The Best Vibration Meters For The Workplace

The Best Vibration Meters For The Workplace

The Best Vibration Meters For The Workplace

The Best Vibration Meters For The Workplace

Every day, a large amount of time and effort is spent on measuring vibration levels in buildings, factories, and other equipment or structures.

This is where an effective vibration meter becomes important.

Thousands of machine designers, technicians, and engineers have become experts at measuring vibration levels and evaluating how objects are impacted by vibration.

Here is my recommended list of the best vibration meters you should consider purchasing.

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter

  • Sensor omits measurement fluctuation due to contact pressure or equipment angle
  • Delivers reliable data quality each time for both high and low-frequency scopes
  • 4-level gravity measurement
  • You can export the data via a USB port
  • Pre-built templates in MS Excel
  • Shows the amount of pressure that should be applied when measuring
  • Approximate crest factor+ between 4000 & 20000 Hz
  • Onboard memory capacity of up to 3500 measurements
  • An external accelerometer to offer support when taking measurements in remote locations
  • A flashlight for taking measurements in dark places

The Fluke 805 FC vibration meter is easy to use with quick results. With this useful tool, you can carry out vibration tests and assess the alignment of equipment with confidence.

Technicians and frontline mechanics will have a dependable, accurate, and repeatable device on-site to check equipment and ensure they are in good working condition.

You can upload the data via its Fluke connect application and share it with colleagues from wherever you are.

This vibration meter can be used on chillers, fans, air compressors, drives, machine tools, centrifugal pumps, blowers, and positive displacement pumps.

Navigation and viewing are also easy with its large screen and exceptional resolution. This product is our top choice in vibration meters.

What customers are saying

The Fluke 805 received only good ratings with customers commenting on the superior reliability and quality of the meter.

Extech VB300 Vibration Data Logger

Extech VB300 Vibration Data Logger

  • 3-axis accelerometers for recording time when an incident occurs
  • Actual time-domain vibration as well as FFT frequency testing
  • Can record transport, storage, or user data with time
  • Can datalog 85764 peak acceleration tests
  • Changeable settings (X, Y, or Z-axis).
  • Three mounting choices
  • LED indicators
  • Can be connected to a PC

The Extech vibration data logger is equipped with 3-axis accelerometers which register the time the shock occurred.

It also measures and calculates actual spectral data using time-domain vibration and FFT frequency testing.

All the data has timestamps thanks to its built-in clock feature and the data can be easily set up and downloaded with its USB port.

You can also plan, print, and export the data to work with other mediums like spreadsheets and word processors.

Other standout features include the adjustable start mode, logging rate, and alarm features. We love this unit and recommend it as our top choice for the best vibration data collector.

What customers are saying

This unit received excellent reviews with customers being mostly happy with its quality, reliability, versatility, and software.

However, some customers received units that didn’t work and a few of them had issues with the software.

Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester

Fluke 810 Handheld Vibration Tester

  • 4 severity stages to help with prioritizing repairs
  • Actual guidance and tips for new operators as well as repair recommendations
  • Laser tachometer with storage bag
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Comprehensive analytical reports and spectral charts
  • Accelerometer magnet mounting
  • Identifies and locates most regular maintenance issues
  • Lithium-ion battery pack and accessories
  • Shoulder strap and adjustable hand strap

The Fluke 810 vibration tester features an innovative troubleshooting tool that offers operators real-time tips and guidelines as well as repair recommendations.

It is equipped with a unique analytical technology that assists technicians with promptly identifying the severity of issues and prioritizing repairs.

You basically have the expertise of a vibration analyst by your side.

You’ll also have access to comprehensive analytical reports and spectral charts to give technicians a clear idea of the health of the machine. All in all, a great buy.

Graigar AR63C Digital Vibration Meter Tester Pen

Graigar AR63C Digital Vibration Meter Tester Pen

  • Velocity range of 0.1 – 199.9m/s
  • Accuracy: approximately 5%H±2digits
  • Velocity frequency scope: 10 Hz to 1KHz
  • Transducer transfer
  • Piezoelectric acceleration
  • Displacement: 0.001-1.999mm
  • AC signal output
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Auto power off and switch range
  • Backlight

The Graigar vibration meter tester pen uses a piezoelectric acceleration transducer to transfer vibration signals into electrical signals.

It also assesses input signals and displays the speed, acceleration, and shifting of vibrations.

This meter is broadly utilized in industries like power, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, vehicles, petrochemical, and more.

The item received 100% positive ratings and is our favorite vibration meter pen.

Fluke 805 Vibration Meter High-Resolution Screen

This Fluke unit discards any confusion surrounding vibration testing and offers reliable measurements that give you confidence when making crucial maintenance decisions.

The vibration measurement range is 10Hz – 1000Hz acceleration.

It is ideal for testing a vast selection of machines and the crest factor+ is useful in doing an accurate bearing evaluation, utilizing direct sensor tip testing between 4000Hz to 20000Hz.

The unit has red and green light indicators as well as voice prompts that guide the operator on the amount of pressure that must be applied when taking measurements.

The internal memory can save a maximum of 3500 samples and the large screen has an excellent resolution that makes navigation and observing straightforward.

Teren-VM-6360 Vibration Meter

The Teren-VM-6360 vibration meter features a piezoelectric accelerometer and is designed to perform vibration measurements on all types of rotating machinery on site.

This meter will be your right-hand device when it comes to performing quality control along with commissioning and prognostic maintenance.

It has a broad frequency range of 10Hz to 10kHz when in acceleration mode.

VM6310 Digital Vibration Meter Tester

This electronic vibration meter tester is used for testing periodic motion, which is to evaluate any deflecting or imbalance on moving equipment.

It is manufactured for the sole purpose of measuring different mechanical vibrations.

Technicians have access to data that can assist them with quality control, equipment maintenance, and run-time information.

The unit is ISO 2954 certified for conducting periodic measurements and detecting any misalignment mechanically or when things are not in balance on moving machinery.

The meter tester can be connected to a PC with the RS-232 and USB data output features. Other standout features are automatic on/off switch feature and the low battery indicator.

Monarch Examiner 1000 System Vibration Meter

The Monarch vibration meter is a multi-functional vibration meter that can be used on fans, compressors, and pumps.

You have access to user-friendly condition-based repair programs as well as a superior maintenance program that has FFT data analysis and collectors software.

This meter has gearbox bearing defect detection and is all in all a great purchase.

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This electronic vibration meter with a piezoelectric sensor offers ongoing and accurate 3-channel vibration measurements with a bearing condition evaluation functionality.

The unit comes with headphones and an AC output socket for recording and a USB data output for PC connectivity. The meter also has bluetooth connectivity.

Just keep in mind the software, cabling and adapter are not provided with the purchase, it must be bought separately.

The LCD 4-digit backlit display makes viewing easy, even in darker areas. The unit also has imperial or metric conversion and AC output with load resistance above 10k.

We love this vibration meter and so do customers as it has 100% 5-star ratings.

Handheld Digital Vibration Analyzer Tester

This handheld electronic vibration analyzer tester is perfect for carrying out vibration tests for discovering equipment conditions as well as malfunction detection.

It is your go-to device for improving product safety, efficiency, and quality.

It has an acceleration measurement range from 0.1 to 199.9m/s2 at peak, velocity measurement scope of 0.1 to 199.9mm/s (actual valid value), and displacement measurement range from 0.001 to 1.999mm at peak.

It is most useful for processing and evaluating input signals and displaying vibration acceleration, displacement, and velocity values on the screen.

We recommend this unit for multi-functional use in measuring electric power, vehicle manufacturing, and machine production industries.