The 11 Best Quiet Treadmills To Buy For Home

The 11 Best Quiet Treadmills To Buy For Home

The 11 Best Quiet Treadmills To Buy For Home

The 11 Best Quiet Treadmills To Buy For Home

When I ask people what they like most in a home treadmill- speed, comfort, and storage usually are mentioned.

But the truth is, the amount of noise is also a key feature.

This might be the noise it makes for other people at home but also neighbours.

So I decided to make a list of the best quality treadmills that are also sound friendly.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any other suggestions that are not on my list.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

  • Includes one-month free membership of iFit, which features countless workout programs.
  • Up to 10 MPH speed and 10 degrees of incline.
  • 9’’ roller and enough space to walk or run.
  • Dual-grip heart rate monitor and intuitive buttons and controls.
  • User weight limit of 300 pounds.

We’ve listed this treadmill as our favorite not only for its quality but also because it features a unique exercise program with iFit.

iFit makes your workouts more varied and keeps you motivated with interesting functions with countless workout options to choose from.

iFit features

These on-demand studio workouts include videos, personal coaching, plus real-time adjustments of your speed and incline settings as the workout session progresses.

Workout programs in iFit include more than just treadmill exercises, they also include total-body training with smart transitions and cross-workouts you can do at home.

FlexSelect cushioning

Another feature that catches your attention is the FlexSelect Cushioning.

The cushioning is able to soften the impact your joints receive for every step you take, especially while you’re running.

Display sizes

With NordicTrack T Series Treadmills, you’ll see different options and prices, depending on the display size.

Smaller displays cannot stream videos but they do allow you to connect a tablet or another device.

With both large and small displays, you will get real-time tracking of your workout stats and of your heart rate.

What we like

  • The training programs that go along with the treadmill enrich your workout experience.
  • The FlexSelect system, which makes your exercise easier on the articulations.

What we dislike

  • You can’t stream your own videos or watch TV in models with a bigger screen.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

  • It comes with a 7.5-inch LCD screen, meant to track your workout activity.
  • Bluetooth connection to their app “Bowflex JRNY” for personalized coaching.
  • 75’’ rollers and enough space to walk or run.
  • 5 CHP silent motor.
  • Easy setup with 9 workout programs and one-touch adjustments.
  • Speeds of up to 12 MPH and a level of incline of up to 15%.

Bowflex is a well-known brand that provides excellent fitness machines and as expected, their treadmills are no exception.

This BowFlex BXT216 model is actually more potent than most machines on the market, reaching up to 12 MPH of running speed and a higher incline of 15%.

However, that’s not why it’s featured on this list.  We mention it here because the motor is extremely silent and the function is very smooth, which makes it perfect for any home gym.

SoftDrop technology

This model features a spacious deck with impact-absorption.

When not in use, the deck can be folded and its SoftDrop technology will unfold it easily in a gentle descent.

LCD Monitor

The LCD display shows your burned calories, calories per minute, beats per second, and other readings to track your exercise.

You can either choose your settings carefully with its one-touch adjustments or use one of the treadmills 9 intuitive push-and-go programs to get you started right away.

What we like

  • It has excellent connectivity with the Bowflex JRNY app and other tracking apps.
  • Up to 12 MPH of speed and 15% incline, and still a silent motor.

What we dislike

  • It does not have an actual monitor and it is very heavy and difficult to move.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

  • Uses the iFit technology to upgrade your working out experience with interactive exercise programs.
  • Features up to 15% incline and -3% decline options, and up to 12 MPH speed control.
  • Heart rate monitor using a wireless chest strap.
  • Heavy-duty and durable, made of steel.
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Lifetime warranty of frame and motor with a 5-year part warranty and a 2-year labor warranty.

This treadmill takes the best features from several other treadmills plus adds a few of their own on top.

You won’t find many models with a completely flat mode and a decline option.

Moreover, even though there are many treadmills with a large LCD, only a few of them are touchscreen, the ProForm PRO-9000 is one of them.

After you’re done working out, the PRO-9000 can also be folded to increase your available space at home.

Warranty & iFit

The smooth and silent motor on this model comes with a lifetime warranty, the parts are under a 5-year warranty and there’s also a 2-year labor warranty, proving the manufacturers are extremely confident in its quality.

The treadmill is also iFit-enabled which is great if you have a subscription. If not, you can always use any of the other programmed workouts that are included with this purchase.

What we like

  • Extra features and workout options you won’t find in many other treadmills.
  • You can use an iFit subscription, but if you don’t want extra fees there are still programmed workouts for you.

What we dislike

  • Customer service is apparently not very responsive.

Sunny Health & Fitness Heavy-Duty Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Heavy-Duty Walking Treadmill

  • Big handrails and buttons with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.
  • Speed options of up to 5 MPH, ideal for walking and light jogging.
  • Cup holders and tablet holder.
  • Emergency stop clip.
  • Multi-display console to track your calories, distance, and speed.

