The 11 Best Air Quality Monitors

The 11 Best Air Quality Monitors

The 11 Best Air Quality Monitors

The 11 Best Air Quality Monitors

Do you need an air quality monitor?

You’re not the only one concerned about breathing polluted air.

In fact, approximately 3.8 million individuals pass away each year due to indoor air pollution issues.

Particulate matter is the main culprit that causes various respiratory illnesses, including not limited to impaired lung function, asthma, cancer, and respiratory inflammation.

Bad air quality also lowers productivity and the ability to grasp information, that’s why air quality monitors are essential pieces of equipment in the workplace.

To help you monitor the air quality of your environment, here are my recommended air quality monitors.

Gain Express Air Quality Monitor Meter

Gain Express Air Quality Monitor Meter

  • Concurrent triple solution – showing humidity, CO2 level, and temperature
  • Ongoing and stable monitoring of air quality
  • NDIR sensor that detects CO2 levels
  • LCD screen with customizable alarms
  • Integrated relay for optimal CO2 level management
  • Short term exposure limit of 15 minutes
  • CO2 range of 0 to 2000 ppm
  • Resolution – 1ppm
  • CE marking and European directives health and safety standards approved
  • Can be used for various applications
  • Wall-mounted

The Gain Air Quality Monitor is ideal for monitoring the air quality in office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, factories, or anywhere else substantial CO2 levels are produced.

With this device at your disposal, you’ll be able to get quick and accurate results for CO2 levels, air temperature, and humidity levels.

The unit is designed to monitor concentration levels and control ventilation systems, which eliminates the need for user intervention.

This is our top choice for use in factories as it will ensure your workplace is a healthy and safe place for employees to work in.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this model excellent reviews. They all were truly satisfied with the accuracy and quality of the device, as well as its clear instructions.

GZAIR Model 2 Indoor CO2 Meter

GZAIR Model 2 Indoor CO2 Meter

  • NDIR twin channel gas sensor for quick and precise results
  • Attractive design with a touch screen that offers flexibility
  • Displays 7-day readings of 15-minute tracking intervals
  • Password protection for privacy
  • Data can be exported to a computer
  • 3 separate text colors for displaying CO2 levels
  • Auto-adjusting backlight illumination
  • Ongoing monitoring of humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature
  • Auto calibration
  • CO2 range of 0 to 10,000 ppm
  • Alarm notification of high or low carbon dioxide levels
  • Straightforward operation with touch screen

With the GZAIR CO2 Meter, you’ll be able to continuously monitor the quality of the air in your greenhouse, home, or office plus access 7-day history readings with 15-minute tracking intervals.

This meter features an NDIR twin channel sensor for monitoring temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, as well as self-calibration, and a touch screen display for straightforward operation.

The data you collect can be exported to your computer for data analysis with on-point results. This nifty gadget is our top choice for office use.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this unit exceptional reviews. Most people loved the quality, user-friendliness, and accuracy of the device, and many said it provides great value for money.

Still, some customers complained about faulty units.

Temtop M2000 Air Quality Monitor

Temtop M2000 Air Quality Monitor

  • Multifunctional with triple NDIR sensor
  • Can detect CO2 levels, temperature, PM2.5 PM10 particles, and humidity levels
  • Auditory alarm
  • Color LCD screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with substantial capacity
  • User-friendly interface with °C or °F readings
  • 24-hour telephone or email technician support in the US

This multifunctional monitor is the perfect portable option for monitoring humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels, as well as any PM2.5 PM10 particles present in the air you breathe.

The unit features triple sensors, an auditory alarm, a colorful display, an ergonomic design, and a built-in rechargeable battery that works for 6 six hours continuously before charging is required.

With this monitor, you can easily take readings from one room to the next, enabling you to get an idea of the various pollutant concentrations in your workplace, home, or daycare center.

This unit is basic but powerful and a recommended choice for monitoring the air quality levels in your office or home.

What customers are saying

Customers love this unit, and many of them commend its easy operation, accuracy, and all-in-all value for money.

However, some people have reported inaccurate readings.

Yvelines Air Quality Tester For CO2 Formaldehyde

Yvelines Air Quality Tester For CO2 Formaldehyde

  • Can detect various gases and substances
  • Contemporary and fresh design
  • LCD digital color display
  • Ongoing monitoring with real-time measurements
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Straightforward operation

The Yvelines Air Quality Tester features integrated DART electrochemical sensors for accurate detection of CO2 levels, TVOC compounds, formaldehyde levels, and PM2.5/PM10 particles.

But that’s not all, these readings also include the detection of toxic pollutants, toluene, and chemical substances in the air.

The unit has a fresh and modern design with a unique mold and a colorful digital display for prolonged monitoring and real-time logging of data.

This monitor is perfect for those who want a compact and portable unit with a user-friendly operation and multifunctional design.

What customers are saying

This unit received plenty of 5-star reviews, with most people commenting on its compact design, functionality, battery life, and user-friendliness. Still, some customers reported inaccurate readings.

IQAir Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

IQAir Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

  • Detects temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in the air
  • User-friendly interface
  • Instantaneous and precise results
  • IFTTT smartphone technology
  • Customizable alerts for air quality fluctuations delivered to your phone
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

The IQAir Monitor provides access to instant and precise air quality readings both inside and outside. It also helps you create a more productive and healthy environment in your home or office.

With this device, you will be able to immediately view unseen threats in the air and customize the device to send alerts, recommendations, and data to your smartphone with its IFTTT technology.

