The 11 Best Emergency Shower Stations

The 11 Best Emergency Shower Stations

The 11 Best Emergency Shower Stations

The 11 Best Emergency Shower Stations

Emergency showers are essential anywhere and everywhere workers are at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Once exposed, they must act within seconds to flush the toxins and foreign objects from their bodies.

Here are my recommended choices of reliable and effective shower stations.

Speakman Combination Emergency Eyewash Station

Speakman Combination Emergency Eyewash Station

  • SE-580 eyewash bowl with double aerated taps
  • 15 minutes of continuous spray
  • Flip-up spray covers for protection against debris, dust, and pollution
  • Includes a shower head with a powerful yet relaxed spray
  • Self-draining function to eliminate water accumulation or freezing
  • Noticeable bright yellow pull chain activator
  • Plastic (ABS) sink for easy identification during emergencies
  • Durable corrosion resilient powder-coated finish
  • ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliant

Choosing the appropriate emergency equipment is imperative, especially where the risk of chemical exposure is present.

With this all-in-one eyewash and emergency shower system, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your employees have protection in case of an emergency.

The unit features a double aerated eyewash station and a full-body emergency shower with a showerhead specifically designed to work independently at the same time.

The Speakman Combination Eyewash Station gets our vote for the best combination shower to use on-site and has an ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 certification.

What customers are saying

This eyewash/shower combo received excellent reviews. The majority of customers are mostly happy that it complies with OSHA regulations, is affordable, and works efficiently.

However, some customers complained that they received broken or missing parts.

CGOLDENWALL Emergency Shower Spray

CGOLDENWALL Emergency Shower Spray

  • ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliant
  • Stainless steel showerhead and nozzle with flow control
  • Even distribution of water spray
  • Manufactured with 304 stainless steel for added resilience against alkali and acid
  • Casting component is dense, strong, and lasts long
  • Straightforward operation with flush switch and pull rod for activation

The CGOLDENWALL Emergency Shower Spray has a durable stainless-steel showerhead with flow regulation capabilities. It is easy to use and features reliable sealing.

The unit is multifunctional and suitable for chemical, auto, petroleum, paint, equipment, dyeing and printing, nuclear power, scientific research, medical industries, and more.

You will not go wrong choosing this unit as it will protect your workers in potentially hazardous areas where they are at risk of coming into contact with corrosive materials.

This model is resilient to salts, acids, oils, alkalis, and more. All in all, it’s a reliable choice that comes highly recommended.

What customers are saying

This unit received 100% positive reviews. Customers were most satisfied with its quality, operation, and value for money.

Guardian Equipment Wall-Mount Eyewash/Drench Hose Unit

Guardian Equipment Wall-Mount Eyewash/Drench Hose Unit

  • ANSI-ISEA Z358.1 compliant
  • ⅜” NPT inlet connection
  • 7m nylon hose
  • Wall mountable
  • Eyewash flow speed of 3.6 GPM
  • Stay-open valve design

The Guardian Eyewash/Drench Unit boasts a stay-open valve function with dual GS-plus spray nozzles.

It also features independent water flow control valves with built-in filters that eradicate toxins and debris from the water.

The hose is activated with a hand-push mechanism and features a highly visible red finish for easy identification.

This unit is tested, factory-assembled, and gets our vote for the best drench hose on the market.

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The Bradley Wash Unit is a convenient option for companies that need a compact and portable device that delivers protection to all workers on site.

This unit features twin spray heads for delivering a constant spray of +/- 18 minutes and a drench hose with a spray of +/- 5 minutes.

You will get a bright yellow drench hose, universal sign, and an inspection tag for quick identification included in the package.

This model is our top choice for use at large workplaces.

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This Bradley Drench Safety Shower Tester is chemical resilient, watertight, and highly visible. It features a weighted bottom with a 5” opening and a 15” top opening.

The unit also has a telescopic handle made with durable aluminum that is extendable to 6”.

This item gets our vote for the best safety test kit and comes with an ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 certification and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What customers are saying.

Most customers were extremely happy with the overall quality and effectiveness of the unit but some people said the material is relatively thin and susceptible to tearing.

Haws Combination Emergency Shower and Eye/Face Wash

The Haws Combination Emergency Unit delivers a zero vertical velocity uninterrupted flow of water to enhance comfort, efficiency, and stability amid exposure to toxic substances.

The unit is ANSI Z358. 1 compliant, and its pipes and fittings are made with durable hot-dipped galvanized steel.

It also features an ABS plastic showerhead that uses a unique inverted directional water flow to quickly flush toxins away from nasal cavities.

All in all, a great investment.