If you’re not planning to run on your treadmill, this might be the one for you.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Heavy-Duty Walking Treadmill is a simple model that is easier to use than most others and has bigger buttons and handrails.

The belt is wide enough to walk comfortably, although it’s not very long because it’s not meant to be used as a running machine.


This treadmill has a max weight capacity of 350 pounds which is a bit higher than other brands.

It also has smaller dimensions and a folding mechanism with a soft drop option.

The digital monitor provides all the tracking tools you need for a successful workout, plus this model has a device holder for your iPad, tablet, or any other media device.

What customers are saying

According to customer reviews, the assembly is very easy but the default inclination is not completely flat.

However, the slight incline is almost unnoticeable and will not negatively affect your workouts.

What we like

  • An excellent option for walking and light jogging.
  • Very easy assembly and smooth function.

What we dislike

  • It does not have an incline option and the default inclination is not completely flat.

LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Touch Folding Treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Touch Folding Treadmill

  • Easy to use with a touchscreen console and physical buttons to adjust speed and incline.
  • 38 workout programs to choose from.
  • Compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health via Bluetooth.
  • Tracks your time, distance, speed, calories, and other readings.
  • 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year labor warranty.

LifeSpan Fitness treadmills have an excellent motor with the longest durability on the market.

The frame on the TR3000i is very sturdy, and the device can be used for walking, jogging, or running.

It also has shock-absorption on the deck which provides a safer experience that won’t be hard on your joints.


One of our favorite features on this treadmill and the reason we added it on this list is its EZfold technology, which uses a hydraulic mechanism to fold and unfold your treadmill.

Other features include a built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync your activities with the Lifespan app or any other health-tracking app.

What customers are saying

Some customers say the Lifespan app is not as good as other apps that you can get for free, and even though the treadmill has a pair of speakers, they are not apparently very high-quality.

Still, you get a USB port to charge your mobile, a built-in fan, amazing folding technology, many free workout programs, and great customer support with this purchase.

What we like

  • Excellent folding and unfolding technology to save space at home.
  • Many free workout programs and responsive customer support.

What we dislike

  • The speakers have low-quality sound and the Lifespan app may need a few improvements for a better experience.

Assault Fitness AirRunner

Assault Fitness AirRunner

  • It does not require electrical consumption.
  • Powered by your own movements and burns up to 30% more calories.
  • Belt life of 150,000 miles.
  • Maximum user weight of 350 lbs.

Manual treadmills like this have some major things in their favor. They are not dependent on an electrical source. They consume more calories than the average motorized treadmill.

Plus, they are safer and more appropriate for high-intensity interval training or any other training in which you need to constantly change your running speed.


The Assault Fitness AirRunner is extremely stable.

And even though it doesn’t have fancy high-tech features, it does offer Bluetooth connectivity and a straightforward LED screen where you can track your activity.

What customers are saying

This treadmill does not have a motor which makes it incredibly smooth and quiet, for this reason, most customers give it a very high rating.

Considering the lack of fancy features, this model may seem a bit expensive but most customers say its worth the money because it is very durable and excellent for HIIT.

What we like

  • It does not require an electrical source to activate.
  • Displays full stats of your workout and has Bluetooth connectivity, which is not usually seen in manual treadmills.

What we dislike

  • The price can be very high if you’re on a budget.

Exerpeutic Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

Exerpeutic Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

  • Specially designed for rehabilitation, recovery, and seniors in mind.
  • Belt size with sufficient space for walking and jogging.
  • Shock absorption deck to reduce the impact on your joints.
  • Full-length padded handrails.
  • Velocity of 0.2MPH up to 5MPH.
  • LCD display with big buttons and safety clip.

This walking treadmill is the best option for seniors or anyone undergoing rehabilitation.

It is an excellent way to increase your calorie expenses every day without leaving the safety of your own home.


One of the distinguishing features of the Exerpeutic Recovery Treadmill is its full-length handrails of 49’’ which is much larger than the average.

Another great feature is its highly visual control panel with big buttons and a backlit LED display.

Additionally, the deck has shock-absorption features to reduce the stress walking has on your ankles, knees, and legs.

What customers are saying

This treadmill requires some assembly, but it is quite easy and won’t take much time.

Some customers say it takes a bit more than two hours to assemble, and the instructions are very clear.

The treadmill can be a bit heavy, but relocation is made easier with its transportation wheels.

It is also sturdy and durable, with a 5-year motor warranty, a 3-year frame warranty, and a 90-day warranty for smaller parts.

What we like

  • The console is made easier to understand for seniors and very intuitive.
  • Handrails are very useful and increase safety if you’re afraid of falling or during rehab.

