Best Body Temperature Sensors For Workplaces

Best Body Temperature Sensors For Workplaces

Best Body Temperature Sensors For Workplaces

Best Body Temperature Sensors For Workplaces

With the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve seen a lot of workplace safety regulations change.

And probably the most common is making workers have their temperature scanned before entering a job site or office.

So if you need to become compliant or want to implement additional safety measures, I recommend reading this guide on the best body temperature sensors.

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The Vikylin temperature system comes with a wide range of impressive features.

It is generally used in places with gated channels and access control attendance procedures like hotels, schools, office gates, security branches, stations, and more.

Using this device at your workplace can reassure you that your workers are healthy while letting them know they are working for a company that keeps their safety in mind.

The device supports PC client management software as well as IE browser settings. It also provides various alarm notification methods in case a high temperature is detected.

The software supports face library registration, daily attendance clock in and record, visitor attendance statistics, and facial capturing records with batch export and temperature files.

What customers are saying

The majority of people that bought this system love it and have only good things to say about it. They all agree the setup is easy and say the unit works fast and efficiently.

However, some customers who were happy with the unit also had issues with the software.

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This K3 temperature device is perfect for crowded areas like hospital entrances, stations, waiting rooms, supermarket entrances, offices, and more.

It can be connected to a charger or power supply and is wall mountable to promote contactless operation.

If you’re looking for the best wall mounted sensor with fast yet accurate temperature monitoring, this device is our top choice.

Customers left exceptional reviews on this product and were most pleased with its fast scanning, adjustable temperature options, and large digital number display.

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The Hikvision bullet camera is equipped with incredibly advanced technology and includes a detailed temperate measurement scope with a double-checking feature.

It also has progressive algorithms that provide access to dependable accuracy levels.

Aside from measuring temperature, the unit can do both optical and thermal imaging. An alarm goes off immediately when an abnormal temperature is detected.

This device is definitely our favorite when it comes to advanced technology.

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The KYNG electronic thermometer can be used for various purposes, including stores, office buildings, homes, and schools.

You can use it effortlessly by simply pointing the device at the person’s forehead and pushing a button for instant readings.

The thermometer can also be adjusted to produce the most efficient and accurate readings.


The unit includes a color LCD and has obtained ISO, FDA, CE, FCC certifications.

Other features include its lightweight design, large screen with backlight, surface and forehead readings, easy operation, and alarm beep when a high temperature is detected.

If you’re looking for a thermometer that can be used for multiple purposes and is trusted, accurate, plus provides value for money, this is a great option to consider.

Customers say that the unit works as intended and has various convenient applications and functions.

Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Temperature Gun

If you’re looking for a highly accurate contactless temperature gun, this is a suitable choice.

It has 12 laser pointers and comes with an HD LCD featuring larger and clearer data than most others on the market.

The unit’s UV light feature can switch off on its own thanks to the auto switch-off function that activates within 25 seconds of no operation.

Once high temperatures are detected the temperature indicator will turn red. You can set the temperature to °F or °C and the temperature range is broad with -58-1022F° or -50-550°C.

What it can be used for

This infrared temperature gun is incredibly versatile and can be used for car repairs, measuring heated food, home cooling, home repairs and maintenance, cooking, and more.

However, it is not suitable for measuring body temperature.

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The Visionera temperature management device comes with a range of excellent features.

It has a thermal face imaging detection and contactless design as well as a light signal and voice warning upon high-temperature detection.

It’s contactless design limits cross-contamination and sends out an alert when the person is not wearing a mask, perfect for use while following Covid-19 protocols.

The unit also features a face recognition library capacity of 10000 and can perform real-name testing for identity proof and suggestion of attribution.

Non-Contact Face Recognition Temperature Sensor

The Non-Contact facial recognition temperature sensor is perfect for businesses that need a device to perform superior and precise human temperature measurements quickly.

The unit supports both °C and °F with a temperature accuracy of plus-minus 0.3°C

It contains a combination of advanced technologies like facial recognition, optimal temperature detection as well as mask-wearing detection.

This device also produces less heat which makes it more stable and it supports Linux with a Hisilicon chip.

The temperature detection range is 10-30°C and the library capacity is 50000. All in all, this is a good purchase for the workplace.

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This multi-purpose Touch Free Temperature Measurement Device delivers accurate temperature readings in under 2 seconds with its built-in distance and thermal sensors.

It can be used at the workplace for scanning customers and employees or tracking clock-in/out procedures. It automatically scans humans, with no contact needed.

We highly recommend this unit if you’re looking for a contactless facial recognition device that comes with various high tech features.

This unit gives you access to a cloud account, warning alerts, phone applications, and reporting.

It is a wall-mounted device and is ideal for places with lots of foot traffic like schools, hair salons, theaters, factories, offices, health clubs.

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The Quanmin Thermal Camera system for temperature monitoring is a must-have device.

It supports four languages (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese), and boasts fever detection as well as various other standout features.

These features include HD thermal camera measuring, temperature fluctuation, voice alarm, facial recognition, 3 different alarm settings, sound alarm, and alarm map.

The unit also checks for fever and sets off an audio alarm upon detection.