Speakman Lifesaver Horizontal Supply Shower

The Speakman Lifesaver comes with an ANSI Z358. 1 certification, and provides powerful yet comfortable water sprays that remove toxins from the body quickly and efficiently.

The unit is ideal for use in the workplace and has an intuitive pull-rod activation mechanism with an open ball valve function for hands-free operation.

It also features a highly visible green and yellow design that makes it easily identifiable to people who need help fast.

Guardian G1635 Brass Emergency Shower

This Guardian Emergency Shower features a noticeable yellow ABS plastic showerhead with an AP280-200 electrical flashing light and an alarm horn for vertical or wall installation.

Once activated, the horn will sound, and the light will start flashing.

The unit also has a thermostatic valve that blends warm and cold water together to deliver tepid water that feels good.

The flow capacity is 50 gallons per minute at a 30 PSI pressure drop. Contingent on your water supply and pressure, the valve can deliver to multiple units.

This emergency shower is ANSI certified and a great option to consider.

Emergency Portable Eyewash & Shower Station

This Portable Eyewash and Shower Station from CGOLDENWALL has been upgraded with a thicker and more advanced eyewash solution to provide better results.

The product is ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 compliant, providing peace of mind and assurance that you have installed the right unit for the protection of your employees.

With this model, you’ll have the added convenience of placing the station wherever needed thanks to its portable, no plumbing design.

You’ll also have access to 15 minutes of uninterrupted spray, and you can customize the water flow with its specialized nozzle, choosing between cylinder or fog mode.

We recommend this station because it is made with durable high-quality ABS plastics and is resilient to alkalis, oils, salts, acids, and more.

Bradley Galvanized Steel Vertical Supply Drench Shower

The Bradley Vertical Supply Drench Shower meets ANSI Z358. 1 standards, and is equipped with a Spintec shower head that delivers consistent water flow.

The unit helps remove toxic pollutants from your body and can be vertical or ceiling mounted with a water flow of 20GPM.

The shower comes with an inspection tag, universal sign, and galvanized yellow coating for easy identification.

Speakman Optimus Combination Emergency Shower System

This Combination Emergency Shower System is manufactured from strong, corrosion resilient stainless steel.

Its pipe fittings are customizable to comply with the ADA height regulations, and it has 2 aerated eyewash taps with separate face pads for flushing toxins from your eyes.

It also has an 8” showerhead to help flush toxins from your body. This product is highly versatile with an all-in-one safety design.

You’ll be able to install with your present plumbing connections quickly and easily.

You can also rest assured that you have made the right choice installing this unit with its 100% ANSI/ISEA Z358.01 certification and 3-year restricted warranty.

What are emergency showers?

Emergency showers are useful for providing immediate decontamination to workers who have been exposed to toxic chemicals with potentially devastating effects.

These units are vital for companies with laboratories, chemical plants, construction sites, manufacturing plants, or anywhere else the risk of exposure to toxic substances exists.

An emergency shower is designed to cleanse a person’s body with large volumes of water that quickly flush chemicals away and reduce the harmful effects that result from exposure.

There are various types of showers to choose from, these include:

Ceiling mounted shower units

These showers are typically pull-rod activated. They must be installed 210 to 230cm above the person’s head.

If you are looking for a space-saving unit, this is a good fit.

Floor mounted shower units

These showers are an excellent option for outdoor use. They are generally activated via foot paddle and are sometimes manufactured with an eyewash station as well.

Platform-operated shower units

These showers are an ideal choice for workplaces that have slippery or dirty floors. The platforms are produced from durable galvanized steel, designed to provide a firm grip.

They may or may not come with an eyewash bowl and a standout feature on these units is that they activate as soon as the person stands on the platform.

Since you only have seconds to spare after being exposed to chemicals, this option can be incredibly useful.

Wall-mounted shower units

Just like ceiling-mounted showers, these ones save space and activate via a pull rod.

However, what sets them apart from the ceiling-mounted units is that they can be installed on an indoor or an outdoor wall.

Platform operated detoxifying booth

These platform operated booths are the most efficient decontamination stations. They’re equipped with 14 strategically placed spray heads to flush the entire body.

Similar to platform-operated showers, these units are activated as soon as someone stands on the platform. They are the best units to have when you need to act fast.

As soon as you have been exposed, you must do the following:

  • Go to the designated shower station as safely and promptly as possible, then go in immediately.
  • Activate the shower with its pull rod or footrest and enter whether the water is running clear or not.
  • Take off all your jewelry and clothing while you wash, even if there are colleagues around. Taking everything off is vital to ensure there’s nothing the toxins can cling to.
  • Remain under the water flow for a minimum of 15 minutes or until medical personnel arrives.