What we dislike

  • The treadmill cannot be folded in any way and takes a lot of space if you have a small home.

No products found.

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The Nautilus Treadmill Series is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an extended warranty.

This treadmill has amazing features such as Bluetooth connectivity with tracking apps, up to 15% incline options, 26 workout programs, and a cushioning system for a low-impact run.

However, what stands out is the 15-year warranty on the frame and the motor, and the 5-year warranty on electronics and parts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna SpaceFlex Treadmill

This treadmill looks a bit different from the standard, especially because of its handles and console. It has 8 preset workout options, a tablet holder, and a speed of up to 5MPH.

However, the majority of good ratings focus on the folded mode, which is very compact and slim.

NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills

If you have an iFit subscription or you’re interested in a 1-year free membership, this treadmill is a suitable option.

It goes up to 12 MPH, it has a 10-inch touchscreen display, a larger fan than the average, and up to 40% incline settings.

No products found.

No products found.

This is a great treadmill that’s worth its value according to customer reviews.

Their customer service is very responsive, and the product is very easy to install. It has 15 preset workout programs and the speed goes up to 8.5 MPH.

If you look closely, not all treadmills look the same. But which one is better?

If you prefer a brand approach, consider these ones in order to make an excellent choice:


NordicTrack is a popular brand in the world of fitness and gyms. This brand is not cheap, but it won’t break the bank either.

Their treadmills work with iFit memberships and give you on-demand video coaching that will also make live adjustments on your incline and speed.


Bowflex has a long history building gym machines for your home and for commercial use.

Their treadmills have changed a lot through the years, and have been optimized to reduce stress on your joints and offer top-notch features making use of the latest technology to give you gym-quality results in your own home.

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness is based in Los Angeles and Xiamen, China, and they’ve been around for more than a decade.

Their treadmills are made for home use with many workout options, varying inclinations, and a safe unfolding mechanism allowing you to save space at home when it’s not in use.

The price is fair for the functionality, and it has all you need if you’re looking for a basic brand.


Nautilus has over 40 years of experience manufacturing gym machines, not only for cardio but also for strength training.

They make great use of technology by powering up their treadmills with a visually friendly LCD display, a Bluetooth-enabled console, built-in speakers, an adjustable fan, and much more.

Among our featured products, we described the Assault Fitness AirRunner as the best manual treadmill.

But should you buy a manual instead of an electric treadmill? That depends on your specific needs. Consider these pros and cons:

Pros of manual treadmills

  • You spend up to 30% more calories.
  • They do not depend on electrical sources.
  • Safer for interval training and if you constantly change your speed.
  • Not as expensive as an electric treadmill.
  • More fitting for HIIT.

Cons of manual treadmills

  • They put extra strain on your joints.
  • You can’t automatically change the incline settings.
  • The majority do not have high-tech features or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • They are sometimes less sturdy.
  • Flat manual treadmills are more fitting for walking and not running.

Pros of motorized treadmills

  • They start automatically without any effort on your side.
  • You can change incline settings automatically.
  • They have more high-tech features.
  • They are better if you’re considering long walking or jogging sessions.

Cons of motorized treadmills

  • Electricity is necessary for it to work.
  • They can be a bit more dangerous if you change your speed dramatically or get distracted.
  • Typically more expensive than manual treadmills.

Make sure you get your money’s worth by checking out the following features before you make your purchase:

Incline & decline

Do you get more than one incline or decline option? If your treadmill does not have incline options, is it completely flat on default?

Incline angles can be more stressful on your joints, but it’s a good feature if you want to increase your calorie expenses.

Workout program

Check if the treadmill comes with preset workout programs installed on your machine and if you have a quick start button or a similar function.

Some treadmills come with an iFit subscription, which is excellent real-time coaching but it has an extra fee after 1 year.

If you’re not planning on continuing with a subscription, consider alternatives and whether or not you can still get workout programs.

Belt size

You probably want a more compact treadmill for your home, but consider the belt size according to the use you’re giving it.

If you’re planning to run, longer treadmills are recommended. Short-length treadmills are better for walking or light jogging.

Power & speed

Consider the maximum speed of each model, especially if you’re into high-intensity running or if you need low-speed walking for rehab.

Also consider the warranty offered for the motor, which gives you a clue about how sturdy it really is.

Shock absorption

You might initially think this is not an important feature, but shock absorption can significantly reduce the impact of running on your articulations.

It’s not only useful for seniors but also for young people who want to reduce stress on their lower extremities.

Size and storage

If you have limited space, consider the size of the machine and how much space it takes in folded mode.

This information is fundamental to know before you decide where you’re placing the treadmill when in use and when it’s not in use.

The majority of treadmills has transportation wheels, but make sure they do if you’re planning on changing locations regularly.