible substances present in your workplace.

Gas leaks can happen suddenly due to poor fittings, connections, and seals, or insufficient welds. These leaks are often hard to detect and can become a pricey affair.

We recommend this gas leak detector for home inspectors, HVAC technicians, firefighters, maintenance companies, plumbers, and more.

This nifty device quickly identifies combustible gases that could potentially compromise the health of everyone involved.

What customers are saying

The majority of customers gave the UEi gas detector exceptional reviews. They commented on its efficiency, quality, simple operation, and excellent results.

Others had issues with devices that stopped working after a while and didn’t like that they had to return it themselves for repairs.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Detector

Kidde Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Detector

  • Convenient plug-in design
  • Advanced technology
  • Detects methane and propane levels
  • Protects your employees from toxic explosive gases and carbon monoxide
  • A loud 85 dB alarm is triggered whenever a possible issue is detected
  • Electronic display for showing active carbon monoxide levels
  • Highest level detection - memory feature
  • Includes 2 alarms – 1 for carbon monoxide detection and another for explosive gas
  • 3 mounting choices

The Kidde plug-in gas detector is a suitable choice for people who want to protect their workplaces and homes from 2 toxic treats, explosive gas, and carbon monoxide.

The device includes a 9V battery which acts as a backup during power outages.

The unit is easy to operate and with the simple press of a button, you’ll be able to view the highest CO level documented from the previous time it was unplugged or reset.

The ongoing electronic display shows current carbon monoxide levels and the unit can also pick up any gas levels that are present.

The metal oxide sensor is made for detecting propane or methane levels. This is our favorite option for office use and a convenient feature is that you can mount it in 3 different ways.

What customers are saying

This gas and carbon monoxide detector received mostly 5-star reviews with actual customer testimonials of how the unit detected gas leaks and helped save their lives.

Still, some customers had issues with their units not picking up gas levels.

Google Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide Detector

Google Nest Protect Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Manufactured in the US
  • Smoke and CO detector that notifies you once detected
  • Sends out phone alerts
  • Tells you when carbon monoxide levels are detected and where it’s coming from
  • Silence alarm feature on the app
  • Tests the batteries and notifies you when they are running low

The Google Nest Protect CO Detector sends out an alert whenever it detects carbon monoxide, quick-burning fires, or smoldering fires.

The unit instantly sends a text message to your phone as soon any smoke or CO levels are detected and it can last for up to 10 years.

It features a split-spectrum sensor that can detect any fire and even sends a notification when battery power is low. The alarm can also be deactivated from an app on your phone.

Just keep in mind the mobile alerts only work with Wi-Fi and internet connection. All in all, this is a great buy and a suitable choice if you’re looking for the best smart gas detector.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this device gave it excellent reviews. They had nothing but praise for its solid design, low-battery warning feature, easy setup, and convenient app.

However, some customers had issues with false alarms or alarms not going off when it was supposed to.

No products found.

No products found.

This unit is an ideal choice for people who prefer a gas detector that can withstand more rugged terrains, for instance, those who love to travel in RVs, trucks, fifth wheels, etc.

The unit boasts impressive technology with a button to mute the alarm once the RV has been ventilated. The alarm reactivates as soon as toxic amounts of propane are detected.

You won’t have to worry about replacing dead or missing batteries anymore as the unit requires 12V installation.

All in all, a good buy and our top choice for the best propane gas detector.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this gas alarm plenty of 5-star reviews, they mentioned using it as a direct replacement for their old units and say the installation was quick and easy.

They also say that you must read the instructions before installation because the unit will not work if your RV battery is weak or dead.

Some customers said the unit comes with an expiration date and they were disappointed that some of their units had lapsed time already and will therefore expire before 5-years.

BW Technologies Gas Alert Detector

This gas alert detector has a compact, slim, and easy wear design. It is a cost-effective solution that provides protection against toxic gas hazards.

This unit is perfect for use at the workplace, especially if you want something that can measure oxygen, monoxide, H2S, and combustible gas levels in industrial locations.

The unit is easy to operate with one hand and has impressive features that include a green IntelliFlash feature for visual compliance, an LCD screen, an air monitoring function, a testing & calibration system, and innovative software.

Airthings Wave Plus - Radon & Air Quality Monitor

Airthings are specialists in the radon gas detection field. They have manufactured the Wave plus radon & air monitor which is an ideal solution for both businesses and homeowners.

