The 10 Best Spill Kits For All Types Of Workplaces

The 10 Best Spill Kits For All Types Of Workplaces

The 10 Best Spill Kits For All Types Of Workplaces

The 10 Best Spill Kits For All Types Of Workplaces

Spills are inevitable in the workplace and that’s why you need well documented clean up plan.

And part of any plan is having an appropriate spill kit.

These kits are designed to clean and absorb different types of spills quickly and easily.

In this guide, I will explain the different types of kits and which one’s are most appropriate for your workplace.

I’ll also recommend some highly effective spill kits to purchase.

New Pig High Visibility Mobile Spill Kit

New Pig High Visibility Mobile Spill Kit

  • Durable 8” rubber wheels
  • Superior quality absorbents to clean residue on hard-wearing surfaces
  • Pre-packaged container for storing all contents
  • Handles for increased portability
  • The container is made from 100% polyethylene
  • Lightweight design

The Pig Mobile Spill Kit comes with durable rubber wheels for effortless mobility.

The container is bright yellow in color which makes it extremely visible, the lettering helps with easy identification, and the hinged lid offers easy access.

The Pig absorbents and disposal bags are perfect for a quick and easy cleanup and can absorb water, coolants, and solvents. The unit’s spill capacity is 30 to 49 gallons.

SpillTech Universal Overpack Salvage Drum Spill Kit

SpillTech Universal Overpack Salvage Drum Spill Kit

  • Can absorb coolants, water, oils, and coolants
  • Superior absorbency
  • 30-gallon drum for transporting
  • A twist-on leak-proof cover for easy access

The SpillTech Universal Drum Spill Kit includes various absorbent materials to clean industrial spills quickly and effectively, thus preventing any slip and fall incidents.

With this kit, you’ll be able to keep your work area hygienic by cleaning multiple liquids easily. This includes water, oils, solvents, and coolants.

The kit features a superior absorbency of up to 25.6 gallons and is equipped with a 30-gallon leakproof overpack retrieval drum with a twist-on lid to help transport materials safely.

Included in the kit

Included in the spill kit are defender pads, nitrile gloves, sorbent pillows and socks, a guidebook for emergency response, safety goggles, disposable bags tamper resilient seals, a 30-gallon retrieval drum, and a vinyl label.

Customers gave this kit excellent reviews with most people saying it works well and is worth every penny.

Brady SPC Lab Pack Oil Only Spill Kit

Brady SPC Lab Pack Oil Only Spill Kit

  • Spill kit with 55-gallon capacity
  • Meets with UN regulations
  • Multiple applications
  • Each bundle includes the necessary pillows, pads, socks, and PPE
  • Absorbs oil only
  • Absorbency: 126-174 gallons per bundle

The Brady SPC Spill Kit is suitable for absorbing oil only and can be used for medium size spills. This kit complies with UN specifications and can absorb 30 gallons.

If you’re looking for a mobile kit that has more than 1 purpose, this kit has 4 variations, therefore you will find one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Every kit includes pillows, pads, socks, nitrile gloves, goggles, disposable bags, and an emergency response booklet.

Rest assured all oil spills can be addressed promptly and effortlessly with this spill kit. We recommend this product as the best large oil kit.

AWF PRO Portable Spill Kit

AWF PRO Portable Spill Kit

  • Portable spill kit
  • Perfect for getting rid of oil, gasoline, solvent, paint, grease, and other industrial spills
  • WYK super sorbent for absorbing and disposing of spills
  • Can be used as a traction agent on walkways, floors, ramps, etc

The AWF PRO comes with WYK Super Sorbent and is the perfect portable spill kit for cleaning up spills anywhere at any time.

It can be used at various types of workplaces such as food processors, refrigerated and cold storage trucking, aircraft refueling and repairs, chemical blending, manufacturing, and more.

The WYK Super Sorbent is non-biodegradable and designed for soaking up oil and liquids immediately, leaving your work area safe, dry, and anti-slip once again.

This spill kit can absorb and turn the following into non-toxic waste materials:  hydraulic and heating oils, solvents, gasoline, paint, and grease.

However, it’s not recommended for use on HF compounds or hydrofluoric acid.

Included in the kit

This kit includes a strong nylon bag, universal sorbent cartons, neoprene chemical gloves, spill pads, spill socks, hazmat throwaway bags, and goggles.

You no longer have to deal with frustrations surrounding messy spills that require skilled cleaning.

Customers rated this product extremely well. They love the portability and quality of the spill kit and say that it contains everything you need.

Extra Heavy Duty Pig Mat

Extra Heavy Duty Pig Mat

  • Extremely durable mat for industrial use
  • Made with thermally fused layers of polypropylene
  • Unique dimple pattern for easy and quick cleans
  • Can absorb various liquids and oils
  • Manufactured with flame resilient material
  • Easy tear punctures enable you to avoid wastage
  • Lightweight design, suitable for small clean-up tasks
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Can absorb up to 22 gallons a box

If you’re looking for a durable absorbent mat, consider the Heavy Duty Pig Mat. This mat contains 8 sheets of 100% thermally glued polypropylene.

Its material is designed to be rip, fray, and tear-resistant even when soaked. It has a unique dimple pattern that makes clean-up a lot easier and quicker.

The mat can absorb coolants, water, oils, and coolants effortlessly. No liquid or residue is left behind after using this incredibly absorbent, flame-resistant mat.

The mat also comes with a dispenser box for storage, moving, and keeping it protected against moisture and dirt while not in use.

An added feature is the easy-tear punctures that enable you to tear off only what is needed, saving you money in the process. This mat gets our vote for the most absorbent mat.