This nifty device features forward-thinking laser technology, a fashioned calibration algorithm, and superior airflow control, making it our top choice for the best smart monitor.

What customers are saying

Customers gave the IQAir monitor excellent reviews. Many said that the unit has been a lifesaver for them and has been helping them monitor air quality levels consistently and accurately.

However, some customers reported having technical issues with the device.

Atmotube Pro Portable Professional Air Quality Monitor

The Atmotube Pro Monitor continuously monitors your surroundings and checks for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air. The PM sensors can pick up PM1, PM10, and PM2.5 toxins.

This device is a convenient choice thanks to its wearable portable design and 7-day battery life.

Another standout feature of this unit is its integrated weather station with sensors that measure atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature inside or outside.

The user-friendly display is also convenient as it makes it easy to obtain accurate readings of air quality, track data history, and get personal air quality results.

Airthings Wave Smart Radon Detector

With the Airthings Wave Smart Radon Detector, you can continuously monitor radon levels in the air and make relevant changes to minimize probable health issues.

The unit has additional temperature and humidity sensors built-in to supply fast and accurate results via the Airthings app, bluetooth, or its online dashboard.

The device is incredibly easy to use and can be integrated into your smart home system for more comprehensive details on your air quality.

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This 4 in 1 Dust Particle Counter is a multifunctional device that includes an SD micro memory card and LCD TFT screen for recording videos or images and viewing them on your computer.

You can look forward to quick, easy, and precise readings for CO, HCHO, relative humidity, air temperature, particles, and most surface temperatures.

This device is ideal for industrial readings and data analysis with convenient time and date stamp recordings. Memory measurements can also be documented on the SD card for later analysis.

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The KK Moon Meter has impressive functionality with a light and sound dual-alarm that gets activated as soon as high levels of CO2 are detected.

You can view the readings on its LCD screen and evaluate instant results of temperature and gas readings at a glance.

This device is useful for detecting any signs of oxygen gases in your surroundings and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and a micro USB port for charging.

This meter provides extra convenience with its lightweight and portable design as well as user-friendly operation. It can be used in various industries, including metallurgy, mining, and more.

Huma-i Advanced Portable Air Quality Monitor

Measure the quality of the air you’re breathing for signs of VOC, PM2.5 & PM10 particles, CO2 levels, and humidity temperatures with a simple push of a button on the Huma-I Monitor.

This pocket-sized device makes it easy to take measurements anywhere you want, whether that be outside or inside. The integrated fan promptly draws in ambient air for taking real-time readings.

You will have no trouble using this device with its touch screen design and eye-catching LED lights that alert you when high concentration levels of VOC, CO2, or particle matter are detected.

HeiYi Indoor Air Quality Pollution Detector

If you’re looking for a monitor that measures TVOC, HCHO, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity levels, and PM2.5, PM1.0 & PM10 particles, the HeiYi Pollution Detector is perfect for you

This device features a 32-bit computer chip and high-sensitivity sensors for promptly and consistently detecting air pollution in your surroundings.

The unit has a portable, compact, and lightweight design that’s convenient for monitoring various rooms. It is particularly used where pregnant women, babies, the elderly, or children are present.

VOCs (Volatile organic compounds)

Organic chemicals that are released from processes and products. For example, disinfectants, dehumidifiers, cleaning agents, and more.

CO (Carbon monoxide)

Cannot be seen, smelt, or tasted and could result in symptoms like chest pain, impaired vision, and fatigue.

CO gases are emitted from generators, car exhausts, boilers that are poorly maintained, and more.

PM (Particulate matter)

This is typically a combination of liquid drops and solid particles hanging in the air, like smoke, dust, soot, or pollen.

The PM’s that are the most worrisome are the ones that are the tiniest as they could lead to lung and heart issues when inhaled.

Outdoor PM is created through construction. For example, fossil fuels that enter a building. Indoor PM is created by cigarette smoke, fireplaces, and the like.

Other pollutants for sensor measuring include:

  • Methane
  • Radon
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Carbon dioxide

Humidity and temperature are vital components for testing air quality. When the levels are too high it can cause several other issues.

Indoor temperatures can be more problematic to manage than you think. This is because of factors like outdoor conditions, heat escalations from sunlight, and the ventilation rate of the air outside.

Recommended temperatures for normal air conditions range from 68.5°F  to 75°F during winter and 75°F  up to 80.5°F in summer.

The relative indoor humidity level must be managed at 65% or lower. To prevent mold growth, a humidity level between 30% and 60% must be maintained.

Indoor air quality monitors are equipped with sensors that detect some of the input in your physical surroundings, for instance, motion, temperature, and light.

It sends that data to a signal that is measured and communicated digitally.

An indoor air quality monitor detects any signs of specific pollutants. There are various types of sensors used to detect different pollutants or gases.

Indoor sensors are placed strategically in various areas of your home or building to generate accurate results. Here are the sensor placements for specific pollutant detection:

  • Detection of chlorine levels – Floor
  • Detection of ozone and carbon dioxide levels – Breathing height (middle)
  • Detection of carbon monoxide, methane, nitric oxide, or ammonia levels – Ceiling height

The reason behind monitoring the air quality indoors is to create a healthy environment because the air we breathe has a direct influence on our health. To improve air quality:

  • There must be sufficient ventilation (clean air must be introduced and distributed).
  • Pollutants/contaminants must be managed.
  • The humidity levels and temperature must be comfortable.