Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill Review

If you’re searching for a sturdy and functional mid-range treadmill for home, Horizon Fitness is a brand definitely worth paying attention to.

The Horizon Fitness T202 is a popular mid-range treadmill that’s apart of the company’s entry level “Go Series” models.

In this review, I will give you my thoughts on the company and their range of treadmills.

Horizon Fitness is a great brand for those who aren’t interested in fancy gym equipment and find it hard to understand why people pay extra for features they don’t really use.

They offer no subscriptions and no lock-ins, just the real deal.

The company builds sturdy and fully functional machines that have everything you need to start a new workout routine at home.

They also offer a great warranty and have a very high average customer rating of 4.5 stars backing them up as a reliable source of gym equipment.

Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced

Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced

  • Controls your workout with a free app easily synced with the treadmill
  • Includes a convenient device holder and a USB port to charge your mobile
  • Large running belt of 20x60” and a total weight of 187 lbs
  • Includes shock absorption technology in a cushioned deck with 3 areas
  • Recommended user weight is 325 lbs or less
  • Includes intuitive one touch keys to adjust the incline and speed
  • Features a powerful, smooth, and very quiet motor

This is an excellent treadmill with a bluetooth connection and a free app. There are no subscriptions nor further payment required.

It has a device holder with integrated stereo speakers that enable you to listen to your music or any other streaming media effortlessly.

Another feature to highlight is its 2.75 CHP motor, which offers proper and smooth functionality without any unpleasant noise or lag.


The machine’s incline options go up to 12%, with a top speed of 12 MPH. It also offers 12 programs built into the machine and independent from any external app.

Additionally, this model has an Advanced Goal Center with a 31 day exercise chart to help you keep track of your long term goals.

It comes with a 1 year parts warranty and the treadmill can easily be folded.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are favorable, and most satisfied people say that this treadmill is extremely easy to fold with a very low noise level.

Sturdiness is another top feature, and customers say it’s an affordable treadmill with a powerful incline option, and versatile speeds, appropriate for walking, jogging, or running.

It’s also very easy to assemble and use with a straightforward and intuitive panel.

Horizon Fitness 7.4 Advanced Training Studio Treadmill

This is another model from Horizon Fitness, also featuring bluetooth connectivity to sync your mobile with running classes or any other stream.

It comes with integrated speakers so you can easily listen to your music or fitness class, and it automatically sends stats from your exercise to the synced apps on your mobile.

Similar to other models, this one comes with a sturdy device holder and a USB port to charge your mobile or tablet.

You can change the speed and incline with its quick option panel, or by using the convenient dial control found on the left and right handles, next to the heart rate sensors.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very positive with maneuverability being one of this model’s top features.

Customers say it is pretty easy to assemble, and very quiet and smooth, similar to the treadmill above. This is a solid option with a maximum user weight of 340 lbs.

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You can also consider this treadmill model from Horizon Fitness, which is slightly larger, has more workout programs, and a more powerful incline setting.

It is powered by a 3.25 horsepower motor and offers up to 15% incline with a running area of 22×60” instead of the usual 20×60”.

It also features bluetooth compatibility with a device holder and USB charging port but offers 40 workout programs, so you won’t need anything else to keep you motivated.

This model is easy to fold with a hydraulic assist system, and it unfolds safely and slowly when you’re ready to use it. It has a 3 zone cushioning system and runs very smoothly.

Nordic Track

NordicTrack treadmills are quite different from Horizon Fitness in many aspects, especially in terms of technology.

These machines are perfect for those who don’t mind subscriptions and love the idea of streaming exercises while having a fancy LCD screen in front of them.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

NordicTrack’s T Series Treadmill is a great option to consider. It comes with a 10” interactive touchscreen and is powered by iFit.

You get a 1 year membership to this service in which you’ll have on-demand studio workouts, tours, and walking roads all over the world, as well as access to live classes.

It also has the usual features you’d expect from a high end treadmill, including a versatile incline control of up to 12% and variable speed control of up to 12 MPH.

This is a folding model that features EasyLift Assist, and a cushioning system to protect your joints. It’s also protected with a 10-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts warranty.


Similar to NordicTrack, ProForm is powered by iFit and gives importance to high tech functions and digital streaming services of their classes.

Some of them include touchscreens, others do not. But they all have similar features to NordicTrack with a lower price tag.

These treadmills are simpler but still built with technology and quality in mind, they also have an extended warranty, usually 5 years on the frame and 3 months on smaller parts.

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

This ProForm model is simple and very intuitive, it can easily sync with your digital devices to stream the iFit coaching programs.

You get a 30 day iFit trial membership and will have access to the same programs and streaming features as NordicTrack.

The treadmill itself offers up to 10% incline and speeds of up to 10 MPH, which can be easily adjusted with an intuitive panel.

The walking belt is smaller than others (16×50”) but still appropriate for walking, jogging, and some running.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are excellent and most people say it is incredibly sturdy, very easy to assemble, and offers great value for money.

If you are not interested in iFit, you can always push on the bluetooth button and hold it for a few seconds to skip that function.

Sunny Health & Fitness

If you’re considering Horizon Fitness, it’s probably because you’re not interested in fancy features.

If that’s the case, or you have a limited budget, Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the best brands to consider. Their treadmills have amazing features along with amazing prices.

Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Treadmill

This is an excellent startup model, one that does the job and gets you moving. It has 12 levels of incline (up to 12%), and the speed range goes up to 8 MPH.

You get different modes depending on your focus, either speed or calories, and it can be connected to your wireless devices via bluetooth.

This treadmill also has a shock absorption deck, a versatile device holder, and a folding function to store it away when not in use.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access 12 preset programs with a digital monitor that keeps track of your exercise.

What customers are saying

The number of customer reviews on this treadmill is impressive, and most of them come from customers who have had an excellent experience with the machine.

Value for the money is this model’s top-rated feature, which is accurate because this is a very affordable model with complete functionality and a 90 day warranty.

XTerra Fitness

Xterra Fitness is another brand that does the job for a fair price. Their fitness machines are extremely easy to assemble and use.

They offer an affordable price, a sturdy frame, stable ground, and a smooth experience. Their treadmills come with preset programs and a medium range running surface.

XTerra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

This model has everything you need to get your workout started right away.

It has a medium sized running belt of 16×50”, a speed range of up to 10 MPH, and 3 manual incline settings.

The machine also comes with 12 built-in workout programs, a cushioned deck with XTRASoft shock absorbing technology, and an easy to operate panel.

The LCD console displays important stats of your workout, including your heart rate, calories, time, miles, and more.

In our opinion, the T202 Horizon Fitness treadmill is an excellent all purpose model with an affordable price tag.

It’s an upgrade of the T101 model, with an Advanced Goal Center that contributes to keeping you focused on your long term goals.

It also has BlueTooth connectivity, built-in speakers, a decent incline of up to 12%, and a very fast and silent running belt of up to 12 MPH.

It’s a great treadmill for people who want a functional and stable option at an affordable price.