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A universal spill kit is a must-have item for every workplace because it could change the potential outcome of a spill incident at work.

A spill kit that is appropriately stocked, used, and maintained can safeguard natural resources and avoid a catastrophe in the workplace.

It can also prevent your business from pricey clean-up fees, getting fined, or tainting your good reputation.

The AABACO spill kit is ideal for use in automotive shops, workshops, labs, garages, pesticide companies, and more.

Included in the kit

Everything you need is stored in a yellow tote bag for quick access.

This kit is perfect for getting rid of small spills and contains 10 universal pads, 2 socks, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, a tamper-proof seal, 1 disposable bag, and safety instructions.

The kit is ideal for trucks since it’s easily accessible in emergency spill situations. Customers loved it and agreed that it’s good quality, reasonably priced, and does what it is supposed to.

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This 20-gallon universal spill kit is eco-friendly and has everything you need for cleaning and absorbing inevitable grease and oil spills in the workplace.

This spill kit provides great value for money and includes an overpack drum with a 30-gallon capacity, hazmat absorbent pads, socks, and pillows, safety goggles, and chemical gloves.

The sorbent socks, pads, and pillows lower the risk of contamination and prevent spilled materials from spreading further.

You can use this compact and lightweight kit for most purposes, with a maximum absorbency of up to 36.6 gallons.

New Pig Original Absorbent Sock

This Absorbent Sock is hard-wearing and lightweight. It has a polypropylene tear-resilient skin that absorbs liquids even when soaked.

You can absorb anything, from solvents to oils, water, and coolants. However, it is not suitable for holding substantial amounts of liquid.

This option is a cost-effective and tough solution for everyday safety and leak-proof protection.

Stardust Spill Products D710 Quick Response Spill Kit

You can carry the Stardust Quick Response Spill Kit with you when you’re traveling or leave it in designated areas that pose potential spill risks.

The kit includes a duffle, safety goggles, Stardust dispensers, a broom handle and head, disposable bags, and a small brush/dustpan combo for prompt and effortless cleaning.

The cleaning agent works instantaneously on non-toxic or toxic semi-liquids (standard greases) on most hard surfaces.

The USDA approval on this kit means it can be utilized at food processing plants as well.

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This 95-Gallon container comes with wheels for mobility and is made with high-density polyethylene as well as durable steel fittings and handles.

The kit includes 4 suits, 10 disposable bags, nylon bag, 4 boot covers, 8 sorbent socks, 4 chemical gloves, 9 sorbent pillows, and an emergency response booklet.

It can be used to absorb fluids that are both non-aggressive such as water, oils, glycols, etc.  and aggressive such as caustic solutions and acids.

It is essential to keep your workplace free from spills, especially when it is subjected to toxic and hydrocarbon exposure. In this case, spills need to be addressed quickly and effectively.

Accidental spills can happen at any time and spill kits absorb and discard any hazardous chemicals to prevent them from spreading into surrounding areas and the environment.

These kits are an affordable and effective solution for cleaning up oils, water, coolants, fuels, and more.

In some workplace environments, a spill kit is actually a legal requirement, usually in companies working with biohazards.

General purpose

These are the most common spill kits. They are ideal for general use when cleaning and absorbing non-toxic liquids.

These kits are usually used for getting rid of water, antifreeze, coolants, and solvents.

Marine purpose

These kits are also referred to as fuel and oil spill kits. They are designed for eliminating oil-based liquids and grease.

They are generally water repellent, therefore perfect for water bodies such as dams or oceans.


These spill kits are recommended for workplaces that are prone to hydrocarbon spills or other toxic chemicals, usually manufacturing industries and plants.

Spill kits can be purchased in various styles, shapes, and sizes, each one designed for specific uses and situations.

Portable kits can latch onto any surface if you need to keep them on site until needed and they generally range from 20 to 200 liters in capacity.

Type of liquids

Selecting the wrong spill kit can have costly and disastrous outcomes. It is essential to be familiar with the type of liquids at your facility that needs absorbing in case of a spill.

Spill kits are typically obtainable in these three categories:

  • Universal – for absorbing coolants, water-based liquids, oils, and non-corrosive liquids.
  • Oils – these kits are only for oil-based spills.
  • Chemicals – these kits are for absorbing liquids that are corrosive or spills of unknown origins.

The amount of liquids

Before investing in a spill kit, you must first evaluate the largest volume of fluids that can be released from a holding tank or container.

If drums are used for storage, you’d need drum contents, typically 55 gallons or 30 gallons.

If liquids are kept in totes, it would be the total volume of the biggest tote, typically anything from 200-500 gallons.

How to clean a major spill

When there has been a substantial spill, it’s not always advisable to soak up the complete spill content.

Instead, use a spill kit with drain covers, or non-absorbent dikes, to assist with channeling or containing liquids and then collect it with pumps or vacuums.

After the majority of the spill is removed, you can use the absorbents to remove the rest of the mess.

Your workplace space

Some businesses have spill kits stored in all areas that are susceptible to spills, like storage areas for drums, waste fluid retrieval stations, loading docks, etc.

Others prefer to install only a few kits that are portable and taken to areas where a spill occurred. Containers with wheels are designed to make the larger kits easier to move.

You must consider which options would be most suitable for your workspace.

For instance, a large 80 lbs spill kit is ideal for warehouse applications but not easy to move long distances.  A portable kit would be a more appropriate choice in that case.

Where to store the kit

There are no specifications regarding what must be included in a spill kit, or what its appearance sh

If you have spill kit containers already at your facility, you can simply buy a refill kit.

However, if you do not have containers, it is best to invest in a spill kit that includes a wheeled drum or container for storing the spill kit. This will grant easy access and portability.