The device monitors air quality and checks for any toxic substances.

It has 6 sensors that each check for indoor air issues such as carbon dioxide, airborne chemicals, radon, temperature, air pressure, and humidity.

You can download the free Airthings app to gain access to comprehensive analytics and the unit has a battery that lasts for up to 16 months.

Vzmcov Rechargeable Portable Gas Detector

Vzmcov specializes in developing and producing gas detectors that are of superior quality, at affordable prices.

The Vzmcov portable gas detector provides a 4-in-1 solution to help you protect your employees’ property and health.

This multiple gas detector features progressive assimilated circuit technology and excellent quality gas sensors as well as repeatability, sensitivity, and embedded micro-PC control.

The unit is ideal for robust industrial work environments.

Yvelines Air Quality Tester

Unlike other models on the market that can only detect PM2.5, formaldehyde, and other standard values for 3-6 hours.

The Yvelines tester is versatile and can measure several values simultaneously (CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, PM10, and HCHO).

This unit can run for 8 to 12 hours when fully charged and features everything you need to test the air quality in different environments for prolonged periods.

Added features included its LCD color display, easy to read numbers, light indication for air quality, and instant notifications when unsafe substance levels are detected.

XLA Alert Portable Gas Detector

This gas detector arrives calibrated for testing oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, explosive gas, and monoxide levels.

You’ll be able to choose between 2 methods of calibration: span calibration or zero calibration.

The unit also features adjustable alarm modes (vibration, audio, and visual alert) and is water, explosion, and dust resistant.

Other features include its extensive data storage capacity, real voice, alarm values recording, user-friendly operation, and 100% safety guarantee.

Handheld probes

These models usually pick up volatile gases in surrounding areas and show the gas concentration levels on the meter.

They are ideal for performing safety checks after new gas installations because they don’t run continuously.

These units are not suitable to use as a substitute for smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.

Stationary gas detectors

Stationary gas detectors are typically installed up high, either on a ceiling or wall. They detect combustible gases and gas leaks. Some models can also detect smoke.

These units are either hardwired to your electrical system or battery-operated and run continuously.


Gas leak detecting sprays are only efficient if you can spray it directly on the precise spot where a possible explosive leak is happening. That’s why we don’t recommend using them.

Gas leak detection pens

Gas leak detection pens are used for detecting combustible gas.

Since they can only detect the gas once you are near the source we do not recommend using them. These units do not run continuously and are unable to pick up carbon monoxide.

Gas type

It is important to know which gases can be identified by the unit and which gases can’t.

Some gas detectors are multi-functional and can detect various types of gases and smoke, while others can only detect one specific gas.

Keep in mind, unless the device specifications clearly state that it will detect CO levels, it won’t.

UL approved

It is advisable to choose a gas detector that has the UL approved mark listed to give yourself self-assurance and peace of mind.

UL listings verify that the unit meets safety standards and has undergone rigorous third-party testing and analysis.

Expiration date

Most units have an expiration date, meaning they are designed to work efficiently for a specific period of time. It is recommended to replace the unit before the expiration date.

Battery life

When choosing a device, ensure it has a battery power indicator.

The detectors must also be tested every month and the batteries should be tested every year to ensure the units are in good working order.

If the detector is a sealed unit, it must be replaced entirely when the battery fails.

App/Smart home integration

It’s worth looking at whether the gas leak detector you’re buying can be integrated with a smart home system, especially if you already have other smart home appliances installed.

In the event of a gas leak detection, do the following:


Once you’ve detected an odor that indicates a natural or propane gas leak, evacuate your workplace or home immediately and contact your local gas professional from outside.

Avoid trying to locate the origin of the gas leak yourself.

When a carbon monoxide detection alarm goes off

Make sure everyone is out of the vicinity, including pets. Also, ensure that they are now outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Call your nearest fire department and only enter the vicinity when they give you the go-ahead.

Don’t switch anything off or on

This includes anything from thermostats and appliances to light switches and doorbells. It could result in a spark that can ignite combustible gases.

Avoid ventilating your workplace or office

Wait for the utility company or fire department to locate the source of the leak.


Gas detection devices are incredibly useful tools to have at your workplace or home as they ensure the safety of your family or employees.

We hope you have found this post helpful and that you will consider our top recommendations and tips when shopping for a gas detector for your workplace.